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Hello, my dear Indian Sex Stories dot net readers, this is my real sex story. I am Keshav. I am from Mysore. I am 26 years old. I am working as a lecturer in a reputed college. I started working here 3 years back after completing my masters. About me, I am a good looking person with 6 feet height. I am medium built but I keep myself fit. I am going to share my experience here. This is a real experience. In fact still, I am having this & enjoying every bit of it.

This is an experience which I am having with one of my students in college. I always had a strong feeling that relationship between a teacher & student should be pure. But due to her beauty & her seduction, we both couldn’t control ourselves & started enjoying this. I was always of reserved nature. Though I am of friendly nature & try to help my students in good ways, I never thought of anything else as it was the question of my reputation also.

Among many students, there was a girl named AASHITA. This is the sex story of some memorable incidents with her. In beginning, I never gave attention to her, she was like other students for me. But perhaps she had something else in her mind. In one way or other, she always used to try to talk to me. But I never paid any attention. Maybe I was thinking as she was talking to a student. But after few days, she started to change.

Earlier she was wearing normal dresses, but later on, her style of dressing changed. Although she never wore anything showing her body, she started wearing seductive dresses from which someone could feel her figure. I took it as normal as a lot of girls wear a different type of clothes these days.

But one day, in my class, she was sitting on the first bench. She was wearing a churidar. But the main thing was that it was making a lot of cleavages & moreover she was showing it more instead of hiding. As she was sitting on the first bench, I couldn’t resist my eyes but my post of a lecturer was saying it is wrong. Somehow I finished my period. I was little upset. In afternoon, I called her in staff room & scolded her. she said sorry to me. I asked her to behave properly & concentrate on her studies. She told me that she has some doubts & needs to talk to me in evening. I said ok. In today’s timings, phone number of all staff are available in office so that they can be contacted at the time of need.

In evening around 8.30, I got a call from Aashita.
She- sir, I am Aashita. I want to say sorry again
Me- its ok, take care in future
She- sir, I am not like this. Please don’t misunderstand me
Me- I know, that’s why I am advising you to take care
She- sir, please don’t get angry with me, you are my favorite
Me- I am not angry. Don’t worry.
She- Thank you, sir.

Then we disconnected the call. After dinner, around 10.30 in night, I again got a call from her

She- sir, you had your dinner.
Me- yes, why you need to ask
She- sir, just, I am still feeling guilty
Me- no need to feel guilty, its ok.
She- sir, I wore that type of dress only to impress you. Please don’t take me wrong

I also got little cool

Me- its ok, but this thing doesn’t look good in college. Many other people are there. You should be sober
She- ok sir, I shall take care

Then she discussed something about her subject which I don’t want to mention here. From next day, she started calling me regularly for one reason or another. One day, she asked me to meet for a lunch on Saturday as Saturday was a holiday in college. I told her that it’s not good, someone may know but she requested again. Finally, I accepted.

On Saturday, we went for a lunch. She was looking very beautiful. But I had to keep limits. So we were talking normally. Then she suddenly said that can we go for a movie. I was little shocked but then I felt ok as no known person was there. So we went for a movie
During the movie, after some time, she caught my hand casually, I didn’t say anything. I was in two minds, what is this girl up. I was little afraid also for sake of my reputation. She kept pressing my fingers & my hand. Until that time, I didn’t respond.

Then she leaned her head against my shoulder. I felt like hugging her or touching her but I wanted to be sure about her intentions. She kept her head on my shoulder for some time. Then suddenly she kissed me. I couldn’t think anything now. Because of the movie going on, I couldn’t ask her anything also. So I kept quite suppressing my feelings. Then she again kissed me. Now it was enough. I also gave a kiss on her cheeks. She looked at me & we both smiled. She again tried to kiss, this time our lips met.

I decided to enjoy now. I kissed her with confidence now. Our lips got locked for some time. Then again we sat normally. Now I was charged. So slowly I put my arm around her & pressed her waist. I kept on pressing for some time. She again kissed me. Slowly I took my hand upwards. My hand reached her boob. I touched her left boob. She moaned a little. I kept my hand on her left boob for some time & then I pressed slowly.

