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Late in the night, to my horror felt the hardness of my son’s penis prodding against my bums! I turned around in bed and shook him, when he opened his eyes I reached between his legs and held his rigid penis in my palm. Holding on to his rigid rod,

“You will end up staining our clothes.”

“Sorry Mommy”. I am very sorry” and tried to roll over.

I stopped him “It is ok baby “Gently squeezing his penis in my palm I continued

“You can take it out and do it against my panties; it won’t be a problem to wash them.”

My baby was too stunned to respond to my shocking offer. Sensing his confusion and hesitation, I pushed my fingers in his boxer shorts and pulled out his hot rigid piece of meat. I lifted my gown above waist rolled over and lay on bed with my ass towards him.

Reaching behind, caught his hot meat and placed it against my ass pulling him closer, and placed his arm across my tummy. Feeling the warmth of his penis through panties against my bums I curled my legs inwards. My son too reciprocated. He cuddled in really close behind me and could feel his hot, quick paced breath on the back of neck.“Absolutely perfect baby” as I pushed my rear-end against his naked cock.

The silent room was filled with sexual electricity tempered by the sounds of our hastened breathing. My wet pussy radiated heat between tightly closed legs and feeling his big hard on bumping against my backside only served to turn me on more.

I lay on bed feeling son’s crotch teasing me! I felt his lips pursed onto neck and the taboo sensation as he kissed me, then again, just below ear, gentle, light and sensual kisses.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the experience — his kisses on neck, the circles he was drawing on stomach with his fingertips … and his huge cock pressing against my ass. He started to grind my butt, pressing and pushing his dick deeper into the fleshy rump. His gyrations picked up speed as well as the pressure and before long my well hung son was dry humping from behind. “Ooooh MMM!”

I was beyond caring that the reason for reaching this state of excitement was my own son. I was overcome with lust and excitement, wanting to feel more of his big cock against naked ass. In desperation I tugged at the silky material of my panties to push it down. Realizing my intent my baby grabbed hold of panties and forcefully pushed it down. The taboo scene in this hotel room was hardly something you would see, a Mother and Son doing together. Mother was laying there with gown hiked up around waist, panties lowered down, gyrating her naked ass against her son’s huge erection.

With my ass now exposed to his penis, he groaned out loud and forced his hips upwards, intending to maneuver his cock in my ass-hole. When he failed he thrust at me with more vigour to maneuver his rod between my tightly closed thighs and wedge it-below pussy. In heightened excitement he cupped my breast and started mauling them.

“Oh baby … Oh this is so wrong … Ohhhh God. Noooo”. I moved away from him and turned around in bed to face him. “You are hurting me. Be gentle baby. Want to play with mommy’s breast, come play with them”, as I opened the gown and released my breasts from the confines. I lifted his head of the pillow and guided it towards my breast. As his lips touched his mother’s breast he opened his lips and closed them around the stiff erect nipple. He started suckling on one breast and with hand fondled the other.

As the excitement grew wetness spread through my pussy. Now was the right time to take the game to its finale. I guided his hand onto my perfectly trimmed pussy. As expected he fumbled around, poking and prodding, until he finally found the vagina. He pushed his middle finger in as far as it would go, and began moving it in and out. I took his hand and guided it “Here Feel that little bump? That is my clit–clitoris.”

His mouth and tongue kept on playing with my nipple as his fingers stimulated the hungry pussy, sliding across the meaty lips, and probing the entrance to sex starved cunt. “Ooooh baby … oh … oh yeah!!!” I clenched her cunt muscles hard around his delving fingers as he plunged them in and out, my juices coating them.

This encouraged him and he thrust deep in pussy, getting faster and harder with each push. I was approaching the point of no return. Smell your fingers and put them in your mouth; taste it.”

“Great!” He sighed, smelling and licking his finger passionately. My husband had never tasted my juice. My brain was A conflict was telling me what we were doing is an illegal behaviour. Must ask son to stop immediately. My moralist and conservative mind was opposing but body seemed to enjoy the game.

“Would you like to taste where it came from?” It was a gamble, a very high risk I was taking. If he was put off by the smell the entire game would lie in tatters. Without taking his lips off My nipple he nodded his head in agreement.

