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The world around me seemed to be crashing down. The love of my life for the last thirty plus years perished in a car accident, taking every ounce of my happiness away. Devastation was the only word that could come to mind as I merely plugged along for the days and weeks following her death.
My wife, Cindy, and I had been high school sweethearts and married after we graduated college. We had lived in the same neighborhood, growing up together the best of friends then falling in love after realizing that we were meant for each other. We could not have any children and to be honest, we were both so busy with our careers and each other, we did not have the need to share with another.
Now, all that was gone, and I was heading down the darkest path ever in my life. My work was suffering and without any family members around to be there for me, the only one to come to my rescue was my Mother-in-law, Nancy. She called to ask if she could come by sometime to pick up some stuff of Cindy's that I knew she would want, so we arranged a day for her to come by.
A week later, Nancy dropped by and I had gathered up the items, mostly family heirlooms and photos of family members and put them in a box for her. Nancy sat there and looked through the box, tears welling up in her eyes as she did, then lowering her head and sobbing. I sat beside her, put my arms around her and we had a nice long cry together.
After a bit, we managed to collect ourselves to talk. She looked at me and said, "Jack, I know that you have been having a terrible time since the accident and I am sorry that you don't have any of your family around to be with you. I heard from a mutual friend that you have been really struggling at work, too. Would it help if I came to stay for a bit to help possibly, just to be here for you to have someone to talk too?
I lowered my head and thought about it for a while, realizing that having her here would help. Nancy was really an older version of my Wife, twenty years to be exact, with nearly the same personality. She was always so sweet to me from the time Cindy and I were kids playing in the yard. Nancy was more of a mother to me than my real Mom was.
I looked at her and said, "Nancy, that would be great. There is plenty of room here for you, and to be honest, you could move in permanently if you wanted. I know it has been lonely there at the house for you since Frank passed away two years ago and Cindy and I had talked before about asking you to move in with us. We knew you loved the city and central park, so I hope you will accept my invitation."
Nancy looked at me, tears flooding her eyes once more, smiled and threw her arms around me. "Oh my God yes, I would love to, Jack," she exclaimed. So, we talked out the details, knowing that it would take a little time to settle her affairs, and planned a move in date. I already began to feel better inside.
The loft apartment that Cindy and I had was bigger than we ever needed, having two huge bedrooms, both of which had attached bathrooms, so I knew Nancy and I would never feel crowded. Move in day came after Nancy had finally gotten her house sold, and as we put the finishing touches on her bedroom, I really began to feel a sense of feeling alive and needed once more.
As I said, Nancy was just an older version of Cindy, nearly having the same personality, but in the physical looks, Nancy could have easily passed for Cindy's older sister and at just a bit over 70 years old, she had taken exceptionally good care of herself throughout the years.
Cindy was her only child and she had given birth to her at 20 years old. Her and Frank only had one child and that meant Nancy was able to get back her figure very quickly and keep it. I remember as a young teen, seeing Nancy in a bikini, when swimming in their pool and she was always extremely attractive.
Now, the only difference was her shoulder length hair was more salt and pepper colored instead of all brunette, and she had a little more wrinkle here and there, but still very pleasing to most eyes. My eyes were still clouded over with grief, so I did not see any other woman in a pleasing way.
Nancy and I always did get along very well, and now that she was living here, that only got better. Whenever she was not busy with her girlfriends, doing whatever senior citizens do, I would include her on any plans that I made, which now included a two-week summer vacation to the mountains.
She was extremely excited to go since she had not been on a vacation outside the city in several years. It was going to be nice spending some time away from the rat race and enjoying it with her. I booked us a nice two-bedroom cabin near one of the lakes so we could enjoy all the amenities they had to offer.
Three months passed and the time came for us to leave for vacation. We arrived late in the afternoon at our cabin and saw just how genuinely nice it was. The pictures they had on the website of it did not do it any justice at all. I was going to have to talk to the owners and offer them my years of marketing skills to help promote them better.
