Loving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 05

tagIncest/TabooLoving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 05

All characters engaging in sexual acts within this story are 18+ years of age, and all sexual encounters are 100% consensual.
Chapter 5
They drug the necessary equipment out of the pool house and started playing water volleyball with the women on the shoulders of the men. Sera and her dad were on the same side as Uncle Enzo and Aunt Camilla, while Uncle Leo, Aunt Stephanie, Nonno, and Elena were on the other.
Everyone was so open with their staring, it was rather flattering. No one tried to hide their desires or sneak peeks, they just looked. Yet, despite the four pairs of naked tits bouncing around, the game did not lack in competition.
"Oh, you're going down old man!" her dad growled when Nonno sent the ball back so hard it slammed into his chest.
"Bring it, son," Nonno grinned wildly.
The smack-talking didn't stop there and aside from Elena and Serafina who mostly laughed, it wasn't limited to just the men, either. Camilla and Stephanie were just as likely to goad each other as they did all of the guys.
Elena's playlist was great, too, resulting in most of them dancing to the beats instead of just standing or sitting around between swatting at the ball. During a momentary break, when they were waiting for Enzo and Rocelin to switch out again, Serafina started running her fingers through her dad's hair, enjoying the silky texture and length of it.
"That feels good, baby," he said, running his hands up and down her thighs and massaging gently.
She delighted in the feel of his muscles quivering when she lightly scraped her nails over his scalp. His hands kneaded into her thighs even harder.
"Careful, Sera or Daddy's going to slide you around and show this family how to really eat a pussy," he warned.
"I think she's up for it, bro," Uncle Leo teased when Serafina's nipples hardened at her dad's naughty tone and words.
Sera looked at him and chuckled, shaking her head. "I thought Uncle Enzo was the instigator."
Leo merely gave her an unrepentant grin, his eyes full of arousal. "Hey, I'm not going to miss an opportunity to see your dad's mouth between your legs."
"Perhaps, we should take a break from the game and enjoy the pool for a while," Nonno suggested. "Work out some tension."
"God, yes," Uncle Leo agreed at once, as he lowered into the water so Aunt Stephanie could swim off of his shoulders.
Serafina's dad did the same and he wasted no time wrapping an arm around her waist, and swimming her in the direction he wanted to go.
Around the other side of the rocks that framed the water slide, Serafina's dad led her to the hidden steps and sat down on the lowest one just above the water's surface. He pulled her onto his lap so she was straddling him with her breasts rubbing against his chest and kissed her.
The heat and arousal built rapidly, spurred by his thumbs working her nipples in circles first before his mouth took over. His hands supported her back while his tongue lashed at her nipples. He sucked them into his mouth and nibbled, making her squirm all over his lap.
"Daddy needs to be inside of you, Sera," he said huskily, his hand dipping between her legs to rub her clit through the lace of her thong. "I've been hard for you all fucking day."
"Oh, yes, please fuck me," she begged, her juices pumping as she started grinding herself against his hand.
He slowed his movements and pulled her face closer, his eyes glinting wickedly. "Looks like we have an audience."
Gasping, Serafina looked over her shoulder to see Uncle Leo and Aunt Stephanie getting hot and heavy near the rock wall below, a short distance away. Their eyes were glued to Sera and her dad. More arousal spiked through Serafina's blood, her pussy growing so wet she could smell herself mixed with the aromas of her dad's skin and chlorinated water.
"This should be embarrassing, but it's so hot," she admitted, moving her hips against her dad's hand again.
He swore viciously and shoved his boxer briefs down, freeing his cock. Pulling the material of her panties to the side, he lined the head of his dick up with her wet slit and pushed into her right away.
Serafina's sharp inhale emerged on a long moan from the way he stretched her so much. Her pussy was still sore and aching from the night before, but she couldn't deny how much she loved that. Just loved everything about having her dad's cock moving in and out of her.
"God, baby, you're so fucking tight," her dad praised, kissing her again. "Daddy loves how your pussy squeezes him hard, trying to milk all of his seed right away."
