Loving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooLoving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 02

All characters engaging in sexual acts within this story are 18+ years of age, and all sexual encounters are 100% consensual.
Chapter 2
Exiting the house onto the rear patio, Serafina paused, startled to see that the entire family was there. The table was covered with food under the columned roof, where her grandparents, aunts, and uncles were eating and chatting away. Her cousins were already taking advantage of the swimming pool beyond it.
Designed to look like a giant lagoon with small palm tree islands for shady parts, it had a waterfall and sweeping water slide. A giant hot tub was sunk into its own rock formation that sat lower and angled inward from the base of the waterfall.
"Surprise," her dad said quietly, his eyes sparkling.
He'd known everyone would be there and hadn't warned her. Probably, a smart choice. She would've been too nervous to leave the room.
"Da-I mean Aleso–"
"No, you had it right the first time," he said firmly. "I told you, from now on, you will only call me by name when we're in public."
"There they are," her nonna announced happily with a wave when she spotted them. She and Nonno shared a two-person settee at the head of the table, like usual. "Come on, you two, there's a ton of food here."
"Yeah, you've got to be starving by now," her Aunt Camilla joked.
She had the same blue eyes and dark brown hair as Nonna, and was just as youthfully gorgeous as all of their kids, even though she was the oldest and close to 40. Her husband, Rocelin sat beside her, closest to Nonna. His golden hair was the reason why Elena's was so blond, and why their two younger kids, Enrico and Cecilia, had dirty blond to light brown hair.
"And dehydrated," her Uncle Leo added pointedly to her dad.
Her uncles, Leonardo and Lorenzo were twins and very close to identical, though it was easy to tell them apart for those who knew them. They both had black hair like her dad, which they'd inherited from Nonno. They'd also gotten Nonno's hazel eyes, rather than their mom's blue. They were the middle kids, between Sera's dad and Aunt Camilla.
Uncle Leo's wife, Aunt Stephanie, was another blond and sat between them. Despite what people said about twins skipping a generation, they had twin boys, Stefano and Massimo, who were 16 like Cecilia.
Uncle Enzo was still single but sat with his arm resting across the back of Aunt Camilla's chair. Now that Serafina was aware of their family's ways, she couldn't help wondering if something was going on between the brother and sister.
She felt her cheeks heat up with that thought and the knowledge that her aunt and uncle's comments were referring to how much sex she and her dad had already had over the past 12 hours.
"And, it starts," her dad feigned complaint, rolling his eyes at her playfully.
It felt like she'd been thrust into the Twilight Zone. He kept her hand in his, as they headed up the opposite side of the table from her aunts and uncles, who'd deliberately left one whole side open for them. It was like facing a panel of judges, even though they all wore curious smiles on their faces.
"Fina!" Elena called out excitedly, running toward her from where she'd been sunbathing beside the pool.
Serafina laughed when her cousin practically collided with her, wrapping her arms around her neck and squeezing, then grinning at her. "I'm so glad you're finally eighteen and have had your masquerade."
"Um…me, too," she replied, refraining from pointing out that Elena had only just had her masquerade the night before, as well. "Why?"
Elena rolled her eyes. "Because now we can be the best friends we were always supposed to be," she said. "You're my favorite cousin. It's been total crud not being able to spend more time with you until now."
Surprisingly touched, Sera chuckled. "It's because I'm your only girl cousin, isn't it?"
"Yes!" Elena said with exasperation, turning to gesture to the pool. "Boy, boy, boy, sister. It's ridiculous. We need more girls."
"Here, here," Uncle Enzo seconded, raising his glass.
"Oh, but watch this," Elena joked, cocking a sassy brow. "We need more boys."
"Here, here," Uncle Enzo seconded again to a round of laughter.
He scowled at his niece. "What? Are you trying to say my vote doesn't count just because I'd do anything?"
"Uh, yes," Elena answered.
Sera couldn't help smiling, since that was news to her. But then, everything was news to her since the night before.
"Really, Dad?" Aunt Camilla chastised her dad, who was staring at Elena's ass.
Serafina was glad everyone was too busy looking at the offender to notice her eyes widen. But at least that answered her question about whether or not outside spouses were aware of their family's ways. Elena's dad and Uncle Leo's wife were both sitting at the table and didn't seem to find it out of the ordinary.
Nonno grabbed Elena's waist and turned her backside toward everyone. "Her ass is completely bare. Why are you letting your daughter dress this way?" he pointed out, gesturing to Elena's thong bikini.
"She's eighteen now, Dad, as you're well aware." Aunt Camilla smirked humorously.
"Cut him some slack, hon, it's hard not to feel overprotective of our girls," her Uncle Rocelin said, his British accent still prevalent after over two decades in the states.
"Aww, I love you, too, Nonno," Elena hugged him and kissed him right on the mouth. "But no one wants a white ass. It is so not attractive."'
Nonno choked out a surprised laugh. "I guess I can't argue with that."
"Elena, stop being rude to your uncle," her mom reprimanded.
Elena turned back toward Serafina, but she looked past her and flashed a bright, apologetic smile. "Sorry, Uncle Aleso."
"It's okay, Lena, I understand. Today is all about celebrating our newest adults," he accepted.
"And a long time coming, too," Aunt Camilla said, raising her glass.
"Here, here," everyone else chimed in.
"Lena, come on, let them eat for chrissake, you have plenty of time to catch up with Sera later," her dad said.
"Okay," Elena deflated, but she squeezed Serafina in another hug before returning to the pool.
As soon as they sat down, everyone's eyes locked onto Serafina and she looked around at them before looking at her dad.
"I'm so glad the family isn't making this awkward or anything," she remarked.
They all busted up laughing and she couldn't help joining in. That's all you could do when everything felt so surreal, right?
Then her dad decided to take it to the next level by pulling her into him for a searing kiss. Serafina cupped his cheek, her fingers playing through his silky hair that curled and feathered at his temple. For that brief moment, she completely forgot they were even sitting at a table full of their family members until someone spoke.
"That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen," Uncle Leo said.
Her eyes popped open, and her dad grinned against her mouth, humor and desire dancing in his eyes before he kissed her once more and they parted again.
"Beautiful? How about hot?" Uncle Enzo argued.
Her dad slammed the side of his fist on the table and held his finger up. It startled everyone so much, they stilled, afraid to move.
"If anyone says 'here, here' one more time, I'm going to fucking shoot them," he warned.
The brief tension broke and returned to relaxed humor, her Uncle Enzo even threw part of a biscuit at her dad for the scare.
Her dad smirked at him. "You don't say?"

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