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Lucky Man
Chapter 23
Sunday morning…
Waking around eight, Kelly got up slowly and went to peek in on Duncan and Kara, but heard gentle moans coming from the room and smiled to herself. Quietly deciding to leave them to their fun, she went and eased herself back in bed to be lazy for a little while and recuperate. Arranging a few pillows behind her, she grabbed her laptop to check up on her fan mail and see if any interesting photos had been sent her way.
After logging in, she browsed through the messages and read a few. There were a few pics of dicks, though none were very nice looking. She'd also had a few compliments about her cam show, as well as requests for more. She finished a little while later and closed the laptop, feeling confident that the Friday's show hadn't been a mistake. Happy her fans had enjoyed it, she went and took a nice long shower.
Soreness had forced her to take her time with everything that morning and getting cleaned up was no exception. While she'd certainly enjoyed the night before, she was finding it hard to remember everything that had happened. It wasn't that she'd been too drunk to remember or anything, it had simply morphed into one long fuck fest. She had been taken every way that she could have been, save for anally. She'd swallowed so much cum that she could practically still taste it in her mouth. There was no way she could count how many orgasms she'd had, but hoped that all the men that had so relentlessly fucked her mouth and pussy had been totally satisfied with her.
It had been an unforgettable experience, and she hoped that she could do it again some time. After her shower, she got dried off and took care of her hair but elected to stay naked for a while since doing pretty much anything hurt in her current state.
She went to the kitchen and made herself some breakfast, then sat quietly watching the outside world as the day got started. After a few minutes, she saw Conner pull into the drive and up to the house. Losing sight of him as he pulled around to where the other cars were, she heard quiet voices a few seconds later, just before the door opened.
Danielle, wearing nothing but her panties, stepped in with Conner following behind and giving her a little assistance. Grinning, Kelly looked up from her spot at the kitchen table and over at the two as they noticed her and turned.
"Mmm, breakfast," the blonde nymph said, sliding to her knees and crawling towards Kelly.
"Oh… honey," Kelly admonished, frowning at her. "My poor kitty is so sore right now," she explained.
Danielle frowned for a moment, but then shook her head and pulled Kelly's legs apart as Conner sighed and rolled his eyes behind her.
"I'll promise I'll be gentle, Mommy," she said, grinning as Kelly's eyes went briefly wide at the name the little lunatic had called her.
"Sorry," Conner said, reaching down and starting to grab Danielle.
Kelly snickered and waved a dismissive hand at him with a wink, but then winced as Danielle's tongue slid up her poor pussy. He stood close by, but then stepped back and watched cautiously.
"You should have seen how hard it was to get her to leave Drake and Molly's. They both looked exhausted, but she kept either going down on her or sucking him off. It was fuckin' ridiculous."
Danielle giggled, still trying to gently lick at Kelly's pussy.
"I'll bet. We really did create a monster with this one," she said, reaching down and drawing Danielle's face up to hers, kissing her and tasting the familiar tang of cum as the young woman's tongue dipped into her mouth.
"Drake," she commented, looking up at Kelly with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. "I finished him off again before coming back home."
Kelly smiled, licking her lips as she kissed Danielle again. "I'd love to let you play, honey, but I'm too sore right now."
Danielle nodded, not bothered by being denied. "Did you at least like me calling you Mommy before licking your pussy?" she asked, a hopeful look on her face.
"Very kinky," Kelly agreed. "It's definitely naughty."
The blonde vixen grinned and stood, then turned and waved at Conner before heading down the hall without another word.
He sighed and smirked at Kelly.
"So, did you have fun?" she asked. "I'm assuming you got to have a turn or two with me or Kara?"
"Hell yes," he said with a wide grin. "That was pretty crazy last night."
Kelly giggled and nodded. "I'm glad you liked it. I know I sure did."
Conner grinned. "I just wish I'd been able to keep the fun going last night."
She frowned, looking up at him curiously.
"I went back to my apartment," he explained. "I was pretty tired."
She frowned. "So, you only got to have fun at the party, then got to go pick up your overly horny girlfriend and drop her off. Did she at least take care of you in the car on the way here?"
