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tagIncest/TabooLust at First Sight Bk. 01 Pt. 03

Authors note.
What a year 2020 was. I can't say this year has started off any better. But we can only go forward. I'll keep this short and let you get into the action.
Thank you all for being patient with me. And thank you for the emails showing your support for myself and my family throughout the later part of last year. I hope you all had a good Christmas and New year.
Peace out. Stay safe.
P.S Harem sisters part 17 isn't far behind.
Chapter 11
My heart raced as I took the empty seat across the table from Amanda. I had been expecting this conversation ever since the night we kissed. The fact that she had seemed so chill the day after made me believe she hadn't remembered our drunken make-out session on the steps to my flat. Or that it didn't bother her. But the tremble in her hands, the tone of her voice, and the look of freshly wiped away tears on her cheeks told me otherwise.
"Amanda…" I started to say, but she cut me off.
"I'm sorry Nick."
I stared blankly at the black-haired beauty sitting across from me as he refused to make eye contact.
"What do you have to be sorry about?" I asked.
"What I did was wrong. I have a boyfriend and I shouldn't have kissed you," she said. "And…you're my brother."
"It's as much my fault as it is yours," I replied, trying to calm her down. "I kissed you back."
"But you're our guest here," she pleaded. "I shouldn't have put you in a position like that. I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you. Coming to a new country and trying to fit in with sisters you never knew you had."
"It can't be easy for any of us," I reached over and took her hand in mine. Thankfully, she didn't pull away. "This isn't exactly a normal situation."
"It's not the same for us. We knew you existed. Somewhere," she said, squeezing my hand a little. "I knew I had a brother out there and I couldn't wait to meet him one day. I just didn't expect…"
My heart thumped heavily in my chest at her words. I wanted nothing more than to take this beautiful woman in my arms and console her. But I guessed that might make things worse considering the current topic of conversation. Several seconds of silence passed.
"Didn't expect what?" I asked, almost in a whisper.
"You," she said, finally meeting my eyes. "I'm so messed up."
"You're not messed up," I said reassuringly.
"Really?" she almost laughed. "You look just like Dad. That alone should put you in the 'off-limits' section of men. But instead I go falling for you the second I see you."
I wasn't sure how to respond to her admittance of how she felt. The moment I saw Amanda it felt like I'd met my soulmate. She was everything I ever dreamed of in a woman. Only she had to be my half-sister. I had developed similar feelings for my other siblings during my short time in Australia. But nothing could top the heart-stopping image of Amanda that day.
"I feel the same way," I said softly. "Since the first time I saw you. I don't know what it is. But…you're special."
I had averted my gaze as I spoke—not game enough to meet her eyes—but when I looked up, our eyes locked. Her beautiful blue orbs gazed into mine for what felt like an eternity. Fresh tears threatened to disturb her beautiful eyes as we lost ourselves in the moment.
I loved this woman. There was no denying it.
"We can't."
The words hit home like a cricket ball to the nuts. I felt my stomach drop as her hand left mine. I sat frozen in mind and body as I watched my perfect woman rise to her feet and take a step away from the small table.
"I'm sorry, Nick. But…we can't," she repeated as if she were trying to convince herself. "Dinner will be ready shortly."
I watched in silence as she turned to leave. I begged whatever gods there were to make her look back, just once. But not once did she even hint at glancing over her shoulder. I screamed at myself to get to my feet and go after her. But somehow, I knew that would be the wrong move to make. It could make things worse. Not that I was sure that could happen right now.
I chain-smoked another two cigarettes before finally mustering the courage to head down to the house. Dinner would be served by now, and I had to face the music. I was determined to not let the issues between Amanda and myself affect the rest of the family.
Dinner was challenging. Both Amanda and I did out best to keep things as normal as possible. The last thing that this family needed was a rift because of us. Mel gave me a few curious looks before shifting her gaze back to Amanda. She knew something had happened and would probably question me about it sooner rather than later. The petite, white-haired girl scared me a little with how protective she was of her sisters. She was also the only one who knew the entire story. But she was also the only one I could think of to talk to about the shitstorm I had created.
