Loving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 13

tagIncest/TabooLoving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 13

All characters engaging in sexual acts within this story are 18+ years of age, and all sexual encounters are 100% consensual.
Chapter 13
Serafina smiled and let him lead her out onto the dance floor. He held her just a little closer than what would be deemed appropriate, but she couldn't find it in herself to care. With one hand holding hers aloft, his other spread against her lower back possessively.
She should have known her dad would be skilled at dancing, yet it still impressed her, anyway. The best part was that it allowed him to undress her with eyes, the sexual tension building between them so thickly, she was surprised the other dancers weren't moaning.
"How wet are your panties right now?" he asked quietly.
Sera's cheeks flushed, and he looked far too pleased with himself for that. She decided he needed a shove in the right direction because she was more than ready to get the orgasm he owed her.
"Did you know this is the first date I've ever been on?" she asked slyly. "You're just claiming all of my firsts, Aleso."
His eyes widened a fraction before his mouth pulled into an appreciative grin. "Look who knows how to play dirty," he praised.
"I have a good teacher." She smiled.
"Should we stay for dessert, then, or take it to go?" he asked, his tone dripping with naughty innuendo.
"Actually, I baked you brownies today," she recalled.
He looked at her with surprise. "You did?"
She nodded. "That's why I was in the kitchen when your brother showed up."
Her dad groaned and pressed her even closer. "Okay, you win. We need to go."
Serafina chuckled under her breath and gave herself a mental high-five as he started leading her off the dance floor. They were heading toward the exit when they were approached by an attractive man who was only a little older than her dad. He had a beautiful blond woman on his arm who was probably in her mid-to-late twenties. Though, in all honesty it was hard to tell with all of the beauty treatments rich people had access to these days.
"Alessandro, nice to see you enjoying a night out on the town," the man greeted.
"Senator," her dad shook his hand, then gestured to Sera. "This is my girlfriend, Serafina."
"Serafina, that's a lovely name you don't hear very often anymore," the Senator greeted her, shaking her hand next. "This is my wife, Carmen."
"Nice to meet you," Sera smiled, shaking the woman's hand.
"You, too." The woman smiled, and it seemed genuine enough, though Sera didn't miss the way she was trying not to stare at her dad.
"Last I heard, you still held the title for most eligible bachelor. There's going to be a lot of broken hearts in this town come morning," the Senator joked to her dad. "Where did you two meet?"
"Well, I have to be honest, Senator, since the tabloids will be making a sensation out of it soon enough," her dad answered. "Serafina grew up in my household. She's the daughter of a woman who was married into my mother's family in Italy. There's no blood relation between us, but I'm sure the media will still love that tidbit."
"As they always do, Romano," the Senator said, not even appearing the least bit appalled by that revelation. "If it were up to those bloodsuckers, we would die lonely and miserable simply for the crimes of being rich and prominent."
Her dad laughed and nodded. "That is very true," he said. "Enjoy your evening, Senator. Carmen."
"It was nice meeting you, Serafina," the Senator said. "I hope we see you at the annual Hunt for Gold fundraiser this year."
"Don't worry, we'll be there," her dad said.
After they were settled back in the limo again, Serafina couldn't contain her curiosity–as usual. "What's the Hunt for Gold fundraiser?"
"It's an annual scavenger hunt to raise money for childhood cancer research, gold is the color for that particular awareness," he answered.
"Oh, wow," she said. "That sounds like a fun way to do something good. Do you like that Senator?"
"Reese Murdoch, yes he's one of the better ones," he answered. "And, he's in the outer circle."
"Outer circle?" she asked, arching a brow.
"He's not like Julia's family, but he and his wife were at the masquerade. They attend every year."
"Ohhh," she said, understanding.
They weren't involved in open family love, just having random sex with masked strangers–which would still hurt the man's political career if it ever got out.
"He wants to fuck you," her dad said.
"Funny because his wife wants to fuck you," she countered.
"Probably, but I have high standards, baby," he said.
"Like what?" she asked because it reminded her of what Julia had said about her dad being extremely selective at the masquerade.
"Currently, they have to be my daughter," he answered. "Nothing else will do."
Serafina laughed again. "Dad," she said in exasperation. "Come on, that was a serious question."
"And that was my serious answer," he deadpanned. "You're the only one who does it for me, Sera."
"You're not fucking anyone else?" she asked, her mind reeling over that for some reason. "But, Daddy, then why are you letting me have sex with Uncle Leo and telling me I can explore with any of them?"
"Sweetie, knowing you're getting fucked by one of your uncles or your Nonno is hot as hell," he answered. "I can't wait to watch them with you, which I'm sure will happen more and more frequently over time."
"What about Elena? Would you fuck Elena?" Sera asked, turned on by the idea of watching her dad and cousin together.
"Absolutely," he admitted. "As your uncles would, as well, and especially her father. But Elena only likes much older men."
"Well, what if I wanted to watch you with another woman?" she asked, feeling like her dad was getting cheated out of all the fun.
He gave her an adoring smile. "Sera, you don't have to worry about me. I've had my fun with other women over the years. Now, I'm finally getting to fuck my little girl any time I want to. Trust me, there is absolutely nothing in this world that can get me harder than that."

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