Nancy was just in awe of the place, as she had never been in mountains before let alone in a beautiful rustic log cabin. She was like a child at Christmas going around checking everything out with a big smile on her face. Always being the perfect gentleman that I was, I offered her the main level master bedroom, and I would take the second level loft. We would have to share the one bathroom on the main level, but I knew that would not be a problem for either of us.
We had picked up some food on the way up from the town about ten miles south, and after putting our stuff away, set about throwing together a nice dinner. Afterward, I popped the cork on a bottle of Porto, that doubled nicely as our dessert and after dinner wine. It did not take long and the both of us, exhausted from traveling, decided to call it a night.
The next morning, I woke up early and decided that I would hit the shower and start breakfast. I did not sleep the best overnight, because we had not been able to figure out the air conditioning in the cabin and it seemed like it got a little warmer than I was comfortable with as I had completely tossed my blanket off the bed.
I did not hear any noise coming from downstairs, and I assumed that Nancy was still sleeping, so I put on my robe and headed down. I noticed her bedroom door was partially opened as I neared the hallway going back to the bathroom. She must have gotten warm, too, and hoped to get some better air circulation.
As I passed by her door, I caught sight of her laying on the bed and oh dear God! I froze in my tracks, backing up just a little to see if what I thought I saw was really what I saw. Yes, it was, Nancy was as naked as the day she was born! I could not move as my eyes became fixated on her.
She was laying partially on her side with one leg pulled up and her other leg straight out as my eyes moved up her gorgeous body. I was dumbfounded to say the least. Her beautiful full breasts, still having plenty of perkiness to them, just ever so slightly drifted downward from age. Her tummy was just a little soft in the middle and oh my God, her pussy looked heavenly.
She barely had hair on it, just a soft downy gray amount tracing down around her slit, nothing close to the thick dark bush her Daughter had, but it was still beautiful. Thick puffy lips, just parting enough, from the way she was laying, to expose her soft petal labia and clitoral hood. I felt a stir in my loins that I had not felt in several months, as I just stood there admiring her.
She stirred in her sleep a little and that brought me back to reality. I hurriedly tip toed away down the hall to the bathroom, turned on the shower and jumped in. I did not even wait for the water to warm up, but I did not care, I needed it to shock me a bit. I washed all over extra-long, just so I would not be in any danger of going out of there with a stiff prick.
I finished up, dried off and put my robe back on. Just as I was coming out, Nancy was walking towards me and the bathroom in her robe. She looked at me, smiled and said, "Good morning, Jack. Did you sleep okay? I got warm last night but did manage to sleep soundly. I didn't even hear you get up. We have to get that AC straightened out today."
I smiled and nodded in agreement then said, "Yeah we need to get that set, I didn't sleep that good at all and ended up tossing the blanket off the bed completely, just to be able to finally get to sleep. I'm going to get breakfast and coffee ready so enjoy your shower."
I turned to head upstairs to get dressed when she said, "Oh by the way, Jack, I do hope I didn't give you too much of a show when you passed by my room this morning on your way to the shower." I went beet red as I turned back to her. She grinned and winked at me, then headed into the bathroom.
Did she assume that I saw her or was she awake and know that I saw her? Her sexy nakedness came flooding back into my mind as I nearly tripped up the stairs. Good grief, what am I a teenager watching her in a bikini again? At least then I could make the excuse of getting an erection looking at her but now?
I managed to get up to the loft without falling on my ass, threw on some khaki shorts and a t-shirt, then headed back down to the kitchen. I put on the coffee and pulled some bacon from the refrigerator, tossing it on a griddle and turning on the stove, still unable to get her sexy body out of my mind.
Her large round areolas on those soft breasts of hers and her pussy, her extremely hot looking pussy just staring me in the face, burning into my mind, as I grabbed the eggs out. I continued preparing breakfast while thinking of her in all her splendor. Being able to multitask had never been a problem for me so before I knew it, breakfast was done.
I poured us two cups of coffee and set them on the table along with our food, just as she came out. I managed to clear my head as she came over and sat down with a smile, saying, "Wow, Jack, you prepared quite the breakfast here, thank you, you are a real sweetheart." Nancy then leaned over and gave me the sweetest peck of a kiss on the cheek.
