Lust in the Family Pt. 01

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tagIncest/TabooLust in the Family Pt. 01

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.
Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

Kao smiled at Fyr over the breakfast table, the dragoness that everyone there knew was his sister, even though he wished, a little, that he had kept that to himself. Hindsight was an interesting thing but not one that always benefitted a dragon in the moment, which was a shame. After finishing college, he'd moved in with his red-scaled sister, the two of them pretty much progressing through the tail end of their schooling, as adults, together.
Their relationship, however… Well, that was something else entirely. That was a story told in how Fyr leaned over him from behind, sliding her paws down his bare chest towards his loose house pants. The dragoness giggled, mischief in her eyes, yet it was nothing sweet or innocent that she was going for there but something saucy, her fingers tickling the shape of his cock, the outline showing through his clothing. Kao rumbled a growl, leaning back against the hard wood of the kitchen chair, though that was not enough to stop his cock from rising.
They were mated but no one knew and, well, it was not something that could be legally done between siblings, even though they had grown to consider it as something perfectly normal for the two of them. Sure, they'd had their fair share of experimentation as their bodies matured and even taken boyfriends and girlfriends, on and off, at times, though the siblings had always found themselves drawn back to one another. If it was meant to be, it was meant to be, and neither of them was going to complain about that as they moved in together.
Everyone said it was sweet that they were staying close and helping each other out in their early twenties, finding their feet and place in the world, but they knew better. He had a good job and she was sorting herself out, unsure which direction she wanted to take, though their laid-back personas at the very least allowed them to push on into a life that suited them both.
However…there were still secrets held there. The siblings knew everything, what they had done with their respective parents when they had still been living with them, before Kao had gone off to college to join Fyr there. They'd been of age, of course, but even they'd known the social taboo and stigma of mating with family, even though that had not stopped Fyr from fucking her father and Kao doing the deed with his mother. The parents, to their knowledge, were none the wiser as to what went on when they were under the same roof and the siblings had kept it that way, as much as telling the stories of their last kinky times together got the other hornier and hornier.
"Remember when we had dad around here?" Fyr murmured, Kao's cock in her paw, thick and throbbing. "He snuck into my room after he thought you were sleeping… He never knew you were watching us screw from the door."
Kao rumbled a growl, cock twitching as a drop of thick pre-cum bubbled up from the tip.
"And mom… I went to that hotel with her last. There's still more pictures from that I haven't shown you…"
"Oooh, you've been holding out on me!"
Fyr didn't wait for her brother to find the pictures to show her, sitting in his lap right there at the kitchen table, although their ground floor flat looked out onto the street outside. They were looking into renting the next floor up too or even buying the place, if they could put some aside, for they were fortunate to be living in a not too expensive of an area. Their grandparents had given them a good start in life too, which they were grateful for. It would mean too, of course, that more space would decrease the number of noise complaints from the neighbours…
She rode his cock as if she had nothing else at all to do that day, moaning out loud over and over as she rocked her hips, grinding onto his cock with her jaws hanging agape. Fyr's head spun luxuriously as she clung to his shoulders, claws biting into his scales without drawing blood, though the twinge of pain had her brother snarling. A dragon's jaws were large, fearsome, but she leaned into it again, longing for the claiming bite of his teeth. So much more than a nip too, of course, something that let her know well and truly who she belonged to, completely and irrevocably.
However, they did have something to do and there was more than one reason that they were suddenly there chatting about their parents and all the times that they had enjoyed with their respective parent before. Although they still had work for the Thursday and Friday that were left of that week, they had their parents over for some time: a long-weekend that promised some fun. It would be the first time in a long time that they had had both Sasha and Orrix over at the same time (schedules didn't always match up) instead of visiting their parents together for the holidays, which promised interesting results from the get-go.
