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Boredom, that's how it started, pure, unexpurgated boredom. Lucy was out of work about 6 months previously and needed to make some money. She had sat one day, chatting in her flat with her close friend Helen. Helen had a job working on a sex chat line and she suggested to Lucy that maybe, just maybe, she would like to try some web-cam work. Lucy had to admit that she had absolutely no idea about web-cam work and no idea what she needed to do this or how to go about it. Helen explained to Lucy that she had a great body, she definitely had a great pair of boobs and she was something of a looker. Lucy, wasn't quite so sure, but she liked the idea of easy cash!
Helen had put Lucy in contact with another friend of theirs, Sophie who was already well on her way to becoming an established web-cam/amateur porn model. Sophie had met Lucy and then explained how she could go about setting up an account on sites and then on how she could set up her own web cam account so that she could charge people (men or women) to watch her doing whatever she felt comfortable doing. Sophie also helped Lucy source a suitable computer, web-cam, helped her sort out a way that she could get paid via the internet and gave her ideas on how she could earn extra money by doing things such as selling items of her soiled undies, selling nude photos of herself or even doing videos on demand. It seemed to Lucy that the possibilities were endless and maybe, just maybe, this might work.
Whilst initially it had all seen a lot to take in Lucy was convinced she could do it. She then spent a few weeks practicing how to get the right camera angle, what her content was going to be and more importantly setting up a pricing system. It seemed strangely straight forward to Lucy and in a couple of weeks she had got it all up and running. She had even gone as far as setting the equipment up and filming a couple of sessions with her vibrator, sending them to Helen and Sophie to see what they thought. The response from them both was that some work was needed but for a start they were HOT!
Her studio, if that's what you wanted to call it was one corner of her bedroom where she had a comfy armchair over which she had put a red throw so she had something nice to sit on.
Once a few people had signed up Lucy decided that she would do a live web-cam show. Showering before the show Lucy towelled herself and looked in the mirror. She was 5'6, short mousey brown hair that was cropped so that it came to just below her ears. She stared at her boobs and knew that people would like the fact that she had nice large nipples along with boobs that were 34 EE in size. Her waist was small and her pussy was smooth and freshly shaven. She looked good enough to fuck if she said so herself.
She hung the towel up and walked into her bedroom studio. She switched the equipment on and sat for a moment in the chair, almost debating on whether she should open herself up for all the world to see, well the ones who had paid to see her that is. She then thought that actually it might work better if she started with some clothes on, the choice was simple, a lilac satin bra with half moon cups, a short skirt and a matching lilac thong. Back in the room she switched the equipment on and waited a few moments.
Knowing that the webcam was on was a huge turn on for Lucy. She didn't know if 1 person was watching her or a hundred – for some reason she hadn't been able to set her software so that she could see who was online. It didn't matter she knew that she needed to just jump in and get on with this first show. Smiling at the camera Lucy rubbed her hands over her bra and boobs and she could feel her nipples becoming erect. She gently pulled at them through the fabric, feeling her nerve endings tingle as she did so. She wanted to lift the bra up and show just what she had but she held off, Sophie had told her that suspense was part of the act, even if some of those watching would have cum before they knew it.
Lucy sat in her chair, touching her boobs and then she jiggled them from side to side. After a few minutes of teasing she then lent slightly forward and put her arms behind her back so that she could undo her bra. She then moved her hands back round to the front and lifted the cups of her bra in an upwards motion so that she could free her boobs. Anyone watching would now see that she had nice dark nipples which were clearly erect. She jiggled them from side to side and smiled at the camera, knowing that watchers would want to touch them and to tease her nipples. She then pulled at her nipples, something an ex-boyfriend of hers had liked to do and which she found made her pussy tingle.
For a moment Lucy wondered if anyone was fucking while watching her or if they were wanking as they watched her remotely, the thoughts of either made her twitch. She again moved her hands over her boobs and teased her nipples. Don't forget suspense, Sophie's words rang in her ears and she sat back pushing her chest forwards as if the viewers would be able to touch them easier if she did so.
Lucy then stood up so that her short grey skirt could be seen and she turned round so that her butt was facing the camera. Undoing the buttons at the front she then bent over as she let the skirt fall to the fall. Dressed now in only her lilac thong she wiggled her butt and then turned round so that she could start to slowly start to pull her thong down. As she did so she could feel that her pussy was starting to become wet in anticipation. As she pulled her thong down her bald pussy was then on show. She stood in front of the camera pulling at her pussy lips and feeling her clit twitch as she did so.
Sitting back down Lucy then lay back and spread her legs before bringing them up so that her wet pussy was fully on show. She then spread her legs wider giving the viewers a better view of her wet hole, the hole she wanted filling with a stiff cock but that wasn't going to happen. As she was already wet she started to use her hands on her pussy, fingering herself then pulling at her lips and rubbing her clit, She loved stopping and gently pulling her lips open so that anyone watching could see what she had to offer, the pussy she wanted them to play with, to tease and please her. She went back to rubbing her clit and fingering herself. Looking into the camera she smiled as she rubbed and pleased her pussy. Then she got up again and bent over the chair so that the viewer could imagine entering her from behind as her big boobs hung down. She moved her hips backwards and forwards as if she was being fucked, feeling her wet pussy getting wetter.
Her clit was now begging her to do more, to please it and tease it and give it what it wanted, an orgasm like no other. Lucy went back to sitting down, once again touching, rubbing and teasing her pussy. Her pussy was definitely wetter and she was almost laying down in her chair as she lent over to a small table and grabbed a glass dildo. Initially she put it in her mouth, sucking on it and wishing it was a real, hard cock. As it was now nice and wet she took it and placed it at the entrance to her pussy, feeling the cool, hard tips on her pussy lips. She then pushed it in and started to gently fuck herself with it. She had no idea what the viewers were thinking, or even doing and to be brutally honest she didn't care.
As she worked the dildo in and out of her pussy with one hand she used the other to rub and tease her clit. her bud was tingling like never before. She moved the dildo in and out teasing herself, faster and faster and then she pulled the dildo out and started to rub her now throbbing clit causing her to squirt her juices which she then used to rub in and around her pussy. Slapping at her throbbing pussy with one hand and putting the other in her mouth so that she could taste her juices. Fuck, she just wanted to keep on going to keep having orgasms to make her pussy twitch and squirt more. Talk about being lost in the moment, what happened to suspense? Ah well, maybe next time, because there would be a next time.
She then stopped and smiled at the camera before standing up and turning the camera off. She hoped that whoever had watched would have had a good show and she felt more comfortable with the process. As she walked across her bedroom her mobile phone bleeped into life. Lucy looked at the screen, it was Helen who had sent her message, which simply said "Great show you horny bitch, I enjoyed playing with you x".

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