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Hello ladies & gentlemen!

Thank you for your feedback, I wasn’t sure at first to hear from anyone, but seeing the initial reaction, I made it a point to pen this down of what happened ahead

I am back with my continuation of my story which I left halfway, without describing how we eventually started humping like rabbits when we had an empty house to ourselves.

From where I left, in my previous story, well I had somehow, broken the barriers about having a friendlier conversation with our house maid, who was working with us over years, since the time I was growing up, you can say that right from the time she was a newly wed and started work at our house. Today, she is a phat (pretty hot and tempting) ass voluptuous gujrati milf of a kind.

As mentioned previously, she used to be the one baby sit me, when my folks use to be working professionals. From the time I returned back home in the afternoon to the dusk, she uses to be there to cook for the evening, and also be there with me, till someone arrives at home in the evening.

She use to get done cooking by and use to sleep in the afternoons, in the kitchen itself, by putting a mattress, seeing her assets, while she dusted and cleaned the house, I already had the stalking mode on, to get a glimpse of her love handles and pointy yet fleshy breast from a side angle, but again, I was too noob to know about sex or anything related to it.

My only bold move was to allow her to sleep on my bed, while I played my pc games to keep myself entertained, and also watch porn when she uses to be in deep sleep. Which use to allow me to compare the naked women to the actual fleshy assets all on display in front of me.

I had seen enough of euro/American porn and had been quite well versed with the physical characteristics of a woman. In my thought, I use to believe that Indian women, are never into porn, and they are all very well mannered in the society away from all this adult entertainment stuff, it was my understanding, that once anyone gets married is the only time, he or she gets to experience “Sex”.

Anyways, as time went by, one day our of curious nature I searched something like “Indian sex” on the internet, and to my thrill, I was welcomed by an Indian woman in a Rajasthani attire, with a half-open blouse and her breast hanging out with a dark black areola and a nipple large enough to make a mouthful if sucked onto, and not that she was a fat one, but she was pretty at the same time just like what I saw in the euro or American porno movies.

This made my pulse run, as what I witnessed was something more of what I would expect in my lifetime being an Indian myself. The next reflex I had after this, was turning around to see my sleeping maid on my bed, I was too turned on to explore her body and see what colour is her nipple, was it as similar to what I saw on the internet? That’s when I shut down my pc and took up a new route of lust filled adventure ahead!

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I just lied beside her, she was taking most of the place on the bed, so I nudged her lightly and asked her to shift as I was sleepy too, and wanted to sleep. Without actually waking up, she adjusted herself to give me some space beside her. She just turned around away from me and went back to sleeping ahead. Which I thought was the best opportunity in taking a sneak peak onto what hides behind her blouse. I waited for the right time, and she turned back to be sleeping on her back, and that’s when my lust took over by again seeing the poking nipples through the blouse. I slipped my hand from the side of her blouse, at first, it was quite tight for my hand to and go inside, so that’s why I just resorted to putting my palm lightly on her breast. To my surprise, her nipple and her boobs were firm, and the sensation of touching a woman in a way which I didn’t know, naturally gave me a hard-on.

I had no clue what next are we suppose to do when you have a hard-on, that is why, going by what I saw in the porn flicks, which was licking a pussy, I made my move, of wrapping around one of her fleshy legs, and start kissing it, and imagining as if its a woman I am holding onto, and making out with her, I thought this would be the most descent in comparison to plan a kiss on her lips or even go for the pussy. But I guess its quite a thing to even caress, group and lick her thighs and stroke my cock on her calf muscles and lick her inner thighs.

I did this for about 2 minutes only, which were more like 2 hours worth of pleasure what I got, but yeah I just forced myself to come back to my senses, and go back to playing games on my pc, and not continue ahead in doing anything which might make her complain to my parents.

To my surprise, she didn’t even move or moan or felt any discomfort. I am sure she knew what I did, but as much as she pretended not knowing anything about was my advantage in having more confidence in doing more to her. But that day lasted with a foreplay of my desperate libido and her fleshy leg.

She got up, and she just asked me, was I doing something to her on the leg? To which I replied, no maybe you are dreaming!

But yes, I knew this was just the start to something crazier to happen in the coming days! The rest will follow in the next part!

Do let me know your feedback, you can let me know if you felt aroused by reading the story, by mailing me on [email protected] ill be happy to connect with like-minded people, and just keep in touch!

I will put out a third part, where I will talk about one of the steamy session we had out of the numerous times I got to drill her.


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