Even then, Fyr licked her lips and imagined her father's dark-skinned cock plundered her, squeezed within her tight pussy. Would he realise that she had been doing Kegel squeezes just for him? Kao had already reaped the benefits of that… It would be good to see her family again but it was the stories that they both gained from such times that were the most special to her. There was more than met the eye and so much lust lingering beneath the surface that it was a wonder that anyone could dip into it without being swallowed up whole.
She got off work that day earlier than Kao, skipping a little as she darted through the little communal garden space of the block of flats. They were fortunate that it was a rather small block and led to little noise transferring between the flats themselves, a small community that she had grown to love, even if her heart longed for bigger open spaces and even more room to breathe. She'd talked to Kao about moving out to the country but, alas, their college skill sets and what they had learned had not yet set them up for that kind of life and work, something that had to be shelved, at least for the time being. But, maybe one day, she would realise her dream.
Her parents' car was already parked outside and she shivered, scales feeling as if they were lifting and itching.
Keep it cool now…
Of course, she could not pounce her father straight away but the mere proximity of him in her flat (they had a key, of course) had her breath catching, chest a little tighter in anticipation of all that was to come. She could hear them talking as soon as she stepped in the door and barely stopped as she kicked it closed behind her, running to the kitchen.
"Dad! Mom!"
She flung herself into their arms as if she was just a little dragon all over again, although those times had long passed. She was a fully-grown dragoness and her father was still a bit taller than her, even though she was eye to eye with Sasha, her mother. Her mother and Kao were like for like, blue-scaled and dominating in appearance, though it was her mother's smile that softened her features, dark horns reaching back as if they wanted to give her muzzle space. Her father was darker in shade and where she had gotten her yellow stripes from, though he was pure black otherwise, a frill between his horns that was reminiscent of the ones on either side of Fyr's head instead of horns. She was the only one in the family without horns, something that she had been teased about (by them) when she was younger, but she was proud to be just a little bit different, her own dragoness in her own way.
Orrix held his daughter a little tighter than was strictly necessary for a family hug but no one would notice except for Fyr. Greetings were exchanged as if the three of them had never been apart but he would not have been wrong in saying that Fyr stood a little closer to him than she did to Sasha. It was as if his daughter already wanted to be with him and the drake cleared his throat, shifting back as much as his body wanted to lean in towards her. Once, he had tried to stop mating with his daughter, seeing the wrong in what he was doing — but it was too hard, even for a seasoned drake like him, to see it as all that wrong when all he felt was how goddamn right it was too.
"Kao's going to be back at five, I think, he's leaving early," Fyr said, briefly filling them in on the plans. "He's talking about going to see that new zombie flick tonight but I don't really think it's for me… Do you still like that sort of movie, mom?"
It was as staged as anything could have ever been and Orrix suppressed a smirk as his daughter set things up perfectly. Sasha was the only one in the family with the same tastes as Kao and that would get them out of the house ideally for some fun and personal time with his daughter. Any guilt he felt about what he was, even then, planning to do, was squashed as he shared a chat and a few cups of coffee with his daughter, the tips of their tails idly brushing under the table.
When Kao came home, the look he gave Fyr hustled things along. Something or the other was said all in a rush about the movie being on at an earlier time than expected and he practically ran out the door to see the flick that, undoubtedly, neither of them were going to end up watching. Sasha chuckled softly, dragging him back even as he grabbed at her wrist, her eyes twinkling. Age gave her patience that her son was yet to gain for himself, even though she was quite sure that she wanted just the same thing as he did.
"Patience, Kao… But do you really want to go see this movie too?"
He smirked and kissed her, daringly, even while they were still sitting outside the apartments, Sasha moaning into her son's muzzle as their lust grew. Too long, yes: it had been too long. And everyone knew what happened between dragons when it had been too long since their last time together, sexual fervour curdling and stewing. Eventually, it had to erupt in one way or another.
Sasha's tongue twined around Kao's, tangling luxuriously, their need rising more and more, a moan shared between them threatening, even then, to devolve into something kinkier still. She trembled, wings trying to lift, but there was not room enough in the car for her to truly expend her lust for her son in the way she wanted to, his fit, lightly muscular body sending a delicious trickle of a shiver down her spine.