She again moaned. I started pressing now. She was moaning & moaning. With my pressing & her excitement, her nipples got hard. I tried to pinch her nipples above the dress. Now I was wishing to take both boobs in my hands. But she suddenly stopped me. I couldn’t ask her anything. We came out of the movie. After coming out, I just asked her, are u happy now? she said- yes sir. Nothing more we talked.

While coming back, I dropped her in my car. While driving, I pressed her thighs. She didn’t say anything. I kept on pressing. She was smiling & moaning. Then I spoke

Me- Ashita, I want to tell you something
She- what sir
Me- please be careful in college. No one should know this. Behave normally in college
She- yes sir, I shall take care
Me- good. Also, wear sober dresses
She- ok sir. I won’t wear anything showing
Me- good, but I want to ask anything
She- what sir
Me- what is your size
She- its 32 b sir

I wanted to press her boobs again but I kept the control as someone could see in a car. I dropped her at her place. I was happy but little confused also. But I thought to enjoy

Now our new relationship started. But we were normal in college. She obliged my instructions. She never tried to pay or get extra attention. But I was also excited. After 2-3 days, I was sitting in staff-room. She came for some work. Luckily I was alone at that time in the staff room. I knew it may have been risky. But at least I could talk. So I started talking like a teacher-student conversation

Me- Aashita, have you completed the assignment.
She- yes sir
Me – you have to submit it by this week.
She- ok sir. By Saturday I shall submit.

She was smiling saying this. From the door, someone could see her back. I was sitting & she was standing in front of me. I thought only to enjoy conversation.

Me- have you answered correctly
She- yes sir, best to my knowledge
Me- but I feel wrong also
She- how sir
Me- you told, first questions answer is coming B option with 32.
She shocked for a second but understood immediately & replied
She- yes sir, I am sure it is 32 only with B option.

We were talking in such a way that even if someone comes, we may need not to worry.

Me- ok, let me check on Saturday when u submit.
She- sure sir, but I need some grace
Me- what
She- sir, I am not able to submit all questions yet. I need some time to submit the full assignment.
Me- sure, don’t worry. I shall ask first few questions if you told them correctly, its ok
She- fine sir, I shall submit on Saturday surely.
Me- if you want, you can discuss the last question with me, I can try to help you out. You are a good student
She- sir, I want to solve on my own, please
Me- ok, fine. But I am having doubt on the 1st answer. I gave a look at her boobs. She felt shy & smiled

Then I saw someone coming towards staff room. I asked her to go. She went away. She called me in the night & asked about day incident. She told that sir you only stopped me & now you are taking chance in college. I told her that I know how to manage. Have faith in me & do as I say. She said ok. Then she asked me why I asked about her size in college again.

I said that I felt its bigger than 32, so I asked. She laughed & said its 32 only. Then we disconnected the call. We made a programme to meet on Saturday. I take tuitions on my first floor. Usually, I give off on Sundays, but that week I gave off to students on Saturday & Sunday. I asked Aashita to come on Saturday with the assignment. She came to my home, as I am very reputed in the family too, a lot of students come, so it was normal. Just to feel easy, we started with study, but our mind was somewhere else, soon I asked

Me- so Aashita, are you sure about your answer to 1st question
She- yes, sir, I respect you a lot, I never tell a lie to you.
Me- ok, I am not saying that you are telling a lie but you may make some error also. It still looks more to me
She- no sir, it’s 32 only
Me- let me verify. Saying this I put a hand on her boobs. She closed her eyes.
She- sir. Someone may come
Me- don’t worry, no one comes when I am with students here

She didn’t say anything. I pressed her boobs. She was wearing a red top. I started kissing also, I sucked her lips & kept pressing her boobs. She was moaning like anything. Then I lifted her top

She- sir pl. don’t remove
Me- I don’t want answer only. I want to know details also

I lifted her top. She was wearing a pink color bra. It seemed as her boobs were caged in bra & struggling to come out. I touched over her bra. Due to excitement, her nipples were erect & poking in a pink bra. I crushed nipples over the bra. She shivered. I was also excited. I tried to get her boobs free from the bra. But it was tight. So I took my hand to her back & started trying opening her bra hooks.

