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tagIncest/TabooLuna and Riley Ch. 03

Disclaimer: This story is dramatically fictitious and possesses depictions of completely unrealistic and unattainable body standards. If that isn't your forte then you may not find this story to your liking. If you decide to read the story regardless I thoroughly hope you enjoy it! Thanks!
Notice: This story progresses quite slowly, especially when compared to other, short erotic stories. Just a heads up, this one isn't quick.
Chapter 3: Testing Courage
Luna sat up in her bed as she slowly woke up. The windows in her room faced away from the rising sun, so her room was quite dark in the morning. She reached over and shut off her buzzing alarm clock, before rolling onto her back and gazing up at the ceiling. Today was the day to see what would happen with Riley. A pit formed in her stomach as her mind pessimistically began to think the worst.
Maybe Riley would realize that what they did was weird and she would never look at her again. Luna tried her best to put those thoughts aside and think positively. When Riley had left her room last night, she seemed both happy and thankful for the moment they shared, and Luna was hopeful she wouldn't have any second thoughts.
She climbed out from under the covers and grabbed her towel. Luna always slept naked, otherwise her large cock became uncomfortable when she got her sleeping erections. She wrapped the towel around herself and walked to the bathroom. As she got near, she could hear Riley start up the shower inside. Damn, she thought to herself, as Riley tended to take long showers and Luna didn't like to wait.
She had just turned around when she stopped and considered that this could be her first chance to take advantage of their new "open door policy". Luna hesitated outside the door. What would she even do once she had gone inside. She didn't want Riley to see her penis, but wanted to see how Riley would react to her entering the bathroom while she showered. This was a problem that had not occurred to Luna the night before when she had made this new rule.
"Maybe I can just pretend to fix my hair or something…" Luna thought to herself.
Luna quickly stored her penis inside her pussy and took a deep breath before quickly opening the door and moving into the steamy room. She could see Riley recoil at first, instinctively covering her chest and crotch through the glass of the shower. The glass hadn't quite had long enough to fog up entirely, so Luna was greeted with a decent view of her wet, naked body glistening in the bathroom light.
Riley quickly realized it was Luna and let her arms fall to her sides, giving her an even better view. She smiled through the glass as she understood that this was going to be the new norm. Luna closed the door and moved further into the decently sized bathroom, returning her a soft smile of her own.
"Good morning!" Riley chimed happily as the door closed.
"Morning." Luna responded.
"I put my arms down, see!" She said proudly, gesturing to her naked body, "You can see everything."
"I noticed." Luna replied, "Seems like you're getting more comfortable with it after all."
"I hope so," Riley said, "But it's probably just because I'm just naturally more comfortable around you."
Luna felt special hearing her say that. Luna's towel, draped off her large tits, flowed as she walked to the mirror. Luna wiped the fog from the mirror and pretended to mess with her hair as she tried to look busy.
"You're so pretty…" Riley said from the shower.
Luna looked over to see Riley staring at her through the mirror, a subtle look of longing on her face. Riley admired the way the towel hung from her sister's beautifully round, firm breasts. She could see her sister's nipples poking through even the thick fabric of the towel. Her eyes glided down the white fuzzy fabric, to where the towel was heavily displaced by her wide hips and big round ass. Riley had always been jealous of her sister's hyper feminine form.
"Look who's talking!" Luna replied, "You're the one who's gorgeous."
"Yeah right…" Riley scoffed.
"I'm serious!" Luna insisted, "How many times do I have to tell you, for you to believe me."
Riley didn't respond, but continued to admire her sister.
"Hey how long are you going to be in there?" Luna asked as she was about to leave the bathroom.
"I don't know… I just got in." Riley answered.
"Alright, well don't use all the hot water." Luna requested.
"You… You could join me… If you wanted…" Riley spoke softly and nervously.
Luna froze. She hadn't expected Riley to ask that, and her mind raced to think of all the possible outcomes of the situation. Either Luna would accept and join her in the shower, revealing her penis and scaring her sister. Or, she would refuse, letting down her sister and possibly fracturing Riley's confidence and trust in Luna's kind words of praise and affirmation.
"I… I don't know…" Luna said softly, completely unsure of what to do.
