Loving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooLoving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 01

This is part 2 of the Family Love Saga. I recommend reading Masquerade first to avoid any confusion. All characters engaging in sexual acts within this story are 18+, and all sexual encounters are 100% consensual.
Since this is a work in progress, chapters will be separate listings, unlike Part 1 which was all one listing. Sorry for the inconvenience.
This isn't a book of quickies, it's a fully-fleshed out story, but there are frequent sexual encounters, seductive flirting, dirty talk, et cetera, to keep it hot and tantalizing. Feedback always welcome, thank you for continuing to read!
Chapter 1
Serafina jerked awake when something hit the mattress, startling her. Lifting her face out of the pillow, she looked around and for a moment, couldn't figure out how in the hell she'd gotten into her father's bed. Then he approached from the walk-in closet and smiled at her.
"Morning, sleepyhead," he teased, picking up a stack of boxes from the other side of the bed. "I've had all of your things moved over from your old room, so feel free to grab a shower. All of your soaps and lotions are already in the bathroom."
Blinking after him, she rolled onto her side, propping herself up on her elbow and moaned when a hundred different places ached at once. Looking down, she saw her naked breasts and knew the rest of her was in the same condition under the covers. Her pussy and ass hurt, her nipples felt bruised, and she could really use a hot cup of tea for her throat.
There had to be a gallon of cum inside of her, and another gallon all over her body, the sheets, in her hair…
When her dad had mentioned fucking until they couldn't move anymore, he'd actually meant him, not her. Turned out, he didn't care if she had the energy to keep going or not. Why that had her grinning was simple: she was his daughter. Craziness was absolutely genetic, and she didn't fucking care.
As the night's memories flooded her mind, Serafina's chest and body filled with a slew of emotions and desire. Her dad was all hers. He wanted to make her his wife. He even wanted her to have his babies. Looking around his room, she saw her personal items everywhere and that almost brought her to tears with happiness.
Peeling the covers back, she carefully crawled out of bed, hissing and groaning through soreness as she made her way into the adjoining bath. Serafina had never been inside his bathroom before. She'd only ever seen part of his room through the open door while spying on him from the hallway. He had half a wing all to himself, so she hadn't worried about getting caught–yet somehow he'd known.
Like her old bathroom across the house, it was nothing less than luxury at its finest. Coffered ceilings with a dome chandelier, dual sinks separated by a vanity table with a padded bench. The jetted soaking tub was large enough to fit three people and framed in columns made from the same rose-gold marble as the rest of the room. She set the taps and added her favorite scented oils to the water as it filled.
At the sinks, she quickly discerned the one to the right was hers since that's where she found her toothbrush and other hygiene items. After brushing her teeth and gargling with mouthwash, she climbed into the tub and sank into the hot water. It instantly eased most of the aches and tension in her muscles, but she still turned the jets on low to help.
Leaning her head back, she closed her eyes and let her mind pick through all of the information her dad had revealed about her life and their family the night before. She needed to call Julia. She couldn't wait to tell her best friend all of the good news, and she also wanted to ask why Julia had kept the secret about her own family for at least a year.
Serafina wasn't angry, she suspected it had to do with her age. Julia had probably been forbidden to say anything to her because Sera hadn't been 18 yet. Still…didn't best friend status override parental rules?
She wondered how her family had maintained their particular lifestyle for so many generations without any trouble. Her aunt was married with kids, and so was one of her uncles, and neither of their spouses were family members. Did they know, or did her aunt and uncle have to keep it hidden from them? Elena was her aunt's oldest and had already been aware of the family's ways if she'd chosen their Nonno to lose her virginity to.
The sound of her dad's footsteps approaching had Serafina opening her eyes and she watched him enter the bathroom. He wore dark-gray slacks with a black dress shirt, though the sleeves were rolled up. Spotting her in the tub, he approached the side of it and sat down on the ledge of the raised platform it was sunk into.
"How are you feeling?" he asked.
"Sore," she admitted. "But not too bad. The bath is helping."
"Good. The family would like us to join them for lunch," he informed her.
Her mouth opened in a silent "O" shape. "They already know, huh?"
He smiled and nodded. "That they do. They were a little disappointed we slept through breakfast, but I'm sure they understand."
