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tagIncest/TabooLuna and Riley Ch. 05

Disclaimer: This story is dramatically fictitious and possesses depictions of completely unrealistic and unattainable body standards. If that isn't your forte then you may not find this story to your liking. If you decide to read the story regardless I thoroughly hope you enjoy it! Thanks!
Notice: You should read the earlier chapters, so that the story makes more sense. Your choice though, hope you enjoy it regardless. Xoxo

Chapter 5: Aroused in the Night

Luna stirred awake, unsure of the time, as someone whispered her name and lightly shook her.
"Luna, are you awake?" The familiar voice asked.
Luna was a bit delirious from her sudden arousal, and she struggled to decipher the voice speaking to her as she slowly came in and out of a dream like state.
"Hey, Luna." The voice spoke a little louder, while shaking her a little harder.
Luna came out of it as she recognized Riley's voice.
"What… time is it?" Luna asked groggily.
"It's like one o'clock." Riley responded, her voice returning to a whisper.
"What do you need?" Luna questioned.
"I can't sleep." Riley admitted quietly. "That movie was really scary and I can't stop thinking about it. I was hoping I could sleep with you tonight."
"Uhhh….sure hop up here." Luna said sleepily, patting the bed as she spoke.
Riley silently climbed up into the bed, quickly slipping under the covers. Riley immediately noticed the warmth. Luna had always seemed warmer than the average person, at least to the touch, and with the covers trapping in the heat, it was more apparent now than ever. Riley relished the warm safety of Luna's presence.
"Goodnight." Luna said as she rolled away from her.
"I thought…. Maybe you could… hold me…." Riley suggested softly, a bit disappointed Luna didn't do it to begin with.
"Oh, sorry." Luna apologized. Truthfully in her drowsy state, she had all but forgotten about their newly evolving relationship. "I'm really stupid when I'm tired."
"That's okay," She chirped as she felt her roll back over.
Luna rolled over and scooted towards her. She reached an arm over her small frame and moved her pelvis to spoon her when something surprised her. Luna hadn't realized that she was erect this whole time. She must have grown hard in her sleep as was only natural for her. Her huge shaft wedged up against Riley's pajama covered ass cheeks and back side as she moved her hips to meet hers. Luna froze as she realized what was happening.
"Hey, move your leg." Riley whispered
"That's…. ummm… not my leg…" Luna replied, now much more awake than before.
Luna felt Riley slowly reach back and grab her dick, gliding her hand over the surface to find where it led.
"Oh my god!" Riley exclaimed in a hushed tone, "Is that your dick?"
"Yes…" Luna replied softly, worried she was about to freak out and run away.
"H….How?!" She questioned, continuing to hold it in her hand.
"I'm really sorry," Luna whispered, "I didn't realize I was hard. I didn't mean to."
"I'm not mad!" Riley reassured her, "I'm just… in shock at the size."
"Oh…" Luna muttered, glad she hadn't scared her off, yet at least.
"Can… I see it…" Riley asked shyly.
"You saw it before… in the shower." Luna said, hoping to avoid her gazing upon her disgraceful erection.
"Not really," Riley argued, "You had it tucked away, I couldn't see anything."
"Fine, just promise me you wont be… grossed out." Luna pleaded.
"Grossed out? Luna I love you, no matter what." She said copying her line from earlier that day.
Luna's eyes watered as she heard Riley say that. It meant a lot to hear a girl say she would be okay with her cock, since it was Luna's biggest insecurity.
"Thanks Riley." Luna confided tenderly, squeezing her against her with her arm.
"Of course Luna." Riley replied lovingly, "Soooo…. Can I see it now."
"Sure, I guess," Luna accepted reluctantly.
Riley chirped happily as she reached over and turned on Luna's bedside lamp. The dim light pierced the room, forcing the two to squint before becoming adjusted to the sudden brightness. Once adapted to the light, Luna rolled onto her back, as Riley sat up pulling the covers down off the two. Riley looked on in awe as Luna's raging monster of a cock sprang up, free from the confines of the sheets, and flopped down onto Luna's chest.
It rose well past Luna's belly button, ending about halfway between her boobs. Veins bulged from around all sides of the impossibly hard shaft. The large head swelled out even further than the incredibly girthy shaft, overhanging it on all sides. Riley's gaze flowed down the shaft to the cute outie pussy at the base, glistening in the dim light, dripping with juice.
