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tagIncest/TabooLuna and Riley Ch. 04

Disclaimer: This story is dramatically fictitious and possesses depictions of completely unrealistic and unattainable body standards. If that isn't your forte then you may not find this story to your liking. If you decide to read the story regardless I thoroughly hope you enjoy it! Thanks!
Notice: You should read the earlier chapters first, so that the story makes more sense. Your choice though, xoxo.

Chapter 4: Dinner and a Movie

Soon enough, the afternoon had arrived and Eleanor called to the kids to begin getting ready for their night out. Emboldened by the things Riley had been saying about her appearance, Luna decided to actually wear something a bit more revealing out of the house. She opted for a silvery mini cowl neck dress, that had high slits up each leg, showing off her meaty hips. The sparse material draped off each of her tits, and clung to her tight waist.
The dress was low cut showing off her large cleavage, and it was overall very short, only reaching about a quarter down her thighs. She joined it with some matching 5 inch heels, obviously not to be taller, but because she loved how it forced her strong calf muscle to flex. After finishing the look off with some jewelry, Luna checked herself out in the full length mirror in her room.
She loved the way it looked, but the longer she looked the less confident she became. She was about to change when their mother called, saying they needed to hurry up. Luna still had to brush her teeth, so she had no choice but to keep what she had on. With the heels, she stood at 7 foot 5 inches, a mere seven inches shy of the 8 foot ceilings their house had. She had to duck comically low to get through her doorway, and she nearly collided with Riley as they both made their way to the bathroom.
Riley was dressed in a stunning floral print sundress. The thin straps fell down her shoulders, holding up triangles of fabric that met in a V on her chest. Once again she was without a bra, however, her nipples weren't nearly as visible as before due to the thicker fabric of her new outfit. The dress hugged her waist tightly before continuing down into a loose, flowing skirt. The dress was quite short, only going about a third of the way down her skinny thighs, and she had on sandals that showed off her cute, small feet. Luna admired her outfit as they stood in the hall.
"You look amazing!" Luna said.
Riley looked on in awe at Luna's outfit. It hugged her in such a perfect way. So much of her skin was visible, which was a rarity for Luna, especially when they were going out. Riley felt her loins quiver with excitement when she also noticed the heels, making Luna's already imposing stature, even more intoxicating. Luna was truly a goddess among humans, blessed with beauty beyond what any other person could hope to achieve.
"Me?!" Riley said after a moment of silent admiration, "Look at you! You're so perfect!"
Luna smiled and blushed as she watched Riley's gaze roam her body. The kind words made her feel much more comfortable and confident in her attire. She made her feel truly beautiful, which is something no one else had ever done in her life. Once in the bathroom, Luna grabbed her toothbrush and began to brush her teeth. Riley also grabbed her toothbrush, "accidentally" dropping it on the tile floor below.
"Oops," She said sarcastically, with a crafty grin "How clumsy of me…"
Luna slowed her brushing as she watched her bend at the waist to grab the fallen item. Riley's knees didn't budge as she displayed her impressive flexibility. Her hand reached the floor as the skirt of her short dress rode up, revealing her pantyless crotch. She stayed in her bent position for a moment, wiggling her hips for Luna playfully.
Luna held the toothbrush with her mouth as she reached down and gave her small ass a firm spank. Riley yelped gleefully as Luna's strong hand contacted her rear. She would never get tired of Luna touching her ass, Riley thought to herself. Riley stood up straight and the two smiled at each other before she too began to brush her teeth. Once the children were sufficiently ready, they met their well dressed parents downstairs.
"Wow Luna, I'm happy to see you being a bit more adventurous." Eleanor said proudly.
"Thanks." Luna said somewhat sheepishly, unsure of how exactly to respond.
"It's perhaps a bit… revealing…" Her mother continued, "But the place we're going to IS quite nice, so you will probably fit right in dressed like that."
With that, the family loaded into the family SUV. Luna sat behind their mother, who was in the passenger seat, and Riley opted to sit in the middle seat next to Luna in the back. Riley was short enough that she didn't really obscure the rear view mirror, allowing her abnormal seating choice to go mostly undetected. Luna rested her left hand on the inside of Riley's right thigh, gently rubbing up and down her leg. Riley rested her head against Luna's strong arm in tranquility, having gotten much more used to her touch.
