Lucid Dream Ch. 02

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Author suggestion: Read Lucid Dream first. This is a continuation. Enjoy!
William sat and drank his coffee while his new friends started moving around, coming and going and doing their morning rituals, whatever they were. Emma, the redhead, came and sat beside him. She was dressed simply; a t-shirt and short cut-off jean shorts.
"So, how did you like your room last night?"
"It's an amazing room. Thank you so much. The view is spectacular, and the bed…" He hesitated for a moment, recalling the massive amount of semen that soaked the bed. "The bed was super-comfortable. I'll change the sheets for you."
Emma smiled. "Don't worry about the bed. We have a housekeeper who comes daily to change the linen and clean up the whole place. It's like a small paradise here. We don't have to do anything except enjoy ourselves."
William gazed at Emma. She was very pretty, her curly red hair falling just below her shoulders, her clear hazel eyes, and just a few freckles on her nose. And an absolutely killer smile. He noticed the movement of her breasts under her thin shirt. But some mystery remained, and had to ask. "So, is this your house, or a place that you rent."
Emma said, "Not exactly either of those. The house belongs to our company. It's a business asset."
"What kind of company is it? How do you end up with so many people here?"
Emma said, "Everyone here is a partner in the company. There are a few more who couldn't make it this week. Since we all have an ownership stake I guess you could say we all own it. But we don't, of course. The company owns it. It's tax advantageous to structure it that way."
"And do you mind if I ask what your company does?"
Emma dropped her eyes. She calculated what she wanted to say about her company and then looked up at him again, ready to give it to him straight. "We're in the sex industry." She read his face; no anger or judgment. Just gobsmacked. She let it sink in and decided to continue. "We started it just a few years ago and it's grown beyond anything we imagined. And before you ask, yes, we're heavily into what is normally called porn, but it's much more than that. And it's a completely legitimate business. In fact, I'm a lawyer and I'm the compliance officer for the company." William, still speechless, slowly nodded. Emma continued; "You probably want to ask me if I ever did porn, and the answer is yes. Not a lot, but enough to help put me through law school. I just got really lucky to connect with some great people who are sane and ethical and protective. And now we're all partners. "
William was quiet but his mind was not idle. What had he stumbled into? Why did they implore him to stay? Who had he fucked?
Emma broke the silence. "If you're offended it's OK. Just make your way back to your resort when you're ready and forget the last 24 hours." Then the killer smile emerged. "But we all like you, and we, especially me, would like it if you stay and hang out with us."
William didn't have to give it much thought. "I'm totally down with hanging out. But listen, I need a shower and I need to go back to my place and pick up some clothes."
Emma jumped up and clapped her hands, her braless breasts catching William's eye. "Great! There's a huge outdoor shower just outside of your room. Get yourself organized and meet us at the dock at 12. I've got things to do." She kissed him on the cheek and then skipped out of the room, excited, like a child going for ice cream.
William had half of the mystery solved, but he still didn't know who he had fucked and jerked off in the darkness just hours ago. He stripped naked and went looking for the outdoor shower. The warm, soft air felt good on his skin. He stopped short when he went around the corner and saw a beautiful tanned body ten feet away in the shower, her back facing him. Shortish dark hair, a slender build, and an incredible high and tight ass. Maybe it was Rosa. He couldn't remember. Then the bronze beauty spun around and faced him.
"Hey William!" It was Javier.
"Javier, sorry, I didn't know you were out here." He turned to go back to his room.
"It's OK man, I'm just finishing up here, and there are three other showerheads. Come on in."
William turned back to Javier. Javier had a semi-erection and was not the least bit shy about it. It dawned on William that it must have been Javier that he had fucked. William's cock started to grow in spite of himself. Javier noticed and his own cock raised its glorious head and went from semi to fully hard in a few seconds. It was some kind of mutually reinforcing arousal festival because William was fully hard too just a few seconds after Javier.
Javier said, "You have a nice cock. Don't be embarrassed about getting a hard-on in front of another guy. It happens all the time." Javier stepped forward and said, "I'm done with the shower. Why don't you jump in."
William stepped under the shower and watched Javier towel himself dry. Javier's physique was androgynous. If you thought he was a man you would see a man. If you thought he was a woman you would see a woman. With the right clothing he could pass for either.
Javier stood up and said "I'll see down at the dock at noon. You don't need to bring anything. Just yourself and some board shorts. We're going to have a great time." With that he strode off, still naked. Both of their cocks had already deflated.
