Lust in the Family Pt. 02

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tagIncest/TabooLust in the Family Pt. 02

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.
Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

Some years later…
Arm in arm, Fyr laughed, leaning on Kao. Her stomach was already round with another dragon-egg inside her but everyone in their new town only knew them as fiancé and fiancée, not the brother and sister that they actually were, though it was not legal there for the two of them to marry. Still, it helped them keep up the mateship and the bond between brother and sister, the sweetness that had developed between them even as their twenties disappeared into her thirties and her forties.
Of course, more had come to pass between the drake with blue scales and his lover in that time, their parents living far away and yet still visiting them from time to time. Fyr didn't look anything like him with her red scales slashed through with yellow stripes, which only helped their case, though their daughter, Tanisha, knew everything about them anyway. They'd never wanted to hide anything from their daughter, once she was old enough to understand and, of course, of age, the dragoness herself on the verge of going off to college herself. Tan, however, had taken a gap year and Fyr was glad to have her around in the later stages of her pregnancy.
Her scales were a blend of red and blue as if she had been splashed with exotic shades in a rainforest of sorts, though there was much of her mother and her father in her stance. Curvy and yet fit, she took after her father in his passion for sports, though her mother's softness and caring attitude had teased through, forever lingering under the surface in all that she did. There was no following the splash of patterns in her scales, like that of a tie-dye shirt, and she flaunted all that she had to offer, a dragoness who knew she was good and damn well wanted everyone to know it too.
Of course, there was a little more to Tan than met the eye, hesitating before the gender divided bathrooms while her parents sat in the park, Kao helping Fyr to rest while the weight of the egg in her womb became too much for her. She would lay it soon and Tan still wondered if her younger sibling would end up being like her or more conventionally male or female, for it was her personal dilemma that she never quite knew whether she should use the male or the female bathrooms out in public.
She sighed. Best to keep that part of her under wraps. If she wanted to flaunt that she was a hermaphrodite, she'd tell someone but she didn't want fuss and questions when all she had were snappy and snarky answers to toss back at them. That was something that had gotten her into trouble time after time again in school, leaving her glad, at least, that those times were behind her.
She sorted herself quickly in there and returned to the park, the sunshine shining down in midsummer, birdsong in the air. The park was in the middle of the city that they were visiting on a day trip, but it was still nice to get out of the concrete jungle from time to time to enjoy the winding paths, though it still held something of an artificial air to it.
"Do you ever miss living in a busy place like this?" She asked them both, plopping down on the wooden bench beside her parents. "There seems to be so much going on…"
Her eyes cast upwards to where the skyscrapers were visible over the trees but Fyr only chuckled and shook her head.
"No, sweetie, it's nice to visit but that's about it for me. I used to live in a bigger place that where we are now but you're right in that there's always –"
A shadow fell over them, drawing Fyr up short, paws protectively splayed across her belly.
"Oh, aren't you three adorable? And soon to be four!"
An overbearing, matronly dragoness leaned over Fyr, drawing a partner and what seemed to be her younger family along behind her. She pushed her glasses up her silver muzzle, clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, shuffling in even while she was not invited. What seemed to be her daughter tittered and shook her head, mouthing what seemed to be: "I'm sorry." Maybe the older dragoness, in her elderly years, was a troublemaker when it came to intruding on the situations of other families but neither Fyr, Kao or Tan were to know about that.
"When's the little egg due then?" The dragoness said, squinting as she peered through her glasses, muddied with fingerprints. "Oh, it can't be that long now — look how big you are!"
"Mother! You can't say that to random dragonesses! I'm so sorry, ma'am, she always does this…"
Her family tried to tug her away but Fyr's lips were pressed together. Sure, she was not as svelte as she had been in her younger years but there was nothing wrong with her figure. Packing a little extra around the hips and buttocks, anyway, was what Kao preferred.
"Well? Cat got your tongue?"