"Where are we going?" Luna asked.
"That's a surprise." Their father responded cryptically.
"We might as well tell them, honey." Eleanor said.
"Fine," Their father sighed, "Tonight we will be dining at Nolan's!"
"Oh wow!" Luna responded.
Nolan's was one of, if not, the nicest restaurants in the entire city. It was a single location steakhouse that boasted the highest quality cuts of meat, anywhere in the city. They seemed to provide on their promise as it was almost always packed. Along with high quality foods came high prices, and the Johnson family had never even considered going before due to the expensive bill. Eleanor had said the restaurant would be nice, but she hadn't anticipated it would be quite this nice.
The four continued the drive, making small talk along the way to the fancy establishment, Luna continuing to caress her sister's leg the whole way. Riley had nearly fallen asleep on her arm by the time they had arrived, and Luna gave her thigh a loving squeeze to awaken her. Riley sat up slowly, placing her hand over hers. The family pulled up to the building under the large, fancy overhang that led to the grand entrance. There were a few nice, sports cars parked under the protective awning, with many more littering the parking lot nearby.
A man dressed in black pants and a red vest waited, standing behind a large wooden podium by the front door.
"I never thought we'd be eating here." Riley whispered quietly to Luna.
"Yeah me neither." She agreed, as they both observed some of the high brow clientele from within the car.
"Here we are." Their father said, as she turned off the car.
"We can't park here, can we?" Luna asked.
"We can if we use the valet." Their father chuckled in response.
With that he opened his door and climbed out of the car. Luna opened her door and stepped out onto the fancy brick pavement below. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the valet staff take immediate notice of her height and build. Their father came around the front of the car, opening the door for his wife chivalrously.
Luna held her hand out to Riley as she scooted towards the door. Riley took Luna's hand as she helped her up, using her other hand to hold down her revealing dress as she climbed out of the car. She was, after all, still not wearing any underwear. She stood and Luna closed the door behind her as the family walked up to the man behind the podium.
"Hello sir!" The man said politely, doing a good job of giving their father his attention and not Luna, "I'm assuming you will be using valet tonight?"
"Yes, I will be." Their father replied.
"Very well," The man continued, "Can I get your name please?"
"Johnson." Their father responded.
The man scribbled quickly on a small tag.
"Excellent, Mr. Johnson," The man said, "And could I get the key."
Their father handed over her car keys to the man, who swiftly attached the tag, and handed them off to one of her assistants. The assistant then walked swiftly to the car and drove off into the parking lot.
"Please, enjoy your dinner, Johnson family." The man smiled, finally looking up to Luna.
Luna had to admit, so far the service was quite nice, although it was nothing she wouldn't expect from such a well respected establishment. An attendant held the door open as the family walked into the restaurant. Luna was relieved to find that the building had very tall doors, allowing her entry without needing to duck. Once inside, Luna was instantly hit with the abundant atmosphere.
The smell of food, mainly steak and other meats, stimulated her nose, and the soft sound of jazz music played lightly over the sounds of eating and chatting. The place was packed just like usual, and Luna had trouble spotting an empty table. She became worried they wouldn't have a table available, as the family walked up to the hostess, who greeted them with a smile.
"Welcome to Nolan's!" The hostess greeted them kindly. "Do you have a reservation?"
"Yes," Their father started, "It should be under mister and misses Johnson."
"Ah yes, here we are." The hostess smiled after finding their name on some list in front of her, "Please follow miss Briggs here to your table."
A moderately attractive woman, likely in her thirties, stepped out from beside the podium and began walking through the restaurant, the Johnson family following closely behind. Luna felt like every eye in the building was on her as they winded their way between tables to the back of the building. Miss Briggs led them through a large wooden door that a large muscular man held open for them as they all passed through. The doorway led to a narrow hall that turned ninety degrees to the right and led up a tall staircase.
"Watch your step." Miss Briggs warned kindly as the family made their way up the stairs.
Luna and Riley exchanged looks as they made their way to what they could only assume was some private VIP section of the restaurant. Once at the peak of the stairs, the hall turned again to the right, it's length lined with doors on either side. Miss Briggs led them down the hall until reaching another large wooden door, a large "06" cut out of a large golden metal plaque attached to the door.
