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Maids in the Mist
'Maids-in-mist' was Gretchen Collins' kinder more-lenient description of the women who turned to her husband Alex for their satisfaction while they stayed at Bly Bay Outfitters lodge on Chautauqua. Until Annessa Gavin appeared on the scene at Bly Bay the summer of '02, those antics were practiced at a distance, aboard the thirty foot LILLY or on one of the docks when the mist rose and concealed the offenses. When the weather was agreeable many of the women found it exciting to be fucked or sodomized by Alex Collins out on one of the docks.
Gretchen was aware those vile rituals were often initiated with the approval of the women's significant-others, "The cost of doing business," she admitted to Marge, her mother years ago.
"I've heard them speak to one another and watched husbands and wives go through the motions necessary to lead Alex astray," Gretchen said to her sisters, Jennifer and Paula, one Sunday afternoon at a bridal shower for first cousin, Betty Dressler. On that afternoon, Gretchen felt confession good for the soul and who better to hear her confession than her sisters.
Gretchen understood Jennifer had a better handle on her reasoning, for Jennifer had felt Alex' weight pressing down on her more than a few times and understood the allure. Gretchen was no innocent bystander in the matter for she gave Alex Jennifer without reservation and accordingly took her sister's husband, Michael to her hip.
Gretchen worked her way through the list of Alex' indiscretions but took care not to mention Daren Edmondson's name for the blush that would surely follow might give away that particular secret.
Unbeknownst to Gretchen, her liaison with the other woman had come-up during bedside conversation when Alex last enjoyed Jennifer's favors two days before Saint Valentine's Day. Though Jennifer had nettled him for a name, Alex refused to answer the question posed and name the woman.
There were other less kind descriptions Gretchen used when she was in a less-forgiving mood, her most popular being 'dirty whores'.
Annessa Gavin was the original member of that sorority, for she was the first woman to claim a portion of her husband's love. Mrs. Gavin was a small frame, sinewy sixty-year old woman with a perfect dancer's body and a need Alex answered more than a dozen times during the Gavin's ten day stay with Bly Bay Outfitters, the summer of '02. Mr. Gavin's daily medication precluded the sexual arousal necessary to answer his wife's call and so the couple turned to Alex Collins for relief from the tears that came with the darkness.
Alex was tending to a fifty-horse on the skiff in the boat house when his cell phone jittered in the pocket of his tan field jacket.
"When can you get away?" he heard.
Jennifer Patrick's question came as a surprise and without introduction on that Wednesday afternoon, April 5th.
"I have a meeting with Andy at his studio early tomorrow morning, Jennifer."
"Alex, I've got this itch that I can no longer ignore, Alex," Jennifer said softly into the receiver.
"Is it something that requires a visit to the clinic?" Alex worried in response.
"Jackass," she snapped back.
There was an awkward silence at Alex' ear before Jennifer asked, "Can we add your friend Daren to the guest list?"
"Which friend, Jennifer?" Alex asked.
"The one who goes down on Gretchen when she visits, Alex,"
Jennifer Patrick arrived at the apartment on Sweet Home Road with her usual punctuality intact and went right up to the front door as Alex had suggested lest she panic and flee. Thirty seconds later Jennifer stumbled back as the door swung inward and a mere wisp of a woman stood in the doorway with only a smile.
"I'm looking for Alex Collins," Jennifer said once she composed herself.
"He's here. He wanted me to show you what you're getting yourself into once you cross the threshold," the woman said. She then extended a hand and a name; "I'm Daren."
"I'm Jennifer, Alex' sister-in-law," Jennifer answered as she was pulled bodily into the foyer by the lapels of her coat. Daren slammed the door shut with a bang and the noise startled Jennifer.
Daren pulled Jennifer into the mix and cradled Jennifer to her bare chest. She forced a kiss firmly to Jennifer's mouth and finally pressed her tongue by the other's quivering lips. Daren's breathe smelled filthy, cigarettes and beer.
Overwhelmed Jennifer went back on her heels. She thought she might fall faint and tightened her arms around Daren's bony frame.
"You understand," Daren said over her left shoulder after turning away, "now is the time to turn and run, Jennifer. If you're staying throw the deadbolt."
Jennifer trailed Daren and stepped into the smoke-filled parlor without adding a word to the conversation. The air in the parlor was heavy with a myriad of scents with pot being the strongest.
"We started without you, Jennifer," Jennifer he heard Alex say while her eyes adjusted from the bright outdoors to the dimly lit parlor. The furniture, an over-stuffed sofa and two high-backed chairs, was covered in ancient maroon velvet.
Alex sat cross-legged on the sofa and crushed the velvet with his bare bottom. His penis glistened at half-staff in the flickering light of the three candles on one of the end tables.
"May I have your coat and the bag?" Daren asked Jennifer.
"Thank you, Daren," Jennifer said.
Jennifer took the bottle of Corona offered and a seat on the maroon velvet beside her brother-in-law. After two sips she looked to Alex.
"Watch," he said in a low voice before crooking a finger in Daren's direction. He pointed to the space in front of the sofa and Daren responded with a smile she wrapped around his penis.
"Careful, Daren," Alex warned while her head bobbed rapidly in his lap. "We're getting close."
Daren raised her head after Alex had finished and leaned toward Jennifer.
"May I kiss you?" Daren asked.
Jennifer nodded. Daren leaned back against the cocktail table littered with empties, roaches and a full ashtray. The table rolled back and provided the room needed.