Erica spent most of the meal eye-fucking the shit out of me from across the table. The dribble of sauce on her chin was most definitely left there on purpose until I looked her way. When she licked it off with a practiced lap of her enticing tongue, blood shot to my penis immediately.
Throughout the entire dinner, sweet Emily was oblivious to everything. She chatted with the entire table about the day we had spent together and what she was looking forward to—and not—about going back to university. She flashed me a few smiles when our eyes met, and I tried my best to act as normal as possible.
I excused myself as soon as I was done eating—not even bothering to offer to help clean up—and retreated to the small sanctuary of my flat. At least here I could clear my head and think about what I should do next.
The logical solution for me was to try and find a place of my own so I could distance myself from my sisters and the roiling emotions I felt for them. I sat on my couch as the TV ran in the background, sorting through my thoughts. Maybe Amanda was right. I knew I loved her, and I could tell she felt the same way about me. But it wasn't right. Nothing I was doing with my newfound sisters was right. There were plenty of girls out there for me to meet, date and fuck. Why did I have to get such a hard-on for the ones that I'm not supposed to? It could be the allure of something forbidden. But that had never really appealed to me in the past. I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts, I didn't hear the door open.
"Hey, Nick. Are you okay?"
I turned my head to see Emily standing in the open door. Once again, she seemed to be wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt.
"Not really," I sighed.
"Can I do anything to help?" she asked, closing the door and sliding over to sit beside me.
"Probably not," I replied.
"Well. I can try," she smiled, then kissed me on the cheek.
Emily's arms wrapped around me and I felt her t-shirt clad body slide up against mine. The feel of her body was intoxicating, and I wanted to drink her in until I passed out from the sheer pleasure of being in her presence.
"I can't wait to sleep next to you again," she said in a soft whisper. "You make me feel safe."
I knew Emily wasn't trying to be seductive—it just wasn't in her character—but damn was she giving Erica a run for her money. I was rock hard in seconds, and I wanted nothing more than to tear that useless t-shirt away and explore her naked body. I wanted…no, I needed to kiss, touch and lick every part of her body. I wanted to enter her as I heard my name upon her lips.
I was losing control of the situation. Amanda was right, I couldn't do this. Especially with Emily.
With more willpower than I thought I could ever possess, I gently pried Emily's arms from around me and put a healthy distance between us.
"I'm sorry, Em. We have to stop," I said, unable to meet her eyes.
"But…" she replied softly. "We aren't doing anything wrong."
My heart stopped at the hurt in her voice. But I stood my ground. "I'm your older brother. I'm actually the eldest in the family. I shouldn't be taking advantage of you like this."
I waited several moments before being able to lift my eyes and look at the most innocent of my siblings. She was kneeling on the couch, her hands folded in her lap, hanging her head.
"I understand," she replied softly. "I'm sorry."
Emily jumped to her feet and dashed for the front door. I thought I heard a muffled sob as she ripped the door open and darted out into the night. The screen door slammed shut behind her, and I was suddenly left feeling like I'd been given a back massage by a herd of cattle in a pasture full of shit.
"Fuck me," I whispered to myself, then shut the TV off and headed for bed.
I must have been lying in bed for nearly an hour before I heard the front door open again. I started to wonder if maybe Emily had come back to yell at me for being an asshole, or maybe Amanda had come to change her mind. A lot of good that would do now that I'd just crushed Emily's feelings. Then I remembered Erica.
The last place I wanted to be when the seductive vixen found me was lying in bed. I highly doubted I could control myself if she sauntered in here and climbed into bed with me. I quickly pulled a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on before making my way to the living room. What I saw made me wish I were still waiting in bed for my sister's late-night visit.
Erica stood in my living room wearing a black crop-top that looked to be several sizes too small, and a tiny G-string that looped over her wide hips. Her thin waist, flat stomach and smooth legs looked incredibly enticing. But it was the subtle purse of her lips and smouldering look in her blue eyes that could make a eunuch hard. A small leather choker with a single silver ring encircled her flawlessly smooth throat and completed her minimalistic outfit.
I knew what I needed to do. But I wasn't happy about it one bit.
"I've been waiting all day for this," Erica said, sauntering over to me.