She punched in a code on a number pad next to the door, unlocking and opening it with a quiet beep. She gestured for them to enter first as the door slid open, disappearing into the wall. The family entered, followed closely by miss Briggs. The room was moderate in size, housing a decent sized round table in the center with four chairs.
It was dimly lit by several soft, warm lights that hung from the ceiling. The table was covered with a clean white table cloth, and precisely set with silverware, plates, and glasses. Miss Briggs stood nearby as the family got seated, Luna and Riley settling next to each other. Once they were situated, miss Briggs approached the table and began to inform them of their special situation.
"Is this your first time dining in our exclusive section?" Miss Briggs asked politely.
"It's our first time dining her at all." Their father laughed.
"Wonderful," Miss Briggs chuckled along, "Well let me tell you a bit about the experience before your server gets here."
She reached under the table, pulling out a small Ipad.
"This is your personal tablet that controls certain aspects of the room, such as the temperature, lights, and music." She stated, "You can also use it to call your server should you need them."
She slid the tablet back under the table.
"The room is completely soundproof," She chuckled, "So don't be afraid to be loud if you want to! There's a bathroom at the end of the hall, to the right, should you need to use one, and there's a lock on the door that will be respected by the staff, should you require any extra privacy. Well, that's everything, your server should be here any moment, please enjoy your time."
With that, miss Briggs smiled and headed to the door, disappearing around the corner.
"Uhhh what is going on?" Riley asked as their father retrieved the tablet from under the table.
"Pretty fancy, huh?" Their father chuckled.
"This wasn't what I was expecting at all." Luna exaggerated.
"Well we can all thank your father for this wonderful experience." Eleanor said.
"Thanks dad." Riley said.
"Yeah, thanks." Luna agreed.
"You're all welcome," Their father responded, looking at the tablet, "Now let's see here, what does this do…"
Their father tapped the screen causing the lights in the room to suddenly get a bit brighter.
"Okay so that controls the lights…" He spoke to himself, figuring out how to work the device.
Luna was immensely impressed. This was quite the luxurious experience, and surely a very expensive one at that. It was possible her parents were just going all out this one time in a single celebration of his promotion, but her whole life she knew them to be savers not spenders.
She got the impression, based off of their demeanor, that this kind of experience would possibly become a more common occurrence. Not that she was complaining, far from it, she was just still readjusting to it all. Suddenly a male server entered the room, carrying a bottle of chilled water. He approached the table, filling their parents glasses, before moving to the children.
"Good evening," He said, as he poured the water, "My name is Jay and I'll be your server for tonight. Could I start everyone off with some drinks?"
"Do you have a list of wines?" Their father asked.
"Here you are." Jay said, handing him a small menu from his pocket.
"Anything for you, miss?" Jay asked, looking towards Eleanor.
"I'm fine with water for now, thank you." She responded.
"And you two?" Jay directed towards the children.
"Waters fine." Luna and Riley responded.
"I'll have the Delamotte Blanc De Blancs" Their father finally decided after a moment, handing the menu back to Jay.
"Wonderful," Jay said, "And would you like to start with any appetizers?"
"Could you bring some bread and oil for the table please." Their father requested.
"Of course." Jay replied, "I'll have it here as soon as possible."
With that, Jay left the room, the door automatically closing behind him. Luna opened and perused the menu that had been set on the table since they had entered. It was full of fancy sounding entrees and desserts. She noticed there were no prices listed next to any of the options, further indicating the restaurant was tailored to people for whom money wasn't an issue.
The four skimmed through the menu, chatting about the options that seemed particularly delicious. Not long after he had left, Jay had returned with a tray of bread baskets, a bottle of olive oil, and a bottle of wine. He placed the bread baskets and olive oil bottle on the table, then went to pour their father a glass of his chosen wine.
"Thank you." Their father said, after Jay had finished pouring his glass.
"You're welcome sir," Jay said, "Okay are we all ready to order, or do you need a bit more time."
The four exchanged looks of preparedness, before their father said they were ready.
"Wonderful, shall I start with you, miss?" Jay asked Eleanor.