He chuckled and shook his head. "No, but I'm good. I got to partake in a big ass orgy last night. She said she wanted to suck my dick on the way here, but that 'Daddy' didn't tell her to. I think she was trying to get a rise out of me."
Kelly giggled. "Poor guy," she said. "I tell you what. Why don't we go and have some fun in the bedroom, and then this afternoon you can accompany me to Camille's so that we can talk about the cam show and what is going to happen moving forward?"
He shrugged. "I can come back. I don't want to wake your husband up."
Kelly giggled and decided to role-play the naughty housewife.
"What my husband doesn't know, won't hurt him," she said, standing and stepping up to the young man, then sliding her hand into his pants and gripping his cock. "Mmm, there's my new favorite toy. I'm only assuming that you still find me attractive after seeing me take so much cock."
He grinned, his eyes closed as she gripped him and squeezed, then started stroking briefly up and down. "Last night was so sexy. You only got hotter for me."
"Oh… did I now?" she asked, then watched as he leaned down and took one of her nipples in his mouth, pulling at the ring with his teeth and eliciting a long slow sigh of approval from her. Reaching up with her free hand, she cradled his head while he suckled, then kissed him as he lifted his head. Showing surprising strength, he caught her off guard by lifting her up suddenly and carrying her to her bedroom. She managed to free her arm from his pants, laughing quietly as she clutched at him and hoped he didn't drop her.
Taking her to the bedroom, he set her down on the bed and pulled his shirt off.
"Now, I'll happily suck your dick, but I wasn't kidding about being sore," she warned. "No putting it in my pussy," she told him, scowling playfully and shaking her finger.
He paused, looking around as if he were pondering his choices, then looked at her flatly., "Yeah, I think I'm okay with that."
She giggled, then watched him strip down and climb in bed with her. Turning, she gently moved to her stomach, taking care not to agitate anything on herself, and worked her way up his legs as she watched him slowly stroking himself.
"So, what did you like the most last night?" she asked, lowering her head and running her tongue across one of his testicles.
He grunted in pleasure and was quiet for a second before looking back down at her to answer.
"Well, it's a little complicated," he said, sighing as she ran her tongue up the other testicle, then eased her lips around it.
"Really?" she asked, letting it slide from her mouth a second later before leaning over and sucking the other one in.
He reached down and caressed her face, his hand gently pushing into her hair and tickling at her scalp while she gently sucked, her tongue working up and down the orb. He'd obviously shaved very recently, and she appreciated that she didn't feel any hair or even stubble.
He nodded at her, drawing her gaze back up as she moved to the other testicle again.
"Last night, I was… pretending something. I really enjoyed watching you, and actually participating in the gangbang fantasy your husband wanted was incredible, but I tend to like to fantasize about certain things that really get me going."
She raised an eyebrow in surprise, looking up at him while she affectionately kissed and licked both testicles.
"It's probably not all that interesting to others, and it's a little hard to explain. I don't want kill the mood."
She giggled, sliding up a bit to look at him. "My mouth is occupied, so feel free to explain. You know there's no judgment here."
Reaching up, she took his cock in her hand, replacing his own, and started to stroke as she lowered her face back to his balls and sucked one back into her mouth.
"Well, it's a pretty private thing, so I would appreciate it if you didn't say anything to anyone," he said, drawing a smile and wink of confirmation from her.
Surprising her again, she felt him pull her face up a bit, his testicle falling from her mouth as he covered her hand with his and pushed the head of his cock down toward her lips. She obediently opened her mouth and took him in as he pulled her face down, sliding his cock all the way to the back of her throat where he held her for a few seconds. Her arousal surged a bit, and she whimpered playfully at him.
"I really love that you're married," he said, looking down at her for a few seconds before pulling her face back down onto his cock. "That's part of what I like to imagine."
She nodded, sucking hard as he throbbed in her mouth, the bulbous head of his cock pushing against her tender throat.
"I don't know where it comes from, but I really like to imagine different scenarios where I'm forcing a married woman to cheat on her husband, or like… I have some sort of sexual control over her. She's always married though," he clarified. "That's a must."
She smiled, taking a breath as he let her up. "So… give me an example," she said. It didn't sound hard to explain in her opinion, and she guessed that he was likely a little embarrassed by the kink.
