Lucy’s Desires Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooLucy's Desires Ch. 02

Two days after Lucy's birthday, her cousin Nick called to say he wanted Lucy to come over to Nick's house on the following Saturday, because his parents and two younger sisters were away at a soccer tournament. It was kind of an unusual request because they went to different schools and didn't hang out much other than when babysitting But Lucy agreed, figuring Nick would have some alcohol and weed. Just before they hung up, though, Nick said, "I invited Brett over too. We'll have fun."
Now the call made sense, and the realization made Lucy shudder A few weeks earlier, Nick had told his friend Brett about how Lucy got naked for Nick and let him jerk off onto her, and Nick got Lucy to agree to let him invite Brett to participate So Lucy's mind was racing, knowing what Nick had arranged. "You're still good, right Luce?" Nick asked.
"Yeah," Lucy responded robotically, as she felt herself getting flushed. "I'm still good."
"Great, because Brett hasn't been able to breathe since I told him you would come over on Saturday," Nick laughed. Lucy's heart was beating fast and her stomach fluttered at the thought of what they were discussing: specifically, Lucy stripping naked and letting Nick and his friend look at her and masturbate. She was used to Nick seeing her naked and playing with himself, but having another boy there suddenly made her nervous. She also wondered if Nick had anything else planned. "Can't wait cuz," Nick added before hanging up.
As Lucy drove to Nick's house on Saturday, she was almost in a trance. She wondered if this was really happening and whether she was going to go through with it. But she knew it was, and she knew she was not going to back out. In fact, even though Lucy was shaking, she had to admit she was very turned on by the thought of what was going to happen.
Nick was outside by the pool when Lucy arrived and he poured her a gin and tonic. They chatted and he lit a joint. After just two puffs, Lucy was high and Nick was pouring her a second drink. "You look hot today Luce," Nick said, making Lucy blush a little. She knew she had spent a full half-hour before deciding on a purple halter, no bra, white jean shorts and strappy platform sandals.
"Brett owes me big time," Nick added, noticing Lucy's expression change when he mentioned Brett's name.
"He sure does," Lucy said, not able to think of anything else to say.
"He'll be here in a few minutes. Go in my room and get ready," Nick told her. She liked it when Nick told her what do, especially when he was telling her to take off her clothes. When Lucy stood up, the reality of what was happening made her lightheaded. "You're ok, right? Nick said, more a statement than a question.
"Yeah, I'm ok," was all Lucy could muster. She smiled, turned, and headed into the house and into Nick's bedroom.
Closing the door behind her, Lucy took a deep breath and looked at herself on the full-length mirror on the back of the door. She noticed that her nipples were visible through her halter top, always a possibility when she wasn't wearing a bra. She thought about Nick seeing her like that and her hand moved to caress her boobs under the thin material. Lucy reached back to untie the knot at her neck and she let her top fall away, baring her perky tits and perfect nipples. She spun the halter around, untied the other knot, and tossed the halter on Nick's bed. She then unbuttoned and unzipped her white jean shorts and wriggled them down and off, leaving her in her white thong and platform sandals.
Lucy felt sexy, and she loved the feeling of wearing heels or platforms with little or no clothes. She heard a car pull up to the house and peeked out the window to see Brett get out of his car and head toward the backyard pool. She knew it wouldn't be long before Brett was going to see her nude and she was going to see his cock and Nick's too. Lucy liked the idea that Brett was going to get hard just looking at her body.
Sill looking in the mirror, Lucy peeled down her panty and pulled it off over her shoes. She smiled at the sight of her trimmed pussy, on which she spent a more than a half hour the night before, all the while imaging Nick and Brett looking at her. She thought about leaving her shoes on, but decided not to change the routine. So she reached down to unbuckle her shoes and slip them off, setting them aside neatly half under Nick's bed. Now completely naked, Lucy sat on the floor and then laid down on her back alongside Nick's bed, just like she had done many times in other bedrooms where she and Nick were babysitting. She closed her eyes and thought about what was about to happen. A few minutes later, she heard Nick and Brett approaching the room, and when the door opened Lucy closed her eyes.
Lucy felt the now-familiar mix of embarrassment, excitement, shame, and sexual arousal that came with laying completely naked in front of a boy. But the feelings were more intense than she had felt before. And, her heart jumped when she heard Brett say, "Oh fuck, no fuckin' way Nick."