She- sir please doesn’t open. It will create a mess, someone can come by chance

She was saying right. I got to be careful. So I gave her idea.

Me- Aashita, you do one thing. Go to the toilet, remove your bra & come back. Keep top on.

She went to the washroom. She came back in a minute. She was wearing top now. But her boobs were so good that I couldn’t guess that she has removed her bra. Her boobs on the top were looking firm & tight. I asked

Me- Hey, why you didn’t remove your bra
She- I have removed, sir

I lifted her top. Oh wow, those lovely boobs were in front of me. Yes, they were not so big but very attractive & cock rising boobs those were. Nipples were light brown in color. They were looking like a brown cherry. Nipples were not very big but yes suckable & chewable.

I got mad at seeing such lovely tits. I couldn’t understand whether to press those & suck those. I decided to do both. I took one nipple into my mouth & put my hand on other. Earlier I had enjoyed only her left boob, but now both were mine. I was in heaven. So was she. She was breathing heavily. I made her sit on a chair. As it was a study room, no bed was there. I changed nipples now, mouth on other nipple & hand on the first nipple. She was gone senseless. In between, I took my mouth away & asked her

Me- are you enjoying, Aashita
She- yesssssssss. ohhhhhhhh

I was pressing her boobs. She couldn’t speak much. Then I pinched her nipple hard. She felt pain.

She- ahhhhhhhh, sir. Pleaseeeeeeee

I kissed her to relax her. I had a mat in a room in which I used to do yoga, I made her lie on that. Now we both were lying & hugging each other. I did all the possible things to her boobs. Then I put my hands on her jeans. She caught hold of my hand

She- sir, please I trust you. Please don’t do this. I don’t want to do
Me- are you not enjoying
She – I am enjoying sir, but I don’t want to lose my virginity before marriage.
Me- ok. I want some fun

Saying this I took off my lower, my cock sprang out. She got up immediately

She – sir, please don’t do this, don’t break my trust. I told you that I won’t submit all assignment today
Me- but some questions you can do
She- means.
Me- I will not take your virginity without your consent but we can enjoy other things. You suck my cock
She- chhhhhiiiiii, its bad
Me- no, you will enjoy
She- I cant do this, sir, please let me go
Me- are you not enjoying
She- I am afraid, sir
Me- don’t be afraid, enjoy. Suck it, if you don’t like, you stop
She- sir, its very big. I cant take it in

Me- its normal. See, hold it. Saying this I put her hand on my dick. She didn’t remove. I started jerking with my hands over her hand. In 2-3 minutes I removed my hands
Me- see, is it good or bad. Don’t you like
She- it’s nice sir,
Me- keep on doing.

She kept on jerking. I asked her to suck, she said that I need some time, sir. She kept on tugging me. She was playing now. I again made her sit on chair & stood in front of her. She was jerking & I was pressing her boobs. She was looking at my cock with very much excitement. I asked her to do fast. She changed her hand. Then she held it with both hands & kept doing. I was about to cum. I asked her to remove her top. She understood & removed. In some time, I gave a shot out. It was very big shot. My cum went to her face. Some of her boobs. Some on the neck. I laughed

She- chhhi, sir, you are very bad
Me- didn’t you want that. She wanted to go for a cleaning. I asked her to taste my cum. She refused. Then we cleaned ourselves & she went away.

Next week, in college I had a lab period. Before that period, I had a free I went to the lab in that period. My period was not for her class but for some other class. She came to the lab for some work, she didn’t know that I was there. As she came. I called her

Me- yes, Ashita. Do you need anything
She- my notebook was left here. I had come to take it. She was looking very hot. She was wearing a half churidar. her bra straps were visible. I got excited.
Me- Aashita, I need some help, please help me to arrange things, I have a practice in next period
She- ok sir. She started keeping things as I told her. I took my cock out.