Sat back in her chair with a grin and took a sip of her coffee, never taking her eyes off me. What was going on here? I turned red, not being one able to ever hide my embarrassment, smiled and nodded at her then began to eat. It took me several more minutes to regain my composure as we finished eating, cleared off the dishes and got more coffee.
After finishing our coffee and cleaning up, we headed out to check out the lake and trails surrounding it, enjoying the sweet smells of the trees and flowers all around, breathing in the fresh clean air. That was it, that must have been it! Nancy was intoxicated by that is why she was so happy and carefree. Whatever it was, I think I was going to enjoy this time with her.
We had a wonderful day, but after walking the trails for the better part of the morning into the afternoon, then taking a paddle boat ride, which ended with the both of us splashing each other until we were soaked, acting like a couple of teenagers.
Helping her out of the paddleboat, I could not help but notice her awfully hard nipples poking through her soaked white top, then her nearly falling as she stepped out, landing right in my arms, smashing those sweet breasts into my chest. We both laughed but the thoughts that were going through my head were drifting towards an intense desire for her.
After getting back to the cabin, we decided to go to dinner over at the main lodge on the other side of the lake. They had a nice restaurant there and both of us were famished since we were so busy having fun together, we totally missed lunch.
I put on a nice pair of khaki pants and a polo shirt, grabbed my loafers, and headed downstairs.
Nancy came out of her room and looked stunning. She had fixed her hair, put on a little make up and had on a floral spaghetti strapped sundress that came down just below her knees. I must have really shown my appreciation because she got a big smile, twirled around, and said, "Why Jack, you are going to make this old girl blush with those looks you are giving me."
I turned a few shades of red, smiled back at her and said, "You do look beautiful, Nancy." I held out my arm as she came over looped her arm through mine and we headed out the door.
Dinner was fantastic from the appetizers, through the main course, the rich tasting dessert, and the bottle of wine that we were now sharing, all the while talking about all the wonderful things in life. A smile never left Nancy's face as we sat there, and I realized how much she had really help me feel alive again.
This beautiful mature woman, sitting across from me, was filling my heart with feelings that a man should not have towards his Mother-in-law. I no longer wanted to push those feelings down. We had been living together for several months now and this vacation, even though just starting, had only further energized me.
I reached out, taking her hand into my own, looking deep into her eyes and said, "Nancy, I can't begin to thank you for all that you have done for me over these past months. You have brought me back to life in ways I didn't think were possible after losing Cindy and again, I cannot thank you enough."
Tears immediately welled up in Nancy's eyes. She looked down at the table then back into mine and said, "Jack, I can say the same for you. After losing Frank a couple years ago then losing my only Daughter, I thought my life was ending. So, you see, you did just as much to help me, too and I cannot love you enough for it."
We gripped each other's hands, sharing that loving bond for a few minutes longer. We finished our wine, paid the check, and headed back to the cabin. After coming in the door, Nancy turned towards me with a serious expression on her face and said, "I love you, Jack." Then wrapped her arms about me, crushing her body against mine.
I put my arms around her, hugging her even closer, leaned my head down, and kissed the top of her head. Nancy looked up at me, tears streaming down her face and I could not help myself as I bent down and softly kissed her tender lips. She responded immediately returning my kiss with a deep passion that I could not have imagined from her.
We stood there like a young couple returning from a date, making out as if it were our last kiss ever. Nancy softly moaned into my mouth as my tongue slipped past her lips and started a slow dance with hers. I was beyond turned on by her, all my thoughts solely on her and her sweet body pressed against me.
We parted, looking into each other's eyes, hearts full of desire and need. I reached down, putting my arm under her legs, and picked her up. Nancy's eyes widened in surprise but did not say anything as our eyes were locked into one another's. I carried her into her bedroom and laid her down on the bed. I pulled off my shirt and moved down on top of her, kissing her sweet lips once more.