Their kiss was soft and slow and wet with the woman's saliva. Jennifer tasted him on Daren's tongue. Alex took Jennifer's right hand from Daren's shoulder and placed it in his lap. She felt him tremble as his penis hardened in her fingers.
"How much time do you have?" Alex asked while Daren undressed Jennifer. She tossed Jennifer's blouse, skirt and underwear over the arm of the high-back chair near the door. She ran her hands over Jennifer's smooth skin from her throat to her navel and there she stopped short of the prize.
"I have as much time as it takes," Jennifer said.
"Good," Alex said. "Now, Daren, I'd like you to finish what you started."
His request was a well-received diversion for Jennifer feared the satisfaction approaching so soon might weaken her determination to see this exploration through to the end.
She stood and watched Daren brush back the long rag-curls and kneel at Alex' feet. Daren clenched his penis with two hands. She pulled back the foreskin and sucked the smooth glans to its full size. She was unprepared for the warm thick ejaculate that came without warning into her mouth. Her attempts to stem the flow were for naught. The harder she squeezed the base of his penis the more blood entered and swelled his penis. Daren pulled away before his orgasm was complete and the last of his ejaculate sprayed out as a fine mist onto her face.
"Two tablespoon, my ass," she said mumbled awkwardly. She turned toward the cocktail table and spat out the surprise that came from the tip of Alex' penis. Her aim was off by a smidge. The air expelled along with his semen hit the overfilled ashtray on the table top with some force. That strong puff of air raised a miniature ash storm. Gray and black flecks clung to the spunk on Daren's face.
Jennifer took a tissue from the box on the mantel above the fireplace and dabbed at the grit around Daren' eyes.
"You've got some in your hair, dear," Jennifer offered.
"This isn't working," Jennifer said. She dropped the tissue and added to the ash and other debris on the cocktail table top. "Come, we'll shower and I'll wash away the mess, Daren."
The water came cold from the shower head and Jennifer put the time to good use. She sucked Daren's tiny teats and stroked her labia until her hostess collapsed to the floor of the stall spent. As the water warmed, Daren reciprocated and brought Jennifer to orgasm with only her teeth and her kiss at her breasts.
"Have you ever seen Alex with a man, Daren?" The question came while she toweled Daren's back and legs and sent a warm breath from her lips to the base of Daren's spine.
"No," Daren said. Her hesitation gave Jennifer enough leeway to ask, "What?"
"He's gone down on me after fucking me without a condom. I thought that was odd."
"Have you ever been in bed with Alex and another man?"
"Of course not, Jennifer," Daren feigned outrage and spoke the lie perfectly.
"How about with Alex and another woman, or is this going to be a first?" Jennifer asked when the answers received up to that point were not to her liking.
"We've come close, Jennifer, but no cigar," Daren laughed out her answer and raised a hand to Jennifer's clean-shaven mons.
"I'd like to try something with Alex," Jennifer gasped the words and the question, "Will you help, Daren?"
"Whatever you decide, Jennifer," Daren said.
Hand-in-hand, Jennifer and Daren stepped out of the steamy shadows and went in search of the villain they had created.
"All scrubbed clean, Alex," Jennifer said the implication and snapped Alex out of his stupor.
It took a breath or two before slumber relaxed her hold and Alex noted the adornment at the tips of those lovely petit breasts.
"Two very able-bodied young ladies," he said.
Jennifer ignored his assessment and said nothing. She thought it more productive to show Alex instead the preparations she had managed for their little get-together. She stooped and fetched her tan leather bag from the straight-backed chair nearest the door.
"We'd like to show our appreciation for this little get together, Alex," Daren said. "Just sit back and enjoy."
Jennifer pulled a small glass jar from her bag and held it up for Daren to see. Daren opened the container and waited for Jennifer to take her place on the carpet near the cold hearth. Wildflower honey dripped from Daren's finger before she pressed that finger into the fold between Jennifer's thighs.
After she had worked her magic and finished off Jennifer, Daren raised her green eyes and looked up over the smooth waxed hump and whispered softly, "You taste like your sister, Jennifer."
Daren's comment provided yet another bit of information that might prove useful the next time she and Gretchen engage in an argument as often happens when sisters disagree.
Alex just sank into the crushed velvet and observed the ladies until he saw his sister-in-law bring her hips up off the carpet. His joy aroused and he found himself capable and ready to assist the ladies.
"I'd like to join you," Alex said.
"Words, Alex," Jennifer said pointedly without looking up, "just words in the distance spoken by a man handicapped by uncertainty…"
"Tell me what the two of you want, Jennifer."
"Lie down on the carpet, Alex and say nothing."
He lay naked on the bit of carpet Jennifer had warmed and let Daren slip the blindfold over his eyes. The silk cover seemed to appear magically from out of nowhere. He cringed when Jennifer sucked his balls into her mouth. While she jiggled the egg-shaped glands with the flat of her tongue, Daren pulled back his foreskin. He shivered when she sank her teeth into the bulbous end of his penis and gnawed his pink glans.
"Don't come, Alex," he heard one of them say. Suddenly he felt alone and was thrusting his hips into the air. His breathing was deep and audible.
Jennifer squatted low over Alex' smile and pulled at her buttocks. The tactic put the divide precariously close to his lips.
"I'm hoping you're going to kiss me, Alex."
When Alex was slow to provide, he heard Jennifer say, "Now, Daren."
Only seconds passed before Daren was heavy at his hip. She grunted loudly as she took Alex deep.
"This is not the end, Alex," Jennifer said. She relaxed the muscles in her legs and the contact desired was achieved. "The game is just beginning, Alex."

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