Loving Family (Family Love #3) Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooLoving Family (Family Love #3) Ch. 01

This segment includes Chapters 1-6 and is Part 3 of the Family Love Saga, please read "Masquerade" and "Loving Family" first to avoid confusion. More Chapters to come in future segments.
All characters engaging in sexual acts are 18+ years of age, and all sexual encounters are 100% consensual.
The feedback I've gotten so far on this entire saga has been very encouraging, thank you all for continuing to read!
Chapter 1
The entire desk shook, as Serafina's uncle slammed into her pussy, finally hitting home with a snarling curse.
"Fuck, Sera, your pussy's so goddamn tight," Uncle Enzo managed raggedly. "No wonder my twin's been acting like a fucking addict lately."
"You should feel her ass," Sera's dad said, grinning at them both from the chair behind his desk.
Uncle Rocelin moaned and it vibrated right through Sera's clit where he was licking and sucking. He knelt in front of the desk, his hands wrapped around her thighs, as his tongue darted out to run over her pussy and Uncle Enzo's cock simultaneously.
"Oh, God, it's so much," she whimpered, the pleasure threatening to overwhelm her. She immediately regretted her words when her dad pulled on the chain between her breasts and the clamps squeezing her nipples tightened. "Ahhhh, Daddy!"
"Come, Sera," he ordered.
It was hard to believe a week had flown by already since Sera was bent over a completely different desk, getting fucked in the ass by her Uncle Leo and taking her dad's cock down her throat to distract her from the Tavers and headlines. Now, it was the following Friday night and they were in her dad's office at the security firm where Uncle Enzo and Rocelin had been ordered to bring her.
The nipple clamps were a present her dad had surprised her with and even as she cried out from the burning pain, she loved them so much. The vivid sensations went right down to her clit, which Uncle Rocelin sucked into his mouth sharply and set Sera's orgasm off like a comet.
"Gooooooooooooooooodddddddd!" she screamed, her knees buckling.
Thank goodness she had a desk and two men holding her up. Her dad's eyes widened with pure hunger and he sat forward to devour the rest of her screams and pants from her mouth.
"Shit! Oh, fuck, that's good," Uncle Enzo roughed out, as her pussy started clamping and releasing around his cock. "Roce!"
Sera felt Uncle Rocelin slide his hand between her legs but he was touching Uncle Enzo, not her. The erotic images that brought to mind heightened her bliss and she hummed in her dad's mouth.
Uncle Enzo's breathing grew heavier and he moaned. "Yes, oh, God, yes, just like that," he praised and Sera wasn't sure if it was her continuous milking of his cock or whatever Uncle Roce was doing. Probably both. "Fuck…I'm gonna…"
He fucked her hard for a few seconds then stilled with his cock lodged as deep as it would go. A long, almost pained moan emerged from his throat as he emptied all of his seed inside of her pussy, his fingers digging into the meat of her reddened ass cheeks.
After giving himself a moment to catch his breath, Uncle Enzo pulled his softening cock free and leaned over Sera's back, massaging her ass cheek with one hand. He rained kisses over her shoulder and she turned her head to meet his mouth with hers.
"Mmm, you are something else, Serafina," Uncle Enzo praised thickly, as he took slow tastes of her mouth.
At last, he straightened and Uncle Rocelin kissed his way over her skin as he moved out from in front of her and stood. His hands smoothed over the red and pink marks covering her ass-cheeks from her dad's spankings. It was a daily ritual for them now ever since Sera had first expressed an interest. She liked how raw it felt when they were touched, how hot and sensitive the marks were, giving her a mild tingling sensation in her skin.
Uncle Rocelin spread her ass cheeks apart and licked his tongue up from her pussy to her anus and Sera's breath caught quietly as pleasure shivered through her. He dipped his fingers into her pussy to gather all of her juices and Uncle Enzo's cum to lubricate his cock and her asshole. As soon as he started pushing his cock inside, Serafina's body tightened with arousal and her nipples started aching more in the clamps.
She peered into the blue flames of her dad's eyes, and they scorched her with how turned on he was. He loved watching her getting fucked by her uncles and Nonno. It increased her own need to potent levels and she reached for him.
"Daddy, please?" she asked.
She didn't understand why he didn't already have his cock crammed down her throat.
"Please, what, Sera?"
"Please give me your cock, Daddy," she begged. "I want it in my mouth."
