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Maggie suppressed the cry of pleasure that was rising in her throat, raising her head as she looked the length of her body and watched as his cock withdrew slowly before stopping and then being thrust back into her vagina. It felt so fucking good, but she was still shocked at how she had allowed herself to end up in this position.
What had started as a bit of fun and a tease at her sisters fortieth birthday party had got out of hand the longer the evening went on. Her husband was upstairs, passed out in his drunken stupor and the reason for their argument on the way home. Presently, she lay on her lounge floor, her dress up around her waist and her legs akimbo as the handsome young man knelt between her thighs and shafted her.
The evening was never meant to end like this, at its onset, if she had been told that tonight she would cheat on her husband and have sex with someone more than half her age she would have laughed and said that the notion was ridiculous.
As his thick cock filled her passage again, she grasped his buttocks and pulled his groin tighter against her cunt, rubbing her clitoris against his pubic bone. Right up until the point where he had penetrated her, she'd had every chance to stop what they were now doing. She could have told him 'No,' that she was older than he was, that she was married, that all of this was so wrong and a big mistake.
Instead, she had allowed a situation to develop. She had played a game for fun, without considering the consequences of her actions. She had danced with him on many occasions that evening, dragging him onto the dancefloor as her husband refused to leave the bar and she ended up as the consolation prize to his next pint.
The faster pop dances were fine, but the more she drank the less inclined she was to return to her seat when the slower "smoochy" records came on. At first, he had been reluctant to dance with her, their bodies pressed tightly together. But just like her, the more he drank, the less inhibited he became.
As they moved slowly across the floor, she had become aware of something pushing against her belly. Something that felt solid and twitched occasionally as they involuntarily rubbed against each other and in time with the music. At first, she had been aghast as she realised what it was, there was no mistaking her dance partners erection. She put it from her mind until the music finished and she returned to her seat, the young man heading for the bar to replenish their drinks once more.
Maggie had called her sister Carole over, whispering in her ear as together they sniggered like two naughty schoolgirls. As he returned with their drinks, Carole had dragged him onto the dancefloor, giving him no chance to protest. She kept him there long enough for another slow piece of music, pushing her body against his as she danced provocatively, Maggie unable to hide the smirk as she watched her sisters face.
At every opportunity, the two women continued to drag the younger man up to dance. The more Maggie looked at her husband, propping up the bar with her sister's husband, the more sluttish she became. She and Carole whispered and laughed confidentially, as taking it in turns, they commandeered him for the rest of the evening, gyrating suggestively and using each occasion to press themselves against his nether regions.
Caroline had been quick to mention that she had felt the same thing down below, suggesting that the young man seemed to have a truncheon secreted down his pants as she smiled slyly and that he seemed less wary of pressing it against her, the more alcohol he consumed.
Through the smoky haze, Maggie watched her sister swivel her hips once more before taking the young man's hand as the music finished and disappearing through the door that led further into the club and towards the toilets.
They seemed to be a while, Maggie about to head in the same direction with a full bladder when at last, they finally returned. They both looked a little unsteady on their feet, but it was the flushed look of her sisters face that Maggie noted more than anything else as he headed for the bar and Carole made a beeline for her table.
'Fucking Hell,' Carole said, she seemed excited and a little out of breath. 'I kissed him as a joke.' She paused as though unsure whether she should finish her comment. 'He touched me up,' she blurted. 'I don't know what's in his pants, but I'd love to find out.'
'You let him?' Maggie sat opened mouthed as her sister nodded. 'Surely she was kidding,' she thought. He was young, half her sister's age and she had kissed him and let him touch her? But what astonished Maggie and what she couldn't get her head around, was the fact that the young man, Alex, was her sister's nephew and Maggie's son.
Their behaviour that evening had started as a bit of fun. Once they were both aware of his predicament, teasing him had just been a joke. Despite the obviousness that they both seemed to be arousing him, nothing was ever supposed to happen. Never, had she thought, that Carole would actually take things further and do something like that?