No… No, the movie would be the perfect cover. Yet the fun between them could come after too.
Fyr, however, was far from idle while Kao and Sasha were out of the house. When she'd told her father that they could get something to eat while Kao and Sasha were gone, Orrix had not quite expected to be "sixty-nining" his daughter on the sofa, her on her back with his cock thrust into the back of her maw. His muzzle buried itself between her thighs, a dragon's tongue the perfect tool to slurp out and please her pussy, winding its way deep up inside her until it even came up against her innermost barrier.
Fyr groaned deep in the back of her throat, though his cock was there to muffle it. It was not surprising to her that there had hardly been any conversation between her and her father before they'd got down to business, for there would be plenty of time to talk about other things when they were all together again. His cock was the greatest aphrodisiac to her (well, perhaps other than her brother's dick), something that she yearned for, even dreamed of at times. Maybe it was the taboo nature of it all, despite fucking her brother practically every day — that had become the norm in the end.
Her father was still the forbidden fruit that she lusted for, moaning around his cock as his hips rocked, still being too gentle with her. Didn't he know by then that she liked it rough? He couldn't be too touch with her, she was sure, and she dug her fingers urgently into his glutes, wanting the entire length of his meaty girth rammed into her mouth, her jaws parted wide to accept his gift.
Not that the drake was idle either, tongue curling up inside her as waves of pleasure coursed through him. Already, the need to cum slunk up on him but he could not allow it to the forefront of his mind just yet — not when there was so much lust to take. He needed his daughter more than he could bear to admit, his cock aching, head spinning, back tensing as if it was about to lock up and yet could not when his arousal was so great.
Deeper… He lost himself in the moment, growling into her cunny as his tail lashed, knocking a lamp off the side table, though neither of them stopped to worry about it. It would not matter as orgasm pushed more and more urgently up on him, his daughter's pussy milking his tongue, flexing and rippling in a way that seemed new and deliberate. He would have to ask her about that later if they had any time for it, her hips pushing up to him as she dug one heel into the sofa cushions and the other into the arm of it, using any and every bit of leverage that she could.
Kao and Sasha were just about having as fun of a time, though the movie theatre had been packed enough that they had not been able to do much more than grope and tease in there. To be fair, it was a movie that both of them wanted to see and sliding his paw up under her shirt sent a thrill through him, the weightiness of her breast clad in lingerie that he longed to rip off her.
"Shush, Kao…"
But he didn't want to be quiet, not when he was busy enjoying himself with her, his paw between her legs, down into her underwear, which felt just as teasing as her bra. Underwear, he had long ago decided, only existed on others so that he could rip it off with his teeth: something that seemed very much in the cards if he could get her to sneak into his room that night. His fingers curled up within her, teasing her G-spot, and Sasha grunted thickly in the back of her throat, clapping a paw over her muzzle to stop her arousal from alerting the other dragons there as to just what was going on.
No one there would know who they were but the lust between them was something that had to be soothed and drawn gently out to the surface if both of them were to contain it, in some way. He forced her to orgasm right there while the movie was playing but Sasha had to grunt and groan and hold back her lustful cries somehow or another, her paw the only thing that stopped her from sending them all the way down the entire length of the theatre and further. Kao was unrelenting, driving her on to a second as he rubbed her clit, pressing in, testing just how much her body was ready to take before he made the leap.
Oh… Her head swam. It was probably better for him to take the lead, a little submission rising into play that she had not had the chance to enjoy for so long. Orrix was not a rough lover, not with her, and she wanted to be controlled too, in a way, though she had no fear about her son ever going too far with her. No, that was not the way of him, how Kao was, her trust in him as absolute as it had ever been. His fingers curled up within her and her eyes closed as she fought her way through another climax, trying with all her might to remain as still as possible, trembling violently, even her paws shaking as they gripped the arm of her seat on one side.
