Loving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 16

tagIncest/TabooLoving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 16

All characters engaging in sexual acts within this story are 18+ years of age, and all sexual encounters are 100% consensual.
Chapter 16
When Saturday morning rolled around, Serafina was so excited to wake up with her dad still in bed wrapped around her, she snuggled back into him and sighed happily. The past week had been the most amazing seven days of her life, but her dad's desires were beginning to rub off on her and there had been something she'd been thinking about more frequently as the days went by.
She was going to ask him about it today. The idea had her growing so anxious, she turned to face him and studied his handsome face relaxed in sleep. Serafina brushed the fall of ebony hair from his forehead, letting the silky strands run through her fingers. She enjoyed the way they curled around her toward the ends as if they didn't want to let go. Then, she traced her finger over his dark brow and down his cheek, across his jaw, and outlined his sexy mouth. As she retraced his top lip, it curved up in the corner and his eyes cracked open, revealing blue flames through a latticework of black lashes.
"Is my baby girl anxious for her Daddy to wake up?" he asked, his voice husky from sleep.
"Maybe just a little." She smiled.
He chuckled and pulled her closer to him, his hand rubbing up her back to press her breasts into his chest before sliding down to her ass cheek and squeezing.
"Mmm, it's still hard to believe that I get to wake up to my daughter's gorgeous fucking body every morning," he said, nudging his nose against her cheek before pressing his lips to hers.
Serafina floated in the warm, sensual desire that slowly built between them, but when her dad's hand came to her breast and started kneading she remembered why she'd been so impatient for him to wake up.
"Daddy," she said between kisses and nibbles. "Daddy, I need to ask you something."
"What is it, baby?" he asked, his thumb grazing her nipple as his tongue licked over her lips.
"It's just I've been thinking about what you said before, about helping me figure out my kinks and stuff," she began. "And…"
Her dad pulled his head back to look her in the eyes. "And?" he prompted.
Sera felt her cheeks grow a little hotter. "And I was wondering if you would spank me?"
Her dad's mouth pulled into a wide grin, then he rolled her onto her back and dove into her mouth for a hungry feasting without laying on top of her.
"I have to take a leak first," he said. "You go potty, too."
Since the urinal and toilet were in separate nooks, they were able to relieve themselves at the same time. At the sinks, washing their hands, her dad decided to brush his teeth real quick, so she followed his example.
Back in bed, her dad sat against the middle of the quilted headboard and told Serafina to lay across him with her ass over his lap. The position alone had her blood heating and desire dancing through her muscles. Sera practically purred like a kitten when her dad ran his hand over her bare ass cheeks and started gently massaging them.
"There are two different kinds of spanking, baby girl," he informed her. "There's spanking for pleasure–yours, mine, or both–then, there's spanking for discipline. If you want to explore discipline, we can. For now, Daddy's going to spank you for pleasure and to get an idea of where your limits are."
"Okay, Daddy," she said, more than ready to get started.
Her dad rubbed his palm over both of her ass cheeks, while he tucked his other hand around her midsection to secure her in place. Then he hauled off and swatted her hard, stealing the breath right out of her lungs. A stinging burn erupted through her skin and she clenched her ass cheeks while jerking forward.
"Ow, Daddy, that was hard!" she complained when she could finally speak.
"Daddy isn't going to be soft with you, Sera because I already know you don't like it," he pointed out.
She thought about how she preferred her nipples being pinched hard and could kind of see how the burning in her ass cheek was similar, but only after the stinging began to ebb.
Her dad swatted her other cheek with the same result, and again, Sera had to breathe through it until the stinging settled and only the heat remained.
"Rise into the pain, baby girl, rather than trying to move away from it," her dad coached. "I know it feels strictly physical to you right now, but your mind is what will help you the most. Think of each swat as a rub against your clit. You need a lot of rubs to have an orgasm, right?"
"Yeah," she answered, still skeptical even though she trusted him more than anyone.
"And you eventually need those rubs to come faster, too, don't you?"
"Yes," she replied, her cheeks heating as she saw where this line of conversation was going.
Despite the stinging, the images playing through her mind of her dad spanking her hard and fast was arousing as fuck and had her juices flowing.
"Remember what Daddy said the night of the masquerade?" He asked. "I'm going to teach you everything. You like the pain and roughness, sweetheart, I can already feel your pussy getting hotter against my skin."
Before she could respond to him, her dad started swatting her again, only he didn't stop. At first, Sera couldn't do anything other than continue to try and move away from the stinging pain. Her ass cheeks clenched, tears starting to run down her cheeks. Then, her dad slipped his hand between her legs and rubbed at her pussy lips. Of course, she arched her back and stuck her ass up to give him better access to her pussy. But he cracked his palm across her bottom again, instead.
After a few more times of him probing at her pussy in between swats, Serafina stopped clenching her cheeks and stayed in the same position with her ass raised. The stinging didn't stop, but it did seem to fade a lot faster than when she clenched and moved away. She still rocked, unable to remain perfectly still, and the tears continued flowing, unable to deny the pain.
Sera wasn't sure how many times her dad spanked her before he flipped her over in his arms, crushed his mouth to hers, and drove his fingers right into her sopping wet pussy. He finger-fucked her to climax and it was the most explosive orgasm she'd ever experienced in her life. Because all the while, her raw ass cheeks were rubbing against his bare thighs, keeping the pain alive and present.
Then, her dad flipped her onto her stomach, grabbed her hips to raise her ass into the air, and thrust his cock into her worked pussy. He fucked her like it was a punishment, slamming into her with vicious strokes. He slapped her ass just as hard as before, causing her to buck against him and soar right into another orgasm. The sounds they made were wild, her dad's were savage grunts, hisses, and seething. And when he pushed her flat into the mattress while his cock tried to pierce her cervix with an eruption of hot, thick cum, he roared so loud she was sure everyone in the house heard him.
It felt like a whole twenty minutes passed before either of them could move again. Slowly sliding his cock free, her dad turned her over and captured her mouth in a gentler, yet no less passionate kiss. He caressed her cheek and lingered over the seduction of her lips, the slow dance of their tongues tangling together.
Lifting his head, he peered down at her, drinking in her features before holding her gaze. "Daddy's never done a single thing in this world to deserve you, Serafina," he said. "Not a fucking thing."
Her heart melted and she smiled at him, wrapping her arms around his neck to bring his mouth back to hers. "I love you, too, Daddy," she whispered.
After some more kissing and fondling, her dad emitted a reluctant moan and kissed the tip of her nose. "Come on, baby, we have to get ready for the day. I expect the whole family is already here to discuss the morning headlines."
Serafina groaned, dread seeping into her warm, happy afterglow.
Ever since the morning after their dinner at La Festa, her dad's media predictions had come true. The first headlines had been positive, with everyone wondering who Alessandro Romano's gorgeous new love interest could be.
Her dad told her that they had a couple of reporters on their payroll who'd been at the restaurant to snap the first photos of them together so they could kick off on a positive note.
But inevitably, the taboo articles started showing up, highlighting their age gap and the fact that Serafina was distantly related to him by marriage. It was only a matter of time before they found out she'd grown up in his house.
"Do you think it's gotten better or worse?" she asked, as they crawled out of bed to return to the bathroom.
"Not sure, sweetie, but we'll soon find out."

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