Their conversation ended abruptly as Alex returned with more drinks before heading off to the loo. Maggie knew her sisters look, having seen it many times in the past. If Carole's husband had not been stood at the bar, or if she had been single, she would have been inviting Alex back to her house tonight and she would have let him fuck her.
It came as a shock to her system to realise that her sister would be prepared to go to bed with her nephew. The realisation seemed to sober Maggie, especially when she had to acknowledge that she had enjoyed teasing him and that her body had responded each time she danced with him and had felt his erection push against her.
She knew her panties were damp, the result of feeling his shaft pushing against her belly and mound and making her feel randy. She glanced across at her husband again, knowing he was going to be of no use to her tonight.
Alex had returned with more drinks which were quickly consumed as she wrestled with her conscience and what her sister had told her. Despite her misgivings and well on the way to being pissed, she had dragged him up again at the end of the evening as the DJ played more "smoochy" records. With the amount of alcohol in her system, she had been unable to help herself as she enjoyed the feel of his erection once more. She ground her pelvis against it, ecstatic at the sensations coursing through her body. Tilting her head back, she looked into his eyes, the desire within them obvious.
It was her sister's fault, if she had not said anything, then Maggie would not be having her present thoughts. Her son was a handsome young man and if it hadn't been for the fact that he had come from her body, she could quite easily have fancied him. The drinks coupled with her arousal filled her mind with thoughts of a dangerous nature. She closed her eyes as they moved around the floor and suddenly imagined his shaft sliding up inside her fanny as he fucked her, his hands massaging her breasts. The vision was so intense that her eyes shot open immediately, aware of the tiny shiver her body had just given and the fact that she had just partially climaxed.
Words in the taxi on their way home had been strained between Maggie and her husband and as they entered their home, she had watched him stagger up the stairs towards their bedroom. She was ready for bed, but it was not sleeping that presently occupied her thoughts.
What she should have done was follow her husband up the stairs and at the very least, slept in the spare room that night. Instead, and despite all she had drunk, she stayed downstairs with Alex and opened a bottle of wine before putting on some quiet music. After only half a glass, she had dragged him to his feet, pleading with him to dance with her once more.
Despite all the warning signs, she allowed herself to be held tightly, her nether regions registering the fact of her son's burgeoning erection as their lower halves pushed together. She had raised her head from his shoulder, knowing that she needed to say something, when he had kissed her.
Maggie should have pushed him away. She should have told him how wrong his actions were and then scolded him, telling him his behaviour was inappropriate. She should have told him she was his mother and that it wasn't allowed. Surprisingly, she did none of those things, instead, after his first exploratory kiss, she cupped his face and kissed him back, her body feeling instantly aroused.
When Alex's hand moved from her waist and cupped her left tit, she should have slapped it away and put a distance between them. She couldn't help herself as she groaned pleasurably and placed her hand on top of his as she helped him squeeze her breast.
The longer the kiss went on the more intense Maggie's arousal became. No longer were they moving around the floor, they were static now, her hips grinding her fanny against his erection as more gasps and sighs escaped her lips. Her morality had gone out the window, she wanted fucking and even though the person she was about to perform the act with was her son, she conveniently tried to forget as her hand went between them and rubbed sensually at his bulge.
She couldn't recollect how they had ended up on the floor and had only vague memories of removing her tights and panties as Alex pushed his pants and shorts to his ankles. The image that was stuck in her head presently was her first sight of his erect member. It had been many years since she had last seen his penis, she had to think back to when he was a child.
He was certainly a child no longer, at twenty, he was a young man, a young man who she could attest, was certainly well endowed. As he knelt between her thighs, she raised her bottom, pulling her dress up to her waist and exposing her genitals to him.
There was no need for foreplay, she was already hot and wet as she watched his cock approach her and then she let out quite a loud gasp as he sunk his flesh into hers.
With each measured thrust, her vaginal muscles contracted, trying to grip his shaft as it slid the length of her passage. She raised her head, looking the length of her body as he withdrew, paused, and then thrust it up her cunt once more as she resisted the urge to scream.