"Is… Is it because…" Riley started, "Of your… Penis?…"
Luna went pale as what felt like all the blood rushed from her face. Riley knew about her penis? How? For how long? Luna's mind raced, and she started to tremble in the embarrassing situation.
"It's okay, I won't be freaked out…" Riley tried to reassure Luna.
"How… How did you know?" Luna asked, sure she had never exposed herself to her sister.
"I saw it once a long time ago when you were changing and didn't know I was home…" Riley admitted, "I didn't mean to look, it was an accident… I swear."
Luna believed Riley. All her life, she had never known Riley to be inconsiderate of her privacy.
"You're sure you won't be freaked out?" Luna asked tentatively.
"Of course not! You're my sister, I could never be scared of you." Riley said.
"Well if you're sure, then I guess we might as well save the water." Luna said.
Luna's hands trembled as she was about to expose her penis to another person for the first time. A person whom she both, considered very attractive and had had fantasies about. She would have to be especially diligent to not get hard while showering with her sister. Her hands untied the knot holding the towel up, and she let it fall to the floor in one quick motion.
Riley's eyes wandered quickly all over Luna's body, from her perfect boobs, to the thick flaccid penis that curved backwards and disappeared between her legs, and finally to her exceptionally wide hips and firm round butt. Luna was undoubtedly the epitome of beauty to both men and women alike.
Riley's jaw unintentionally loosed as she watched Luna's strong legs flex with each step as she walked towards the shower. Riley wanted to ask why her penis was wrapped up the way it was, but didn't want to seem rude or insensitive. Luna swung open the door and stepped into the steamy shower.
The water felt cold at first, causing her to jump a bit, but her body quickly adjusted to the wetness and began to warm up. The two stood incredibly close, Luna soaring over Riley, neither one speaking, both simply analyzing the other as the water splashed against their nude bodies. Due to their difference in size, Riley's face was mere inches away from Luna's gigantic penis. She was heavily focused on not getting a hard on, as she didn't want to scare Riley off.
Luna was the first to make a move, quickly dipping her head under the showers flow, wetting her face and hair. The shower had been modified to allow Luna to use it normally, a luxury that college life hadn't afforded. Riley tried to follow suit but neither of the two were quite used to sharing a shower and they kept getting in each other's way. Luna tried her best not to accidentally brush up against Riley's body and it seemed as though Riley was doing the same.
After they had both washed their hair, Riley grabbed a washcloth and doused it with body wash. She rubbed the cloth against itself until it was sufficiently sudsy, and began to scrub her body. There was only one wash cloth, so Luna was forced to wait and watch as she got her wet body, glistening with bubbles. She worked her way up her body, starting at her small feet and skinny legs, and gradually rising up to her loins and stomach.
She squeezed the cloth tightly, sending a splash of bubbles and soapy water running down over her chest and flat breasts. Luna couldn't decide if Riley was purposefully putting on some kind of show for her, or if she was just easily aroused, considering the situation. Riley's body was slick with soap, as she moved up to her shoulders and upper back. Luna saw an opportunity to test Riley's new confidence when she noticed her struggling to reach her middle back with the cloth.
"I can get your back, if you want." Luna stated simply.
"Yeah, sure…" Riley responded nervously, "Thanks…"
Riley handed her sister the cloth without looking at her and nervously awaited her action. Luna knelt down and took the cloth carefully from her hand, preparing to wash her little sister. Even when squatted as low as she could, Luna was still taller than her small sister. While they were obviously becoming more comfortable with each other's nudity, Luna understood that touching was a big step, even if it was just her back.
With her left hand she gently grabbed her thin, upper arm, causing her to jump at the contact. She brought the wash cloth close until it eventually connected with the small of her back. She heard her take a sharp breath as she began to very slowly and gently wash her with the soapy cloth. She made long, gentle strokes over her shoulder blades and down her spine to the soft curve of her back. Despite it being just her back she was washing, Luna felt a thick sexual tension in the air.
She caressed her slim, smooth mid section noticing the way it flowed straight into her flat buttocks. Luna could see Riley's feet angle in together as she continued to wash her, and she could feel her sister beginning to tremble slightly under her touch. She purposefully took longer than necessary, savoring every moment of the sensual cleansing. After a while Luna let her go and signaled that she was finished, offering her back the cloth.