His lips spread into a wolfish grin. "Is my baby getting cock hungry on top of being a creampie slut?" he teased because he knew his filthy words turned her on like crazy. "Am I going to have to make sure you have plenty of cum to drink every day now, too?"
"Ohhh, Daddy, please?" She panted, as her uncle finally thrust all the way into her ass with a pleasured grunt.
"Fucking hell," Uncle Rocelin said. "Give her your cock, mate, can't you hear she needs it?"
"You just mind your needs and let me worry about my daughter's," her dad said on a light chuckle before looking back into Serafina's eyes. "Daddy's saving his cum up for something really special, baby. I have such a big surprise planned for you."
Excitement danced through her. "Really?" she asked. "Tonight?"
"Tomorrow night," he answered.
She deflated. "Daddy, you can't go that long without sex," she decided.
"It won't be easy," he agreed, the strain already evident in his voice. "But, I think it will be worth it."
Serafina groaned and Uncle Enzo stalked up to them. "If you're not going to give her what she wants, brother, then allow me," he offered.
Sera's dad kissed her before moving aside in his wheeled chair. "By all means," he said, gesturing to her. "My daughter loves gagging on Romano cock."
She and both uncles moaned at the same time and her dad just grinned like the devil.
Later that night, after they'd gotten ready for bed like normal, Serafina's dad climbed under the covers in his boxer briefs and she frowned. Then, he rolled over onto his back and brought her head and arm to lay on his chest, rather than spooning her. She groaned with frustration.
"It's just for tonight, right?" she asked.
"Yes, baby. Just for tonight and most of the day tomorrow," he promised, his tone slightly amused.
"Ugh," she complained. "That just makes me want to fuck you so bad, Daddy."
Her dad laughed and gave her a mischievous look. "Careful, baby, you're giving Daddy punishment ideas."
"I'll just seduce all of my uncles and Nonno until you give in," she returned.
"Oh, no, Sera," he corrected her, his tone firm. "You will also be abstaining all day tomorrow. Your uncles and Nonno have already been told."
"Dad," she gasped.
"It's just for one day, baby girl, you can handle it," he said, back to being amused again. "Trust me, you're going to thank me for it by this time tomorrow night."
Serafina made a miserable sound and sulked into her dad's warm chest. "I hope so, Daddy because I think you're right about me being addicted."
He laughed again and pulled her face to his for a kiss. "That's normal for girls when they first discover how pleasurable sex can be," he said. "And the lucky girls like you, Elena, and Julia are even more cock-crazed because you have so many options ready, willing, and waiting."
Sera chuckled at that and kissed his peck. "Your cock will always be my favorite, though, Daddy."
"I know, baby," he said, hugging her closer. "That's because a father knows his daughter better than anyone else, so no one will ever be able to fuck you the way I can."
Chapter 2
Warm sunlight danced off the water, as Serafina, Elena, and Julia floated on their inflatable chairs with drinks in hand, and most of their legs submerged in the pool. The younger teens were having fun on the water slide or in the waterfall, while the rest of the adults were staying cool on the patio.
Sera was still horny as hell and had already imagined a million and one scenarios of seducing her dad. When Julia called saying she had news about her uncle at long last, Sera had jumped at the chance for a much-needed distraction. That, and she and Elena had been dying from curiosity about Julia's uncle ever since their brunch date.
"Okay, spill it, we want to hear what happened," she prompted her best friend.
"Would you ladies like to go apartment hunting with me?" Julia asked solemnly.
"Oh, shit. That bad?" Sera asked, her heart aching for her friend.
Julia nodded, and Sera was sure her eyes were watering behind her sunglasses.
"What happened, Jules?" she asked, reaching over to grasp her friend's hand and hold it.
"Well, it turns out the only reason why my parents have tried so hard to keep me and Uncle Elias apart is that they're jealous," Julia revealed. "It took a lot of arguing for that to finally come out in a huge explosion. My mother has always wanted her brother and she's jealous that he's attracted to me, instead. On top of it, my dad is not only jealous that his wife is more in lust with her brother than with him, but his daughter, too."
"Holy fuck me on a merry-go-round," Elena said.
"Yeah, that's exactly how it feels." Julia laughed humorlessly. "My own parents would rather see me miserable just because they can't have what they want. And then my dad had the nerve to say that Elias wasn't good enough for me because only his mother was from a good bloodline, not his father."
