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This is my entry into the Valentine's Day story contest. Please vote if you enjoyed the story. All votes and comments are welcomed and appreciated.
I was lounging on the couch at home watching TV. It was seven at night on Valentine's day, and I had zero date prospects. My parents were out of town on a romantic getaway, and my little sister Mia was on a date, so I had the house to myself. I had severely underestimated just how much work college was going to be. My entire first year had been spent drowning in large amounts of reading and papers. I barely had the time to keep up with my academic life, let alone give any attention to my social one. It had been months since I had a date and a year since the last time I had sex with my then-girlfriend.
Just thinking about her made my mood sour even further. I had spent the entire last year getting over the girl who I had naively thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with.
The front door slammed open and shut. I looked up just as Mia rushed down the hall. From the brief glance he got of her, she looked like she had been crying. Seeing my little sister so upset washed away my self-loathing.
When I walked to her door, I could hear her muffled cries. I knocked, and the cries stopped. "Mia, can I come in?"
"Go away Andrew, I just want to be alone right now," Mia said, a sob escaping mid-sentence.
"Mia, if something happened, you can tell me about it. You know I am here for you." I stayed by the door for a minute. I was about to knock again when I heard her unlock the door. By the time I had opened the door, she had already retreated to her bed. She was wearing a tight black dress that was low cut and barely went past her thighs. It looked amazing on her tawny brown skin. Her long black hair was styled in curls. Her mascara was running down her face.
I sat down next to her on her bed. I was about to ask her what happened when she started to sob again. I reached my arm around her and held her. She leaned against me and rested her head on my shoulder. As she continued to cry, I rubbed her shoulder gently. I couldn't help but notice how soft her skin was.
"I thought you had a date with Robert tonight?"
"I did. I went over to Olivia's so that she could help me get ready. While I was finishing up, she was on Tinder, and she saw that he had an account on there."
"Maybe it was an old account?" I suggested. I had never liked Robert, but Mia had seemed so happy the last six months, so I never pushed it.
"No. He had photos on there from when we all went to the lake. In another, he was even wearing a shirt I got for him." She had started out sounding like she was calming down, but she had to choke out the last words because she was already crying again. I pulled her in for a hug. She relaxed in my arms. I could feel the warm wetness of her tears and smell her citrus-scented shampoo.
"I'm so sorry. I can't believe he would do that to you." I rubbed her lower back.
"When I confronted him, he tried to lie, but when I finally got him to admit it, he said it was my fault," Mia said.
"What?" I asked, clenching my fist.
"He said it was my fault because I wouldn't put out. He thought I would have been easy, and he was sick and tired of waiting," Mia said. I could hear anger starting to replace her sadness.
"What did you say?"
"I told him I wanted to break up with him… and I may have thrown a drink in his face," Mia said sheepishly.
I couldn't help but laugh the way Mia said it. She was usually so sweet, but when something really pissed her off, she could become scary with how loud and vehement she could get.
"Honestly, I think it sounds like he got off lucky."
"I wanted to punch him so badly, but I just couldn't stand to look at him anymore." I held her for a time, and her cries died down. "I should have listened to you about him. You tried to warn me about how he wasn't a good guy." I had known some of the upperclassmen he was friends with. That was always the most toxic friend group. I hated how she ended up dating one after I graduated.
"I say it with every guy you date, but I especially meant it about him."
"Want to come watch a movie with me?"
"Only if I can pick the movie," she said.
"Deal," I said after an exaggerated groan. Mia smiled. We never could agree with what to watch and frequently fought over it.
Mia reluctantly pulled away from our hug and stood up. I took in her beauty, still not believing how amazing she looked. She was petite and fit from all her years playing soccer and jogging, but she had also developed some amazing curves. I couldn't believe how much my eighteen-year-old sister had grown up. I scolded myself again for checking out my little sister, but I couldn't look away. Mia caught me looking.
"What is it?"
"Nothing, it's that you look beautiful, and I can't believe Robert was so stupid to be looking for another girl when he had you."