She grinned, then laughed somewhat as the surrealism struck her again. "This is so weird."
"I know, it's going to take some adjustment, but everyone's anxious to get started," he replied. "The last eighteen years was tough for all of us, but now that we're finally here, it was well worth it."
"I guess it was," she said quietly. "That might be the hardest part for me to get past, though, Daddy, I'm sorry."
"You have nothing to be sorry for, Serafina," he said. "I'm the reason why you had to grow up without the love and affection you deserved."
She swallowed the familiar hurt that had always been there, her one constant companion. It felt just a little less today. Would it eventually fade completely?
"If everyone knew about last night, then why did Julia and Nonna both warn me not to get my hopes up?"
He tilted his head. "I can't speak for Julia, but I'm sure my mother was just nervous that I would fuck it up by being a dick," he answered soberly.
She chuckled at him. "Daddy dick, my favorite."
His eyes flashed with lust and he reached over, curling his fingers around the side of her neck to pull her closer. As soon as his mouth molded to hers, Serafina felt the lingering scraps of paranoid doubts vanish. His hand trailed down the side of her neck to find her breast under the water. He rubbed and kneaded, his thumb teasing her nipple into an aching point.
"God, Sera, I'm already hard for you again," her dad groaned. "My cock can't get enough of my baby girl."
"Yes, well, your baby girl isn't going to be able to walk soon," she said thickly. "And I'm starving."
He groaned in complaint but kissed her again and let her go. "Hurry up and put clothes on, then, or you're going to be stuck in here until dinner."
Serafina would've laughed if he wasn't dead serious. After her bath, she found her dad wasn't in the room anymore and wondered if he'd left because it was the only way he could keep his hands to himself.
She felt no shame preening over the idea that he was that turned on by her. She'd already suffered in that existence for the past month or so since her birthday, unable to find relief outside of her own fingers. At least her father had found relief with another person.
Serafina tracked her cellphone down in her abandoned clutch and saw she had a missed call and text message from Julia.
The text read: Fingers crossed your night was awesome! Call me!
With a smile, she texted her best friend back, rather than calling.
My night was a million dreams come true and more! I have so much to tell you. Let me know when you can hang out. Going to have lunch with my dad and family. Love you.
Julia replied with heart-eye, grinning, and celebration emojis along with: Brunch at your house tomorrow?
Sounds perfect! Sera text back.
Over a lace bra and matching thong panties, she slipped into a yellow summer dress with a straight-across neckline, no sleeves, and a short playful skirt. It had large flower patterns in white lines, so she slipped into a pair of wedge sandal heels. Opening her jewelry box, she chose a small pair of gold hoops and a matching gold bracelet, then left the room. Her dad grabbed her hand as soon as she entered the hallway, stopping her.
With his cellphone perched to his ear, he appeared to be listening to the other end of the line. He disconnected after a moment, indicating it had been a voicemail. Then, his eyes swept over her outfit, like blue flames of damnation in an angel's face.
"How do you always make the most modest clothes look like lingerie?" he asked.
"I'm your daughter." She smiled as they started walking down the hallway. "You have no idea what you do for the suit porn industry."
"Suit porn?"
"Daddy, trust me, it's a thing."
"Is it actual porn, though?" he pressed, teasing her.
"A sexy man in a tailored suit can drench a woman's panties in an instant. I bet you're saved on a million hard drives right now. Your picture shows up on social media all of the time."
He pulled her in front of him, grabbing her waist and tucking his mouth to her ear. "Have you been stalking your daddy, Serafina?"
"Obsessively," she said, not even trying to deny it.
His hand slid under the back of her skirt and caressed her ass cheeks, his fingers brushing over the lace thong tucked between them.
"Dad," she admonished on a quiet laugh.
The smile he gave her was pure sin, as he moved to her side and laced his fingers with hers again.
"That's worse than going naked under your skirt, baby," he said. "You're giving Daddy a ton of naughty thoughts."
"I doubt my choice of underwear adds that much inspiration to your dirty mind," she countered.
He cocked his head. "You'd be surprised, honey. You have no idea what your dad can do with a thong."
She thought about the way he'd used the slave chain against her and realized that was a damn good point.

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