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Hi ISS readers, I am karthick 29 years old 6.2 is height thin built up the body from Chennai. I just want to share my story with ISS readers and I am here to tell u the experience I had with my cousin Janu, and how I broke her virginity. This all took place at her house. I have been going to their house for ten years, and I have seen her grow up since I was young. We were both 20 at that time. She has a nice slim body, medium size breasts, and nice small round ass. She has long hair to her back. I always had a crush on her.

This happened at her home. My family and her family have gone out to the movies, and called me and told me to eat dinner at their house. I went to their house about ten o’clock at night, and when I knocked on the door no one opened. I stud there knocking the door for 5 minutes, and there she came to my sweet cousin from the neighbors house running. She said sorry and opened the door. We both went inside, and I locked the door. I asked her why she didn’t go to the movies, she told me she had already seen it with her friends. I said I was hungry since I came from work. So she served me a plate with rice and chicken. When I was eating I started coughing, and I had no water besides me, and she just came over and tapped on my head until I stopped coughing. I just smiled rather than saying thank u. After I ate we both sat down and watched t.v., I was bored and wanted to talk to her, So I turned the volume down and started talking to her. Since we are friendly with each other I just grabbed her hand and pulled here closer to me. I still didn’t let go. I started to do the Indian hand burn, and she was hurting so I let go and started laughing. She said let me try that and tried it on my hand. When she was trying so hard to hurt me my hand was brushing against her tits.

She gave up and got mad. Then she said “I bet u cant do that on my leg,” I said I will try. She said below the knee. So she lifted her long skirt up to her knee’s. Then I was trying to burn her with my hand but did not succeed, because she waxed her legs. They were so smooth. Then as my hands were resting on her toes we decided to watch t.v. To our surprise, there was a sex scene going on showcase. The guy was doing the same thing, he was putting his hand up her skirts and playing with her pussy underneath. And she was playing with her own tits on star movies channel. Then my cousin got shy and turned the t.v. Off. I turned to her and asked why did u that for, I was watching. She got mad and went to her room. Then I went to the room and told her I am bored let’s do something. She was with her back to me and I was sitting on the side of the bed. she still didn’t respond. I was getting horny and my dick was stiff. Her shirt was small and I could see a little skin on her hips. I put my hands on her hip she didn’t move then I started to move underneath her shirt and worked my way up. She just sat up and asked what are u doing. I just put my finger to her lips and told her sshhhhh. I asked her are u a virgin she said yes, I told her I and also a virgin with my hands on her cheek. She was surprised. Then I asked her can I kiss u, she didn’t say anything so I kissed her on the lips, but no movement from her, so I tried to open her lips with my tongue and she opened her mouth. I started to kiss her passionately and she also kissed me, we were just hugging and kissing for 15 minutes.

Then I broke the kiss and told her to stand up. She did and also closed her eyes. I quickly got naked and stood in front of her with a 9 inch hard on, and still, she had her eyes closed. I gently took her hand and put it on my dick. Then she opened her eyes wide and looked at what she was holding. She started to play with it. I told her to get on your knee’s and experiment with it. She just fondled with it for 5 minutes and she started smelling it. I told her to put it in her mouth and suck it like a lollipop, but she refused. I tried to push her head put she stood up quickly. She just hugged me tightly, I pushed her away. Then I took her shirt off and her skirt, and so she wasn’t wearing a panty. She looked very shy and took her bra off. I slowly took her to the bed and made her lay down.

Then I went on top of her and started to kiss her neck and work myself down, I started to play with her breasts, and suck and kiss it. The I just lay kissed all over her flat stomach. The I gently opened her legs, and what a hairy pussy. I just licked it lick crazy and stopped because she was getting excited. She looked at me with confusion. Then I lay in a 69 position and asked her to put her lips on my dick and I will lick ur pussy. At first, she just kissed once at a time. Then she opened her mouth wide and put the whole dick and started to choke. I just started to laugh and told her don’t worry about it. I just started to lick her pussy lick crazy and she was holding my dick hard in one hand and playing with my balls with the other. Then I stopped and got up. I gently kissed her and lay on top of her. She had her legs open and I gently grabbed my dick and guided my way in slowly, the man was it tight like an ass hole. I just moved in and out very slow, because she was moaning with pain. I want this to last so I took my time and just pulled it out slowly, then entering back for about 20 minutes. Then I have seen that she was starting to enjoy this so I started to pump her at a slow pace, then faster and faster. We were sweating like crazy then she put her legs on me and still I was pumping hard. Then she had her orgasms, wow what a feeling. I pulled out and laid down beside her. And made her sit on top of my dick.

I didn’t do anything she just sat on my dick and was practicing to ride me slowly she learned after 10 minutes. Then I put my hand on her hips and started to pound away. Then I knew I was cumming and pulled out. Then I told her to lay down and made her hand ejaculate me on her tits when she doing that I just played with her hair telling her its o.k, and all of a sudden I cummed all over her breasts and told her to play with my cum while I clean up. I took my clothes and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself and got dressed, when I went back to the room she had already put her clothes back on, and laying on the bed. I went and sat beside her and asked aren’t u going to clean the cum off, she smiled and said I will clean it tomorrow. I just kissed her and told her not to speak off this to anyone, and she o.k., but she asked me to come and visit her more often. I told her yes, and gave her my personal cell number so she can contact me when she is free. She just smiled. I kissed her on the lips and said go to sleep before our parents find anything fishy going on. I left the room and went back to the living room waiting for my parents to arrive. Girls and aunties can contact me on this mail ID [email protected]

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