Elena's brows furrowed with a puzzled expression. "What?"
"He's my mother's half-brother," Julia explained. "Same mom, different dad."
"Oh, gotcha," Elena said and took a drink of her wine spritzer. "Well, shit. I'm sorry, Julia."
"Yeah, me, too," Julia said softly. "But, at least it's all out in the open now. And I'm completely serious about apartment hunting. I can't live under their roof anymore. Not after all that. They let me spend years feeling like a piece of shit for being attracted to my uncle and they still refuse to give me his address or phone number."
"I'll help you," Sera said, angry and hurt for her.
"Me, too," Elena replied. "Don't worry, we'll have you in your own fab pad in no time and Uncle Aleso could probably track your uncle down in a heartbeat."
"That's true, he probably could," Sera said, brightening. "I can ask him if you'd like?"
"Would you?" Julia melted. "Oh, God, I'd love to be able to at least apologize to him for what happened and hear his voice again."
Serafina squeezed her hand. "Of course I will, you deserve to get your magic and fireworks. They're way overdue."
Julia beamed at her and Elena. "You two are the best."
"Uh, yeah, we are," Elena agreed with a grin.
"I just hope Uncle Elias hasn't moved on and found himself a wife or something," Julia said quietly. "But, I guess even if he has, at least I can still get the chance to talk to him. I miss him a lot."
Sera and Elena looked at each other, sharing the same message of hope that Julia could get some kind of happy ending after everything her parents had done. Elena even crossed her fingers.
"What's his full name? I'll ask my dad as soon we're done with our girl time," Sera asked.
"Elias Kolden," Julia answered. "No wait, it's Tait Elias Kolden, he's always gone by his middle name."
"Tait Elias Kolden," Sera repeated out loud as she put that into the notepad on her cellphone. Julia spelled it for her while she did. "Okay, got it."
"Thanks, Sera." Julia smiled.
"Hey, that's what besties are for," she reciprocated. "Now, we just need to find you an apartment."
"At least this happened after the worst of the headlines," Julia mused. "I swear you've gotten more media attention in the past two weeks than any royal or Kardashian."
Sera groaned. "Don't remind me," she said sincerely. "Dad and I can't go anywhere without the paparazzi showing up. But, at least most of the articles have been decent lately."
"Yeah, thanks to Uncle Aleso's interview," Elena said. "That was a smart move."
Sera agreed. Her dad had decided to answer a few reporter's questions, explaining that while it was true that Serafina had grown up in his house, it had been in a different wing and he hadn't been involved with her raising in any way. It was almost exactly the truth since her dad had been in college for the first four years of her life and then took a bigger step back when she was only five.
The family had decided to keep the story of how their relationship developed as close to the truth as possible, as well, to make it easier for everyone. When people asked, they simply said they'd found themselves talking in-depth for the first time at a family gathering and realized the sparks were flying, and their romance just took off from there.
When her grandparents confirmed that Aleso hadn't been a part of Serafina's raising in another interview, that pretty much ended the majority of the negative backlash they'd been getting.
"My husband and I are the ones who raised Serafina, we're the ones who had custody of her," her Nonna had stated. "And if you knew my son, then you'd know he would never go out of his way to help raise a child that's not even his when he's far more focused on running his business."
Since the media was well aware of her dad's formidable presence in the corporate world, that pretty much sealed the deal for them. Of course, they still had their fair share of critics, but that would never change.
Sera was just relieved there hadn't been any signs of her mother's family making waves. With each day that passed, her concern faded a little more. It would be nice if there was some kind of guarantee that a problem from them would never arise, but she knew that was impossible.
"Serafina!" her dad called from the patio, waving at her to join him.
Her entire body lit up with arousal and she quickly moved her floaty chair to the shallow part of the pool, so she could go to him. When she got closer to the patio, though, Sera noticed her dad was wearing his suit jacket, like he was getting ready to leave and her hopes crashed.
"What's going on?" she asked.
He grabbed her hand and pulled her into the house to talk to her. "I have to go run an errand for your surprise later tonight," he said with a naughty smile. "I just wanted to remind you that you're not to have any kind of sex with your uncles or Nonno while I'm gone."
"Ugh, I won't, Dad," she said, deflated. "I wish it was tonight already, though."
He chuckled at her misery. "I know, me, too," he admitted. "I can't wait to fuck you in every hole at least twice."