She was busy in arranging things. She didn’t know. Then I went to a table & called her to pick something. As she came & went down to see what I was saying, she saw my cock, it was not fully erect yet. She looked at me in shock, I signaled her to be quiet. she didn’t say anything. I went close to her. She understood & start jerking me. We had roughly 20-30 minutes. She kept jerking. I asked her to suck

She – no sir, please
Me- understand, Aashita. We are in college. I cant create a mess
I held her head & pushed it to my cock. She didn’t open her mouth. I said- Aashita, we don’t have much time. She opened her mouth & I pushed. she got choked. I pulled back. Again I pushed. You can say I was fucking her mouth. Perhaps she understood after the last incident. she said in between

She- sir, I don’t want to taste more, please
Me- don’t worry, you will love the taste. Again I pushed, she started sucking like a porn star. Within minutes, I was about to cum. I held her head tight against my cock, I came in her mouth. I think my shot went to her throat. When she felt I am done, I pulled back, but again I gave a shot. This time I came on her tongue. I kept on releasing. Her mouth got filled with my cum. I pulled back. put my cock back in my trousers. She was like a statue. I spoke

Me- come on, drink it, don’t wait. The toilet is not near, the period is also about to start.

She drank all. Then she went away quickly. I was more than happy. I was getting more memorable moments of life. Then on Friday, many students had gone to their home as it was a holiday for two days. Few students were there in college. I also had 2 periods free after the lunch. Nothing was in my mind. I had to make a plan to meet Aashita on Saturday.

I was sitting in my staff room, thinking about Saturday. One more lecturer was there. He also used to teach the class of Ashita. He was much elder around 40 years. I was not knowing that he had called Aashita for some work to the staff room. Aashita came, she just wished me & then start talking to that lecturer. He was telling her some work. She was listening.

Then he went saying that he has a class to attend leaving Aashita with some work. For few minutes she was doing some work, then she had to take something out of almirah, which was lying behind me in a corner. As she crossed me for going to almirah, I softly gave a tap on her hips.

She got a shock as she was not expecting this. I gave her a smile. She also smiled. She was wearing a skirt & top on that. She reached almirah & opened lock to get something. Now she was standing in such a position that she couldn’t be seen from outside of staff room. I pulled my chair, just to back of her. I lifted her skirt. She again was shocked

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She- sir, what is this. you only told me to be careful
Me- keep silence, Aashita

Saying this, I lifted more. wow, friends, first time I was seeing her legs. What sexy legs she was having. No hair on legs. Thighs were smooth as silk. Her back was towards me. I was looking those hot legs. I was wishing to fuck her but I couldn’t. Then I put my hands on her legs, just above the knees.

She shivered for a while. I started to roam my hands on her legs. I was also pressing softly. But the silky touch of her skin was so irresistible. I moved my hands little upwards. I reached for her buttocks. There I felt her panty. It was full kind of panty, covering a lot of her bums. First I touched over panty, then I inserted my fingers into her panty. I could feel she was breathing heavily now. I managed to get my fingers to her asshole.

I caressed her asshole for some time. She was really shivering now. I pulled my hands out of her panty. Then for some time, I just caressed her back thighs. Then I pulled my hands out of her skirt too. She got little relaxed. But then I asked her to turn her face towards me. She turned towards me. She thought it was over but it was not yet. When she turned around, I again lifted her skirt. Her mouth was opening to say something, I signaled her to keep quiet.

She was stunned. Then I reached her thighs again, this time from the front. I looked at her. Her eyes were closed. Then I looked outwards to see any risk as we were in a risky game now. No one was there. So I kept on caressing her thighs from the front. I cant tell in words, how sexy it was. So lovely thighs, silky, not a single hair on them. I couldn’t stop myself.

I leaned forward & gave a kiss on her thighs. As I kissed, I heard an ouch from her mouth. I kept on kissing. I kissed from inside on thighs also. As I couldn’t keep my eye away from the door for a long time, I stopped kissing & again started caressing her sexy legs with my hands. But you know, we always want more & more. I took my hands in her panty. She again spoke

She- sir, please, no.
Me- Aashita, keep silence, please.

She couldn’t say anything. I touched her panty. It had got wet. I could feel her wetness on panty also. I kept caressing her panty. Then I tried to pull it down. She held my hands

She- please sir, it’s enough. It’s not good more than this
Me- Ashita, you are very hot & beautiful. I want to see your beauty
She- sir, you have seen a lot. Please stop now.
Me- let me see once, how you look from inside. Saying this I removed her hands & tried to pull. She twisted her body so that I couldn’t pull down.

