Mahesh’s Descent into CFNM Ch. 04

tagIncest/TabooMahesh's Descent into CFNM Ch. 04

Maids these days were both expensive and demanding. They would set rigid conditions and the maid who worked for the three houses in Mahesh's house apartment complex was no different. She would come at a set time. If any room was occupied and not free to clean at that time, it was not their problem. If the utensils were not in the tub, they would not get cleaned. If the clothes were not in a hamper, they would not get washed and so on. The owners had no choice and it was not all that unreasonable. The single maid worked 6-7 houses and none of them could get any special treatment. However, there was now somebody else who could do this for Rathna aunty. The first and obvious exclamation from Navithra and Sonu was that Mahesh now continues as their slave as well. Rathna Aunty, Navithra and Sonu were all thrilled at the thought of a naked 18-year old boy doing all their house chores. They could fire the maid and employ Mahesh. They would pay him a 3rd of what they were paying their maid and he would do twice as much work. If his work was not satisfactory, well, his tush would know.
Unfortunately, it did not quite go that way. Kavitha, Mahesh's mom, categorically told them that evening that, once Mahesh started UG in three months, he could obviously not continue doing servant duties. If they fired the maid now, she would not come back in three months. However, he was free in those three months. As she said this, Kavitha realised what she was putting her son through. Him naked in front of their neighbours was one thing. However, if others got a wind of it! Suddenly, she was finding it difficult to breathe. She had been reckless and stupid. What if one of these bimboes – Navithra and Sonu – took a photo of him and uploaded it somewhere. She had thrown her son to the Wolves. Rathna Aunty and Navithra found all this sensible. They also could not guarantee if their maid would keep her mouth shut. At the same time, now that they were through the looking glass, not one of them had any intentions of going back. Mahesh could not go back to being a general neighbour. He was now their naked slave and they had to find a way of keeping him naked without getting him into any trouble. Mom decided to call Aishwarya.
When Aishu heard what mom had to say, she panicked. She and Madhu had frequently threatened him with public nudity. However, now that it was happening for real, it terrified her. If Mahesh got into any legal trouble, she would never forgive herself. She cursed herself for ever starting this. However, she forced herself to become calm and decided to take this as a challenge. At first, it started out as a punishment. Now, she knew it was no longer that. The idea of a boy naked, kneeling in front of her, waiting for her command and then obediently accepting it, no matter what the command was, no matter how humiliating, was a sexual thrill she now realised she could not live without. The last three weeks had been great. She was doing great at the law firm she worked. Every morning, when she put Mahesh through rigorous workout routines, watching him torture himself for her, only to later serve her completely naked was a great stress-reliever. Not to mention, not having to lift a finger around the house saved her enough time to concentrate more on her work. Then, there was the fact that she took more and more risks at office for the simple reason that, if she failed, she had a great outlet for her. Mahesh's cute red tush.
In addition, she and Madhu were now ruthless with Vishwa. They were all newcomers at the firm and, technically, at the same grade. However, even before she had met Mahesh, Madhu and Aishu were already the head runners with Vishwa far behind. Vishwa had a rich father and had coursed through life with money. He knew his dad had a major hand in him getting hired at this firm. However, once he was in the firm, he realised for the first time that money did not open some doors. The law firm was highly reputable and got a daily load of new cases. You had to put in the hard work and get the job done. Not to mention, taking decisions. Taking actual decisions weighing all the pros and cons, some of which were tough ones. Vishwa was not cut out for that and his work clearly showed.
Since they had stripped him naked and humiliated him, he had further gone into a depressed shell and was frequently behind in his work. The seniors were already reaming him practically everyday. The worst part for Vishwa was when they told him to actually talk to Aishu or Madhu to learn from them. They both ruthlessly laughed at him and insulted him and it was the lowest point of his life. However, despite the fact that they had zero guilt over their actions, they actually helped him out. They helped him with some of his backlogs and he was grateful. Not selflessly, though. While helping him, Madhu barked at him to get her a Coffee fully expecting him to fight but he complied almost immediately. As soon as he did it once, he was hooked. They now had an office errand boy. Anything they wanted, they snapped at him and he wilfully complied to it.
