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By robb234 In this part of the city, everyone knew not to go near the railroad tracks on Union Ave. On the other side was a homeless camp, and many of the worst transients passed through there. Even in the daytime, people stayed away from that stretch of road.

Kathy Leslie Terrance was 16 years old, and was being forced to live with her aunt in this lousy neighborhood. Since her mom got divorced, they had to move again and again, until mom got sent to jail for a year. So, she was now staying with her Aunt Becky and her cousin, Martin. He was her adopted cousin. The Terrance’s were a white family, while Martin was black, from some Central American mission.

Kathy walked the three blocks to school every day with her cousin Martin. He was seventeen, and quite the creep. He kept making lewd comments about her body. He and his creepy friends were always trying to touch her.

One day she met another girl at school who also lived nearby. She went with her to her house after school. Around dinner time she left to walk home alone. Being new, she turned left when she should have gone straight. Two blocks later, she turned right on Union Avenue. This must be the way, she thought. Up ahead, in the tree shadows, she saw a figure walking towards her. She crossed the street, walking by the tracks as she cautiously walked by the dark figure.

Kathy didn’t even notice the two men on her side of the street, by the power box beside the sidewalk. The man across the way was Leo. He was with these two other homeless men, Kevin and Jimmy. The three had been waiting for a couple of hours, doing some shitty meth while sharing the last of a joint. They were looking for anyone, any female to come by, but as usual, none were to be seen. The last one they’d had was an old homeless black woman, two days ago. Then suddenly, luck came walking their way.

They all saw the girl walking down Union Ave. They couldn’t tell who or what it was, but the person walked like a kid. Leo quickly moved across the street, walking towards this person. Sure enough, the person crossed the street. In the dim street light from behind her, they could see it was a girl, with long hair and a skirt. She looked short, younger, like a kid. Kevin and Jimmy got ready by the large metal power company box. As she walked by, she didn’t even notice the two, her head turned to the right, looking back at the man on the other side of the street.

Kevin jumped forward, his focus on controlling her head; keeping her quiet. She was taken completely by surprise. She let out the start of a cry, but he quickly had his hand over her mouth, his arms wrapped around her head. She struggled of course, but he kept moving her back, keeping her off balance. Jimmy grabbed first one leg, then another, trying to lift her legs off the ground. Leo ran up, grabbed one leg, Jimmy struggled with the other. “Come on!” Kevin growled at them. He began to drag the prize through the tall grass, then up the railroad embankment and across the tracks. Jimmy and Leo kept up as best they could, as Kathy fought to get free. In the grass on the other side, in the shadow, Jimmy said put her down. They did for a moment; Jimmy then punched the girl right in her stomach. She gagged like she was going to throw up, then Leo hit her too. All three each hit her; She didn’t struggle nearly as much now. They grabbed Kathy up and moved through the grass to the woods and towards the camp.

At the camp, the three walked in with this girl. In the light by the fire, everyone finally got a look at what they had. Everyone remembered the old black woman- they’d been expecting something just as ugly. Instead, Kevin and the other two came rushing to the fire, dropping this girl on the ground. Kevin forced her to stand up. She looked to be maybe seventeen or eighteen. Kathy’s ample breasts always made people think she was older. She’d started developing breasts when she was twelve, and last year they’d really grown. She was always outgrowing her swimsuits, much to her mother’s dismay. Her hair was long and brown, nothing too fancy, just about halfway down her back. She definitely had the girl-next-door look, in her school clothes. Grey skirt, white blouse, jacket. One man grabbed her book bag, tossed it to others who tore through it. Kevin gripped the girl’s neck, tight. As he held her up on her tip toes, he snarled at her.

“Listen up, bitch. You’re gonna entertain us tonight. It’s your turn. You do what we say, we might just let you live. You don’t, I’ll fucking kill you myself! Understand?!” He shook her head as she tried to nod or say yes. He added, “Not one fucking word,” as the others closed in. He turned and barked at them to get back. “We found her, so we get her first! You can have what’s left, but we’re going first, assholes!”

Kathy was shaking, trembling in fear. She’d been grabbed, dragged, punched, carried, then forced to stand in front of a campfire. She had no idea who these people were, what they wanted, where they were going. Then the man had dragged her up, grabbed her neck and told her she’d better do what he told her. He choked her roughly; she couldn’t breathe at all for a long time. He yelled at the others, something about going first and they’d have to wait. Wait for, wait, what? Oh my God, she suddenly realized they were talking about having sex with her. Oh shit, why did it always take her so long to see the obvious?! She looked around; there were at least six men or more standing all around. She couldn’t run; she could just hold her arms around herself and slowly cry out, “no, no, no, don’t, no….”

