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By Maggie’s Bf & Maggie It’s no secret now that Maggie loves to have a cock in her mouth as much as having one in her tight pussy I am a lucky man along with Bill and Mark as well because when ever she could Maggie was on her knees in front of them. Then one weekend we invited both over. But what Maggie didn’t know is that we were going camping back where it all started with Bill.  No tents this time  though, I got a small cabin for the weekend equipped with a Jacuzzi/ hot tub on a screened deck. By now both Bill and Mark figured out that Maggie’s mouth was pleasuring them both but never at the same time. It didn’t take long for us to enjoy the Jacuzzi Maggie set next to me then Bill and Mark was on the other side of me. Maggie started to play with my cock under the water. I told her that we’d have to go in if she didn’t stop. Maggie pulled my hard cock out and continued stroking my cock. Then told me that we didn’t have to go any where and that she was sure that Bill and Mark had seen someone giving a blowjob before at least in a movie. Then asked if they minded. Well that was awkward but Mark spoke up told us to do our thing Maggie tugged firmly on my  cock. Coaxing me up to set on the side of the tub and her mouth was on my clock in front of both of them. It wasn’t long before they were on the edge of the tub stroking their own hard cocks setting on either side of me. Maggie looked over at Mark then at Bill she reached over and took Bill’s cock in her hand then Mark’s. Taking over stroking their cocks for them as she continued to suck on mine. Then to Bill’s with her oral pleasures finally to Mark’s. After giving us all a blowjob Mark laid down so Maggie could ride his cock Bill and I were treated with turns in her mouth. She was loving this. A cock sliding in an out of her pussy and 2 in front of her then I took a leave when I returned Maggie was cumming hard on now Bill’s cock and swallowing Mark’s. I came up behind her and began to tongue fuck her ass. That drove her nuts making her cum hard again. She bucked on bills cock wildly, causing him to slip out. Forcing his cock to slide up her ass. I pulled back laughing and told him that I loved him an all but I wasn’t doing that for him. Then he found her pussy and I continued rimming her ass. Then I lubed it up good and pressed the tip of my cock into her ass. Letting her controll the penetration. Before long my cock was sliding completely into her ass. Maggie came hard so many times I lost count. The 3 of us came in every hole together almost at the same time Mark pumped several streams into her mouth. Then Bill let loose in her pussy. Which set her off again. Which caused he to tighten up her well lubed ass sending me over the edge causing me to fill her ass with cum. We all were sweaty and out of breath. Maggie was trembling, with cum dripping from all.her fuckable holes. It was repeated twice that night after a rest and a soak in the Jacuzzi. And many more times to cum

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By Maggie’s Bf & Maggie #Exhibitionist #Group #Voyeur