She was insistent, tipping over them even as her daughter tugged fruitlessly and ineffectively at her sleeve. Kao looked up at her, something snappy lingering in the back of his mouth, debating with himself whether to let it fly, though Tan laid her paw on his arm, eyes innocently wide, staying him.
"I know, isn't it wonderful!" Clapping her paws together, she squealed and wriggled, exuberance oozing from her. "I thought I'd show her the big city before she heads back home — she's my sister-in-law!"
If Fyr had not been trying to keep a calm and collected image, she would have smacked her palm across her muzzle right then and there. As it was, she just about managed to swallow the groan that rose from the back of her throat, though that was more of a trial than it should have been.
Good lord…
"Oh, uh…" The older dragoness stuttered, fumbling for words as her glasses popped off her muzzle. "And, uh… Are you expecting too?"
Tan batted her eyelashes at her, giving her a winning a smile.
"Oh, no… Not yet but I hope to be soon!"
She let that hang in the air between them, the older dragoness' eyes flitting back and forth between the much older drake who was barely keeping a smirk off his muzzle and the excited youngster who barely looked out of school. That was all Tan's giddy glee, however, her teasing demeanour playing out well as she got her mother out of a sticky situation. Seeing another shocked at a potential age-difference relationship with her tongue practically glued to the roof of her muzzle was merely a bonus when it came right down to it, however.
"Yes, we're getting married soon."
Kao put his arm around Tan and pulled her in close in a way that a father would not have usually have touched a daughter. His fingers slid tenderly down her bare arm and the dragoness jumped, a giggle on her lips as she poked him with the tip of her tail.
"Oh, you — stop! You're going to make me blush!"
It was, at least, enough to get their little crowd of nosy onlookers to disperse for the time being, which was all that could be hoped for under the circumstances. Fyr sighed with relief as she was given a little more room to breathe, even though the presence of such a crowd had not helped her rest at all, not as she'd hoped.
"Thanks… But your antics are going to get the three of us in trouble one day."
Tan giggled, brushing her tail familiarly up against her mother's.
"C'mon, mom, I got them to go away, didn't I? They didn't have any right to stick their nose in where it doesn't belong anyway."
"At least you're getting more tactful."
That much was true. Although she was young, she was still learning and learning was all that could be hoped for when it came to a dragoness of Tanisha's age. Tan was fortunate in that she had room to grow and a more open family dynamic than most, especially when certain urges that she had suppressed had finally come to light once she was of age and had had the deepest of them explained to her.
She had her mother's paw in her own before Fyr could blink, gently getting her up and towing her back into the undergrowth. Kao merely watched, a growl in the back of his throat, but he had his phone still to mess around on — and just who was he to get in the middle of some very special mother and daughter time?
Tan laughed out loud as she hid her mother away in the undergrowth, the thicker tangle something that perhaps needed to be groomed. Yet cities did not value their green spaces as much as towns and it was probably the statues and sites of interest in the park itself that were of greater interest to anyone visiting it. She'd heard there was a skate park somewhere around there too but she hadn't brought her board along with her, thus leaving her with nothing to do, at all, but to drop to her knees and slip her mother's maternity shorts down.
"Mm… Tan, now what are you doing?"
But Fyr knew exactly what was going on even as she leaned back against the rough bark of an age-old tree, holding onto a branch as she puffed out breath.
"Relax, mom…"
She couldn't wait any longer, not then, sliding her mother's lacy underwear to the side as her tongue delved into the dragoness' soft and damp pussy. It seemed that Fyr was always horny and ready in the midst of her pregnancy and that was just what had drawn Tan to her right then and there. If her father had been quick enough, maybe he could have dragged Fyr off for some fun that had become the norm in their strange little family too, but Tanisha was a dragoness too with her own needs. She had to satisfy them where and when she had the opportunity to do so.
Fyr groaned, trying to clamp her jaws shut, for she did not know how close she was to other dragons out there. They could have been close, moving by on a path that she could not see, or they could have been far off, leaving them safe to enjoy the pleasures of one another's bodies with no rush to be had. Yet there was no way to know, not even as Fyr's hips rose, thrusting and grinding lightly up against Tan's muzzle, as much as her daughter tried to pin her hips back with the flat of her paw.