The man standing in front of her, the one who had choked her, suddenly grabbed her jacket, forced it off of her. She tried to hold onto it, but he wouldn’t let her. He grabbed her blouse, tore it wide open, popping buttons everywhere. He forced it down and from her arms, as she tried to hold onto that, too. As she did, the others kept pushing her, shoving her. The man grabbed her bra, violently yanked it and ripped the hook apart in back. No sooner was her bra off than her skirt was torn and pulled down. As they forced her skirt off, more hands forced her panties down. Hands held her as others grabbed her clothes and pulled them off. Suddenly they let her go, stood back a step. Everyone stared at Kathy. She was completely nude now, shaking hands trying desperately to cover her trembling body. She just kept saying over and over, “No, don’t, don’t, don’t…”

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Quickly the man who had stripped her pushed her down to the ground. He stood over her, taking off his pants. The others gathered around. He told them all to get lost. “This could take some time!” he’d laughed. Some stayed and watched as the man pushed Kathy down onto her back, forcing his way between her two legs. He leaned down, hands caressing her breasts roughly as he forced his tongue into her mouth. He did this for a while, while rubbing his junk against her hairy vagina. Kathy has a regular bush down there now, something she kept trimmed for her bikinis. Now he was rubbing himself against her there. She’d had sex before. Well, once, with her old boyfriend. Now she struggled to keep the man off of her, but he instead just reached down, put his penis to her pussy and started working it around. She heard someone say that was his sleeping bag she was on. “That means I’m next!” he’d yelled. Someone handed the man on top of her a bottle of water. He poured it on his thing, getting her bush all wet. She fought against him, but her whole body ached from the punches and getting thrown about. She felt him push into her just as she was getting really tired. She squeezed her vagina, trying to force him out, but he was big, and kept pushing in more and more. He thighs involuntarily spread wider as he entered her, trying to ease the pain of sex. She felt him start to rape her, moving back and forth inside of her.

Kevin couldn’t believe their luck. Not only had they found a teen girl walking down the street alone, they’d found a white teen girl who was young, fresh, and best of all, had these awesome tits. Once they’d stripped her, she looked even better. His wildest fantasies come true! He started by sucking on her mouth. Her young lips tasted so good as they trembled, tears running down. He played with her tits some. He held his hand over her breasts, trying to grip each one entirely in his hand. He gripped it hard, squeezing it tight, making her cry out with pain. and those nipples. He made them good and hard, while his dick got hard rubbing against the little girl’s bush. He couldn’t wait any longer. He reached down, poured some water on her pussy and pressed his dick into her. He was hard already, but the second he pushed into her, he immediately got even harder and bigger. This girl’s cunt was warm, wet, tight. He kept working it, getting in further and further still. She kept making grunting sounds as he pounded her, fucking her over and over. She was short, so he had to almost stop fucking her just to suck on her tits some more. He gripped her ass cheeks as he lifted her up towards him, his rock-hard erection slamming into the little girl again and again, very fast and hard. She looked around as he raped her, eyes pleading for someone to make him stop. Instead, they were anxiously awaiting their turns.

Just before he shot his load into her, Kevin grabbed her legs around her soft thighs and lifted them up. He gripped his dick, put it to her asshole and before she knew what was happening, he was pushing into her. She cried out loudly with that, really sobbing, fighting again. He rammed her butthole good; ramming his wet cock into her deep and hard, over and over until he finished cumming in her. He pulled out, dropped her for the next guy. Jimmy jumped on her. He lifted her legs again, started by butt-fucking the girl. She cried out a lot again, the pain from her butt radiating outwards. He slammed her cum-filled ass for a bit, then forced her over, began to fuck her pussy from behind. He held her small hips, watched her butt cheeks wiggle as he pounded his meat into her deep and fast. He grabbed a tit and rubbed it as he worked himself in that tight pussy. Back and forth, his cock slid in and out of her tight, clenching pussy lips. Her whole vagina squeezed his dick tight as he worked into her again and again.

Jimmy was in heaven. Fucking a young, white teenager was a rare treat for his often-stroked dick. He attacked every inch of her as he slammed into that tight pussy over and over again. With a body like hers, he came pretty quick. Leo pushed him aside and pushed her onto her back. As she tried to stop him, he put his dick into her now-wet pussy and immediately began hammering her very hard, very fast.

Kathy lay there, as yet another guy forced himself on her. Her body was violently rocked back and forth as he slammed his penis into her again and again. His crotch hair pressed against her own, his balls slapping on her butt. She lay there, not moving, as her body reacted to this assault. She felt his penis pushing back and forth inside her, stimulating her down there, getting her vagina excited even as she tried to ignore it. Her nipples were fully erect. This third man was much harder, rougher than the other two. She felt her crotch getting bruised hard, prayed he would stay away from her butt. Soon, this one too shot a load of his cum deep into her.

Another guy took over. Then another and another. Kathy’s pussy was numb now from constantly be raped. She hated it, hated when they touched her body anywhere; hated when they kissed her. She was so exhausted from struggling that she eventually just lay there, staring, as each new man took his turn on her. Sex, they all wanted sex. They all wanted to sodomize her again, too, which they did frequently. She gritted her teeth, squinting her eyes closed as their dicks pushed back and forth into her ass. Most men seemed older; homeless. They reeked bad; wore old clothing. Their filthy hands roamed all over her breasts, her legs, her whole body as each took turns on her. She lost track of how many. There was a couple of much older guys. These she had to give head to. Nothing makes you want to puke quicker than a dirty, disgusting, old penis in your mouth. A couple of older women also assaulted her, sucking and licking on her vagina as they forced her thighs apart.

Kathy lost track, but it was three hours later when she was suddenly let go, told to run ‘that way’. She did, until she came to the tracks and a street beyond. Running through the shadows naked, she finally managed to find her home. She ran inside, her cousin and his friends staring at her as she ran past. They all ran after her, caught her in her bedroom. As she begged them to let her go, first her cousin then his friends took turns fucking that little girl. It was almost an hour later when the four boys let her go take a shower. Afterward, they all forced her to kneel and give them each head., at least until her aunt came home. The boys all ran out and Kathy was left alone and naked in her room. She kept it all quiet. She didn’t want anyone to know what had happened to her. That only worked until her pregnancy test came back positive.

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