"Ok, let me just change out of this dress and clean up a little." She walked over to her dresser and opened the bottom drawer to grab a pair of pajamas. As she bent over, her dress clung tightly to her ass. I couldn't take my eyes off it. The dress started to ride up, and I could see her panties. They were pink and contoured her pussy. I could easily see the outline of her pussy. Mia straightened up and started to walk towards her bathroom. As she got closer, she began to slide her arms out of the thin straps of her dress. Even her exposed back was beautiful. I had a moment to wonder if she was going to entirely strip out of it as she walked, but she left it clinging around her waist as she stepped into the bathroom.
We had always been close, and Mia seemed to love running around the house half-naked. I beat myself up over how much she turned me on, but that didn't stop me from often thinking about her when I masturbated and calling out her name when I came. Not having sex in so long had only made me even more aware of just how beautiful my little sister was. My erection was killing me. I heard the shower start. Mia always loved to wash her problems away; our father often yelled at her about that when he got the monthly water bill.
After seeing so much of Mia, I was fully hard. I waited a minute to make sure she wasn't going to suddenly come back out for something and then got up. I grabbed a blanket and some pillows from my bedroom and then went out to the living room.
I killed time on Tinder. I felt like if I could just finally go on a date and get laid, I would better suppress my desires. I was so focused on what I was doing that when Mia jumped over the back of the couch into the seat next to me, she startled me. I dropped my phone, and it fell to the ground.
"You're always so jumpy," she said as she bent down to pick up my phone.
"Said the person who just jumped over the couch."
"Very funny. What were you looking at?" Mia asked. She was wearing a short pair of cotton shorts and a tight cotton t-shirt. I realized when I could see the bumps of her nipples that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath the shirt. Mia's large breasts strained against the soft material, almost as if daring me to stare at them.
I tried to grab my phone back, but she pulled it close to her chest. She used her legs to keep me pushed away. She looked down at my phone. "Oh, are you trying to find some love on Valentine's day?"
I reached for the phone. "Give that back."
"I love going on adventures and finding new ways of actualizing my life to the fullest potential," Mia mocked as she read the girl's bio.
"She's cute, but the last time you went on an adventure was when you got lost in the woods last year when we went camping, so I'm going to swipe left for you."
I tried harder to snatch my phone back. Her foot slid across my thigh and brushed across my erection. The contact sent a shiver of pleasure through my body, and I froze up. I wondered if she had felt it for all a second before Mia said, "Oh, you must really like Diana then." She handed me back my phone and carefully extracted her foot from off my lap.
"I hate you sometimes," I said.
"But you always love me," she said sweetly.
"Yeah, but some days it's a closer competition," I mumbled. Mia hit me on the shoulder, but then she smiled. After seeing how upset she was just a little bit ago, it was nice seeing her smile again and filled me with pride, knowing that I had put it there. I handed her the remote. "Find us something good to watch."
While she searched, I asked her if she wanted to split a pizza. She said yes, and I placed an order. It didn't take Mia a long time to find a movie that she wanted to watch. I groaned, knowing already from the title and thumbnail image that I was in for a long night of boredom.
When she started the movie, I pulled the blanket over us. Mia scooted over and lay against me. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close. This was how we always watched movies. The cuddling always helped me be able to sit through one of her boring choices. I loved the intimacy between us, but it also made holding back my urges that much worse. The last thing I wanted to do was try to start something between us and have it hurt her and ruin our relationship. That was the primary way I could keep my urges at bay, to make sure that I didn't do anything to hurt Mia.
After seeing so much of Mia that night, I was exceptionally horny. I tried to focus on the movie, and not how amazing it felt to have her pressed against me. The movie wasn't that bad once I got into it. It was a rom com, which I usually hated, but the movie's humor was done well, and every joke landed. If I found something funny, I would smile and lightly chuckle, but Mia was laughing loudly. It felt good knowing that I was helping her feel better. I felt like a good big brother and hoped that all the stuff like this that I did for her helped me make up for constantly checking her out.
