Loving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 15

tagIncest/TabooLoving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 15

All characters engaging in sexual acts within this story are 18+ years of age, and all sexual encounters are 100% consensual.
Chapter 15
Serafina wasn't satisfied with just fondling her Nonno's cock, she wanted to see and taste it. Grabbing the waistband of his underwear, she made enough of a gap to slide her hand inside and wrap her fingers around his satiny girth. Precum smeared across her wrist and Nonno moaned again, the sound vibrating through her breast where his mouth sucked hard at her nipple.
Pulling his cock down a little further, Sera lifted her chin and stretched her tongue as far as she could to lick over the tip. Nonno's mouth made a popping sound when he pulled it free from her nipple.
"Do you want Nonno's cock in your mouth, princess?" he asked, working his boxer briefs down further to free himself completely.
Unlike her dad, he was shaved bald all around his cock and testicles.
"Please, Nonno?" she asked.
"Of course, baby," he said, as he guided the head between her lips. Serafina flattened her hand on the top of his cock to keep it in place as she licked around the crown and reveled in the flavor of his precum leaking continuously now. "Oh, God, Sera, that feels so good."
"She's learning how to deep-throat, dad, so don't be shy," her dad grunted, as he slowed his pace a little to keep from jarring Sera too hard.
Nonno moaned and rocked his hips slowly when Sera started sucking on his cock. When he got a little deeper, she was able to stretch her other hand between his legs and cup his balls, making him moan even more.
"Good girl, baby," he praised. "Nonno really likes that."
Serafina slurped and sucked, the position new to her and she found it both easier and harder at the same time. Mostly, it just felt strange having his cock moving in and out of her mouth from the opposite direction she was used to. Then, her dad started fucking her ass a little harder again and rubbing at her clit. Sera moaned loud and her Nonno's breath caught before he followed suit.
"God, yes, that," he said, jerking forward a little more.
He went back to feasting on her breasts and pretty soon, the kitchen was full of heavy breathing, grunting, and moaning, like the soundtrack to a porno. Serafina felt her climax building faster than normal because of the extra mouth and set of hands stimulating her. She gagged a little on Nonno's cock as he slid deeper, but he pulled back. She tried to relax her throat muscles, but again, the task seemed a bit harder simply because she wasn't used to being upside down while sucking a cock.
On a smaller gag, her Nonno was able to enter her throat and he buried his head between her breasts for a second. His fingers pinched and pulled at her nipples, and it zipped right down to her clit where her dad was still rubbing tight circles.
Her orgasm struck, her ass lifting from the counter and Sera's dad didn't hesitate to thrust into her hard enough to have her choking and screaming around her Nonno's cock. The pleasure was like a tidal wave from her clit and ass all the way up her body.
Both men were swearing out their pleasure, as she started shaking and bucking with the height of her climax.
"Fuck!" Her dad seethed and plowed into her all the way, holding her firmly in place while pumping his hot seed into her.
He grunted and hissed for a moment while continuing to come. Sera was panting hard through her nostrils. Her Nonno had pulled out of her throat but was still filling her mouth and panting against her breasts.
"Here, Dad, switch me," her dad said to Nonno, still a little winded.
Nonno slowly pulled his cock free from Serafina's mouth, which she was grateful for since it allowed her to catch her breath easier. After giving each of her breasts a suckling kiss, Nonno removed his underwear the rest of the way and swiftly rounded the island to take her dad's place between her legs.
Sera watched him stare down at her pussy and stretched asshole with lust before he started running his fingers over her clit. Her dad went to the sink and used a wet washcloth to clean his cock off. When he started toward her without tucking it away, she grinned and felt her mouth watering all over again.
He gave her a knowing smirk and grabbed her, pulling her a little closer. Nonno looked up in surprise, then smiled when he realized why she'd been moved. He bent down and started licking at Sera's clit, just as her dad fed his soft cock into her mouth where she sucked at it eagerly.
Serafina ran her hands down her dad's dress shirt, feeling the hard muscles of his abs through the material and grabbed hold of his belt loops as she sucked his cock in deeper, loving the way it grew steadily harder after just a few seconds.
Her dad smoothed his hands down her arms to her breasts and massaged them, plucking at her nipples just as Serafina felt her Nonno line his cock up with her pussy and push inside. She moaned and her dad's cock jerked in her mouth from the vibrations.