"I f.. forgot to get my butt" Riley stated shakily, without taking back the cloth.
She then stood up on her tip toes and arched her back, pushing her ass out in an offering towards Luna. Riley reached out and grabbed the wall in front of her to help her keep her balance as she awaited her sister's action. Luna was surprised, but happy to oblige her request. With her free hand, she grabbed Riley at the side of her waist, eliciting another small jump from her. Luna could feel her trembling even more now, which encouraged her even further.
Riley held her breath as Luna first made contact with her petite ass cheeks. At first Luna just waited there not moving, perhaps waiting to see if Riley would change her mind, but when she didn't, she began to gently scrub her bare bottom. Her butt was small and firm, while the skin was soft and incredibly smooth, and her confidence grew as she continued to rub it. Luna began to squeeze her ass, as she rubbed her, admiring how her fingers sank slightly into the soft flesh.
Riley's ass wasn't nearly as big as Luna's, whose one cheek was easily larger than both of Riley's combined. Luna was quickly getting distracted and began to lose sight of the reason for her fondling. Suddenly she dropped the cloth to the floor of the shower and grabbed each cheek or her sister's ass in her bare hands. Her fingers sank as deep as they could as her lust overtook her and she squeezed hard, gliding easily over her skin due to the soapy water.
She thought she heard Riley moan softly as she groped her with her bare hands, exploring every inch of her cute backside, but it was hard to tell with the sound of the shower. Regardless she was showing no sign of resistance, slowly gyrating her hips with each of her own movements, and trembling heavily at this point.
Not wanting to take things too far, Luna eventually ungrasped her petite rear, and picked the cloth up off the ground. She could have stayed in that moment forever, but figured she shouldn't push things any further than she already had. Once Luna had retrieved the cloth, Riley slowly rested her feet back, flat on the ground and released her grasp on the wall. She turned, facing Luna, so the water could rinse off all the soap that Luna had just applied to her backside.
"Thanks Luna." She said, her breathing still heavy from her fondling, "I can get you if you want."
Luna nodded in approval, and handed her back the cloth. She turned and applied more body wash to the cloth as it had run a bit dry of suds. Happy with its revitalization, she turned back to Luna. Luna was about to turn so that she could get her back, when surprisingly she reached out and began to scrub her chest above her breasts. Luna watched as she began to scrub circles over her large boobs, and defined abs.
She was being very gentle, taking her time, and the small, soft movements of the cloth felt great against her glistening skin. Luna's nipples became hard under the soft, sensual stimulation of Riley's washing, and she could feel her dick start to tense up a touch as well. Thankfully, Riley seemed mesmerized by her sister's much larger, and imposing stature, that she didn't seem to notice her nipples harden or her cock twitch.
She began scrubbing the large round thighs that enclosed her small body on both sides due to Luna's squatted stance. Luna was curious to see how Riley would approach her cock. A bit disappointingly, she avoided her crotch all together, only getting close while scrubbing the inside of each leg.
"Alright, Spin!" She beamed. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying caring for her.
Luna stood, spun 180, and squatted back down, soon feeling her sister resume her scrubbing. Her small hands left no spot unwashed as she started at her upper back and shoulders, and worked down to the small of her back and tight, round buttocks. Riley paused before making broad circular motions that got tighter and tighter with each pass, on each cheek of her ass.
Luna was a bit shocked to find how great it felt to have someone else wash her body. Riley, seemingly lost in the moment, began to jiggle Luna's large firm ass. She said nothing as her hands worked together to bounce one of Luna's cheeks, mesmerized by the way it moved and stuck out from her body. Luna was fine with it, actually enjoying the sensation, but after a few minutes she was worried they were wasting water.
"Uhhh… I think you got it Riley…" Luna chuckled, hoping not to sound too stern.
"Sorry…" Riley replied softly, "It's just soooo big, I love the way it looks and feels. I wish I had an ass like this."
"Maybe one day you will." Luna said only to cheer up her sister.