In addition, working in a law firm, there was a lot of blind paperwork. Simple data entry work from one form to another. They pushed their paperwork on to him and it once again gave them a rush when he silently obeyed. The seniors did not care how the job was done as long as it was done. Very soon, he became an unofficial clerk to Aishu and Madhu. He had their coffees ready when they came into the office. He served them their lunch at the office canteen. And, he brought them their teas at the evening. In between, he did their paperwork while they handled the cases. They gave him no appreciation for his efforts but berated him whenever they found any faults in his work. His self-confidence kept taking a beating and he worked harder to please the two women. The death knell for him was when he suddenly realised that he had not been handed any new case for a week. They all went to Aishu and Madhu while he was expected to serve as their clerk. Looking back, Aishu and Madhu realised that all this had been possible only because of Mahesh. Mahesh was their lapdog and it was their responsibility to ensure he came to no harm.
She messaged Madhumitha and they immediately bounded over to Mahesh's house. Navithra was still there holding on to his leash with Mahesh at her feet. Mom told Navithra that they were family friends. From the scared look on Mahesh's face, Navithra could easily surmise that these two women were the initiators of Mahesh's enforced nudity. Once the pleasantries were exchanged, there was silence and when Navithra tried to talk to them, she got only single-word replies. Navithra took the hint. She told Mahesh to stand up. When he did, she hugged him.
"No hard feelings, Mahesh. You are a gem of a son and your mom is very lucky. Believe me, this does not affect your manhood one bit." And, so saying, she kissed his cheek before leaving. Aishu closed the door and bolted it. The expression on her face chilled Mahesh.
"Pathetic! You are pathetic! Mom kept telling you to control your frequent urination. Now, look where it has landed you. Now, come here." Aishu was seated and Mahesh meekly got over her knee. Aishu went at his ass with all her strength. In the last three weeks, she had reserved her intensity. Even holding her punches, Mahesh could not bear the pain. Today, he was in severe pain and he knew he thoroughly deserved it. His own bladder had caused him to be exposed publicly. She let him fall and then ordered him to go into the bathroom. While they were treating him unfairly, Mahesh could not complain. He had to use the loo anyway and so, did not complain against the orders. The three women went into the bedroom. They needed to discuss things without him. Once again, Aishu and Madhu got a major thrill in the knowledge that, inside the bathroom, Mahesh was kneeling instead of sitting or standing. The fact that they had turned another human into their own putty was exhilarating.
Madhu called her boyfriend. "Honey! I cannot make dinner tonight. An emergency." Her boyfriend automatically started complaining. Normally, she would placate him. However, she could not help showing off in front of Aishu. Not to mention, she wanted to display her power and control over a man to mom.
"I told you it is an emergency. What part of it can't you understand?"
"Madhu, come on. It is not-"
"Do you want to make this hard? Do you want me to make life hard fo you?" She said. Her boyfriend actually apologised to her.
Aishu called VIshwa.
"Oye!" She bellowed into it. "Yes, Aishu." Came the prompt reply.
"I might be late to office tomorrow. You will go there earlier. There is a set of paperwork that needs to be in order. I will send you the details on WhatsApp. You will follow the instructions to the letter. Got it?"
"Yes, Aishu."
"And, what. Aishu?"
"You stupid idiot. What about Madhu?"
"Madhu? What about her?"
"If I am coming in late, wouldn't she also be late? Isn't that the first question you need to ask?" Madhu smiled.
"Yes, Aishu. Sorry. Anything I need to do for her?"
"Ask her. Not now. She will call you later."
The two of them turned the phones down and smiled at mom. Mom ignored it and asked them what to do about Mahesh. Aishu and Madhu were disappointed. Mom, however, was smiling inside. The two kids were playing with her and she was going to play with them. They were ordering men around hoping to impress her. Mom deliberately did not ask or comment anything about it and this irked them. They made some decisions and came out. Aishu whistled and felt a thud on her head. She turned around, shocked to see that mom had hit her on the head.
"He is not a Dog. You will not whistle at my son."
She realised it herself.
"Sorry, mom. I am so sorry, Mahesh." She hugged him and Mahesh forgave her. You have a good thing going, AIshu. Don't get carried away and ruin it.