There was a steamy love scene between the main character and her love interest. I became even more intensely aware of just how much Mia was pressed against me. I could feel my erection straining up against my shorts. I didn't know if it was just me, but there seemed to be sexual tension between us. I had felt this between us a few times before, but I never knew if it was all in my head. This time it felt so strong that I doubted I imagined it. Mia seemed so focused on the movie. I could feel her breathing get more rapid, and she pressed harder against me.
Her lips looked so soft and kissable. Without thinking about it, l went to kiss her. Mia turned her head towards me, her lips parted slightly as she held my gaze. I realized that she wanted this too, and that erased my last inhibition. Her lips parted more, and right when we were about to kiss there was a loud knock on the door.
We both jumped apart. That showed me that Mia thought something was about to happen between us. Otherwise, why would she have acted like that?
"It's the pizza," I said, my heart hammering. I got up and paid for it and put it on the kitchen counter. Mia grabbed us a couple of plates and a couple of cans of soda. Once we were situated, we resumed the movie. I couldn't stop replaying what had just almost happened. We had been so close to kissing, but then we had to get interrupted.
We ate the pizza in near silence as we watched the movie. If it wasn't for how much it made Mia laugh, I would have thought something was wrong. she had to have known we were about to kiss, yet she didn't seem disturbed at all by it. The sexual tension seemed to have disappeared. I wondered if there was anything I could do to trigger it again. I wanted to do something to seduce her, but I decided against it. The moment, if it had really been one, had passed. Mia must have just been swept up in the moment, and I would be stupid to try and start something again. I resolved not to let my lust for my little sister get the better of me and that I would be better.
We finished eating and, after cleaning up, settled down to finish watching the movie. Mia pulled the blanket over us and lay against me again. I had hoped both that she wouldn't do this again but also that she would. I held her, trying my best to act natural. It didn't take long for me to start to get hard. I shifted slightly and tried to readjust the blanket to cover up my erection, hoping that I wasn't too obvious as I did it. Mia didn't seem to notice.
The movie ended. "So, what do you want to watch-" said Mia as she reached across me to grab the remote. As she did, her arm brushed across my erection, making her stop midsentence. The contact felt so good, but I was mortified. "Oh," she said, frozen with her arm still near where she touched me.
"I'm sorry. I'm just going to go to my room," I said as I stood up.
Mia grabbed my arm, "Don't go. It's ok," and then she added softly, "I don't want to be alone right now."
She looked so vulnerable. Even though most of my brain was screaming at me to leave before things got even more embarrassing, I realized that she needed me. I couldn't leave her. I sat back down, and Mia smiled.
Mia cuddled back against me. I held her and rubbed her back, trying my best to comfort her. After a few minutes, she finally broke the silence. "So, you must have really liked that movie."
"Shut up," I said and playfully shoved her. Even when I was comforting her, she just had to go and tease me.
"If you want, we can watch it again," Mia shoved me again, "Or if maybe it was the lead actress that did it for you, we could watch another movie with her in it," Mia said as she reached for the remote. I snatched it up before she could grab it.
"Shut up," I said.
"Give it to me." Our shoving intensified, and we got into a wrestling match on the couch. This was something that we had been doing since we were kids. While puberty had given me an advantage with my growth spurt, it had also given Mia an advantage when she began to develop her beautiful body. I usually tried to avoid touching her in any inappropriate areas, but that night she seemed ferocious as she fought to take the remote from me. Mia jumped against me. I tried to push her back, my hand pressing against one of her breasts. I felt her nipple harden under my touch. I didn't get a good grip, and she fell against me. Her tits pressed against my chest. As Mia tried to take the remote from me, she kept on accidentally brushing against my dick. A thrill radiated through my body with each touch. It happened so frequently that I started to suspect that it was intentional.
I managed to grab hold of one of her wrists. She tried reaching between me and the couch to get the remote. I tucked the remote between the couch cushions and then wrapped my other arm around her waist. Mia strained to get past me. We got tangled up in the blankets and rolled off the couch, with Mia landing on top of me. I was intensely aware of how her body was pressing right against my erection. We held eye contact as both of us were panting from the exertion. Our gaze lingered. She parted her lips. I was torn, I wanted her so badly, but I also wanted to do what was right.