Jay wrote down their orders as he made his way around the table. Once they were all situated, he assured them their food would soon arrive, and left the private quarters.
"This is crazy, I feel like a celebrity or something." Riley said.
"Jay seems nice." Eleanor said. "And so was that other girl… what was her name?"
"Miss Briggs?" Their father answered unsure.
"Yeah her." Eleanor agreed.
"Yeah this is really cool." Luna added.
"Well I'm glad you all are enjoying it so far." Their father responded.
He tapped again on the tablet, changing the music to a calm jazz track. The four ate bread as they chatted around the table about various topics. They joked and laughed as they waited for their dinners to arrive, which they soon did. Jay and some other servers walked in with their salads, before leaving and returning some time later with their entrees. They dug into the bountiful meal before them, all quite satisfied with their choices.
Luna had gone with a very tender filet mignon which seemed to melt in her mouth with each bite. Thankfully for her, it was also one of the largest cuts of filet mignon she had ever had, perfectly satiating her large appetite. Riley had chosen a penne pasta dish topped with a light reddish sauce. Eleanor went with a salmon dish, and their father had opted for the soup of the day.
The three continued to eat and talk as the evening went on. Eventually, they had all finished their meals, and Jay had come and collected their mostly empty dishes. He returned shortly after with the bill and gave the family their final goodbye. The four sat in the room continuing to converse in the private quarters for some time after paying the bill. After a while their father stood saying he needed to use the restroom, announcing they could leave once he got back.
Their mother also stood, saying she too needed to relieve herself before they left. Luna and Riley looked to each other as their parents walked towards the door and out of the room. Upon the door shutting, Luna Looked to Riley and reached a hand towards her thigh. She gazed back into her eyes as her hand wandered up her dress, inching close to her exposed womanhood.
"Are you crazy?!" Riley whispered frantically, despite knowing the room was soundproof.
"You said you wanted to get more comfortable," Luna said confidently, "What better place to practice than out in public."
"But…" Riley protested, quickly becoming aroused by her touch, "Mom and dad are only going to the bathroom. They'll be back any minute."
"Then we'll have to be quick…" Luna responded with a devious smile.
"This is crazy." Riley admitted, succumbing to her request. Luna reached over and picked her up, once again with surprising ease. She was quite strong, but in her hands Riley seemed nearly weightless.
"Woahhh!" Riley yelped excitedly as Luna plopped her down on her lap. "How did you do that?"
"I don't know." Luna admitted, lifting her into the air in front of her a few more times with little effort. Luna was somewhat dumbfounded at her apparent strength, but quickly lost interest when Riley lifted her short dress revealing her perfect little pussy.
Riley placed one hand on Luna's strong shoulder as she straddled her on the chair. Luna started to massage the inside of both of her thighs, getting very close to her outer lips with each stroke. Riley began to tremble as the feeling of arousal combined with the fear of getting caught overtook her.
"We… need to…speed it up." Riley said between labored breaths. "Or… we'll get caught."
"You don't last that long." Luna teased.
"Hey!" Riley yelled playfully, "I… last long enough…"
Riley bit her lip and closed her eyes as feelings of euphoria traveled through Luna's hands and into her body. She was approaching orgasm, but she was still afraid of getting caught. Without saying a word she dropped her hand from Luna's shoulder and rested it on one of hers. She clasped it shakily before guiding it up her thigh and resting it on her outer pussy lips.
Luna looked down at her with eyes that seemed to ask for permission. As if feeling her gaze, Riley opened her eyes, giving Luna a sheepish nod of approval. Luna stared into her eyes as her thumb began to make small circular motions over her puffy lips. Her pussy felt immaculate, so smooth and ripe. Whatever her hair removal technique was, worked, as she could not feel even the slightest indication of pubes, her thumb gliding over her lips effortlessly.
Riley's eyebrows curled upwards as she stifled a high pitched whimper of pleasure, still unsure of the room's ability to block sound. Luna's thumb quickly became coated in a thick layer of her juices, as she pushed it deeper into the fold of her vagina lips. Riley's trembling once again became more like vibrating, as Luna found her tiny clit and performed rapid side to side movements. She slid her thumb further down along her small vagina, before coming to her tight, little entrance. Luna could barely feel the indentation her opening was so small.

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