He grinned and pulled at her head, driving her lips down the shaft and pulling harder when he reached the back of her throat. She was still sore from so many cocks hammering against her throat from the night before, but she was turned on and he was a very understanding young man. There was something about him that she felt needed to be looked after, almost nurtured.
"So, when I'm fucking Stacy, or having her suck my dick, I'm thinking of all the times her and Steve have been out on a date with me and Danielle, and I fantasize that I just made her come over and suck my cock. Or maybe that I'm her boss and I make her come into my office and suck me off, and her husband doesn't know."
Kelly felt him pull down harder, then swallowed and suppressed a gag as his cock tunneled into her throat. Her arousal surged and she moaned around his shaft. Feeling him release his hold, she held there a few more seconds before sliding up and eying him dangerously, desperately wanting to just say "fuck it" and take him into her pussy.
"With the other women, I'm still working out my favorite fantasies. For you, Duncan doesn't know that you're a cheating slut," he said, drawing her face back down onto his cock.
"Mmm fuck," she whimpered, liking the kinkiness of the young man's fantasies, and thoroughly enjoying the determination he was showing in forcing her mouth up and down his cock.
He surprisingly let her go though, and she smiled up at him and tried to catch her breath.
"So… it's all about control," she said after a few moments. "I'm guessing you want to be able to do whatever you want to your current partner."
He shrugged. "Sometimes, it's the other way around. It's kind of just the cheating part that gets me off. I like… I really like… that I don't get to have sex with Danielle," he said. "I have no idea why, but fuck… when she's fucking someone else while I'm watching or having sex with someone else in turn, I get so fuckin' hot."
She giggled, idly kissing and sucking at his dick while he talked.
"With more dominant women, like Kimber, yeah, it's all about control. I just find myself wanting to be as controlling as I can."
"Mmm," she said, rubbing the wet head of the young man's cock across her lips. "Sounds fun."
He chuckled, then lifted his arms up and put them behind his head as he watched her.
"You know, you can be controlling with me too," she said. "I like when a man takes my head and forces me to give him the kind of blowjob that he wants."
He looked down at her in surprise. "Really?" he asked. "I was hoping you did when I was doing that just now."
She winked. "You can be rough with me, honey."
He smiled. "I'll keep that in mind. Part of me thinks that you're too fuckin gorgeous to manhandle though."
"Aww," she said, looking up at him with doe eyes for a moment. "That's so sweet."
Lowering her face, she took him as deep as she could, forcing his cock into her throat for a moment then back up to her pursed lips, then completely back down again. Before long, he was groaning and making obvious "impending orgasm" noises.
"Fuck," he grunted, surprising her by pulling back until his cock was just outside of her mouth. "Fuck… open…" he managed to bark.
A burst of warm cum popped into her mouth, but she forced herself to wait to swallow, feeling another, then several more landing on her tongue as she watched him, amused. Spent after only a few seconds, he collapsed back into the pillow and she swallowed his cum, then slurped his quickly diminishing head until she'd gotten him clean.
Content that he was satisfied, she crawled up beside him and pulled the covers up, thinking that it would be nice to relax while he napped. He only seemed to be out of it for a few minutes though and pulled her close to him.
"Busted," someone said, startling them.
Kelly giggled, looking toward the door and seeing her girlfriend standing there.
"Hi baby! Come here and join us!" Kelly said, reaching out with one hand for Kara to join them.
Kara happily came over to the bed and slid in with the two.
"So, do you think it worked?" Kelly asked.
Kara smiled and shrugged. "We'll know in a few weeks, I guess. I'm not planning on taking any chances, though. I'll definitely have to seduce our fella again."
After a few seconds of adoring stares at one another at the implications of the brief conversation, Kelly kissed her intensely, pushing her tongue into Kara's mouth as the sensual red head pressed her body to her own. Conner moved behind them, and Kelly glanced back, seeing him starting to get up.
"Hey, don't leave," Kara said, frowning at him. "I was going to nap with you guys."
He looked back. "I uh… didn't want to intrude. It sounds like a serious conversation."
Kelly frowned back at him as well. "Conner, get your ass back in bed with us this instant!"
He laughed, but immediately did as she said, sliding up behind her as Kara turned her face back and kissed her again.