"Mmmph… Mom…"
She could barely speak with her tongue curled up into the older dragoness' pussy, though Fyr was just as fertile and passionate when it came to sex as she was. Even then, the dragon's pheromones from her pregnancy had infiltrated Tan's nostrils, drinking in the scent of her mother hastily and greedily with short, sharp puffs of breath. She wanted it all, need rising, her cock thickening in her jean-shorts, though that would come in time while she took a moment with her dear mom alone.
The red dragoness' gaze slid back and forth, wondering if they were about to be happened upon at any time, though she had nothing to fear. Kao was there too, though he hid further back, playing the part of the voyeur that he had missed out on when he'd been younger. No, when he was a younger dragon, mostly during his twenties and maybe a bit later than that too, he'd always been the one that was centre-stage, the dragon in the spotlight that everyone had eyes on. Fyr liked to watch too but the passion of adoring a scene playing out before one's eyes could not be denied and Kao was not the sort of dragon to deny himself any kind of pleasure in life when he could greedily take it for his own.
Tan, however, had needs too, letting her mother turn around on shaky legs, the weight of her round stomach throwing her off. Once the egg was laid, everything would be easier, but no one was sure as yet whether the egg in her was Kao's or Tan's, considering how often she had taken her daughter's cock too. That was the delight of having a family like theirs, never knowing what surprises lay around the corner, as Tan chuckled warmly, her paw running down her mother's back even as she freed the black beast of her cock.
Her sheath pulled naturally back from her cock as she pressed it up to her mother's exposed pussy, heat flushing through the dragoness, wanting her mother all the more. It only took a smooth thrust of her hips to fill the older dragoness, though she needed to hastily shush Fyr when she threatened to moan a little too loudly.
"Mm, mom, quiet… You're going to get us caught!"
But Fyr was not to be stifled as she cried out again, a rustle in the bushes entirely bypassing her attention. Thankfully for the two of them, however, it was only Kao and Tan grunted, trying to keep thrusting even as her father guided her mother down to all fours. Her knees would tangle around her knees, making it harder for Tanisha to keep thrusting, but that was a small price to pay considering that he had the perfect tool already out and in his paw to stuff Fyr's maw.
The dragoness eagerly accepted the treat of her brother and lover's cock into her mouth, moaning around him, the sound more muffled. Of course, that meant that Kao was no longer keeping watch but that was by the by when they were so sure that they would not be discovered — as long as they were quick about it. Filled from both ends at once, Fyr moaned, wriggling her hips, the ridges on Tan's cock pressing even deeper, thrusting and grinding. Already, she felt the tenor of her orgasm pushing urgently on the back of her mind, demanding attention that she could not give it when she was so busy trying to lap and swirl her tongue luxuriously around the cock in her mouth. The ground amongst the trees was still earthy and damp despite the warmth of summer, seeping into her jeans where they pressed down into it. Fyr moaned. She didn't have it in herself to care, not when she needed a cock in her that badly — more than one cock, even!
Kao snarled softly in the back of his mouth, thrusting and humping, driving into the back of her maw with the confidence that came from breeding his lover so many times over. Their times together had started long ago and left him with intimate knowledge of Fyr and how her body worked, even though so much had changed and developed between them over the years. Still, the feel of her how maw closing around him was just the same, driving his need into a passionate, flickering fervour of a flame, tail lashing and striking a tree as his need rose.
He could not deny himself and would not deny himself, locking eyes with Tan in a silent challenge as the two of them ramped up the speed of their thrusts. Whoever would cum first could get first dibs on Fyr when they were home again and neither was about to miss out on that, Tan huffing and grunting, redder in the face than usual and struggling to keep her cries under control.
"What's the matter, Tan?" Kao teased, though it was hard for him to force the words out through a groan. "Need…ah…too much for you?"
