Loving Family (Family Love #3) Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooLoving Family (Family Love #3) Ch. 02

This segment includes Chapters 7-12. More chapters to follow in future segments. Love, Unveiled is Book 3 of the Family Love Saga, I recommend reading Masquerade and Loving Family first to avoid confusion.
This segment contains darker elements some readers may not care for, like references to violence and murder. Read at your own risk.
All characters engaging in sexual acts are 18+ years of age, and all sexual encounters are 100% consensual.
Chapter 7
It was mid-afternoon before Serafina crawled out of bed the next day. Her body felt overly used like she'd spent all of Saturday working out or running a marathon. Every muscle was sore and aching. She spent a good 30 minutes in a hot bath with the jets going at full force, then chose the most comfortable pair of cotton shorts and linen t-shirt she owned.
She had no idea how many more times she'd been fucked or deep-throated, only that she'd slept in between some of those times right in the cabana or in someone's lap. At some point, it had gotten late enough that the men had lit a fire in the portable fire pit and sat around it, drinking, talking, and passing Serafina around like a party favor.
She'd loved every minute of it. Her only regret was that she hadn't been able to keep up with them. It was high time for her to start getting into better shape. Tossing her hair up into a fancy ponytail, Sera didn't even bother with makeup and was just about to leave the room, when she spotted the blue Tiffany's box on top of the chest of drawers.
"Oh, my God, how could I have forgotten about you?" she exclaimed out loud.
The moment she had the ring back on her finger, Sera was overcome by the same joy and love she'd experienced when her dad had given it to her. Grinning ear-to-ear, she grabbed her phone and took a picture to send to Julia with a caption that read: He proposed!
She would've sent it to Elena, too, but had a feeling her cousin was already there. Their family liked to spend weekends together. Rather than texting her back, Julia called, squealing in her ear as soon as she answered.
"Oh, my God, that ring is gorgeous! How did he propose? I want every detail!"
Sera laughed. "Come over, then, so I can tell you in person."
"Shit, you don't have to tell me twice. I'm on my way," Julia promised.
When they hung up, Serafina saw that she had a calendar notification and opened it. She was due to get her Depo shot in two days.
"Shit," she said to herself.
It was highly doubtful her dad was going to be okay with her getting that shot, but wouldn't he want them to be married first before they started having kids? The problem was that the shot was good for three whole months, and she had a feeling her dad wanted to expedite their wedding.
Leaving their room, at last, Sera tracked him down in the security room off Nonno's study. She didn't realize he was on the phone until it was too late.
When he turned with wide eyes and held a finger to his lips, she paled and swallowed hard.
Uncle Leo was there and quickly responded. "What is it, honey?" he asked.
Her dad gave him an appreciative look and Sera smiled at him with the same gratitude, then climbed into his lap to wait for her dad to get off the phone.
"Yeah, sorry, it's just my brother and his kid," her dad said to whoever he was talking to, flashing an amused smirk now that the crises had been diverted.
Uncle Leo was grinning when he pressed his face into the side of hers and whispered into her ear. "I wish."
As usual, her dad wore slacks and a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, while Uncle Leo wore shorts and a t-shirt, though they were still designer. Silently, Sera showed off her ring to Leo and he held her hand closer for his inspection, giving her another smile.
"Just as beautiful as you are, baby," he complimented.
She hugged him, then watched her dad as he finished up his call. "Yeah, just keep me informed," he said before disconnecting.
"I'm sorry, Daddy, I didn't know you were on the phone," Sera apologized right away, moving from Leo's lap to his when he gestured for her to come to him.
He lifted her hand and caressed his finger around her engagement ring. "It's okay, baby, you're not supposed to worry about it while we're at home," he answered. "How did you sleep?"
"Like the dead, once I was allowed to." She laughed. "I don't even remember how I got into the house. The last thing I remember, I was still outside by the fire."
Her dad and uncle laughed. "You definitely had a full night," her dad teased.
"Who were you talking to?" she asked curiously because of what room they were in.
She didn't like the idea that her dad was spending a Sunday working, especially at his most dangerous job. Sera was still anxious about possible threats from her mother's side of the family.
He sighed. "That was Hail, our head of security," he answered, surprising her.