I stood in a trance as I watched her gracefully cross the short distance between us. One leg in-front of the other as her hips swayed with an exaggeration of her movements. Erica stopped less than a metre away from me and ran her hands up her thighs, over her hips and along her stomach until they reached her heavy breasts. She was quite obviously not wearing a bra, and I nearly burst a hole in my shorts when she gave her tits a firm squeeze.
"Erica…" I started to say, but she spoke over me.
"I bet your hands feel much better," she cooed, running her hands along her body. "You can do whatever you want to me, Nick."
I was fighting a losing battle with my own willpower. I was so horny that I just wanted to forget that this wet dream made flesh was related to me and spend the whole night exploring her body and fucking her senseless. I knew it would be amazing. Erica knew it too. But there would be consequences. Amanda had already planted the seed of doubt, and Emily had already been hurt by my refusal for something as simple as sharing a bed. It would be cruel to take Erica to bed after having done that to her.
"We can't do this," I said with a heavy sigh. "I'd like you to leave so I can get some sleep."
The look of shock was plain on the gorgeous woman's face. She had come up here expecting a night of mind-blowing sex—after earlier today, I couldn't fault her for it—and now I was turning her away. This would make it the third time she'd come to me in the night, only to find me with another girl in my bed the first two times. I can't imagine what she must be feeling right now.
"But…" she stammered. "Earlier you said. . ."
"I know what I said," I closed my eyes, summoning the willpower to follow through. "But we can't do this. I'm your brother. We shouldn't have even toyed with the idea of sleeping together."
There was a deafening stretch of silence as I waited for an outburst from Erica. She was easily the most outspoken of my siblings, and I was expecting her to yell, curse and maybe even throw something at me. She wasn't accustomed to being rejected.
"I understand," she said softly.
I had to process her reply for a moment before I fully registered what she had said. Her tone was quiet, and her words were dejected. I still had my eyes closed—not trusting myself to look at her right now—so I opened them slowly to see the once confident goddess of a woman standing with her arms crossed over her chest and her body drawn in. She was no longer displaying herself to me.
"Erica…" I started to say.
"No," she snapped with a little of her venom. "Nick…just shut up."
There were tears in her eyes now. She looked to have been holding them back, but she could only hold them for so long. The perfectly applied eyeliner now had small rivulets running down her cheeks, and I could see the hurt and rejection in her eyes.
"I didn't know this meant so much to you," I said, taking a step towards her.
"Because I'm just some dumb slut?" she snapped in reply.
"No," I said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "I didn't mean it like that."
"It doesn't matter," she shifted uncomfortably, but didn't move away from my touch. "Guys only want me for one thing anyway. It's just a strange feeling to be dumped before the sex."
"I'm doing this before we make a mistake," I said, not touching on the subject of how she usually dates and dumps guys. There may be more to that story. But it wasn't important now.
"Would it be so bad?" she said, looking me in the eyes. "We could keep it a secret."
"Could you imagine trying to keep something like that from the rest of the family?" I answered.
"I wouldn't be able to," Erica sighed heavily.
I pulled her into a hug, and her arms encircled my waist as she buried her face into my chest. I ignored the feel of her body against mine well enough—the mood really had been killed—and just focused on comforting my sister.
"Can I stay with you tonight?" she asked with a muffled voice.
"I'm not sure that's a good idea," I replied, although it did sound nice.
"Let me get changed and it'll be easier," she said, wiping her cheeks.
I pushed Erica out to look her in the eyes. I saw the real girl behind the make-up, expensive clothes and bitchy attitude. I saw my sister for the first time. And I felt my heartbeat quicken for her.
"It isn't the clothes you wear. Or don't wear. You'd look amazing in a potato sack," I laughed.
"I'll have you know, I can totally rock a potato sack," Erica replied with a small smile. "It's about how you modify it."
"Noted. But it isn't what you wear or how you wear it. It's what's up here," I tapped on her temple gentle. "That makes you who you are and irresistible to me."
"Are you sure you don't want me to blow you?" Erica asked with a serious look. "Because that's about the nicest thing a guy has ever said to me and I think it deserves a reward."
