Loving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 12

tagIncest/TabooLoving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 12

All characters engaging in sexual acts within this story are 18+ years of age, and all sexual encounters are 100% consensual.
Chapter 12
Despite her dad's dirty game, Serafina felt elegant and beautiful in the floor-length, jacquard gown of champagne. It had thin straps, a v-neck, and a deep-v that bared most of her back. She wore her hair up in a chignon with a thick braid, and soft tendrils framing her face.
The thin diamond choker and matching cuff bracelet she wore had been a birthday present from her grandparents. Sera paired them with the diamond chandelier earrings they'd gotten her for graduation.
Her dad was sexy as hell in a bespoke suit of all black. Even without a tie, he still looked finely dressed and his aftershave had her mouth watering in the back of the limo, making it difficult to forget that he'd left her needy.
"I want you to be prepared for the headlines that will start coming in over the next few days," he said. "Most of the negative backlash will fall directly on me, and that's exactly how I prefer it."
He shook his head. "Start calling me Aleso now to get used to it," he said.
"How bad is it going to be, Aleso?" she asked.
"Mostly they're going to focus on the age difference and the fact that we're related," he answered. "They're going to make it sound taboo, even though the relation is only through marriage with a distant relative from another country. After they get more intel, they're going to add the fact that you grew up in the same house I've always lived in and that's when it will get ugly."
Serafina swallowed hard and gave him a worried expression. "Maybe we shouldn't do this," she said. "We could get married in private, no one would have to know. Celebrities have secret weddings all the time."
He smiled and lifted her hand in his. "I want them to know, baby. I want the whole world to see my gorgeous and clever bride-to-be. Everyone's going to be jealous, and it's so hot knowing the truth is much worse than anything the media could possibly imagine. That you're actually my daughter, and every time they snap your picture, your father's cum will be leaking out of one or both of your holes."
"Oh, God," Sera whispered, her body growing so hot it felt hard to breathe.
Of course, that only seemed to please her dad even more, knowing she was still suffering in her need. Luckily, they didn't have too far to travel before arriving at their destination, since the family estate was closer to the waterfront than downtown.
La Festa was not only one of the finest Italian restaurants in the city, it was owned by the Romano family. Though she wasn't surprised it was her dad's choice, it was still Serafina's first time dining there–or anywhere, for that matter–on an actual date.
"Aleso, Aleso," she repeated quietly under her breath as they waited for the valet to open their door.
Her dad grinned at her, chuckling with amusement. Then, they were climbing out, and her preparation time was over. The doorman bowed, as he opened the glass door for them, and another opened the second door from inside, also bowing.
"Good evening, Mr. Romano," the aged man behind the host podium greeted. "Your table is ready and waiting."
"Thank you," her dad accepted.
He placed a hand on Sera's lower back and guided her into the restaurant's main room. Tables skirted the dance floor, which surrounded a raised platform holding a baby grand piano. Couples were already taking advantage of the pianist's talent to show off their dance moves.
Almost everyone Sera and her dad passed took notice. Not that she was surprised. Her dad probably drew attention no matter where he went, he was so damn handsome.
They headed to the backside of the dance floor, where a waiter was already standing by. Like all of the dining at that end of the room, their table was centered in front of a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the water.
"Mr. Romano," the waiter bowed. He pulled Sera's chair out for her, then pushed it in after she was seated. "Would you like the wine list, or do you already have one in mind?"
"We'll have the Masseto," her dad answered, seating himself. "With the Tuscan Flank, medium-rare."
"Wonderful, your wine will be delivered right away," the waiter said. "Enjoy your evening."
Serafina was happy her dad had taken care of their order. She wasn't used to picking such things. She ate whatever their cooks made at home and had her favorites whenever she went out to eat with friends, but selecting a meal while on a date was out of her range of experience.
"What are your plans, now that you've graduated?" her dad asked. "It's been so hectic since the masquerade with all of our new changes, but I've meaning to ask."
"Oh. To be honest, I couldn't think of anything beyond the masquerade," she said, her cheeks blushing somewhat to admit that. "I suppose that's rather short-sighted."
"Not necessarily," he replied. "You had a plan, and you weren't sure how it was going to turn out. It's difficult to see beyond an unknown outcome."
Smiling, she met his gaze, grateful for his understanding. "Well, now that it has turned out better than I ever expected, I probably should sit down and review all of my options. I've always gotten high marks in school, I could go to university and work toward a degree that would help me fit into one of the family's businesses."
"That would be a commendable choice," her dad said. "There's also a wide range of committees and charity foundations we're apart of if any of them appeal to you."
"Yes, there's that," she said, her nerves dancing around a strange feeling that neither of them were thrilled with those options, they were just saying them because that's what normal people were supposed to say. Clearing her throat, she lowered her voice a little. "Or, I could just be a wife."
Her dad's eyes filled with lust. "I like that option," he admitted.
She smiled brightly, her chest filling with warmth. "Me, too."
It was the truth. Serafina had never developed any ambitions toward a particular career path and all of her hobbies were for fun or relaxation, nothing she was overly passionate about. Maybe it went against modern-day feminism, but she liked the idea of just being a good wife and someday, a mother, too.
Another waiter arrived with their wine, which was delicious. Sera was used to the freedom of drinking at home, something her family had never forbidden any of them from doing, but it was strange that no one thought to check her ID at a public restaurant. Perhaps, it was because she was dining with one of the owners. Plus, she'd always looked older than her age when her hair and makeup were fully done.
"I am curious, though," Sera said, once they were alone again.
"Aren't you always?" her dad teased with a partial smile.
"Yes, but seriously, I don't know much about all of the family's businesses," she pointed out. "I didn't even know Un…Uh, Leo was involved with architecture. I have no idea what anyone does."
"We're pretty spread out across the board," her dad answered, giving her a wink for catching herself on the word 'uncle.' "Mainly, Leo runs the drafting department at our architectural firm. But he also oversees a couple of charities we have that focuses on rebuilding poverty-stricken neighborhoods across the country. Pretty much everyone follows their passion with both a career and one or more charities. It's yet another long-standing Romano tradition to give back to the community. Which, of course, helps us come tax season."
Serafina chuckled because that was a no-brainer. Everyone knew tax deductions were one of the top reasons why any wealthy person contributed to charity.
Their meals arrived fairly quick, but her dad continued to fill her in on what everyone in the family did for a living, or just because they wanted to. It was fascinating to learn what everyone was passionate about, and also made it easier to grasp just how their family had managed to accumulate so much wealth and status over the generations without being involved in organized crime.
After finishing with their meal, her dad surprised her when he stood up and held his hand out for her to take.
"We never got to dance at the masquerade. And it gives me the perfect excuse to touch you in public," he said with a wicked gleam in his eye.

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