"Is everything okay?" Sera inquired, growing concerned.
"Hopefully," he replied, giving his attention to Leo. "But, he confirmed that the Mob is poking around the remodel in Chicago as we suspected."
"Nosy fuckers," Uncle Leo swore.
"He's sending some guys out to stay on-site until it's finished," her dad relayed, which seemed to ease most of Leo's concerns. "And more will go with you if you decide to oversee any of the construction yourself. You're not wandering around unprotected."
Uncle Leo nodded in agreement. "Of course."
"Good," her dad accepted.
"Why would the Mob be interested in a hotel renovation?" Serafina asked, feeling a little ignorant.
Her dad gave her a mischievous smirk and kissed her. "Because sometimes a hotel isn't just a hotel, baby. They want to know what else it might be hiding that could potentially steal profits from their businesses."
She opened her mouth and inhaled to speak, then closed it and shook her head. "Never mind. I probably don't want to know the answer to that, do I?" she asked.
Amused, he chuckled softly. "Probably not," he confirmed. "What were you going to ask when you first came in?"
"Oh, well, it's not a question necessarily. I got a two-day reminder for my birth control this morning," she informed him. "The shot is good for three months–"
"No. You're not getting it again," he answered before she could even finish. "The doctor said it can take a while for the effects to completely wear off since you've been on it for almost a year already."
Stunned, she stared at him. "You talked to my doctor?"
"Not yours, I asked mine out of curiosity," he answered. "Nonna told me how long you've been on it and I was concerned."
"Oh," she said, relieved that he hadn't gone behind her back with her doctor. She wasn't surprised that Nonna would give him that information, nor was she upset about it since it was never meant to be a secret or anything. "Did they say how long it could take to wear off?"
"There's no exact time frame, every woman's different," he said. "Some women can conceive within weeks, others can take up to a year or more. That's why the answer is no. I want kids with you, Sera, and I'm not getting any younger. I want us to have at least one before I turn forty, though I'd honestly prefer to have two."
Oh, hell. She'd never considered his age when it came to having kids. He was so young and virile, but he was right. He would be pushing fifty by the time their kid was only 10 years old if they managed to get pregnant right away. And even if he was as active and fit as Nonno, kids were so full of endless energy at that age.
Feeling a little guilty for her selfish desires to keep him all to herself for longer, Serafina looped her arms around his neck and hugged him.
"Okay, Daddy."
He relaxed and held her tight. "And that's another reason why I arranged a gang bang last night for your surprise. I wanted to make sure everyone got their fill before it was too late," he continued. "Because now, only Daddy gets to fuck your pussy until you get pregnant."
Sera laid her head against his and gave her Uncle a sympathetic pout. "Sorry, Uncle."
"It's okay, sweetie," he said on a sigh. "I'm rooting for your dad to knock you up fast, though, I'm not going to lie."
She and her dad laughed at that. When Sera kissed her dad again and tried to stand up, he held tight.
"Where do you think you're going?" he asked, his voice husky with desire.
"To eat because I'm starving, and Julia's going to be here soon," she answered, giving him an exasperated look for the unmistakable hunger burning in his blue eyes. "Dad, I'm sore all over. Can't you go one day?"
He arched a brow at her. "I went eighteen fucking years. And you were the one who just pointed out that I can't even go a day, yet I did for your surprise, didn't I?" he reminded her.
She groaned. "Yes."
He smiled, amused by her misery once again. "I can give you a few more hours."
She laughed and kissed him. "So generous of you, Daddy."
He swatted her ass when she stood up. "And don't you fucking forget it," he said with a cocky smirk.
Chapter 8
Stuffing her face with a club sandwich and macaroni salad, Serafina watched her engagement ring like a hawk, as it was passed around by all the women at the table.
"This is just beautiful," Nonna said, as she admired the settings. "I always knew my son had good taste, but this still has me pleasantly surprised. It's perfect."
"Thank you, Nonna." Sera smiled, then slipped the ring back onto her finger and felt all of her muscles relax.
"I think it's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen," Julia said, still gushing with happiness beside her. "It's so romantic looking."
"That's what I was thinking. It's like he gave you a rose that will never wilt," Elena seconded, also beaming at her.