By mid-afternoon they were anchored off a reef and enjoying the ocean. Boogie boarding, snorkeling on the reef, lounging on the beach. It was pretty cool. They took turns staying on the boat for safety purposes. William swam out to the boat to get some sunscreen. Emma was on watch. She was lounging in the captain's chair under the sun shade, wearing boy shorts bikini bottoms, a scanty bikini top, and dark sunglasses. William climbed up the ladder and took in the sight of her. She was ravishing.
Emma perked up and smiled. "Hey dude! Did you come back for some iced tea?"
"Nope, I came back for some sunscreen." She tossed him the tube and then came over with her hands out.
Emma said, "Squirt some on my hands and I'll do your back." Her hands felt good. He was relaxed and comfortable with Emma and definitely attracted to her. It seemed to be mutual. They chatted as she lazily buttered him up with no sense of urgency. Then it was her turn. "Would you mind doing me? I burn pretty easily."
William applied the sunscreen like a masseuse applies oil and Emma seemed to enjoy it. She said, "Oh, wow, that feels great. Keep going please. I don't want to burn a single square inch of this pale skin." William understood the signal and changed his approach, getting closer to her erogenous zones. Emma changed positions as required. She felt the tingling of arousal. Her nipples hardened but she didn't want to touch herself just yet. She sat in the chair with a blissful smile, watching William work his way up her legs. He had broad shoulders and was well muscled and very handsome. It was time to change the subject, so she said, "I heard you had a nice chat with Javier in the shower this morning."
"That's right, I did."
"He's a beautiful man, isn't he? And his cock is perfect."
William said, "I have to admit, he's a very good looking guy, and he does have a nice cock." He threw caution to the wind. Emma probably knew the whole story anyway. "You know, he came into my room last night and I ended up having sex with him. It was really hot."
Emma said, "You're wrong about that."
William said, "What do you mean?"
"It was me you fucked last night, and I loved every minute of it, especially when you jerked me to the best orgasm I've had in years. It was very hot for me too."
Gobsmacked for the second time in one day, William just looked at her. Her nipples showed under the swim top. He could easily imagine fucking her ass, but where was her cock? She took off her sunglasses and gave him the killer smile as he stared into her eyes, his hands still on her thigh. "You don't know whether to believe me or not, do you?" She lifted up her hips and said, "Peel off these shorts. I don't like tan lines anyway."
William pulled the tight boy shorts down Emma's shapely legs. She spread her knees and revealed her uncut cock. It hardened before his eyes, the head bulging beneath the foreskin. She was shaved perfectly smooth.
Emma said, "I'm sorry if you're freaked out. You're just so beautiful and so nice and I was really horny. I thought, what the hell, what can go wrong." They locked eyes, with Emma's throbbing cock head between them. William was torn. Emma was a true beauty but he didn't expect her to have a cock. And yet he was very turned on. Finally, Emma said, "You know, getting out of those shorts feels good, but nowhere near as good as having your hands all over me. We can stop this if you want, but I really hope you don't want to stop." She pulled her foreskin down, exposing the engorged red helmet.
William slid his hands up Emma's thigh and gripped the base of her cock, like he did the night before. He slowly stroked her, then said, "We'll talk about the details later, but there's something I want to do for you first." He got on his knees, leaned down, and slowly took Emma's cock into his mouth. He had never sucked a cock in his life, but he knew what he liked, so he swirled his tongue all around the rim of Emma's cock head, made a circle with his mouth and then bobbed up and down, making sure his wet lips touched every part of the sensitive rim as he stroked her.
Emma was on fire. She pulled her top off and pinched and pulled her nipples as William sucked her into a frenzy. She wanted him in her ass but it was too late. She was too far gone.
When the pre-cum started to ooze William gripped the base of her cock hard as he lapped up the salty fluid, then he took his mouth off of her and watched her cock pulse, seeking relief, seeking his mouth, seeking something. When she stopped shaking he did it again and stopped again and let her thrust into the air. His timing was good. Emma was almost crying. In desperation she tried to rub her own cock. She needed the friction and the heat, but William grabbed her wrist and stopped her. Finally she dropped her hips back down on the chair in frustration. This time he didn't stop. He released his death grip and stroked her, his hand and his lips alternating on the corona. He felt it coming. He kept her in his mouth when she exploded, milking her with each contraction. He couldn't swallow or even catch all of the semen so he let it drip freely from his mouth onto her cock and balls. He didn't let her out until she softened.
Emma took a minute to catch her breath and then said, "That was fucking fabulous. I am one very satisfied girl right now. Are you OK?"
"I'm very OK. I'm better than OK, but there's something I need from you."
She said, "I know there is, and I can't wait to give it to you. Now or later?"
William said "How about now and later?"
Emma reach for his shorts and said, "William, you are most def my kind of guy."

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