Mahesh was still wearing his tie. Aishu finally got around to doing something she had wanted to since the first day she had stripped him naked. She bent him down. Mahesh was fully hard 24*7. Being naked in front of other women was something which he found humiliating. His cock, apparently, had other ideas and he was perpetually fully erect. Mostly, it subsided a little only when he used the loo. But then, it quickly rose back to it's full length. Mom frequently commented on his size and that made it further engorged. Now, there were three more women who saw him fully naked and the memory of him presenting himself in front of them fully nude was enough to keep him stiff. Aishu pulled him down and looped the other end of his tie to his cock. God! How on Earth are they coming up with brand new humiliations everyday? As she pulled back, all three of them laughed unkindly at the sight. Aishu and Madhu flanked him as they took him out into the corridor. Mom called Rathna Aunty and Navithra also came along. One look at Mahesh and they laughed their heads off. Sonu, hearing the commotion also laughed openly at Mahesh. Soon, they were all inside Mahesh's house.
Kavitha's house was not designed for this. The sudden influx of 5 more people meant that there was practically no place so sit. Mahesh stood naked at the centre, his tie mercifully removed from his cock. Navithra kept moving around, ostensibly to find a comfortable place. In reality, she kept ensuring that she came in contact with Mahesh. She would brush his cock with her hands, move him with her hands on his ass etc. Mahesh was straining not to make a noise. He eventually let out a groan and Navithra laughed, victorious. Mahesh closed his mouth in horror. He was fully erect. Navithra gave him a hard smack and told him to do ten sit-ups. The sight of his hard cock bobbing up and down brought a fresh wave of laughter to the women and made Mahesh further gloomy. Finally, the attention of the women turned to themselves. Mahesh, without even a command knelt as the superior women started deciding his fate.
"So, ladies. We have a good thing going here. I just wanted to go over a few things so that Mahesh can be safe." Once again, Mahesh marvelled at the effortless way Aishu was taking charge.
"First of all, who are you?" Rathna aunty asked.
"Let's just say I am a well-wisher for Mahesh and mom. Yes, I call her mom."
"Mom? Me too, then. Is it all right with you, mom?" Sonu asked. Mom smiled and nodded.
"Obviously, Mahesh is now our slave. Listen carefully, naked boy. Each one of us has full authority over you. Anything we ask you to do, you do it. Disobey, hesitate or follow our orders unsatisfactorily, and you will be punished."
"Yes, ma'am."
"That is correct. You address each of us as ma'am or madam. Got it?"
"Yes, ma'am."
"Now, ladies. Unfortunately, I need to check your phones."
"What? No way!" Navithra retorted while Sonu smiled. "Yeah! No way! Privacy is very important, isn't that right, naked boy."
Everyone laughed. Even Mahesh. However, Aishu was adamant and explained that she had to ensure that Mahesh's photos were not on the phones. Navithra finally agreed. Aishu also informed them that mom would frequently ask them to show their phones. And, if there ever was a single photograph of Nude Mahesh, there would be trouble. Once again, everyone silently agreed with Aishu. She was a natural leader, and also, the others did realise that her demand was reasonable. They all resolved that they would protect Mahesh. Aishu checked the phones and was satisfied. They next decided on the logistics. As mom had mentioned, the maid could not be fired or even furloughed for three months. They decided that, they would ask her to take half the pay for the next three months while having no duties to perform in the two houses. Aishu also called up Vishwa and ordered him to come up with a NDA document for the next day. The maid had to sign it to ensure she will not reveal anything about Mahesh outside. If not, Rathna aunty decided she would not be allowed into the complex. Mahesh pointed out that this was risky. The old couple would not like it. Rathna Aunty replied that she did not care. She was the house owner after all and the only way she would allow a maid inside was if she signed it. If the old couple did not like it, they could move. Mahesh recognised that Rathna Aunty was doing this to protect him. He bent down and kissed her feet in gratitude.
With that settled, mom went back in to continue cooking, now that there were additional guests. Covertly, Aishu looked at Navithra and then nodded to Mahesh, in the direction of his penis. Navi understood and silently led him away telling her mother she needed some of her clothes ironed urgently. Navi led him away, once again by the tie. Once the door opened, Mahesh automatically covered his cock with his hands. Instantly, he received 3 smacks in very quick succession. They warned him never to cover himself again and he silently walked behind Navithra. He was expecting her to take him to the bedroom. She instead took him to her bathroom. He looked at her, perplexed. She smiled at him and gently stroked him. Oh! She had teased him the whole day and he was very close. She ordered him to rub himself. When he protested, she told him he could rub himself here or at his house.