It was undoubtedly a beast of a cock, and far larger than any Riley had ever seen in any of the porn she had watched. She had no real-life experience with a penis, but had learned some from sex ed and porn. She crawled over her and straddled Luna's legs.
"It's SO big." She whispered in astonishment, looking down at it.
"Who's the freak now…" Luna said, now the one that was self conscious.
"Hey!" Riley retorted, "If anything, this just means that we're freaks together."
Luna gave her a tender smile, as her gaze continued to take in the sight of her majestic dick.
"Why did you have it tucked away in the shower this morning?" Riley asked.
"I didn't want to scare you off with how big it is." Luna mumbled in response.
"How big is it?!" Riley asked excitedly.
"It's a little over 18 inches." Luna answered.
"Wow…" Riley whispered in amazement, her eyes never leaving her crotch, "How big is it when it's soft?"
"It's the same soft, it just gets squishier and slightly thinner." Luna continued.
"Wait so you have this whole thing stuck up inside you, all day?!" Riley asked, astonished. "Does it feel good?"
"It doesn't feel bad, but it doesn't arouse me either," Luna stated honestly, "I've gotten used to having it in there. If it gets hard it pops out, which would be bad."
"It must feel so powerful," Riley said, still fixated on the cock, "Being such a tall, muscular woman and having such a big cock."
"Kinda, but not really," Luna admitted, "Mostly it just gives me insecurity. I'm mostly just tired of scaring all the girls away."
"I'm still here." Riley said, looking into her eyes.
"Well you're just being nice because you're my sister." Luna said, "If you were a stranger, you would have started running 5 minutes ago."
"That's not true." Riley defended herself, "I would love you no matter the circumstances, stranger or not."
"That's easy to say when you aren't a stranger." Luna teased.
"Whatever," Riley said. It seemed like she wanted to ask something but was holding back.
"What is it?…" Luna sighed after a moment, "I know that look, just ask."
"Well…. It's just that…." Riley spoke slowly and nervously, "Maybe you could… give me… some practice, when it comes to…. Pleasing…. A cock?…."
Luna's mouth dried as she considered what she was saying. Their "practice" had already gone way farther than she had ever anticipated, but even up till now, she had never considered Riley wanting to reverse the roles and be the performer.
"Yeah." Luna spoke up, "I guess I never thought about that."
"Great!" Riley chirped excitedly, "Where do we start?"
"Well I guess…. We can start with…. Handjobs." Luna responded slowly.
"That's where you rub the dick up and down with your hands right?" Riley asked.
"Yeah, it's pretty simple." Luna answered, "Cocks are much less complex than vaginas."
Suddenly, Riley reached out and took a hold of Luna's massive penis, pulling it upright into the air. Luna was a bit surprised but pleased at her clear willingness to learn and perform. Riley seemed to fall into a trance again, as she held the huge cock in her small hands. Her finger tips barely touched as she held it with both hands around the girthy shaft.
Luna's dick seemed even bigger as Riley grasped it, due to her much smaller size. She gently glided her hands up the shaft, causing Luna to twitch. This was the first time anyone other than herself or a doctor had touched her penis. Riley's small fingers slipped over the lip of her engorged head, admiring the size. The head alone was big enough to fill both of her dainty hands. She squeezed the tip gently, causing pre cum to ooze from the hole.
"What's that!" Riley squealed with excitement, "Are you cumming? Did I do it?!"
"No that's just pre cum," Luna explained, "It's lube."
"Oh, I see." Riley said, a bit disappointed.
She quickly scooped up the dribbling line of clear liquid with her fingers, bringing it close to her face for inspection. She gazed at it, watching as strings of it connected her separated fingers. After playing with it a bit she sucked it off her fingers, swished it around her mouth a bit before swallowing. Luna twitched as she watched her slurp down her juice without hesitation, now understanding how Riley felt earlier in the car.
"mmm… Salty… I like it!" She said, squeezing the tip of her dick again.
More pre cum oozed out as she became more aroused. Riley surprised her by quickly slurping it up directly, running her tongue up the groove of her glands. Luna tensed as she felt her soft, wet tongue skim suddenly across the surface of her head, the wondrously soft yet textured surface sending waves of pleasure through her. Eventually Riley stopped needing to squeeze her dick, as her constant licking was causing Luna to produce a seemingly endless supply of lube.
Luna watched as Riley happily devoured gulp after gulp of her pre cum. Luna had never imagined a tongue would feel this good. In all her imaginative fantasies it was the warmth that her mind had never properly fathomed. After a while, Riley slowed her frantic slurping and wiped her messy mouth.