She could play dirty too and gripped his cock, using her body as a block as she drew it out of his trousers, his underwear hardly restraining the swollen bulge of it in the slightest. She had to free the monster of it even though it would be too obvious if she dropped her muzzle to swallow the length of his shaft, tail flicking lightly, a growl teasing up in her maw. She had to be quiet though, so as not to draw attention still to what she was doing.
However, things could not come to a head for the drake in the movie theatre as they had for the dragoness and they exited as soon as the movie had finished. It was only their love for that sort of gory flick that had kept them there, arousal colouring their enjoyment of the scenes some and surely leading towards some very interesting dreams later on. Sasha huffed as she tumbled into the passenger seat of the car, feeling like a much younger dragoness of her college days all over again, Kao taking the wheel.
It was better that way as she dipped her muzzle sensually over his cock, not caring with a wicked delight who saw them in the car, even as he drove. She was sure no one would recognise her or Kao and anything that happened, well, surely no one would believe it? It was not something normal and she could have simply been leaning over to get something, if not for her lips pursed around his aching shaft, moaning as she took him deep into the back of her maw.
Kao grunted and groaned openly as she gave him a blowjob he had been longing for, tail curling back around his seat in an effort to contain himself. Yet that was not to be as she tugged along his shaft with her lips, soothing and teasing even as she drew them closer and closer to that delightful head of a high. There was no going back from it as his hind paw inched down a little too far on the gas pedal, trying to find quieter roads as they threw all caution to the air and his cock exploded within her muzzle.
Ropes of seed flooded her muzzle but there was only so much cum he had to give before his lust simmered down, even if his cock was loathe to soften again so soon. No, if he allowed his body to relax a little, he could keep dribbling droplets of cream onto her tongue as she lovingly sucked every one of them down, her need wanting and teasing all the while. He didn't have to let his cock grow soft again with youthly vigour on his side, something that he was particularly proud of and only a little disappointed that he could not advertise.
Pulling up outside the small apartment complex, he opened the door for Sasha and the dragoness giggled as she took his arm.
"Such a gentlefur…"
Of course, he was: just for his mother and his sister. Others did not quite cross the path of his attention in a way that made him pay attention to them, he may have been sorry to say, but that was by the by.
Fyr and dad must be done by now…
However, things were not to be. Years of secrets came crashing down in the blink of the eye as they walked straight in on Orrix with his cock rammed into his daughter's pussy, her backside hitched up over the arm of the sofa while her body fell to the cushions. Fyr was caught mid-moan, her father hunkered down over her, the scent of sex heavy in the air between them.
Kao grinned. The world stopped turning. Sasha's jaw fell open.
"What the fuck, Orrix?"
Sasha shrieked, wings lifted, jaws parted, yet her hammering heart refused to let her move a muscle, everything locked up. What the hell was her husband doing fucking their daughter? Or fucking anyone else for that matter?
What, like you've been doing with Kao?
It's not the same!
The little voice in her head could go fuck itself too as she slowly advanced, step by shaking step forcing her jerky, stiff muscles into motion. Frozen in place, Orrix stilled over Fyr, the dragoness' chest heaving, bare breasts rolling with every gasp she managed to snatch up.
"I can't believe you would do this to me," she hissed, eyes flashing darkly. "My own fucking daughter, Orrix! What do you think you're doing?"
Kao rolled his eyes, stepping up beside her: a much needed dose of reality and perspective for once. As if she had only just noticed him standing there, Sasha blinked and sucked in a deep breath.
"Mom, seriously?"
Orrix blinked, swallowing the lump in his throat as he slowly, shamefully, withdrew his cock from Fyr's cunny. It gleamed with her juices but it was hard for even Fyr to keep the smirk from her lips, knowing what she did about Kao and Sasha. Hell, she'd watched them too from time to time so it was not as if Sasha had a leg to stand on, considering all that had happened over the years. Maybe it was time indeed for the secret to come out, even though she would miss the voyeuristic appeal shared between them, the danger of being caught at any time.

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