"I'm assuming that's our young friend here that I'm tasting in your mouth?" Kara asked.
Kelly nodded with a playful look. "He was neglected by Danielle and didn't even get to have fun with anyone last night."
"You mean, besides the giant fucking orgy," Kara said.
"Well, after that."
Kara giggled and kissed her again, even going so far as to deliberately suck her tongue.
"Mmmm, yummy," she said.
"So… what are you guys waiting two weeks for?" he asked with an amused chuckle.
Kelly giggled as Kara looked down at her. "My girlfriend is trying to get pregnant," she explained, looking back at him.
Conner looked surprised for a moment, but then smiled. "Well, I hope you were successful," he said.
Kelly had known that Kara was going to talk to Duncan about it at some point. The two of them had talked about it a bit, and she'd given her blessing.
"Time will tell," Kara said, looking back down at his cock.
"I heard you two going at it again this morning," Kelly said. "I'm hoping I hear that a lot in the next few days."
"Yep," she replied. "I'm up for it as much as Duncan is able to."
For the next couple of hours, Kara and Kelly were relaxing in bed, talking and being affectionate. Conner went to go and sleep in Danielle's room after twenty minutes or so, and Duncan was still out cold in Kara's room.
Falling asleep in each other's arms, the two slept peacefully until around noon. After a shower together, Kara went to get dressed, and Kelly followed suit, pulling on a pair of panties and a tattered shirt. It was one of Duncan's old ones that she liked to wear around the house; it was threadbare and barely covered anything.
Grabbing her phone before leaving the room, she sent a text to Camille and verified that she would be available to talk that afternoon.
Making lunch, Kelly heard the heavy footfalls of her husband approaching and smiled as she felt his strong arms wrap around her. His lips pressed into her neck and she leaned it the opposite way to give him easier access.
"Mmm," she said.
Both of his hands moved up from her stomach and gripped her breasts, his fingers easily finding her nipple rings and pulling hard.
"Fuck…" she whispered. "Trying to turn me on?"
He chuckled, biting her neck softly, then replacing teeth with a wet kiss. She felt his cock pushing against one of her butt cheeks and sighed wistfully. She was way too sore to handle him, but that didn't stop her from wanting him just the same. He reached up and wrapped his fingers around her neck, gently squeezing as he kissed and nibbled.
Knowing she better put a stop to his advances, she spun in his arms and kissed him.
"I'd never deny you honey, but your fantasy from last night has me too sore to play," she said with a frown as she stepped back.
He raised an eyebrow and stepped forward. "And if I were to just go ahead and have my way with you?" he asked, pulling her tight against him, his fingers easily finding her nipple rings and pulling.
She whimpered pitifully, closing her eyes and arching her back, her breasts jutting out as she sought more of what he was doing to her. Still, she knew that she just physically couldn't.
"I'd say please and thank you," she whispered, sighing and leaning her forward to his chin. "But, I just can't."
He frowned, and she smirked up at him.
"Kara!" she called out. "You have an obligation to our girlfriend," Kelly said, adopting a playfully stern stance and look with him.
"Yeah… but I need to reconnect with my wife," he protested, an amused smile betraying his tone.
"What's up?" Kara asked, coming around the corner.
Kelly turned and gave her a telling look, then gestured down to Duncan's obvious erection.
Kara giggled at the scene but came around the counter and stepped in between the two, facing Kelly. Pulling her shorts down, she poked her butt out at Duncan and moved over to the counter.
He reached down and pulled his cock out, yanking Kelly over to him for a kiss as he did so. "Soon then," he said, looking at her directly.
She smiled, nodding. "Of course, my love."
A few seconds later, he was fucking Kara in the kitchen while Kelly finished making lunch. The odd little scene was interrupted a few minutes later by Danielle and Conner, both semi-dressed as the others were. They entered and sat down silently to watch the show.
Duncan and Kara fucked for just a few minutes before he grunted and finished inside her, then disappeared down the hall to clean up again.
Kara simply pulled her shorts and panties up again and went on with her business like nothing had changed, stepping over to help Kelly with what she was doing.
The odd little group enjoyed a quiet lunch together, everyone seeming to enjoy just being in the same space as the others for a little while. Eventually conversation did start as they discussed what was going on for the rest of the day.

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