Loving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 09

tagIncest/TabooLoving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 09

All characters engaging in sexual acts within this story are 18+ years of age, and all sexual encounters are 100% consensual.
Chapter 9
When Uncle Leo lifted her, Sera thought he was just going to set her on the counter. Instead, he wrapped her legs around his waist and carried her toward her dad's wing.
"Normally, I wouldn't mind taking you right there in the kitchen, I just don't want to be interrupted for any reason," he said between licking his tongue over her lips. "My old room is still intact."
She smiled, then kissed him again. It was different from her dad, his flavor, the shape of his lips, the texture of his tongue, but not in a bad way. He smelled different, too, but just as good. Opening a door, he closed it behind them and carried Sera to the top of a chiffonier, shoving things out of the way to set her down.
Uncle Leo was horny as fuck. He didn't waste a single second removing her shirt in between kisses, his hands covering her breasts over her bra and squeezing. The combination of his body heat and her lust had her boobs swelling, and she shoved them harder into his hands.
"Fuck, Sera, you have the best set of tits I've ever seen in my life," he said, as he worked the clasp undone and removed her bra, tossing it on the floor with her shirt. He took a moment to stare, while his thumbs brushed over her nipples, working them into hard peaks for his pleasure. "Just fucking beautiful."
"Pinch them, Uncle," she said.
He drew in a quiet breath, pinched her nipples and tugged. "Like that, baby?"
"Harder," she answered. "I like the way they burn when they're pinched hard."
"Jesus," he whispered. "You really are your father's daughter. I'm surprised he's willing to share you, even being part of our family."
Serafina chuckled, then her mouth popped open on a deep moan when he did exactly as she asked, pinching her nipples so hard they burned and pulling on them sharply. Uncle Leo seemed mildly stunned and even more turned on by her response. Then, he was gripping her breasts hard and sucking her nipples into his mouth.
Aching desire pierced her pussy, and Sera started moving, her hips gyrating, as he sucked at her nipples so hard they made a popping sound when they slipped out of the suction of his lips. She felt every tug deep in her core, already laying the foundation for her first climax.
"Fuck me, Uncle," she begged.
"Not yet, sweetie, first I want to taste your pussy," he said.
She whimpered happily and grabbed his hands, sliding them down her body to the playful little skirt she was wearing. He took over from there, sliding his hands up her thighs, lifting her skirt higher, and staring at the lace covering her pussy. He ran his thumb over her, hitting her clit and making her moan again.
"Is there a way to get this off?" he asked, tugging at the skirt hem.
She laughed a little and tucked her thumbs into the waistband, shoving her skirt downward. Uncle Leo helped, removing her panties at the same time. She'd already kicked off her flip-flops, so now she was completely naked and he was still fully dressed. That had to change.
Her uncle slid his hands up her legs, pushing her thighs wide apart while staring at her pussy, his eyes glazed with lust. The moment he got closer, she reached for his shirt and started pulling it upward to reveal his muscled chest and stomach. All of the men in her family were extremely well built, but Uncle Leo's chest was smooth where her dad's had that sexy patch of dark hair between his pecks.
Serafina slicked her hands up his body and rubbed her thumbs over his nipples before leaning forward to tease them with the tip of her tongue. She'd learned that her dad liked that, and also when she sucked and nibbled at them. There wasn't any give in a man's small nipples, though, so it was a little difficult to get them into her mouth but she liked trying.
"Mmm, Sera, that feels good."
He brushed his hand through her hair, to prompt her head back so he could kiss her again for just a moment. Then, he bent down and started licking her pussy. Sera gasped and her uncle slid his hands under her, filling them with her ass cheeks. She hooked her legs over his shoulders and gripped his hair. Having already been in a similar position with her dad more than once, she knew what was coming.
Sure enough, her uncle lifted her, pressing her back to the wall, as his mouth ate at her pussy. He sucked at her folds and clit before his tongue probed into her slit. He used his thumbs to pry her pussy open wider for his mouth and dove back in.
"So fucking sweet." He moaned. "Jesus, Sera, I could eat you out for days."
She squealed with surprise when he spun her away from the wall, his face still buried in her pussy while his arms slid higher up her back to support her weight. Uncle Leo laid her out on the bed and replaced his mouth with his fingers.
"Yes, yes," Sera said, panting and moving against him.
Sliding a second finger into her, he twisted his wrist and curled his fingertips right into the top of her pussy. He rubbed hard, hitting the most amazing spot that had her thighs shaking and her back bowing.
"Yes, Sera, come all over Uncle's fingers," he encouraged thickly.
His thumb started drawing tight circles against her clit and Serafina exploded. Her head flew back, her hips shooting off the bed and all the breath left her, as the pleasure expanded.
"Fucking breathtaking," her uncle praised, sucking his fingers clean before kissing her.
Rising from the bed, he was fast to strip out of his shorts and boxer briefs. Sera's mouth slacked open to see his cock standing thick and almost as long as her dad's.
"Shit, do any of the men in this family have normal size dicks?" she asked.
"No," Uncle Leo smirked arrogantly. "Another Romano trait. Move up here, support yourself upright on your hand."
Sera had no choice when he lifted her right leg to the side with her knee bent, foot flat on the mattress. At the same time, he pushed her left leg out, also bent at the knee, but laying flat on the bed.
"Hold onto me, Sera, Uncle's going to fuck you where we can both watch," he said.
Her mouth spread into a quick grin at that prospect and she looped her hand around the back of his neck. Serafina's eyes were glued to the head of his cock, as he guided it into her pussy. Then, she was biting down on her lower lip as he stretched her so fully. He had to pull back and push into her a few more times to gain any kind of depth.
"Fuck, Sera!" he hissed through a tight jaw, the muscles in his body tensing. "Holy shit, that's a tight pussy, baby. I don't think you want Uncle to fuck you. You just want to see me come all over the place before I can even get started."
Despite the intense pleasure of his continued stretching, she couldn't stop herself from laughing. "No, Uncle, I swear, I want you to fuck me."
"Jesus Christ, I want to more than anything." He groaned.
Sweat broke out on his brow, his muscles extremely taut by the time he'd finally pushed inside deep enough to let go of his cock. Grabbing her breast with one hand, he gripped the hip of her bent leg and started rocking into her.
"Do you see that, Sera? See Uncle's cock fucking your little pussy?" he asked.
"Deeper, Uncle, fuck all of my pussy."
He moaned loudly and tightened his grip, his hips thrusting forward harder. The wet, suctioning sounds of her juices were much louder in that position, but Uncle Leo really seemed to like that. He pulled almost completely out, then pushed back into her real slow. Serafina moaned and Uncle's lips parted. His eye widened on the sight of her pussy stretching around his cock, his expression just as erotic as the sensation.

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