"I love the way you taste." She mocked with a mischievous smile. "So what's next, how do I get you to cum?!"
"Well it usually takes a while." Luna taught her, delighted at her impatient yearning, "The licking felt really good actually so I'm a bit closer, but I'm still a ways off."
"So I should just keep licking it then?" Riley asked, happily slurping down another tongue full of lubrication.
"You could, but you seem pretty good at it already, so let's try a regular handjob now." Luna directed.
"Okay, so I just rub my hands up and down right?" Riley asked as she began to awkwardly stroke her massive dick.
"Basically, but be sure to squeeze it as you do," Luna instructed, "And you can also add some twisting in there too, if you want to get 'fancy'".
Riley fumbled with her dick clumsily as she did her best to give her first handjob. Her small hands quickly became sloppy with a thick layer of pre cum as she rubbed up and down her thick shaft. Both of their breathing became heavy as she worked her huge cock towards climax. Luna began somewhat involuntarily thrusting her hips slightly with each of Riley's down strokes.
Riley focused as a look of pure determination spread across her face. She was a girl on a mission, but after about twenty minutes of constant masturbation, Riley was becoming discouraged. She also noticed that while her breathing was heavy, she wasn't at all fatigued, which seemed odd due to the incredibly long strokes Luna's cock demanded. She was hot and sweaty but not tired, an unfamiliar and alien state of being that she had never before experienced.
"Whew," She said, despite not being even slightly exhausted, "Are you close now?…"
Luna's dick glistened brilliantly in the dim light, completely covered in a layer of clear slime. Riley began to slowly nibble on the tip of her dick, slurping up the pre cum as she awaited her response.
"Not really, but I'm getting there!" Luna said, trying not to demoralize her.
"How!" Riley squealed in astonishment, "I've been rubbing it FOREVER. I suck at this!"
"No you don't!" Luna consoled, "I just take longer. It felt really good, I promise!"
"Mmmhmm…" Riley responded, sounding fairly unconvinced, "Is there anything else I could do?"
"Here, try giving a bit more attention to the head," Luna guided, "It's kinda like a clit, 'cause it's more sensitive than the shaft."
Riley listened, swiftly grasping the head with both hands. She squeezed it as she twisted her hands around it, gliding easily due to the copious amount of pre cum. Luna tried her hardest to cum quickly. She wanted Riley to feel accomplished, but after years of having to suppress feelings of arousal, she had become extremely long lasting.
Riley began to knead her head and stroke her shaft at the same time, as Luna taught her to not focus too much on one spot. After another twenty five minutes, Luna wasn't much closer to cumming, and she could tell Riley was becoming disheartened.
"I can't do this!" Riley exclaimed weakly, "I'll never be able to make you cum…"
"Hey!" Luna retorted, "It's only your first time… How about I work the shaft while you work the head? You're still doing really good, I know you could get it on your own if you kept going. But if you want to speed it up, that would probably help."
"I just want to make you feel good…" Riley confessed softly.
"I feel great!" Luna responded enthusiastically, "Just because I haven't cum yet doesn't mean you aren't doing a good job. Doesn't it feel good when I touch you before you cum?"
"Yeah I guess that's true." Riley agreed quietly.
"Now come on," Luna encouraged with a smile, "You'll get better as you learn, but for now, let's finish this together."
"Okay." Riley responded somewhat demoralized from her perceived defeat.
Luna reached out and grabbed her vascular hardon in both hands, quickly wetting them with her lube.
"Watch what I do, as you rub the head, then we can switch and you can try it out." Luna instructed.
Riley nodded as the two began to work her massive dick. Riley watched Luna's actions attentively, analyzing every aspect as she continued to twist and rub around her swollen head. Luna humped the air, slightly fucking their hands as she made long strokes along her shaft. The room was once again filled with the sloppy, sticky sounds of masturbation, as they mutually brought Luna closer to orgasm.
Luna was in heaven. She worked her shaft expertly as Riley massaged her head, admittedly somewhat ineptly. She didn't mind in the slightest though, as she could tell Riley desperately wanted to please her. It was the thought that counted, and she knew she was trying her best. After another twenty five minutes of frantic stroking Luna suggested they switch.
Riley quickly grabbed her at the base, eager to imitate Luna's performance. Riley impressed Luna as they returned to jerking her large phallus. She had been paying close attention, and she was now doing a much better job than before. She was applying almost the perfect amount of pressure, as her hand squeezed her cock on the up stroke and loosened on the way back down.