It was indeed as she crashed over the edge, shortly followed in the next breath by her brother, though he tipped forward far enough to capture her lips in his own, stifling her cries. It would be up for debate as to which of them had won that round but it was never about winning or losing between them when her passions were there to be explored, experimented with into sweet growth. For there was so much more for a young soul like her to learn and see in the world and it was her family that was best-placed above all else in her world to show her the way and what she may delight in.
"Come on, darling, quickly now…"
Kao broke the kiss with whispered words, fingers tracing a line down around his daughter's cheek for a moment longer than necessary. The embrace was brief but there was meaning behind it and Fyr was left to hustle to re-dress herself, though Kao and Tan laughed softly as they helped her back up to her hind paws, offering her an arm each.
"Honestly, you two," she grumbled, though her needs, for the time being, were satisfied, cum lingering in the back of her muzzle. "You're really going to get us all caught one of these days, dragging me off out here…"
"You were louder than both of us!"
Still, it was a moment shared between family that could never again be forgotten, not after the first time they had experimented together and everything had progressed on from there. It was only natural for Tan to announce that she was hungry, Kao and Fyr ribbing her about her appetite, and for them to find the famed restaurant in the park that they had already booked a table at. That they were a little late, thankfully, was not an issue and they were seated in a tucked away booth with mother and father on either side of Tan.
Kao's paw, however, was apt to wander, teasing up his daughter's thighs, stroking between her legs where her cock, once again, threatened to push from its sheath. It could not be contained so easily and Tan squirmed in place, biting her lip.
"Unnff… Keep that up, dad, and I'm gonna make you pay for it."
Kao's eyes glinted.
"Oh, and just how would you do that?"
It took all of Tan's strength to stick her tongue out at him instead of moaning out loud.
"I'll…screw your wife in front of you!"
He laughed aloud at that but that was an accessible sound to make in a restaurant, drowning out Tan's moan nicely as he gripped her cock through her clothes. His fingers traced a line lower, finding the span behind her balls where her pussy lay, the soft folds surely already damp and soaking through the dragoness' underwear.
"Kao, don't be so mean with your teasing…"
Fyr shook her head at him but she had no more control over her fiancé or lover — he may as well have been her husband though, which was how Tanisha referred to the two of them publicly — than he had over her. They were both a law unto themselves and Fyr squeaked as Kao's tail slipped up between her legs, teasing both of his "ladies" at once as their appetiser was placed before them by a particularly ill-timed waitress.
"Here you go! Is everything alright for you over here?"
Kao grinned and looked at Fyr.
"Well, is it?"
The dragoness gulped and nodded, blushing heavily as his tail pressed insistently into the indent of her folds.
"Oh, y-yes, everything's lovely, it's fine, thank you, very fine."
Kao chuckled and Fyr leaned over to jab him in the side, though he was at least somewhat trapped by the booth with nowhere to go.
"Honestly, Kao!"
Fyr was well-used to his antics from the years, softening in her pregnancy and merely sitting back and clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth as Tan got her own payback. Her paws were closer to Kao for the art of revenge and she squeezed his thigh just to make him jump as both of her paws delved into his trousers, seeking out his pants and the growing, aching trouser-snake within.
"Mm… Something you've been wanting to play with here, dad?"
She breathed the words in a whisper that only they could hear, not in anyone's direct sight but still enough that they could have been spotted if they were not careful. The younger dragoness' scales itched with an exotic thrill, tickling through, knowing that the risk was all worth it. It made it better, for some reason, to play and to tease where they could have been caught, whether anyone there thought that she was Kao's daughter or his partner, as she had told that nosy old dragoness.
Maybe she would soon have his egg in her womb… Tan shivered. She hadn't decided yet what she wanted to do on that count, but what she did know was that her pussy ached for him already, her cock hard and leading the way to her hot snatch.
Their meal passed, snatched in hasty bites between teasing, though Tan especially was glad when Fyr offered to drive them back home. Being quite a lengthy drive, the aches of the day lay heavily over Tan as she sprawled over the backseat and lounged, a hind paw kicked out of the car as if she was looking to take it all for herself.

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