Sera could only pant and moan. He pulled her further down his shaft while thrusting his hips upward to make sure she always felt the bite of the tip inside. Her dad slouched more so she could be fully seated on his lap, his cock buried to the hilt.
Gripping her hips, he started moving her back and forth along his cock and it felt so fucking good. After a few glides, he lifted her and yanked her back down again, stealing her breath, only to start moving her back and forth again.
"Ride me, baby. Show Daddy how good his cock feels inside of you," he prompted.
She rose up, gripping his strong shoulders and started rolling her hips back and forth slowly, tentatively, exploring the feel of it. Her dad covered her breasts with his hands and massaged them in time with her movements, which added more pleasure to the mix.
"Don't be afraid to try different movements, honey, everything you do feels so good," her dad encouraged.
In the back of her mind, she was still aware of Uncle Leo and Aunt Stephanie watching. She could hear their quiet emissions of pleasure, as they fucked while still submerged in the pool.
Sera simply couldn't care when her body was so revved with need. She lifted herself and slid back down, enjoying the friction just as much as the feel of her dad staying deep. She picked up her pace a little and came back down a little harder.
"Oh," she said in pleasure, the feel similar to when he snapped his hips, his cock jabbing at her sharply. She did it again, going even harder and her dad joined in her sounds of pleasure. "Do you like that, Daddy?"
"Fuck yes, baby," he answered, sliding one hand down to her ass cheek and grabbing hold. "Daddy likes it rough and hard, but I know you're already sore."
Sera bent her elbows to lower her mouth to his. "I thought you were mean, Daddy?" she goaded.
She kissed him hard, her teeth scraping against his lips. His hand slid under her thong, fingers probing at the entrance of her ass, as he pinched her nipple hard and pulled it sharply. His hips bucked up into her, his arm stretched over her thigh keeping her pinned down against his stabbing cock.
"Oh, oh, God, Daddy," she whimpered when his finger sank into her asshole, working in and out while she moved her hips to ride his thrusts. His cock pounded into her repeatedly, triggering a powerful climax. "Daddy, I'm…"
"Do it, baby, come for Daddy," he seethed.
Knowing that her dad was going to go wild and fuck her ten times harder once she came only got her there that much faster.
"Daddy," she barely managed to say on a halted breath when it sparked off.
Waves of ecstasy crashed through her, making all of her muscles clench. Her toes curled while her body rose higher from the pleasure. Then her dad gripped her hips and slammed her back down as he rose up to fully impale her once again.
He fucked her in the same pattern he'd started with, sliding her back and forth, then lifting her and slamming her down again, only much faster and harder. Over and over, he pistoned into her while raising and lowering her over his cock. His final thrust was so hard it forced a loud outcry from her lungs.
"Sera!" he growled through clenched teeth.
His cock swelled and jerked with all the hot cum rushing through it to coat her insides.
Her dad released a long moan that vibrated her body, as he wrapped his arms around her and brought her flush with his chest so he could kiss her.
As soon as he got his breath back enough, he grinned at her with pleasure dancing in his eyes.
"Did my daughter just goad me into fucking her harder?"
Suddenly bashful, Serafina looked over her shoulder but she didn't see her aunt and uncle there anymore and wondered how long ago they'd left. Giving her dad a matching grin, she kissed his lips.
"Maybe I'm more my father's daughter than you thought."
"Hoped, baby," he corrected. "A man can only hope, and you are already beyond my wildest dreams, Serafina. The fact that you also enjoy your pleasure on the rougher side is merely icing on the cake. I'm going to have so much fun helping you discover all of your kinks and fetishes."
Unbelievably moved, Sera could only embrace him tightly. "I…Thank you, Daddy."
"You don't have to be afraid to say what you're feeling with me, Sera," he said, his fingers caressing up and down her spine. "You're not going to scare me away. Not ever."
Smiling beyond her control, she felt her eyes water as she nodded. "I-I love you, Daddy," she choked out on a joyful sob, even though she wasn't crying. It was just a lot of emotion all at once. "I've wanted to tell you that for so long."
"I know, baby," he said, kissing her softly. "Me, too. And I do, Sera. I love you so much."

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