Loving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 04

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tagIncest/TabooLoving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 04

All characters engaging in sexual acts within this story are 18+ years of age, and all sexual encounters are 100% consensual.
Chapter 4
Smoothing his hands over her shoulders, Serafina's dad turned her toward the pool where her aunts and uncles were already stripping down to their underwear. All of the women were going topless, including Elena who'd joined in the fun.
"Had you spied, you might have also picked up on the dynamics," he continued. "Like those three."
Serafina watched as Uncle Enzo trailed his fingers up and down his sister's bare back while her husband smiled at him.
"Despite how it normally appears, your Uncle Enzo and Aunt Camilla are the primary couple in that threesome. They found your Uncle Rocelin together, who's bi-sexual just like your uncle. They love sharing your aunt and she loves watching them together, as well," he informed her. "But Camilla and Enzo were fucking for years before they met Roce. If they could have gotten married, they would have."
Desire spiraled low in her gut and dampened her panties, as she pictured everything he said.
"Occasionally, Leo and Enzo also enjoy sharing your Aunt Stephanie," he continued. "But, usually Stephanie is shared between your Uncle Leo and Nonno. Your grandmother is usually either with your Nonno, your Uncle Rocelin, or both."
"What about you, Daddy?" Sera asked. "What are your dynamics?"
"I enjoy fucking my daughter," he answered hotly in her ear, as his fingers worked the zipper down the back of her dress. "Though I have had your Aunt Stephanie suck my cock before while your Nonno drilled into her ass."
Serafina sucked in a sharp breath, as that image instantly played through her mind, increasing the aching need deep in her pussy. Those deep places her dad's cock always managed to hit and stroke when he fucked her.
She slipped her heels off, then her dad helped her step out of her dress without getting it dirty, so he could fold it neatly over the back of her chair.
"Has there ever been a family member not interested in the family?" she asked.
His eyes roamed over her body in the lace bra and panties, as he stripped down to just his boxer briefs the same way all of the other men had.
"Yes, it's happened throughout both the Romano and Esposito sides," he answered. "Of our immediate family, it was me, until you came along. I've never been interested in family members, but watching them fuck is still a major turn-on. I also didn't mind having Stephanie suck me off whenever the mood struck, but she's the only one, and I've never fucked her."
"Why, Daddy? She's beautiful," Serafina said, eying the voluptuous blond.
"She's too vanilla for Daddy," he answered. "But she's good at deep-throating."
"Oh," Sera said, wondering if her aunt could give her some pointers.
"Don't worry, baby girl. You're so eager to please Daddy it makes teaching you to deep-throat a million times more arousing. Not to mention, you're my daughter, and that can't be fucking topped," he said, pulling her closer and working her bra undone before sliding it down her arms to lay on her dress. "Our dynamic is the most coveted of all. Remember when I said that your desire for me was like winning the lottery?"
She nodded. "Yes."
"It's been two generations since the last father-daughter dynamic," he informed her. "But even that one didn't have the good fortune of resulting in marriage or children. In fact, it's been four generations since the last in-family marriage. We're currently the superstars and envy of our entire family, baby, so be prepared for a lot of attention."
Serafina tried to absorb the significance of that, but it was difficult when everything was still so brand new to her.
"Was the last in-family marriage also a father and daughter?" she asked.
"No, they were brother and sister," he answered. "Luca and Cecilia Romano. Ask your Nonno about them, he loves telling their story. It's a Romano legend, and the reason why Daddy does what he does."
"Hostile takeovers?" she questioned, failing to see what one had to do with the other.
He grinned, but there was something sinister about it. "That's just for fun to pass the time. Daddy's the one that takes care of those who try to tear our family down."
Serafina stared at him. "By 'takes care of,' you mean…?"
"Exactly what you think," he answered, leaning his face closer to hers. "As I said, I'm a very bad man. But only to those who try to hurt my family."