"You like that, Sera? Feeling your Nonno's cock stretching your pussy?" her dad asked, pinching her nipples harder. It elicited another moan from her, which is precisely what he was after, she knew. "That's the third Romano cock to be inside your pussy today. Maybe we should call your Uncle Enzo and make it an even four?"
Sera moaned again, the idea of having her uncle there, a third mouth, cock, and set of hands bringing her pleasure was almost too delicious to consider.
"I don't know, son, that almost sounded like she wouldn't be opposed to the idea," Nonno said. He pulled back and thrust his cock into her pussy deeper, stretching her just as much as her dad and Uncle Leo. "Princess, your pussy is so tight and wet. My granddaughters certainly know how to make their Nonno feel good."
Serafina made an appreciative sound around her dad's hardening cock, as he also started rocking his hips.
"Make sure you come inside of her, dad. My baby girl likes having all of her holes filled up with cum," her dad said.
Her Nonno groaned and picked up his pace a little, pushing deeper with each thrust. "Trust me, it will be my pleasure," he replied.
The second he slammed into her all the way, Sera wrapped her legs around his waist and Nonno started fucking her just as hard as her dad liked to fuck. She grunted, then gagged as her dad pushed into her throat.
"Hold your breath, baby, Daddy's going to fuck that throat all the way," he warned.
A thrill shot through her, even as her eyes began to water from another small gag. Removing one hand from his belt loop, Sera worked it into her dad's slacks and boxer briefs to massage his balls, letting her fingers caress against his taint for added stimulation.
"Fuck, baby, you're getting so good at this," he praised. When she choked again, he moaned and slid into her throat even deeper. "I can see my cock moving in your throat, Sera, it's fucking hot."
He caressed his fingers over the front of her throat and she could feel his cock rubbing even more prominently where he placed the light pressure. Nonno was thrusting into her at the same rhythm her dad's cock was sliding into her throat, shooting her right toward her next climax in no time flat.
As if they knew it was approaching, her dad started tugging and twisting on her nipples harder and faster, while her Nonno started rubbing his thumb over her clit. Serafina's pleasure took off like a rocket, her entire body bowing off of the counter as the orgasm exploded through her.
"Shit, shit, princess, that's…" Nonno panted heavily, his hips snapping into her even faster, drawing her climax out. "Nonno's going to come, baby. Fuck, I'm coming…"
Her Nonno plowed into her and held, straining his cock into her so deep she could feel the head twitch just before his cum started spurting out against her cervix.
Her dad pulled back abruptly. "Breathe, baby, I'm going to finish real soon," he prompted.
Sera took some much-needed breaths, then inhaled again and held. Her dad instantly pushed back into her throat, his sounds of pleasure increasing when it caused her to gag again. Then, he gripped her face in both hands and fucked it a little faster and harder.
It took all of her willpower not to retch, tears streaming from her eyes. She gripped his arms, her sounds and struggles driving her dad to his release that much faster.
"Yes. Fuck, baby, yes," her dad praised with her increased desperation. Then he hummed a sound between pleasure and strain just before stilling and shooting ropes of cum down her throat. She gagged, her muscles contracting around him and he almost whimpered. "Oh, God, Serafina."
When he finally pulled his cock from her throat, he made sure to wipe the head against her tongue before removing it from her mouth. She sucked in air for a few seconds, but once her dad had tucked himself away, he bent down and started kissing her deeply. His tongue claimed her entire mouth, and his hand massaged over her throat as if in more praise.
Her dad lowered her arms and she felt Nonno grab her hands. The next thing she knew, Nonno was pulling her right into his solid chest. With a loving smile, he also started kissing her, his hands smoothing over her shoulders and up the sides of her neck.
He pulled back just enough to peer into her eyes. "Are you going to stop being so shy around your Nonno, now?" he asked.
Serafina bit her bottom lip to keep from grinning too widely and nodded. "Yes."
"Good girl." He smiled back and gave her another hot kiss. After making sure she was sitting sturdily enough, he collected his boxer briefs, then stopped by the short counter and grabbed another brownie. "Since I worked off the first one already."
Sera giggled as he wagged his brows at her on his way out to the pool. Her dad's hand caressed up her thigh, when he stepped in front of her and gave her a naughty smirk.
"Feel better now, baby girl?" he asked.
"Yes, Daddy, thank you," she answered, wrapping her arms around the back of his neck.
"Well, I know you'd rather be full of cum, but I think it's time for my daughter to take a nice, hot bubble bath," he said. "Don't worry, Daddy's going to join you, so you won't have to go to bed completely empty."
Delighted, Serafina kissed him, then slid off the island with his help. They gathered her discarded clothes and started toward their room without her even bothering to redress.

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