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Hello Readers, This is my story when I was living in Goa, I was living in a small house and very soon I felt that I need a maid to look after the house.

Speaking to the security guys, the neighbour hood store, I found a maid, Maria. She was in her twenties, dressed in a skirt and loose top; I noticed that she had ample boobs. I discussed the salary and her duties and she said that she would join the next day.

The next day Maria came and began her work, as I had to leave early for some important meeting, I just told her to do her work as she found fit and left.

This went on and I found her to be a hard worker, she was neat and good at her work. Off late I realized that she would be looking at me in a strange way. One day in the evening I returned home, I was tired, I got inside, and I walked to the sofa and sat down. Maria came and asked me if I would like some coffee.
Yes, I need one, I told her.

As she turned to leave and I noticed that she was wearing a skirt that was quite small to cover her big ass. As she went to the kitchen, I could not help but look at her awesome ass and her legs.

She came back with the tea and when she bent to put the tea cup on the table, I was shocked to see her cleavage through the loose top she was wearing. She saw me looking at her cleavage but she did not do anything to cover up. She just gave me a smile and took the tray to the kitchen. As I was having my coffee, I was thinking about Maria and fantasying about her.I was lost in my thoughts when Maria came back, I just don’t know what happened but dropped the cup of tea on my shirt. I shot up, with the hot tea splicing on me and the fantasying about Maria had given rise to my erection , that was quite visible through my trousers.

What Happened sir, don’t worry I will clean this up.

Maria went to the kitchen and came back with the cleaning cloth and she started to wipe the wet spots of coffee from my clothes. I stood there with my dick pointing out.
I found Maria coming closer to me as she wiping the stains. She continued wiping, slowly moving closer and closer, and then her breasts touched my chest. My cock twitched at this. Maria slid her hands lower than need and she brushed lightly on my crotch. When her hand touched my dick, I kind of involuntarily thrust my dick in her had. Does it feel good?” she asked me softly. I could just sigh; I couldn’t bear anymore of this and kissed her on her neck, while grabbing her boobs.

“Do you like my breasts?” Maria asked me. Oh Yes, they are so firm and big, I told her while continuing to kiss her, She was a naughty one, she grasped my dick, asking me if she has caused the erection and was it for her.

Oh , yes, yes , it is hard as a rock for you, seeing your hot body and your cleavage has made me very hot and horny.”

“Oh, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to she said putting on an act, what are going to do with it?”
And soon, Maria brought her lips firmly against mine. We kissed passionately and she tasted nice. My hands were all over her body. without removing her lips from mine, Maria opened my trousers, and my jockeys , leaving my hard erect dick exposed, She then hungrily sucked my tongue, while continuing to play with my dick at the same time. She realized that I might cum, so she suddenly stopped kissing and shagging me; with a mischievous look on her pace, she made me sit on the sofa.

Maria then came closer to me. Turning back, she asked in a seductive voice, “Can you open the hooks.I opened her hooks and Maria’s fair smooth back came in to view, soon as the dress slipped off her tits, her large beautiful nipples were hard standing erect just like my dick.

Maria was standing in front of me with a mischievous smile. Her white pantry had a spot of wetness and I could see the outlines of her pussy lips.

I got up, took her in my arms and kissed her. Maria moaned as I caressed her back and ass cheeks. I couldn’t wait; I picked her up, carried her to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. I then took off her panty. Her pussy was clean shaven, just the way I liked.

I began kissing my way up to her pussy. Maria was moaning and squealing on the bed as I kissed her legs and thighs, when she couldn’t take anymore she just grabbed my face to her wet, burning pussy, she said, “Oh please Sir, please lick my pussy.”I put my tongue into her hot and wet pussy and bit her clit with my teeth, the moment I bit her she screamed and she came with a loud moan. A stream of pussy juices covered my mouth. When I got up my face was drenched with Maria’s juices.

Soon, She laid me down on the bed and lying on top of me, she then sat on top of me and rubbed her wet pussy up and down my dick.

It’s my turn to repay you.” Maria slid down lower on my body; she took my dick in her hands. Maria said licking my entire length. “You taste delicious.” She then began sucking me like it was a lolly pop, meanwhile I kept rubbing my hands on her soft ass and my finger in her pussy and tickling her clit. Very soon I couldn’t hold and I burst, Maria tightened her lips on my dick and pumped out the last drop off my dick.

AS it had become late, she dressed and left giving me a kiss, promising more when I was off from work and we could spend the whole day in bed.

Feedback and comments on [email protected] Now I live In Chennai, any woman interested in NSA kind of fun can contact me.

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