Me- Aashita, come one. Don’t waste time. I will pull little down.
She stood dully. I pulled her panty to her knees. Wow, friends, her glory hole was seen to me now. But she had hair on that.
Me- you dirty girl, you are hairless on legs, why you have hair on this.

She- sir, I clean it once on 2-3 weeks
Me- but it should be cleaned always
She- sir, I shall clean tomorrow as tom is a holiday.

I didn’t speak after that. I put my hand on her pussy. She jumped at my touch. I looked at her & winked with my eye to her. I didn’t remove my hand. I softly caressed her pussy. She again closed her eyes. I kept on caressing with my fingers. Then I started rubbing softly. She was on fire now. I kept rubbing, her breaths went on getting fast. She was also moving her hips to get good rubbing action. Then I stopped rubbing. I pulled her pussy lips with my one hand & tried to insert a finger of my second hand into her pussy. As she felt, what I am up to. She closed her legs & again held my hand.

She- sir, no, please. Don’t do this
Me- whats in this, you will enjoy
She- sir, I request, I don’t want any penetration before marriage. Please leave me
Me- nothing happens with fingers.
She- sir, no, please understand my feelings.

I said ok, I gave up the idea of fingering but I didn’t stop fun. I kept rubbing & caressing her pussy. In between, my hands were caressing her thighs also. She was also liking that. Then I did another thing. I thought of kissing her glory hole. I leaned down & have a kiss there. Also, I couldn’t kiss properly but she felt my lips there. She was again shocked. I asked her to widen her legs so that I can kiss properly to her pussy. She widened her legs a bit.

She couldn’t wide her legs more because panty was struck in her knees. But that was good enough for me to kiss. I kissed good now. She jumped in the air as she felt my full lips on her pussy lips. The smell of her wet pussy mixed with hair drove me crazy. I planted many kisses. Her hands came to my head. She was pushing my head into her pussy. I kissed for 4-5 minutes all around her pussy. I could feel more juices coming out of her pussy with my kisses.

Now as a greedy dog, I wanted to taste those juices. So I took my tongue out & started licking her pussy. This was like a bomb for her. She gave a moan mixed with a very heavy breathing. I kept licking all of her pussy, right from the area where pussy starts to lowest possible. I could only hear- aha, sir, sir please, ah, oh god. Her moans were making me crazier. Till now I was licking from above. I thought of tasting inside of her pussy. So I tried to insert my tongue between her pussy lips.

Her resistance was gone now. I slowly made an opening in her pussy lips & licked inside with tip of my tongue. She was shaking full, pushing her pussy to my mouth now. I kept on licking. My tongue couldn’t go fully inside coz of space problem. I was trying to lick deep but that was not being possible at that time. Her panty in her knees was not allowing to widen her legs. So I thought of removing her panty. I pulled her panty downwards. She wakes up from a dream

She- sir, what are you doing
Me- let me remove this. This is creating a problem
She- sir, we are in college, anyone can come. How can I be without panty? All will be ruined.
Me- you don’t worry. We will do like we did with your bra in my home. If someone comes, you just lower your skirt. No one will now.
She- but if someone sees my panty, then
Me- don’t worry, I shall hide it

Saying this I pulled her panty down. She was confused. But I pulled, she got her feet out of panty. I picked the panty & put in my pocket of my jeans. Her eyes widened to see this & she smiled. I spoke
Me- Ashita, now you come this way & keep an eye outside. if someone comes push me

Saying this I pulled her to my side from she could keep an eye on the outside & I pulled my chair towards almirah. Without wasting time, I went inside her skirt & started on her pussy. I kissed, then started licking. Her legs were free now. She could widen it more. She did it & I licked with more passion. My tongue was going more inside now. She was also moving up-down to give a jerk to her pussy on my tongue.she widened her legs as much as possible, but still, something was missing as because of standing she couldn’t wide to some extent. She could fall.