Nancy ran her hands up and down my body as our kissing became more intense, both of us filling the room with sounds of love. I pulled back from our kiss and looked down at her, my heart, and eyes full of wanton for her. Nancy smiled a very seductive smile, reached down grabbing the hem of her sundress and began pulling it up and over her head.
There she laid back, in nothing but a pair of small white panties, the rest of her completely exposed once more to my lust filled eyes. She then grabbed the side of her panties and scooted them down, lifting her butt as she did, revealing her sweet sex. I was in awe of her as I just sat there on my knees taking all her in.
Nancy said to me in the sweetest sexiest voice, "Jack, make love to me, please. I need you so badly and I know that you need me. We are just two lonely people that want to feel love once more." I nodded my head yes, then stood off the side of the bed, unbuttoned my pants and dropped them to the floor. My extremely hard erection pressing hard against my boxers, just screaming to get out.
Nancy sat up, put her hands on my waistband, then gently pulled my boxers down, my cock springing out right in front of her. She let them fall as she looked in awe at my manhood. She tenderly wrapped her fingers around it, sending jolts of electricity through my body. She looked up at me, smiled then back at my cock, licked her lips then slowly opened her mouth and taking me in.
Oh my God, her mouth felt incredible on me! She held the head of my prick inside as she ran her tongue around it as waves of pleasure moved through me. She moaned as she took more of me inside her mouth, then slowly began moving up and down on me. I was going to have to stop her soon, or I was going to cum faster than an 18-year-old on prom night.
I gently pulled my hard cock from her lips, then put my hands on her shoulders and gently laying her back on the bed. I kissed her briefly, then slowly kissed my way down her neck to her soft breasts, taking an awfully hard nipple into mouth and sucking on it. Nancy's nipples were so sensitive I thought she was going to cum just from me touching them and sucking on them.
She nearly came off the bed when my hand moved down, traveling across her pubic mound, and finding her already soaking wet slit. I slipped my finger between her puffy lips to find her swollen clitoris, her now very vocal sounds of pleasure filling the room. I moved down, kissing across her soft tummy, and joined up with my fingers at her hot pussy.
I moved down in between her now spread legs, inviting me into her intimate zone. My fingers pushed aside the little hair that she had, and my lips pressed against her vulva, kissing it like I kissed her lips, slipping my tongue inside her wetness, tasting her sweet pungent juices. Nancy ran her fingers through my hair as she quaked and squirmed under my oral love.
I slipped my finger inside her, curling it upwards to press against her interior hot spot as I sucked her clit inside my mouth. Her hands gripped the side of my head, and her body immediately went into spasms as her orgasm tore through her small body. I kept my lips planted firmly on her sex as her sweet juices flowed from her, and into my hungry mouth.
When her contractions subsided, I released her sex, then moved back up her body, kissing my way up to her sweet pleasure filled face, my cock now resting against her inside thigh. Nancy reached down, taking me into her hand, and guided me to her hot open cunt. There was a little resistance as my thick meat slowly penetrated her surprisingly snug orifice, our eyes locked onto each other, her mouth open, barely any sound coming from her, until I finally had all eight inches buried inside her, with my balls now resting on her ass.
Nancy nearly screamed in pleasure as I pushed my pubic bone against her. Dear God, she felt incredible inside! Her sweet sex wrapped around me like a liquid velvet glove, her vaginal muscles pulsing around me, caressing me so lovingly. We kissed deeply and intensely as I began to move slowly in and out of her.
We broke our kiss and I looked down between us, watching our bodies coming together in sweet passion, seeing my prick sliding in and out of her incredible pussy, hearing the sweet sounds of our love making filling the room. I looked back into her half-closed lust filled eyes and kissed her again.
I moved faster in and out of her with her saying, "Oh God yes, Jack! Fill me with your love! Oh, dear God you feel so good inside me!" Nancy then went back into convulsions as another intense orgasm tore through her. I plunged in and out of her with fervor as I began feeling my own orgasm building. It exploded out of me like a pressurized pipe breaking loose as I drove myself deep, sending hot pulses of cum inside her hungry quim.

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