'Holy shit!' How had she allowed this to happen she wondered for a fleeting moment, before pushing the thought away as his impetus increased. She raised her hips with each penetration, luxuriating in the sensations of her son's cock pounding her wet cunt.
Pulling his head down, she clamped her mouth against his, it was the only way she could think of to stop her calling out as his shaft continued to fuck her fanny.
'Please God, forgive me,' she prayed 'But his cock feels so fucking huge and so fucking good,' she finished silently, aware that her climax was swiftly approaching.
Maggie's fingers went between her legs as she rubbed frantically at her clit, Alex watching her with a gleam in his eye as he began to fuck her faster and faster. She strained every muscle in her body as she stared at him with unseeing eyes and then her body exploded, her orgasm making her soar as she threw her head back and howled as his hot semen filled her cunt.
Afterwards, she was wracked with guilt. 'What had she done?' She instantly felt ashamed as she pulled her dress down and covered herself. Alex had pulled his pants up, making himself decent as they sat side by side on the couch.
The room was silent as they both waited for the other to speak, Maggie unsure as to what she should say. She started to apologise, 'I'm sorry Alex, we shouldn't have done that, I'm to……'
His single word interruption stopped her in her tracks. 'Why?'
'Surely, it was obvious,' she thought to herself. 'I'm your mother!' She voiced.
Again, his one-word answer seemed to interrupt her thoughts. 'So?'
'Surely you can't think it's right that we have just had sex?' She asked, amazed at his reaction to what they had done. 'I'm not supposed to have sex with you, you're my son!' She exclaimed.
'Did you not enjoy it?' He asked as he turned his head in her direction. 'I thought I satisfied you and you seemed to enjoy it' he said dejectedly.
'Fuck! What did she say now?' Did she lie and say that she had not enjoyed their coupling, he would have to be brain-dead to believe that? On the other hand, to admit that she had enjoyed every second of their lovemaking seemed wrong. Despite feeling horrified at her behaviour, something buried deep inside her wanted it to happen again.
'I don't know Alex. Yes, it was good, and you did satisfy me. It just feels so wrong. I don't think it should ever happen again,' Maggie said with her mind in a whirl. 'What do you think?' She asked.
He seemed to take several minutes as though he was trying to pluck up the courage to say what was on his mind. 'I think you should go upstairs and get undressed. I want you to put a robe on and then come back downstairs and I want to make love to you again,' he said defiantly.
Maggie was aghast at his suggestion. Here she was, trying to apologise and saying it should never happen again and there he was, suggesting that she should get naked so that they could have sex once more. Before she could come up with any kind of argument against his proposal, he had closed the distance between them as he cupped her face and kissed her.
It felt different this time, initially, she had been drunk and randy, their previous act had sobered her up and her body had now been satisfied. Nevertheless, his soft kiss and especially as the tip of his tongue traced a line across her lower lip, instantly re-awakened a buzz between her thighs.
Pulling away, she said she was going upstairs, she had never actually promised that she would be returning. Alex followed her up, going into his bedroom to undress as she made her way to her room. Up until that point she had decided, in reality, she wasn't going to return downstairs, hoping a good night's sleep and daylight would put everything into perspective and make her son realise that it was wrong to continue.
It only took one look at her husband sprawled across the bed and snoring like a pig to change her mind. She undressed as quietly as she could, but in his current state, she could have dropped a bomb and Mikey would still not have woken up.
Closing the bedroom door behind her, she made her way to the bathroom and cleaned her teeth, taking a moment as she stood in front of the full-length mirror and opened her gown. At forty-two, she wasn't bad, though not good enough she thought to warrant the attention of someone a lot younger than she was. Her breasts had never been large, as a teenager she had wished that they would grow more and was jealous of her sister who's boobs seemed enormous.
Now she was glad they hadn't, her breasts were still pert, with no discernible sign of any sagging. Turning sideways, she sucked her stomach in. It had been a long time since it had been flat, her slightly rounded baby belly seemed to get a little more pronounced every year now.