But we both were in full heat. She had given me pleasure two times by making me cum, I wanted to give him return the favor. I pulled a stool near almirah & asked her to put her one leg on that. she did that. Now it was wonderful. Her pussy was more opened now. I started licking. I made her pussy lips open with my hands & started licking inside. Now my tongue was licking inside walls of her vagina. Her pussy was dripping like a leaking tap now. I rotated my tongue into her pussy. She was perhaps wanting this. She held my head tightly against her pussy. You can say my head was arrested between her legs. I kept on licking. She spoke

She- sir, oh my god, this is wonderful, I shall die today. Haaaaa, uhhhhhh,

To give her more enjoyment, I took my tongue out, then I took her pussy lips to my lips & started sucking those as we suck lips. She was mad now. She gave a moan. In a low voice but a very long moan. I kept sucking her pussy lips. She shivered strongly, her full body got shivered I felt like a shower in my mouth. Oh yes, she came. I slowed down the pace of licking. She also got like dull. In a minute she spoke

She- sir please leaves me.

I understood she is done but I kept on doing slowly. She again spoke
She- sir, please leave. It’s hurting now. I understood it happens after cumming. So I left her. I came back to my chair. She sat on the stool. She was silent for a while. Her eyes were closed. Perhaps she was out of breath. I waited for her to be normal. After 3-4 minutes, she seemed to be normal. I spoke

Me- so are you happy now. She got shy listening this
Me- come on, don’t be shy now. Are you happy now, how it was
She – sir, it was wonderful. Thank you.
Me- no thanks, you are hottie, your juices are very tasty
She- sir, I should go now
Me – ok, see you on Monday
She – why Monday, Saturday & Sunday are holidays, sir.
Me- no, you come to my home on Monday morning, before college.
She- ok sir. Then she remembered that her panty is in my pocket.
She- sir, please give me back my cloth

Me- no, you will get it on Monday & remember come like this. Don’t clean your hair. I like your thing this way. Although clean pussy is wonderful to lick I told her for some reason. She again begged for her panty but I asked her to go like this & feel naked below the skirt. I also smelt her panty to tease her. She went away.

In the night she called me & asked me the reason for keeping panty with me. I just asked her to come to my home on Monday morning. Actually Monday early morning, my family was supposed to go out of station for some family function & I couldn’t go because of leave problem. That’s I called her on Monday.

On Monday, my family wants very early as they had a train at 5 in morning. Around 6.20 Aashita came & I welcomed her. She was thinking to go on the first floor but I called her inside on the ground floor. She came in. I offered her a cup of tea. Then I asked her about how was her Sunday. she inquired about my family, I told her that I am alone & smiled. She got shy & started looking downwards. I went near her & started kissing her. She had come in the mood. She didn’t resist. After kissing for some time, I asked her to remove her clothes fully.

Me- Aashita, I want to see your body, please get off your clothes
She- sir, you have already seen my body,
Me- yes, but I haven’t seen full nude at one time. Once I saw your top & then your bottom. Today I want to see at one time.
She- sir, something wrong will happen, I don’t want to……

I stopped her & said not to worry. Saying this I started to remove her top. That day she was wearing a black bra. She was looking very hot in a black bra. Her white boobs were shining in a black bra. I caressed them with my hands. Then I removed her lower also. My god, panty was also black. I complimented her for a nice pair of lingerie. She blushed. She herself opened the bra. Again those lovely fruits were in front of me. I started my work.

After playing for some time, I went to her panty. Although I like to play with boobs, I had some other plans that day. I pulled her panty downwards & removed in one shot. She also didn’t resist much. Now she was stark naked in front of me. I started kissing her. Every part of her body I kissed. She was going mad with my kisses. I gave a soft bite on her nipples.

Thrown` light brown cherries turned red with my love. they were erect like bullets. I went down, kissed her navel, her belly button, I licked her belly button which made her on fire. she was moaning very loud now as she was not afraid as none was in the home. I went on kissing legs, thighs, feet also. After kissing for 25-30 minutes, I stopped, then I gave a look at her pussy. It was still having hair. she noticed

She- sir, I didn’t clean because you had refused me
Me – yes, you did well.
Then I took her to my bedroom. I made her sit on sofa, then I asked her
Me- Aashita, how you clean your pussy
She- sir, I use hair removal cream
Me- oh but you should not use that, cream will make black spots on your pussy
She- oh sir, but I am afraid of using blade or something
Me- don’t worry, today I shall shave your pussy.
She- what sir
Me- yes, wait.