I couldn't help but chuckle at her—what I hoped—inappropriate timing for humour. Or maybe it was appropriate. We both seemed to find it funny and it had lightened the mood.
"I'll have to pass," I shook my head. "But thank you."
"Your loss," Erica shrugged.
I was glad to see her back to her normal self. Well…at least as normal as she could be. My family had some issues, but I loved them.
"Sooooo?" Erica asked after a minute had passed. "Can I stay with you? I could really use the company."
I mulled it over for half a minute as I weighed the risks and consequences of sharing a bed with Erica. I was somewhat sure I could keep my hands to myself during the night—I was quite tired already—and it was just two adults sharing a bed. I'd sent Emily away earlier for wanting the same thing, so I kind of felt bad about considering letting Erica stay. But we'd both gone a lot further in the short time I'd been here. Cutting it off so abruptly with Emily was a good way to stop it from getting any worse before I could end it. Maybe something as simple as sharing a bed might help put the brakes on whatever this was between Erica and myself.
"Okay," I nodded. "But you have to get changed."
"I thought you said it wasn't what I wore?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.
"It isn't," I smiled, shaking my head. "But that definitely won't help me sleep."
"Okay," Erica grinned. "But you have to keep your shirt on too. If you go topless, so do I."
"Deal," I nodded.
I tore my eyes away as Erica left through the front door to go and change. Trying to fight the image in my head of our naked bodies entwined in my bed during the middle of the night. Maybe a cold shower was a good idea before bed.
Knowing I didn't have much time before Erica would return, I stripped off and jumped in the shower, leaving the water on cold. I shivered my way through a quick scrub down and was out of the shower in record time. The icy water had done the job of cooling my blood, but it had also banished any vestiges of sleep from my mind.
"Better than a perpetual boner," I muttered to myself as I dressed.
Erica was just re-entering my flat as I left the bathroom. Her hair was tied into a neat ponytail and she had changed into baggy black t-shirt and grey sweatpants. Her figure was concealed by her new outfit, but nothing could banish her natural beauty.
"Ready for bed?" she smiled.
"Yeah," I nodded.
It took us a few minutes to get situated on the large bed, so we were both comfortable. I opted to sleep with my back to Erica to minimize the chances of any hanky-panky in the middle of the night. We had agreed to just share the bed, but I had a feeling her libido was playing up just as much as mine was and I didn't think it would take much to rip away the flimsy barrier of restraint.
This was such a bad idea.
"Nick?" Erica spoke softly in the darkness.
"Thank you."
Even with our backs to each other, I could feel the warmth of her body. I felt frustrated that I couldn't feel her skin and frustrated at myself for feeling that. Sleep came, but it was a long time of staring into the darkness.
I wasn't sure how long I had slept for—I had no idea what time it was when we went to bed, let alone when I actually fell asleep—but it was still dark outside when my eyes flickered open. A quick glance out the window showed a sliver of sunlight on the horizon as the dark sky slowly began to brighten into early morning.
Back home, I would often wake with the rising sun and get a jump on my tasks for the day. Since coming to Australia, I had become lazy. Sleeping in and laying about the house most of the time. I hadn't been here for even a week, yet I felt like I could be doing so much more with my time. Maybe the reason I was trying to fuck my family members daily was because I was cooped up in the house. I needed to release some stress and energy.
Erica was still fast asleep—snoring softly—so I was able to slip out of bed easily without waking her. She lay sprawled on her back, the covers kicked off. Her oversized shirt had ridden up her stomach, and her sweatpants had slid down her hips. The combination left me with a sight that nearly broke my resistance once more. Her shirt had bunched up under her breasts, giving me a peek at the swell of her under-boob that teased her perfection. Along with an unobstructed viewing of her smooth figure, right down to the top of her visibly hairless mound. By the looks of it, Erica hadn't worn any underwear.
I let my eyes drink her in for a minute before tearing them away. I had seen her in far less—even in the nude—so I wasn't sure why this was so appealing to me. Feeling frustrated once more, I quickly changed into a pair of shorts and a fresh t-shirt before I pulled on my running shoes—grabbed my wallet and keys—and quietly left my flat to go for a morning run.

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