Magic Mushroom Mummy Ch. 01

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tagIncest/TabooMagic Mushroom Mummy Ch. 01

Olivia gathered the wild mushrooms from the heavily wooded area nearby her cottage, her soft footsteps crunching lightly on the dried leaves which carpet the ground. She hummed merrily as she grasped each thick, meaty stalk and gently tugged it from the moist ground. As her delicate fingers slipped around each girthy fungi she was reminded of her dearly departed husband's cock. Actually, more than reminded her… She bit her lip and her eyes darted quickly across the landscape. The trees were quite thick and no roads or paths came near her neck of the woods. She was isolated, an outsider. Just her and her 22 year old son Eric — who was nowhere to be seen. She remembered — he had taken one of the milking goats and gone to the markets to sell it for a few gold coins.
Her hand wrapped around a mushroom that was particularly appetising. She could feel a slight throbbing between her thighs and her cheeks flushed a little. Was that a warm breeze she felt under her long dress? She brought the mushroom up to her nose — it smelt earthy and fragrant. She brushed off the dirt. The shape was… perfect. She didn't wear any under garments as her dress was ankle length and thick. She looked around, satisfied she was alone — and settled down in her favourite spot. A soft moss covered a little nook beneath a tree — creating a comfortable seat which reclined a little. She popped her little wicker basket down and took the fat, luscious mushroom in her hand as she sat. She adjusted slightly and licked the mushroom. A quick taste, she thought. She slowly inserted the stalk into her mouth, moistening its length. As she did, her other hand slowly lifted her dress as she slipped a finger into her slick depths. She pushed a second in — she was getting excited at how wet she was — which only made her wetter. Her 'shroom dildo was now ready for use. She took the stem from her mouth and inserted that king brown right into her gaping pink folds. She shifted her now dripping finger as she did so, to rub her clit. God, it feels so good!
She could feel every veiny ridge on the mushroom rubbing against the sides of her, slick with her juices. Her fingers danced on her clitoris as she rammed the stalk repeatedly inside her — starting slowly and increasing speed until she felt a tingling sensation. She slowed down; she wanted to really enjoy herself. Olivia continued sliding her vegetable dildo in and out, gradually moving her wet fingers from her clitoris to her pussy lips, she scooped some of her juices into them and gently inserted one, then two into her perfect, tight little anus. She gasped quietly as she did — gosh it was so tight! Her head tilted back in ecstasy. This was her favourite part. She pushed that fat veiny fungi deep inside of her, the spongey stalk grazing her G-spot and exciting her further. She was so close! She sped up her vaginal assault, faster and faster, until her back arched in pleasure, the sensations surging through her as she moaned loudly, bringing herself to orgasm.
She slowly extracted the 'shroom dildo. It was sopping wet. A goopy drip plopped onto the grass as she got up. Satisfied, Olivia wiped the glistening mushroom on the ground and added it to her basket as she carried on with her gathering. After a while, her basket was full and she headed back to the cottage. As she came upon the homestead, she heard a splashing noise. Quite sure that the noise had not come from her nether regions, she curiously poked her head around the corner of her home. She was not expecting visitors.
It was her Eric! He was taking a bath, basking in the golden afternoon sun. They had a beautiful wooden tub adjacent to the cottage. In winter it was too cold to bathe regularly, but it was now warmer and both mother and son took frequent cleansing dips. However, they usually maintained a proper separation. Olivia wasn't sure why her son was not at the market — that goat wasn't going to sell itself — but somehow, she didn't feel angry. Actually she felt quite… curious. It had been years since she had seen her son naked. Maybe it was because she had just pleasured herself with an earthen fungi and was still worked up, but… she wanted to see more.
Eric raised a hand and started wiping his underarm. He was facing away from her and she was sure he did not realise his mother was standing mere feet away from him. She craned her neck further around, trying to see if she could get a glimpse into the tub and see more.
Eric's hand moved back down into the tub and disappeared under the water. Sadly, it seemed as if he was a judicious soap user and Olivia could not see beneath the sudsy surface. Suddenly, his shoulder started moving up and down. Small waves started rippling around his back, crashing upon his shoulder blades. He was masturbating! Well, like mother like son…
Eric started to breathe heavily as he worked his unseen cock harder. This was becoming unbearable for Olivia. She was watching her son jerk off in the tub, and all she wanted to do was help. The gentle and guiding hand of an experienced woman would temper his youthful vigour. Look at how hard he was tugging now! It wouldn't do — this was far too rough for such a young man. She was surprised, considering his age. Perhaps he hadn't found any suitable women in his late teens and early 20s to practice with. Clearly, it was her duty to step in to assist.
'Oh Eric, what ARE you doing in that tub?'
Olivia made herself known and strode forward. Eric started and looked around guiltily.
'Oh… hi Mom! Umm, just taking a bath. Hey, I was going to take that goat to market, but I was filthy and then uhh… I got distracted and then it was too late. I'll do it tomorrow!'
'Hmm yes, very distracted.'
Awkward silence.
'So son, I see you're masturbating now. Please tell me you at least clean that tub out after you're done'