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My panties were just above the knees and hampering movement. I brought my knees towards breasts and eased panties off my legs and held them in place to give him easy access to my now burning hot cunt. Coerced my son to sit between my now spread legs and pulled his head down to my mound. I wanted him to have his own mother. His lips rested gently on the mound, kissed vulva, as I waited with bated breath for his reaction. With a deep breath he inhaled and was immediately intoxicated by the aroma emanating from my cunt.

He traced his tongue over the vulva, and teased the lips open with his wet drooling tongue. He was so eager, it thrilling as I felt for the first time in life touch of a probing tongue over vagina. My body was now completely out of control the immense pleasure I was experiencing was driving me crazy. Son’s tongue was completely buried into my moist depth. I lost all inhibitions and rewarded his piercing tongue with my wetness.

My body started to squirm when his tongue grazed the clit, and licked lips and folds. I pulled on in his hair, arched my back, an shoved my cunt into his face. I groaned hard and deep, feeling my pussy getting covered in his spit and insides clenching, an orgasm not too far away.

His tongue really drove up inside, flicking and licking the wet tunnel.

“Ooh yes … make meee ..aaahhhh..mmm … oooh!” As a deep orgasm erupted inside, I pulled harder on his hair, yanking him in. I squeezed my big thighs against his head and rocked my ass on his face as the cunt juices squirted out like a mini fountain. The juice spray drenched his face- Mother was gushing for her boy!Over the cries of orgasmic ecstasy, I could hear the wet slurping sounds from between my legs as my son never slowed his tongue lashing of pussy.

I thought my cries could be heard down the whole hotel, but at that moment nothing and no-one mattered but me and my son, lost in incestuous lust. I yelled out again as I reached another body shaking orgasm and coated son’s face with more of juices, rocking and grinding as my son feasted on the cunt. Struggling to breathe properly, buried on her cunt, my baby lifted his head to look at my contented face, taking deep breaths of air into his oxygen starved lungs.

I looked lovingly at his face all sticky and gleaming, his lips shiny like he had lip gloss on. Cradling his face in my palms said “Mommy loved it. Will you do it again for me baby.” “Yes” He replied.

With a large smile on my face I lifted myself up from the bed, throwing my leg across his waist and gently coming astride him. His big cock was standing fully erect and stiff and it brushed along the inside of my thigh beforeI sat down and trapped the huge fucker between my legs. He reached up and cupped his hands around my breasts, his eyes fixated on them. Looking down on him, his face still gleaming wet, I wriggled my hips from side to side, causing his dick and his heavy balls to mash against my pussy.

He continued to squeeze the breasts and maul them in his hands.

I held his cock at the entrance to my hole and took a deep breath, ready to sit my pussy right down on it, but he beat me to it. He thrust his hips upwards, lifting me with him and sending his penis deep up my cunt. I felt his thick organ parting the moist lips and easing into my pleasure canal. I felt my soft vaginal muscles engulfing his massive manhood and his piercing monster was buried completely into me, his balls touching cheeks of ass.

My cunt pulsated tightly about his hardness, could feel every thrust of his cock; feel the thump of balls. I wanted to pull him into with all my might, wanted to close my thighs about his hips, scissoring him so that his cock could explore the deepest of my pussy, but couldn’t. I cursed my predicament, as it occurred to me that he was filling the same vagina that gave birth to him. He reached around to my backside and dug his fingers into the meaty flesh of my rump.

That virile and pulsating package felt so big and large, buried to the balls in wet, cock hungry pussy. With me sitting fully on top of it, I knew I would control how much it moved around inside. As I raised my ass up and felt a good few inches of his cock slide out of pussy, then, holding my breath and with force, slammed back down.

I was moaning out loudly as I started to fuck my son’s big dick. I pressedmy hands against his chest and pushed down on him, using the extra leverage to lift pussy further up his length and then smash back down again

My cries got louder as we picked up a steady rhythm. The bed squeaked and creaked as I continued to bounce on son’s big, thick, stick, the loud slapping of our bodies and the lewd sounds breaking the dead of night.

We ceased being Mother and Son; we were Man and Woman, engaged in an act of incestuous love and lust. It was quite a scene. A mother was riding up and down on top of her hunky, son, her rounded backside beating on his flexing thighs as his very large and hard cock stretched and slammed her cunt hole. This dirty mother had her ample tits stuck in his face so he could suck and lick her boobs as they bounced around above him, the loud cries and moans filling the air.