Maid from Heaven – Part 21

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By 4everhorny Please read the previous part here (/2024/05/maid-from-heaven-part-20/ ). Now let’s continue

I went to my room and locked myself in my bathroom. Then I called Uma on her cell, she answered in a groggy tired tone. I asked “where are you Uma and what happened”?

She said “please don’t ask me anything now, we will talk at night if at all we get a chance” and hung up. I was very anxious and stressed out listening to her answer.

I decided to behave normally, I freshened up and went back to the hall. I buzzed the calling bell to call Uma so she can come down and make me some tea. Uma came after five minutes wearing a light green salwar-kameez.

She did not look at me all and went to the kitchen. Her hair looked like she had passed thru a tornado. I remember she was wearing a light pink suit in the morning when I left.

I asked dad if he wanted to join me for tea and he said yes. I went to the kitchen where Uma was standing facing the counter doing nothing. I patted her on her shoulder, in the same low tone she asked “do you want tea”?

I said “yes, for me and dad”. She started preparing, I asked “what happened to you Uma? Please tell me”. For the first time today she turned to me and hugged me tightly”.

I kissed her cheek, I asked “now did Aslam or Rizwan do something to you”? She said “no I did not even get a chance to call them today”. I asked “then tell me who is it or why are you looking so tired and messed up”?

She looked at the door then in my eyes. Pointing at the door only meant it had to be my parents. I recollected how she had a sorry face in the morning when she exited mom’s room.

I asked “is it mom”? She said “no Krishna, it is papa. I will tell you later when I get a chance, now go before he comes here again”. I left from there joining dad in the hall.

I gave him the download on all the things he had asked me to do today. Uma came with the tea and when she went to dad to serve him, I saw he was grinning looking at her.

Uma did not look at him at all and quickly went back to the kitchen. Then she went to mom’s bedroom to ask what to prepare for dinner. Soon both came out together from the room.

Mom sat with us, she asked me and dad “Uma is asking what do you want to have for dinner”? Dad enthusiastically said “Uma is an excellent cook. I am sure anything she prepares will be super tasty”.

Mom looked at Uma, she said “prepare anything of your choice in chicken with rice. That should be enough”. Uma went to the kitchen. I asked mom “how is your back now”?

She said “absolutely perfect, the massage Uma gave me in the morning and then again after lunch did the magic. Then I took some rest and am ready for all the events now”.

I looked at dad, he was lost in his thoughts while staring at the TV. I asked “so how was your day dad”? He said “it was wonderful, I was very productive today and Uma was of great help”.

The mystery was getting deeper, Uma said she was tired because of dad. Dad said Uma was of great help. Now what exactly happened. I decided to wait for the night when I get to be with Uma to find out.

I went to the kitchen on the pretext of drinking water and sneaked up behind Uma and hugged her. She got startled and looked behind and relaxed after seeing me. She said “thank god it is you Krishna, I thought it was papa again”.

I was all the more intrigued listening dad’s name, after all why would he hug her like this. In a very serious tone I asked “are you saying dad hugged you like this today”?

She said “yes more than a dozen times”. Before I could continue she said “Krishna drink your water and leave quickly, I don’t want him to catch us”. I went to my bedroom to freshen up.

Then dinner was served. Uma was wearing a simple light pink nighty today. I saw dad made Uma sit at the table next to him. Uma sat uncomfortably and we all ate our food.

During the dinner I observed Uma readjust her seating a few times. I also saw, at that exact time when Uma moved, dad’s hand was not on the table. I did not know what to conclude of this.

We finished dinner, then dad said “tomorrow we have to be at the function by 9am. So we will be up by 7am and leave by 8am to reach the venue on time”. Everyone retired to their rooms.

Uma went to my parent’s room to keep the drinking water for the night. Then she called me to the kitchen. I went thinking it was for our first quickie of the night.

She said “let’s not do anything here Krishna. It is not safe. Give me half hour to clean-up and then depending on the situation I will call you and we will go upstairs to my room”.

I said fine and went back to my room. About an hour later Uma called me and I went with her to her room. I saw her nighty was crumpled and her hair dishevelled.

I was dreading that it better not be what I think it is, but how could dad be up to all this at this age, or so I thought. When we got inside her room, I asked “what took you so long Uma”?

Uma lay on her bed and said “Papa had come again”. Uma was unusually quiet, she did not remove her clothes or even show her usual excitement like when we are about to have sex.

I however removed all my clothes and got in the bed with her. To please her and improve her mood I kissed her lips, it was a one way kiss this time. I was getting all the more impatient and irritated by this.

I finally blurted out “why are you so cold today Uma? Did I screw up anything”? She said “no Krishna, it is not your fault at all, I am only thinking about everything that happened today between papa and me”.

Running out of patience, I asked “Uma please stop talking in riddles and tell me what happened”? She turned towards me and rested her head against my chest.

In Uma’s words from here onwards:

Krishna after you left I went back to working in the kitchen doing my usual chores. Then papa came and stood next to me. I asked “is there something you need papa”?

He said “yes Uma, but I do not know how to tell it to you”. I said “please papa, if you have given me the privilege to call you papa then you can also feel free to tell me anything without hesitating”.

He said “that’s very kind of you Uma, but what I want to say can be very embarrassing to you”. I said “papa you please tell me everything freely, I will not feel embarrassed”.

He asked “are you sure Uma”? I said “yes, I assure you. Please tell me what you want to say without hesitation”. He said “Uma you know my wife is not well right now”.

I said “yes papa, she is resting”, a sudden rush of embarrassment came over me because I knew he was the reason why she was not “well”. He said “see I am a man and I too have needs. Now that I cannot go to her, I do not know what to do”.

I did not know what “needs” papa was referring to, so I innocently asked “papa first you tell me about your needs and then we will try to find a solution”. I was looking at him while talking, he turned to me and said “see this” pointing to the tent in his pyjamas.

I froze because I was not expecting this. But still I naturally looked down and saw a reasonably big tent. Trying to keep a straight face, I composed myself and said “papa that is something you will have to take care of yourself”.

He said “yes Uma, I already tried in the bathroom but it did not help”. I was really uncomfortable having this conversation with papa and wanted it to be over ASAP. So I said “papa I do not understand why you were not able to take care of it”.

He very coyly said “See Uma, to do it I need some stimulation which I currently do not have because my wife is sleeping, that’s why”. I replied “well papa, I do not have any solution for your problem. Maybe when Krishna sir returns, you can find a solution with his help”.

He blurted out “Uma you alone can solve my problem because you have everything I need. Please think it over seriously and don’t say no because this is hurting and I am suffering since morning” pointing again at his erection.

To be continued….

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By 4everhorny #Abuse #Incest #Mature #Rape