Suddenly something just clicked between us. Mia started to lean down, and I sat up to meet her kiss. It happened so fast. One moment I was torn between my responsibility and desire, and then her delicate lips were pressed against mine. Her full lips pressed against mine felt so amazing after so long spent fantasizing about them. The kiss was deep and sensual, our mouths opening as our kiss deepened. It was the best kiss of my life.
Mia started to grind herself against my erection so I began to rub press back against her. She moaned into our kiss. I ran my hands from her back down. When I grasped her ass, she moaned. I massaged her ass, savoring finally being able to touch it.
I slid my hands up from her ass and gripped her hips to better control what we were doing. Mia's breathing got more ragged the longer we dry humped. I could feel her warmth and wetness seeping through her panties and shorts. Mia started to bite and suck on my lip. When I went back to her, she moaned into our kiss.
Mia began to grind even harder against me. Each time our bodies pressed against each other, Mia let out a little moan, and her face contorted in pleasure. When she would sit up to ride me at a different angle, I couldn't take my eyes off her bouncing tits. Mia grabbed my hands and pulled them up to her breasts, pressing my hands into them. She moaned as I kneaded her breasts, savoring their softness and the heft to them. I played with her hard nipples through the soft material of her shirt.
Mia's breathing got louder, and she started riding me even harder. I could feel myself starting to get close to cumming. Mia was riding me perfectly to press along my entire length, and then when she reached my head, she would gyrate against me. She pressed down onto my chest to balance herself as she rode my cock.
I slipped my hands underneath the hem of her shirt and touched her breasts directly. They felt better than I could ever imagine. I rolled one of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and then gently pulled on them.
"Harder," Mia said. I didn't know if she meant her nipples or humping her, so I did both. That must have been the right decision because Mia cried out, "Yes."
"Oh, Andrew," Mia moaned. She stretched up as her orgasm rocked her body, and she kept on calling out my name. At the sound of her moaning my name, I couldn't hold back any longer. I cried out Mia's name as I came. I felt my loads shooting up against my boxers and coating my cock. I couldn't remember the last time I had come so hard and couldn't believe it had come from dry humping. I had never been able to cum from that before.
Mia collapsed down on top of me when she was done cumming. I slipped my hands out from under her shirt and wrapped my arms around her. We lay like that for a while as we recovered. At first, there was just the sound of us breathing heavily. Eventually, our breathing evened out, and we lay together in silence. My mind was racing as it processed what just happened between us and how it could change our relationship. Overall, I felt good about what had just happened. I couldn't believe that one of my most reoccurring fantasies had just come true. I knew what we did was wrong, but it had felt so right, and Mia had been the one who had initiated things between us. That fact helped me feel better about what just happened. She wouldn't have done that if she didn't want it to happen too.
I didn't know how long we would lay on the floor like that, but I was in no rush to cut the embrace short. It had been so long since I had been with someone, I was savoring every moment of it.
Mia raised her head from my chest and looked down at me. She looked so beautiful. The sadness was completely gone from her beautiful brown eyes. Her mouth opened like she was about to say something, but then she closed it again. A moment later, she said, "Thank you for always being there for me. I really needed you tonight."
"Of course, Mia. Anytime you need me, I will always be here for you."
Mia smiled and then leaned down to kiss me. The kiss was sensual and sweet, filled with more intimacy than I had ever had in a kiss with anyone else. I could feel my cock starting to stir from the intensity of it, but she broke the kiss before I could get too turned on. She climbed off me and sat back down on the couch. She patted the spot next to her. I picked the blanket up and sat back in my spot. Mia snuggled up against me, clinging even tighter to my side than before. I retrieved the remote from between the couch cushions and browsed Netflix for a movie to watch. I wasn't focusing too hard on finding a movie because I was still processing what had just happened between us.

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