Luna knew that Riley had already gone through puberty, so it was unlikely that her body would drastically change in the future. Riley stopped fondling Luna's backside and told her she was finished scrubbing. Luna stood, turned around, and stepped under the warm water, rinsing off the soap Riley had generously applied.
"Thanks Riley." She said, looking towards her with a smile.
"Mmmhmm" She hummed happily in return.
Once again, the two stood together under the water, silently looking into each other's eyes. Luna thought it was cute and funny how hard Riley had to crane her neck just to look up at her face. She hovered over Riley like the full moon on a clear night. Luna thought she could again sense longing in Riley's eyes, but figured her aroused state was likely skewing her perception. She reached down and swiftly scooped up her tiny sister taking her into a sweet embrace.
Luna hoisted her up into the air, aided by her strong disposition and Riley's small size. Riley wrapped her legs and arms around Luna's waist and chest, burying her head between her large, round tits. Luna could feel the slick, smooth skin of Riley's outer pussy lips squish and squirm against her abs. In fact, it almost felt like Riley was purposefully humping groin against the hard ridges of her abs. Luna just continued to hold her in embrace, and after a minute more of grinding, Luna was sure Riley was purposefully humping her.
Luna's cock gave a large twitch, which worried Luna that it may soon pop out. She quickly put Riley back on the floor and the two exited the shower. They quietly dried off, both secretly hoping that communal showers would become a more regular occurrence. Luna was impressed with Riley's comfort of their mutual nudity.
Luna could tell Riley was still pretty nervous, especially when suggesting new things, but she knew she was much more relaxed then she had been, just the night before. Luna was pleased to think that her already strong bond with Riley was growing even stronger. Luna figured Riley's humping was more a matter of sexual urgency than a sign of Riley's feelings towards Luna being sexual in nature.
They both exited the bathroom, and split off to their respective rooms. Luna got dressed into skin tight biking shorts that caressed every curve of her muscular thighs beautifully. She threw on a matching sports bra that, unsuccessfully, tried its hardest to contain her ample chest. Once again her large, pointy nipples were clear through the material, but other than nipple covers, which were uncomfortable and expensive, there were few ways to hide them.
The top showed off her impressive abs and biceps which she thought looked really hot. She decided against panties, as there was often a noticeable seam under skin tight pants or shorts, and due to her cock, thongs weren't very comfortable. Once happy with her appearance, she went downstairs for breakfast. She found her mom in the living room watching TV, and she could hear her father in the office. Luna went to the freezer, grabbed some toast-able breakfast foods, and popped them in the toaster.
About 15 minutes later, she heard her sister begin to descend the stairs. As Riley came around the corner, Luna admired her choice of wardrobe. Riley was wearing grey, fluffy knee high socks that she had scrunched down to a few inches above her ankle. The thick, fuzzy fabric curled and folded over itself, loosely swishing around her lower calves as she walked. Her narrow hips were covered with tight fitting shorts that were nearly completely hidden by her long, oversized t-shirt.
Her shirt had a large neck opening, as it was draped from only her right shoulder, flowing halfway down her upper arm on the other side. The neckline cascaded dangerously close to her small, left nipple and Luna felt her cock twitch as she noticed her sister was clearly not wearing a bra, her nipples poking prominently into the thin fabric. She was surprised to see her being a bit more scandalous, even where their parents might see.
Her gaze rose to her face which she noticed was flushed, as well as her breathing being somewhat labored. Luna flashed her a welcoming smile, which Riley timidly returned as she walked into the kitchen. Luna watched as with each step the loose shirt swished around her tight, young body, her left nipple nearly coming into full display as it did so. Luna grabbed her breakfast, taking a seat at the table, and soon Riley joined her, sitting across from her.
The two ate and made small talk happily with each other, speaking of their plans for the day, among other things. After a bit, their father entered the room from the office. He sat down at the head of the table and looked to his children. Luna saw him take notice of Riley's lack of a bra, but he didn't mention it as he quickly looked away and joined their conversation. While it was expected of Luna to not wear one, Riley almost always did.
"So what's on the agenda for today?" Their father asked.
"Not much." Riley answered. "Becky isn't doing anything, so I'm probably just gonna hang out here today."

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