Saying this I went to the attached bathroom to my room & brought shaving kit. She was thrilled to see shaving kit in my hands. I removed all my clothes except my underwear. I asked her to lie on the table. She was hesitant. I assured her that she will feel good. She got agreed. Then she got lie down on my table. Her legs were hanging.

To give her comfort, I gave a stool to rest her feet on that. Now she was lying down naked in front of me. Her pussy had small hair which was already wet due to the excitement. To keep the pussy up, I took a cushion 7 put under her hips. Now her pussy came upwards. I started shaving activity. I took the shaving cream. She was looking at me. As I applied shaving cream near her pussy area, she shivered. I asked to lay still. She said it tickles. I said that tickling is yet to come. Then I took the shaving brush & started brushing as we do for shaving. Brush touch was so much for her.

She- sir, please its tickling. Don’t do sir
Me- come on, I want to see you silky there like your legs.

I kept on brushing. I brushed more in the area just above from where pussy starts. I rubbed little hard also. She got in sex mood again. She started to moan. My cock was also making a bulge in my underwear. He juices started to flow in a minute or two.

Me- oh my god, I didn’t need shaving cream I think, you are lubricating enough
She got blushed at my statement. Now I took the razor & started shaving.
Me- Aashita, don’t move now or you can get a cut
She said hmmm & I started shaving. I shaved little, then left razor & sent to her boobs. Her nipples were ready to fire. I played with them. She said- don’t tease me, sir, please finish. I again started doing the shaving. Slowly I cleaned her pussy free of hair. Her pussy was glowing now.

Me- here it is, now it will be more fun to lick. Then I took the after shave lotion & applied there. You know, it burns little when we apply after shave lotion. This was her first experience, so she shouted little
She- sirrrrrrr, it’s burning, please remove it
Me- don’t worry hottie, I shall run away it’s burning.

Saying this I kissed there. I planted few kisses in pussy area. She got charged again. I asked her to lie on the bed. She was little reluctant, I assured her that I won’t fuck. She moved to bed & lied there. I also got down my underwear. My cock sprang out. Then I went to bed. I went to the 69 position & started kissing her pussy.

My cock was near her nose. I asked her to suck. She also kissed my cock. I started doing my work, I started licking her pussy full now. She also took my cock in mouth. But she was not sucking good, maybe she was enjoying more of my lick. So I changed the position, I came in between her legs & started licking. I spoke

Me- Aashita, is it burning now
She- no sir
Me- your juices are wonderful, your juices can stop the fire, also they can ignite the fire.

She laughed at listening to this. I again started licking. She started moaning. I told her that she can moan freely now as we not in college. I was sucking, licking, biting her pussy lips, she was moaning like hell, throwing her head here & there. I was licking, licking furiously now, she was also moving her hips fast as she was trying to get her orgasm. I spoke again

Me- Aashita, I think you are taking much time to cum today. In college, you had cum early
She- sir, this is 3rd, I came 2 times in shaving only. you will kill me sir

I smiled & started licking, she was shouting now. All the bad –uhhhhh, ahhhhh, sirrrrrr, my godddddd, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee, like this so many things. I started rubbing along with licking. My finger was rubbing upper part of pussy & my tongue was licking walls of her pussy lips.

She couldn’t bear this for a long time & shouted hard.- sirrrr
& here comes again, her juices all over my nose, my mouth. She kept on cumming for few seconds. Then her body contracted. I also stopped. Her eyes were closed. Her face was relaxed. I waited for her to open her eyes. After 2-3 minutes, she opened her eyes.

Me- how are you, sweetie
She- sir, you are very bad. More than my thoughts.
Me- are you feeling bad
She- no, it was so good & beyond my thinking. I never imagined that you will be so erotic.
Me- you are also very hot.

So, friends, this was another memorable incident with sexy Aashita. I had many more incidents with her which I shall share in next part as this sharing is getting long.

Hope you enjoyed reading this sex story. You can send your feedback to me at [email protected]

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