Eric stuttered in embarrassment, "I..I …"
'After all, wouldn't it be terribly… naughty… if your mommy bathed in a tub you just left your seed in?' Olivia circled around and came up next to the bath. She knelt down and never broke eye contact with her son. He actually had very beautiful eyes. Especially when they were wide with fear. Olivia liked being in control, and she was definitely in control of this situation. It was entirely up to her how filthy the next few moments would be. And Olivia was feeling very dirty.
'You are being awfully rough with yourself. You need to be gentle, my dear Eric.'
Awkward silence. Eric looked utterly confused now.
'Well look, maybe, Mommy could give you a helping hand? Would you like that?'
Eric slowly gave a stiff nod, his mouth agape.
Olivia hoped to find something else nice and stiff down in that soapy water. 'Ok, I'll show you how, son.' She smiled widely at Eric and rolled up her sleeve.
Slowly, slowly, she moved her hand down into the suds. Her hand penetrated the surface. Then it moved down further. Her hand touched the skin of Eric's thigh. He moaned and gasped in anticipation and the wrongness of it and the sheer outstanding arousal. Closer. Closer. Then Olivia's searching hand found his manhood. She laid just a gentle finger on it. She could feel it throbbing under her touch. It pulsed and she smiled hearing Eric's primal utterances. She moved her palm in closer and engulfed his length.
She started gently pulling, tugging ever so softly. Eric moaned. She sped up a little, her palm sliding up and down his rod as the suds slicked past. She started to move her fingers like a wave, applying slight pressure as she lathered his penis until he started to throb and harden even more, readying the release of cum.
She stopped.
Eric was still lying in the bath, breathless and panting as he was denied reaching ecstasy. She gave a maternal smile and untied her dress at the neck. It fell away, revealing her beautiful body. Her perfect nipples, gentle curves… that pussy! Eric bit his lower lip, he wanted nothing more than to venture back into his birth canal with his tongue. He pulled her hips closer and Olivia gasped — he was strong. She felt pride welling up in her chest, as well as a butterfly feeling — she felt her thighs moisten more. She had already ravaged herself earlier with that mushroom stalk and she was absolutely slick.
His lips met hers, and she moaned, his tongue gently flicked on her clitoris. He moved his tongue up and down, side to side; he lapped up that matronly pussy. One hand was on her hip, and with the other, he inserted three fingers into her wet, quivering pussy. They slid easily inside her lubricated cavern, and he wondered if it was her anticipation or the fact that she had birthed him naturally. It didn't matter, all he wanted to do was destroy that slit with his mouth, to consume it until his mother bucked and pushed her pelvis into his mouth harder, begging for him to make her cum. The feeling inside her intensified and she rose to ecstasy; her body wracked with pleasure at the hands and tongue of her only son.
A moment to recover, and then she felt a little guilty for not giving her son the joy he just gave her. He wiped his lips with his hand, the slick pussy juices dripping from his mouth. Olivia gazed down into her sons eyes. He still had not moved his mouth far away from her pulsing slit. Small tendrils of mucus mixed erotically with his saliva. Well now, that couldn't go to waste.
She knelt down, never breaking eye contact. Rubbing her finger across his lips. Then another, and another. She rolled her wrist around his mouth. She rotated her arm around it. Until her entire arm, from fingertip to elbow, was naturally lubricated with the combined fluids of mother and son. Their most moist of emissions were ready for their next mission.
'Bend over in that tub, son.'
Olivia shoved her hand deep into Eric's plush, moist tushy. His deep bunghole innards separated like she was fetishist Moses and was crossing his Brown Sea. Eric gasped as his proud pooper was almost torn asunder. Despite the pain his prostate stimulation was off the charts and he started leaking precum. Olivia leaned over and gently licked off the cum from his shaft as she started pummelling his anus. Her hand became but a piston working her young son's sphincter. She thrust in and out, coming out to the wrist, then plunging in halfway up the forearm. Flecks of brown faeces, mixed with traces of blood starting accumulating on her arm. She kept up the assault. Bath suds flung about and splashed on her face. She bravely pushed on.
Eric's eyes rolled back.
'OH FUCK Mum that feels so good. Use me like the slutty bitch I am! Pound my ass! I'm gonna cum!'
Eric couldn't handle it anymore. Olivia twisted around him and slipped her mouth over his dick as he shot load after load into her awaiting mouth. Her knuckles stayed buried well deep into his brown cavern and she could feel his body vibrating around her proud fist. He was a good boy, and he sure knew how to handle a good motherly fisting.
She pulled it out like she was starting a lawnmower, revelling in the turgid stench of her muddy arm, the cry of pain from Eric as her arm suctioned out from him so suddenly, in the sweet taste of yummy son cum in her mouth.
'I love you, Mum.'
'I lub u too' Olivia gurgled through a mouthful of sinful seed.
She swallowed, and they panted together, spent. They then went about their normal evening, unspoken. Mother cooked dinner, they ate, made idle chit chat. Went to bed. The only difference was Eric's slight waddle.
Later that night, Olivia lay awake. Today had been something wonderful, and beautiful, and utterly arousing. And yet, something about today seemed wrong. Not quite right. She just couldn't figure out what it was…

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