Sera's eyes widened and she looked at her ring with a warmer smile. She hadn't thought of it that way, but her cousin was right.
"Have you set a date, yet?" Aunt Stephanie asked.
"Not yet, but knowing Dad it will be soon," she answered.
"No shit, I'm surprised he waited a whole two weeks to propose," Aunt Camilla said on a laugh.
"That was only for the media's sake." Nonna joined in. "Otherwise, I don't think he would have."
"I'm more surprised you're not knocked up yet," Stephanie said to Sera.
She felt her cheeks redden since that had just been the topic of discussion with her dad not more than 30 minutes ago. Both of her Aunts' faces morphed into surprise.
"Oh, my God, are you?" Camilla asked.
"No, not yet," she answered. "But my shot is about to wear off and Dad wants to start trying right away."
"Oh, wow," Julia said with wide eyes.
"Awe, shit. So much for our break," Stephanie said to Camilla.
"Yeah, it was nice while it lasted," Camilla sighed.
Serafina looked at them, caught between surprise and fear. Had her uncles not been fucking their wives since they started fucking her?
"Um…" she stammered, unsure what to say.
Sorry? You're welcome? Were either of those appropriate?
"Oh, not like that," Camilla waved off with a laugh. "We're still getting plenty of sex, trust me."
"More than enough," Stephanie chimed in.
"But they're going to start pestering us for more kids again," Camilla continued. "There's nothing these men love more than a pregnant woman."
"It's like another fetish they all share," Stephanie said. "If it were up to them, we'd always be pregnant."
"Annnd, you have fun with that one, coz." Elena chuckled. "This is another reason why I prefer much older men. I'm not sure if I ever want kids."
"Elena Christine!" Aunt Camilla gasped.
"What, Mom? I'm serious," Elena said. "That's not a crime. It's a personal choice. Besides, you still have Cecilia and Enrico to give you grandkids."
"Oh, girl." Nonna sighed, shaking her head. "You better hope you don't end up with a Romano or Esposito if you think you're getting out of having kids."
Elena looked at her. "I can't end up with either, Nonna. I'm not like Sera," she said, then gave Serafina a sheepish smile. "That's nothing against you, coz, I promise. I love that you get to marry Uncle Aleso. I'm just saying, we're not all that lucky, you know?"
"Baby, you're a Kinsley," Aunt Camilla reminded her. "It could happen."
"What?" Elena asked, stunned.
"Sweetheart, if there's one thing this family could easily make happen, it's the union between two relatives with different last names," Nonna said.
"Really?" Elena asked, her expression and voice full of wonder before she looked at Serafina again with bright hope in her eyes. "So, when is the wedding?"
Sera laughed with everyone else at the table but didn't miss the thoughtful look on Julia's face. She nearly gasped as her own mind clicked with what her best friend was probably thinking. Julia and her Uncle Elias also had different last names. Would Sera's family be able to provide them with the same option, if everything worked out the way Julia hoped?
"First, we have to have the engagement party," Sera's dad intervened, as he appeared through the open doors and onto the patio, followed by Uncle Leo.
"I thought that was last night?" she asked, as he approached her.
When he pulled her chair out, she stood, then climbed into his lap after he sat down in her place. Uncle Leo settled into the chair beside his wife and draped his arm across the back of it to play with her hair.
"No, baby, that was just your dad's way of proposing because he doesn't do the whole candlelit dinner on bended knee thing," her dad answered.
"I don't think she's really complaining about that," Elena muttered to Julia, who snickered.
Sera and her dad grinned at each other after he sent a smug smirk to his niece. "I was thinking next weekend. We can either have it here or at La Festa–"
"Oh, Lord, to be a man," Nonna said under her breath.
Sera's dad paused on a sigh. "Something you wish to say, Mother?"
"Aleso, there's no way in hell we can have an engagement party that soon," she answered. "People need more notice than that. You wouldn't even have time to send out invitations, let alone plan a menu, or have a cake made."
His mouth pulled into a tight line, as he looked to Sera. Something in her expression must have caused him to rethink whatever debate he'd been planning to make on the side of expediency. Because, he leaned his forehead against hers and stared into her eyes, where she had no doubt all of her excitement and longing for a true engagement party was showing.
"I did promise I'd always go all-out for you, didn't I?" he asked.