Truth be told, Mahesh wanted to. Standing naked in front of six women was humiliating. His penis, however, had a different view and it rose and rose like never before. He knew he was huge. Today, however, he was in a very bad state and he needed some relief. He started rubbing slowly, and then, once he saw that he had permission, he continued with more intensity. The earlier times, Aishu or Madhu had him over the knee and frequently interrupted him, extending his runtime. Today, uninterrupted, he came very quickly. Curiously, it was the exact moment he had exposed himself in front of Navithra, the moment his mother had forced him to strip naked in front of her for the first time and, most importantly, the thought of being dragged around, naked and with his tie by a fully clothed woman while he himself was stark naked that were going on in his mind. These were the most humiliating experiences of his life and yet, paradoxically, thinking about them was what making him come. He ejaculated furiously. Consistent with his massive organ, his load was also enormous. Navithra watched, smiling as Mahesh went from relief on getting to orgasm to a surprise at his load to finally shame as he tried to meet her eyes and failed. Her smiling, teasing gaze was too much for him. Wordlessly, without being ordered, he bent down, kissed her feet multiple times and thanked her for helping him like this. Navithra allowed him to kiss her feet, then clean himself up and she dragged him back and gave Aishu a thumbs up. Mahesh, unaware, rushed to help mom.
With the cooking done, mom went back and sat on a chair. The rest of them sat on the floor.
"You know, we could all move to Rathna's house." Mom announced. "If you are uncomfortable sitting on the floor."
"Nonsense, mom. WE came to see you and Mahesh. This is where we are having dinner."
"Yeah. Also, with the lesser space, it is easier to land smacks here." Rathna aunty announced and slapped his butt strongly to make her point. Mahesh squealed before resumed his serving.
"Speaking of which, Mahesh. As I said, you are a slave to each one of us here. Anything we tell you to do, you do it. No hesitation, no protests. Your ass is ours. You will be spanked left, right and centre everyday. It is up to you to keep it to as few as possible."
Knowing that was what she wanted, Mahesh kissed Aishu's feet. She pointed to the others. As he turned to kiss the next superior woman's feet, Aishu smacked him. The rest followed suit. They all allowed him to go down and kiss their feet and landed a strong smack on his ass when he turned.
"Also, we need to establish a pecking order. Obviously, mom has the highest authority on him. Mom, you decide on the rest. If one of us says something and the other says something else, the person higher on the order gets precedence. Of course, this means that the person whose orders were not complied to gets to smack him. But, that is Mahesh's problem, not ours. So, mom? What will it be?"
"Well, he is my son after all, and you are the one who started all this humiliation of him. So, the pecking order goes me, Madhu, Rathna, Navi, yourself and then Sonu."
All the women laughed other than Aishu.
"Mom! That is so not f-" and then Aishu also started laughing. She did not mind. After all, she had an outlet. The smiling, naked boy.
"Also, ladies." Aishu continued. "Most important, Mahesh starts UG in another three months. He will be your naked slave till then. After that, he stops being your slave. However, naked boy, you continue to be naked around the house."
"For the rest of my life?" Mahesh begged.
"We will see about that."
After the food was served, Mahesh kept his own plate aside and once again took mom's legs. She had told him that, she would need some small foot rubs after she was done preparing dinner. Mahesh gave them while the rest of them stared lovingly. They loved how Mahesh adored his mother. However, that love was now eclipsed by the sight of his buttocks. Navithra could not resist and landed a hard one and the rest of them followed suit. Mom kept him at it for a longer time today before allowing him to go have dinner. Mahesh had earlier lifted her pants up to massage. He now restored them down, kissed her feet a few more times and returned to dinner.
"So, that's why you started wearing Chudies?" Rathna enquired.
"Yeah. It was Mahesh's idea. He told me that, with sarees, he could not massage properly. Plus, it is when they are bare that he is really able to properly press down on feet."

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