Lucky Day

Lucky Day
I was feeling horny and kept having
erections in my tights which I always wear under my trousers, I decided
to visit one of my favorite haunts a nearby wood which attracted a few
kinky older men looking for quick sex.
I walked about 100 yards into the woods without seeing any body around
so I slipped my trousers down and leaned against a tree and started
fondling my erection through my barely black tights with the darker
reinf***ed top band, I was stroking myself when I heard some noise from
deeper inside the wood I waited feeling nervous but excited and sure
enough two men came into view both around mid 50s and one man was
leading the other by his cock….they saw me and having made no attempt
to cover up they were treated to a view of me standing against the tree
with a throbbing erection inside my tights.
The men approached me and the one leading the other by his cock smiled
and said ”Wow a sissy boy all jacked up and ready” I blushed and just
looked down showing my submissive nature which he obviously liked as he
came to my side and reached out to fondle my cock slowly rubbing it
through my tights and making me throb even more as he turned to the
other male releasing his grip on his cock and ordered him to kneel and lick
my balls….the man stroked my cock and said ”This is Bobby..and he’s my
cock boy” as though that explained everything to me. ”He will do
whatever I order him to do and he loves sucking cock so you just lean
back and enjoy” as he spoke ‘Bobby’ reached up and pulled the waistband
of my tights down my thighs releasing my cock from the confines it sprang
up between my legs and ‘Bobby’ simply took me into his mouth and started
sucking my length…..the other guy whispered in my ear ”He does a good
suck job does our Bobby…but don’t you dare ‘cum’ yet I want some fun
with you sissy boy” he spat on his fingers and slipped his hand behind me
stroking my bum before pushing two then three fingers into my boy cunt
making me moan as he finger fucked my ass….’Bobby’ was sucking and
licking my cock and using his hands to cup my balls and gently squeeze
The guy whispered again ”Ok sissy boy now for some real cock” he pulled
me away from the tree and positioned himself behind me and before I
knew it he slid his fucking big cock between my cheeks and f***ed it into
my boy cunt ….holding my hips he plowed into me with long strokes
fucking me stupid as ‘Bobby’ kept up his constant sucking ….I was being
fucked hard by a big cock which felt incredible inside my boy cunt and he
made me moan aloud like a bitch in heat as he hit my prostrate and I
exploded spunking into ‘Bobby’s’ mouth without warning…. streams of cum
gushed out of my cock as I was fucked by this big dick I had to put my
hands on ‘Bobby’s’ shoulders to steady myself as my legs wobbled so much
….then I heard a gruff voice behind me ”Fuck yeh I’m gonna cum …here it
comes sissy boy all for you” and with several fast hard pumps of his hips
he shot his load straight up my boy cunt I felt every spasm and he flooded
my ass with spunk as he held my hips and ground his own twisting and
pumping the last of his seed into me.
‘Bobby’ was still kneeling and had my spunk around his mouth and some
dripped onto his chin as he awaited his next command….The guy slipped
out of me and went up to ‘Bobby’ standing in front of him he said ”Lick it
clean cock boy” and I watched as ‘Bobby’ dutifully took his cock into his
spunky mouth and sucked it clean … I pulled my tights back up and was
about to put my trousers back on when a hand grabbed my arm and the
guy said ”Hold on a minute now ….lets not forget cock boy” I looked
across and saw ‘Bobby’ had dropped his trousers and was standing there
wearing black suspenders and stockings with his erect cock sticking up
from a pair of knickers….the guy pulled my arm and ordered me to get on
all fours and suck ‘Bobby’s cock ”Get down there sissy boy and take my
cock boy’s dick in your sissy mouth whilst I give your ass a nice spank” he
f***ed me down and I did as ordered sucking ‘Bobby’ as my ass received
a spanking which I love to get… the slaps soon had my ass warmed up
and my cock began to like it as well as another stiffy started to appear in
my tights …..I used all the tricks I had learnt and sucked like a sissy pro
until ‘Bobby’ whimpered and flooded my mouth with his spunk it tasted
sour but I swallowed as always and gulped it all down as I got one last
slap on my red hot ass.
The guy simply tucked hid cock away and ‘Bobby’ pulled his trousers back
up leaving his wilted cock on display and as the guy took hold of it he
turned and said ”If you want some more sissy boy….be here the same
time next week” and off they walked the way they had come.

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