Shit. Her dad was…what? A hitman? It was almost laughable that she'd just thought about how he wasn't a mobster the night before, and now he was confessing to being the family's personal assassin?
Her dad looped his arm around her waist and started leading her toward the pool.
"You can handle it, Serafina," he said confidently. "I know you can. You know why?"
"Because I'm your daughter?" It was becoming her go-to answer.
He gave her a sideways glance. "How many eighteen-year-old debutantes carry switchblades in their Coach purses?"
"First of all, it was Dior. Secondly, I'm not a typical teenager, remember?" she stated. "Apparently, I'm the daughter of a fucking hitman."
She met his gaze and had no idea why they suddenly started laughing, smiling so stupidly at each other. Again, it seemed their kind of crazy was genetic and her mind was beginning to feel that way. Sensory overload, maybe?
Serafina looked toward the pool as they came up to it and gave a small start when she found all of her aunts and uncles staring at her with stunned looks on their faces.
"Holy fuck," Uncle Leo said, breaking the silence first, his eyes full of lust as they drank in her body.
"Ha! pay up," Aunt Stephanie celebrated, holding her hand open toward Aunt Camilla.
Aunt Camilla glared at Uncle Enzo. "Really? Suddenly, you're the quiet one?"
"I…have no words," he stammered, staring at Serafina without even blinking.
She felt her entire neck and face flush red, even though she couldn't deny that their lustful attention was arousing as hell.
"I do good work, don't I?" her dad said proudly.
"Seriously, brother, your sperm should be preserved in the family vault," Uncle Enzo agreed.
"And patented," Uncle Rocelin added, his hazel gray eyes staring just as hard.
"Wow, coz, nice rack," Elena praised swimming up to them.
Despite being smaller, Elena's breasts were perky and capped with pale pink nipples, her complexion lighter.
"You, too." Serafina smiled.
Suddenly Elena's face lit up like the 4th of July. "Nonno!"
He approached them, already dressed down for the pool; showing off his fit, muscular body and suntan. Once again, Serafina marveled at how he looked like a somewhat larger, older brother of the Romano siblings, rather than their father.
"Sorry, I just needed to talk…to Nonna for a moment," his words trailed off, as his eyes latched onto Serafina's bare ass and then he stepped closer to the pool to drink in her front side.
He stared at her breasts before his gaze swept down the full length of her and back to her chest. Nonno's mouth spread into a sexy grin.
"Just fucking gorgeous," he praised, meeting her gaze. Sera saw desire in his eyes, but also pride and love. "A true Romano goddess. We certainly know how to make beautiful women, don't we?"
"Definitely," more than one person agreed.
"What was I saying? Oh, right," he said, turning his attention back to Elena."I was only talking to your Nonna for a minute, but it's your day, too, honey. We want to make sure you have just as much fun. So, I'm here to make sure that happens."
Elena giggled and flung her arms around his neck as he caught her, then she kissed him right on the mouth and it quickly turned into a hot make-out session no one had any qualms watching. Sera's insides were beginning to liquefy with all the blatant sexual tension ripening the air.
"You know what we need, sugar?" Nonno asked Elena when they finally came up for air. "Music."
"Ooh, good idea," she said and wiggled out of his arms to run over to her phone still sitting on the chaise lounge she'd been sunbathing on. "Any requests?"
"I like your road-trip playlist, honey," Aunt Camilla answered.
"That is a good one," Uncle Rocelin agreed. "At least one of our kids has decent taste in music."
Aunt Camilla chuckled with him, just as Elena's phone connected to the sound system built into the pool, and music started playing.
"Who's up for volleyball?" Uncle Leo asked.
"Me!" Elena answered.
"Teams?" Aunt Stephanie questioned.
"I think couples to start," Uncle Enzo answered. "That would be the most comfortable for our newest members. Roce and I can take turns."
"Sounds good to me." Uncle Rocelin nodded with a smug smirk. "We won't get worn out as quickly."
"Oh, cheaters," Aunt Stephanie said on a laugh. "I should make you and Leo switch out, just for that."
"We could do that, too," he replied, lust sparking between them.
Rocelin and Stephanie didn't seem to have any trouble flirting, even if Serafina's dad hadn't listed them as one of the dynamics. Maybe it was a new attraction? Either way, no one seemed the least bit put off by it. If anything, her family seemed to enjoy it whenever things turned sexual, no matter who or what was causing it.

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