Sera groaned as her desire spiked dangerously high. "You're not helping," she said.
He hummed pleasantly while kissing her. "Just be a good girl, Sera, and Daddy will make it well worth your while."
She couldn't deny how hot that made her, and even though she knew he'd worded it that way on purpose, it worked. Serafina was now more eager to be a good girl than to seduce anyone.
"Oh, Dad, wait," she said when he hugged her and started walking away. She opened her phone screen to her notepad and handed it to him. "Would you be able to track Julia's uncle down? He works somewhere overseas."
"It would help if I knew what field he worked in," her dad answered, reading the name. "Oh, Elias. Never mind, I know what he does. What's this about?"
Sera told him what happened and her dad's expression grew more and more passive as she went along.
"Dad, I can't imagine what I'd do if someone came between us that way," she concluded. "Please? Julia's miserable."
Her dad softened a little and he gave her a short nod. "I'll see what I can do, baby."
"Thank you, Daddy. I love you."
"I love you, too," he said, kissing her on the forehead. "Be a good girl."
Chapter 3
Alessandro stalked into his office and sat down behind his desk. With an elbow propped on the arm of his chair, he rested his cheek on his fingertips and stared at the aged man across from him.
"Mr. Tavers," he greeted at last. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"
Martin Tavers gave him a smug smirk and sat back. "You've really outdone yourself this time, Romano."
"Have I?"
"You might have the media fooled, but you and I know the truth," Martin said, predictable as ever.
Despite his reassurances to Serafina, Aleso had been anticipating this meeting since taking her to dinner at La Festa. He knew the greedy bastard couldn't resist an attempt to blackmail him. He would even put money on the fact that Martin was either wired or had some kind of recording device on him.
Not that it would matter in about three minutes when his security team arrived.
"And what truth would that be?" Aleso asked, playing along because it was fun in a twisted way.
"The truth about who Serafina really is," Martin said. "You're own flesh and blood daughter."
Aleso laughed. "Wow, Martin, if I didn't know any better I'd say you almost sound jealous over that idea," he said. "I bet you wish you'd taking the chance to fuck your daughter instead of whoring her out to every horny teenager on summer vacation."
"You watch your filthy fucking mouth," Martin raged, standing from his chair, red-faced and guilty as sin.
Oh, yeah. Aleso had certainly hit the mark with that one. He merely gave the fucker a knowing smirk.
"Oh, my. The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks," he remarked, happily butchering Shakespeare and insulting Martin all in one go.
Martin's face pulled into a sneer before he seemed to remember his reason for being there. He straightened his jacket and reclaimed his seat. "So, you admit to sleeping with my daughter?"
"I never denied sleeping with your daughter, Mr. Tavers, she was a hot piece of ass," Aleso answered. "I know many of my friends felt the same way when they got a taste of her, too. And I was far from being the only minor she fucked that weekend. I guess you should have told her to check IDs, instead of Trust Fund balances."
"That's enough, Mr. Romano," Martin fumed, slamming his fist on the desk, his face beet red again.
Aleso raised a dangerous brow at him. "Mr. Tavers, I think you're forgetting your place. This is not your office," he warned. "I will have security escort you from the building."
"You're fucking your own daughter," he raged, unable to regain his composure as easily this time.
"I don't have a daughter," Aleso said without hesitation. "Serafina is the daughter of my mother's step-niece, whom I never even met."
Martin snorted out a humorless laugh. "I'll tell everyone," he threatened.
"Tell them what?"
"Everything," Martin said. "The whole story."
"I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about, Mr. Tavers," Aleso said, laughing like a madman on the inside. This was just too much fun. "You sound a bit confused and maybe a little mad. I imagine working in the banking industry at such a low level has been putting a lot of pressure on you. All of those long hours for a pittance of what you used to make."
"You bastard–" Martin snarled and rose from his chair again, just as a knock came at the door.
"Come in," Aleso called out.
Right on time, three of his security team members stalked in all wearing suits despite being fully armed.
"Is there trouble, Mr. Romano?" Hail, his lead man asked.
"Let's find out."
Two seconds later, Martin's cellphone went off and he read the text, the color draining from his face. "I, um…there's an emergency, I need to–"
When he tried to stand, Hail placed a hand on his shoulder and forced him back into the chair. He slipped a small remote looking device from his pocket.

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