Serafina smiled and hugged him. "Thank you, Daddy."
He hugged her back, then kissed her and straightened again, though he continued to caress his fingers up and down the side of her neck. It was all she could do not to purr like a contented house cat.
"All right, I guess I've been voted off the party planning committee," he said, addressing the others again. "But I want it to happen as fast as humanly possible. I plan to get my daughter extremely knocked up and I'm sure she'd prefer not to be showing on our wedding day."
"Oh, you don't have to worry about that," Aunt Camilla said. "She's a teenager with a teenage body. You'll be lucky if she's showing by her second trimester."
His expression fell again, as he looked back to Serafina. "And this is why we're having a million kids."
She choked out a laugh, but he wasn't laughing. His brow arched slowly and Sera could only thank the fact that it was physically impossible to meet that number, otherwise, her dad would jump on that challenge in a heartbeat.
Luckily, the idea of planning an engagement party started a buzz of enthusiasm with all of the women at the table, which quickly diverted the subject away from childbearing for the time being.
The first thing everyone started discussing was the guest list. When the Karlsson's were naturally mentioned because they'd always been close friends of the family, Sera looked at Julia, wondering how her best friend was going to handle that. Julia smiled with understanding.
"It's okay," she mouthed.
Sera would have to interrogate her later to make sure. She planned on asking Julia to be her Maid of Honor and didn't want her best friend in any awkward, uncomfortable situations with her family.
"Should we invite the Senator and his wife?" Sera asked her dad.
"We can," he agreed. "I'm not sure if they'll accept, but it won't hurt to send the invitation."
"Which Senator was that, dear?" Nonna asked.
"Reese Murdoch," her dad answered, and Nonna added it to the list she'd started on her tablet.
"You had a good idea about using La Festa," Nonna said to him once she was done. "It has a dance floor, plenty of seating, the kitchens, and that way the media can get their shots in without it impeding on any of our privacy."
"Ugh," Serafina griped, but she did like the idea of using the restaurant for all the reasons her grandma had listed. Their house was large, no doubt about it, but they would have to order a dance floor for the yard and their kitchen wasn't even close to being as large as a restaurant's. "Well, media aside, I do like the idea of having it there."
"I agree," her dad concurred. "It will also be easier for Hail and the team to set up there. Fewer places for people to sneak off to and snoop around."
"Okay, La Festa, it is," Nonna said, adding that to her tablet. "Now, since I know you, Aleso, you two need to start discussing what all you want for the wedding so we can start working on those plans, too."
"I have it on good authority that little girls always dream of their wedding day from an early age," her dad answered, giving his sister a grin before looking back to Serafina. "So, baby, what's your dream?"
"I've always wanted to get married at the Romano Ballroom," she answered honestly. "I've seen so many weddings there, and always dreamed that's where I would get married one day, too. We could have the ceremony in the gardens, and the reception in the ballroom?"
"I think that's perfect." Her dad smiled. "And also becoming a family tradition, so it's fitting."
"That's where we got married," Aunt Camilla said, gesturing between herself and Aunt Stephanie.
"Okay, but I have one more request," Serafina said, looking at her dad. "To celebrate the real beginning of our relationship, I'd like the reception to be a masquerade."
Chapter 9
Aleso watched his daughter crawl over his legs, tears staining her beautiful face. Her exotic brown eyes were filled with need, heating his blood even faster than adding more marks to her luscious ass had. His hand still tingled, his cock straining in the confines of his slacks.
He'd fucked her in every way imaginable the night before, yet his body felt deprived after going all day without being buried in one of her orifices.
"Daddy, why are you still dressed?" she asked, the sulking quality of her voice like a hot tongue over his cock.
"You said you were too sore, baby, remember?" he replied.
He didn't give a fuck about that and under the surface, she knew it. This was just part of the game. Serafina was too worked up to stop playing her role, even if she wasn't actively aware of playing it. That was the best part of all, and a matter that drove Aleso's lust to its highest peak. His daughter was such a natural fucking slut that she would genuinely beg for her pleasure.
He'd been with plenty of women who knew how to put on a good show, but there'd been no mistaking that they were just acting; merely trying to please him. As a dominant, Alessandro expected to be pleased and obeyed.

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