"I told you, dude, my cousin is the hottest thing ever," Nick said, as both boys stood looking down at Lucy.
"Fuck, she is. I get it now. Her tits are perfect, and look at that blonde muff." Brett said. The boys talking about her as if she wasn't there sent a wave of sexual electricity through Lucy's body. It was hot to know that Nick wasn't the only boy who was hypnotized by her body.
"That's why I can't help jacking off," Nick responded as the two boys moved alongside Lucy's prone body and looked down at her. Lucy opened her eyes, looked up at Nick, and watched his eyes scour her body. Then she looked toward Brett who was staring at her breasts. When he made eye contact with Lucy, her body tingled as she wondered what he was thinking about her.
"Hey Lucy," Brett said awkwardly.
"Hi Brett," Lucy said. Saying his name sent another jolt through Lucy's midsection.
Nick moved around to stand by Lucy's feet, which was his unspoken request for Lucy to spread her legs. Lucy bent her knees and spread her feet apart flat on the floor, giving Nick a view of her pussy. "Oh yeah, check this out dude," Nick sighed. Lucy glanced quickly at Brett who was beside himself and who moved to where Nick was. Lucy closed her eyes again and felt the pure excitement of displaying herself to Brett.
"Oh G-d," was all Brett said and Nick chuckled.
Lucy heard a belt being unbuckled and a zipper pulled down, and she forced herself to keep her eyes closed. But the second zipper was too much, so she opened her eyes to see both Nick and Brett with their pants and underwear pulled down and their cocks in their hands. She looked back and forth at them and noticed that Brett's face had almost a pained expression as he slowly stroked himself. Lucy saw that Nick was already oozing some pre-cum and she fought off a desire to sit up and taste it. Nick got on his knees next to Lucy and his free hand ran up her belly to her breasts before Nick leaned over and rubbed his cockhead on Lucy's nipple. That was more aggressive than Nick usually was, but Lucy liked it.
"Your turn buddy," Nick said as he moved down Lucy's body, still on his knees. Lucy felt her body tingle as Brett knelt where Nick had been. He and Lucy locked eyes and Brett's hand went to Lucy's breasts, squeezing one than the other. He kept looking at her with almost glazed eyes as he rolled her nipples between his thumb and finger. Still looking at Brett, the squishing sounds of him jerking off let Lucy knew Brett was leaking pre-cum too.
After a minute or so, Nick said, "Help him Luce, like you help me sometimes." Lucy shuddered at again being told what to do, and her left hand reached over to cradle and caress Brett's balls.
"Oh fuckkkk," Brett moaned and his hand moved faster up and down his thick cock.
"I know, I love that too," Nick said, now stroking himself faster.
Lucy knew Brett was getting excited because his hand stopped squeezing her tits and just rested on her. He closed his eyes and when he opened them his eyes were rolled back in his head. It wasn't long before Lucy heard Brett moan, "Oh fuck, yeah, oh god damnit." Lucy squeezed Brett's balls a little tighter to make sure he didn't turn away, and she turned her body a little toward him. Brett got the message and he directed his cum toward Lucy, leaning over her and spraying his seed on her chest, neck, and ribs.
As Lucy felt the last spurt from Brett on her body, she heard Nick groan, "Oh fuck Luce," and a jet of spunk landed on her belly, followed by another and then one on her trimmed bush. The last landed squarely in her belly button. Lucy realized she was still cradling Brett's testicles as she felt her cousin's sperm cover her. Lucy looked up to see Brett looking at her as if she was the sexiest woman on earth. She smiled and her hand caressed his semi-hard cock once before letting him go.
Nick scooped up some of his cum on his finger and brought it to Lucy's mouth. She obediently opened her lips and sucked on Nick's finger. Brett watched wide-eyed until Nick said, "Go ahead, she likes it."
Brett scooped up some of his goo and fed it to Lucy. "Holy shit," Brett muttered. Then he went back and scooped up more before putting it in Lucy's mouth again.
"You fuckin' owe me dude," Nick laughed. "Big time." Nick looked at Lucy and said to no one in particular, "My cousin is the best."
The boys buckled up and went back outside to smoke some more, leaving Lucy laying there with two loads of cum slowly inching across her body. They were only gone a minute before Lucy's hand moved between her legs to find her throbbing clit.

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