She twisted her hands along the slippery shaft in alternating directions, causing Luna to start to tremble. Riley was entirely focused on relieving Luna of her cum and her determination was manifesting itself in a nearly flawless handjob. She was a fast learner, and with Luna working her head, she could feel her cum rising as her climax grew near. Luna furrowed her brow as she now tried to hold back her imminent orgasm.
"That's… amazing." Luna said between breaths, "I'm really….close."
Riley's eyes remained focused and her lips curled upwards into a smile as she began to work her even faster, re-energized by her new success.
"Riley…" Luna stated somewhat frantically, "I'm… gonna cum."
Luna let go of the tip of her dick as she tried to get up from the bed. She knew her load would be massive, and she didn't want to get her bed or her sister covered in cum. Riley stopped her however, quickly shoving her hips back down to the bed, before returning her grasp to her cock. She stroked her furiously for a moment before pouncing onto her tip with her mouth, and quickly wiggling her tongue across her opening.
This sent Luna over the edge, and she grabbed the base of her dick as she felt it swell another inch. She didn't think Riley could take her whole load in her mouth, and she was surprised to see her even attempt it, but at this point it was too late. Luna pumped her hips with each wave of orgasm, sending rope after rope of hot, white cum deep into Riley's mouth. She watched through squinted eyes as her mouth quickly bloated full of semen.
Her eyes widened as she took the unexpectedly massive load. Cum spurted from around her mouth as she tried to keep up with the remarkable flow, swallowing what she could. Luna watched as Riley did an impressive job, swallowing probably 90 percent of her ejaculate. What she didn't swallow, dripped down the side of her cock and drooled into the folds of her pussy. Luna noticed Riley's eyes roll upwards as she began convulsing, still latched onto her tip.
Riley twitched and jerked as she continued to guzzle mouthful after mouthful of her semen. After a blissful 30 seconds, Luna felt her climax subsiding and Riley was able to slow her frantic gulping. Riley remained attached to her penis as her own climax came to an eventual end. She disconnected her plump lips from Luna's tip with a pop, stings of white cum reaching between her mouth and her cock. The two sat in silence for a moment as they caught their breath.
"That was so much cum!" Riley exclaimed softly, wiping the remnants of cum around her lips into her mouth, "I almost swallowed it all! Aren't you proud of me?!" She beamed confidently.
"That was the hottest thing I've ever seen." Luna confessed.
Riley smiled, proudly receiving her compliment. Luna's cock began to soften as she came down from what was likely her most powerful orgasm to date.
"Did you… cum too?…" Luna asked curiously.
"Maybe…" Riley said with a cute, innocent smile.
Luna looked down to see both of their pussies were gushing discharge. So much for keeping the bed clean, she thought to herself.
"Sorry…" Riley said, retaining her innocent smile and demeanor as she followed Luna's gaze to the mess she was making.
"That's alright." Luna sighed with a smile; she didn't actually mind. "Well I need to go clean up." She continued as she started to get up again.
"Oh! I can do it!" Riley said, pushing her back to the bed again.
Luna watched as she slurped up the cum that had dribbled into her pussy. The involuntary cunnilingus was so stimulating her cock immediately re hardened. Riley then licked from the base of Luna's penis all the way to the tip as she hungrily cleaned her with her tongue.
After a few minutes of slurping and licking, Riley had consumed her entire load, even applying a light amount of suction to the dick hole, sucking out what hid inside. She seemed like a lost, dehydrated hiker, finding water for the first time, as she ferociously gulped down her seed.
"Damn that's hot." Luna insisted.
"It just tastes so fucking good." Riley panted, catching her breath from her frantic drinking.
"Well… It only seems fair to return the FAVOR!" Luna said, suddenly flipping Riley onto her back.
Luna easily overpowered Riley, who yelped playfully as she was tossed onto her back. Luna wasted no time undressing Riley and spreading her legs. Luna Wrapped her strong arms around Riley's thighs, her face only inches from her hairless pussy. Riley watched and trembled as Luna took in the glorious smell of her scent. Her vagina was oozing discharge, and Luna watched as it dripped down onto her asshole.
She quickly stuck out her tongue, connecting with Riley just below the asshole. She dragged her tongue up collecting what liquid she could as she made her first pass. She savored the taste and Riley squirmed as her tongue flicked over her tight asshole and puffy outer lips. Riley's vibrating informed Luna that she was very close to another orgasm. She promptly darted her tongue into the fold of her vagina, exploring Riley with her tongue for the first time.

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