Closing her gown, she shivered, not because she was cold, but because she was petrified, her son was going to snigger when he saw her naked.
Making her way downstairs, she found Alex sitting patiently on the couch waiting for her. She wanted to put the lights out but knew that he intended to see her naked. As a compromise, she turned the main lights off and turned on the dim sidelights.
She stood in front of him feeling anxious, scared that he would suddenly realise that undressed, she wasn't quite as attractive as he had maybe imagined. Maggie soon found that she had no reason to worry as he pushed his pyjama bottoms to the floor and sat back waiting for her to sit astride his lap. Her eyes were fixated on his shaft which sprung upwards now that there was nothing to constrain it.
Straddling his hips caused her robe to fall open from her waist downwards, her legs, thighs and especially her fanny on full view. She watched as he glanced down for a second before licking his lips and raising his head to look at her.
Emboldened by his first response, she leaned forward as her lips met his. He was a perfect kisser she remembered thinking as their initial embrace became more torrid, their mouths twisting constantly as her arousal began to kick in and she started to breathe faster. As they broke for air, he opened her robe wide and gazed at her body, his eyes riveted to her breasts before he sat upright and took her right nipple into his mouth.
Maggie could have screamed as she held his head against her breast, a sudden recollection of him doing this as a baby was pushed aside as his hand came up to cup her other breast and twist and tease her nipple. Tilting her head back, she closed her eyes, wallowing in the waves of pleasure rippling through her body as her son's mouth went from one nipple to the other and then back again.
She loved her tits being played with, they were small enough to enable him to get her nipple, areola and part of her breast into his mouth at once as he sucked vigorously on them. Maggie had become so involved in his fondling and caressing of her tits that she hadn't realised that inch by inch she had slid forward until her fanny came into contact with his throbbing shaft.
Pushing herself back, she glanced down as she grasped his cock, pushing the skin downwards as she teased its bulbous head with her other fingers, spreading his pre-cum over and around as his knob shone and became slick.
Impulsively, she slid from his lap, discarded her robe and sank to her knee's as she opened his legs and took hold of his cock once more. She was mesmerised by its size, feeling it throb in her hand as she stroked him. Shuffling towards him a little more, she bent forward and opening her mouth, slid her lips over the head of his swollen member.
Maggie heard him groan as he slumped back on the couch his hips rising every few seconds as she ran her tongue over and under his helmet, her hand sliding up and down his shaft as she tossed him off. She had taken his cock as far down her throat as she could without gagging, his precum and her saliva making the length of meat slippery.
Getting to her feet, she had been about to return to his lap and hopefully have his cock penetrate her. But her son had stood at the same time as he instructed her to change places with him. She sat down as he knelt and opened her legs wide before shuffling between her open thighs.
Maggie felt his hot breath on her fanny seconds before his tongue ran the length of her slit. Automatically, her hips bucked as that first contact sent pleasure signals to her brain. She felt his tongue and lips as he kissed and licked her genitals, thighs and groin and then his fingers were spreading her lips and gaping her cunt as his tongue penetrated her.
She'd had to clamp a hand over her mouth to stop the cries that were trying to escape as her son devoured her cunt. 'Oh, my fucking God,' she thought as she pressed her genitals against his mouth, the urge to climax rising swiftly. She had no idea where her son had learned his technique, she just knew that she couldn't last much longer with his constant attention.
And then suddenly she was swearing, 'Fuck, fuck, oh fuck.' She threw herself back against the couch, her body straining as his mouth and tongue alighted on her clitoris. Her orgasm wouldn't stop, she knew she was leaking juices everywhere and still the sensations continued as he sucked and nipped at her tiny bud.
Finally, she'd had to push his face away from her fanny, her body so sensitive that it would not stop convulsing. She needed to rest for a moment and let the sensations subside before they overcame her. With her eyes closed, she sensed that Alex had moved, feeling him return between her thighs seconds later as something softly rubbed against her cunt.

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