Making Love with My Best Friend’s Mother

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Making Love with My Best Friend’s Mother
Steve was startled when Mrs. Baker began crying. He experienced a rush of sympathy for her and without thinking he walked over and put his arms around her, intending to give her a comforting hug. He wasn’t at all ready for the sensations that began to sweep through him when Mrs. Baker’s body came in contact with his.
Betty’s reaction to Steve’s innocent gesture was no less intense than the young man’s. Her arms slid around Steve and she hugged him frantically.
Steve’s mind was whirling. It was happening again! He felt his penis begin to distend. He broke his embrace and stepped back, his face red, his chest heaving.
Betty found it difficult to breathe when their embrace ended. Had she felt something hard pressing against her when Steve was holding her? Was he… ? Why did she feel like this?
Steve’s was feeling just as confused as the woman he was standing next to. His mind was in a whirl. “What am… what am I going to do?” he wondered. The erection triggered by his impulsive hug continued to swell and grow in the young man’s snug jeans, and was making him very uncomfortable.
Betty and Steve stood there next to the kitchen counter, looking at each other. Neither of them knew what to say or do. Both of them were acutely aware of the sexual tension that had developed between them, but neither of them moved for what seemed like a long while but was actually only seconds.
Steve inhaled deeply then he took a step toward Mrs. Baker, put his hands on her slim waist, and tugged her toward him.
Betty, trembling allowed herself to be drawn into the young man’s embrace again. Her body once more came in contact with his. She laid her head on his shoulder and slid her arms around him. They stood like that for a while, then she leaned back in Steve’s arms and looked up at him, her eyes wide, her chest heaving.
Steve gazed down into Mrs. Baker’ flushed, pretty face. “Does she want me to kiss her?” he wondered. “If she doesn’t want me to, what will she do if I try?” Trembling with anticipation, he bent and covered her mouth with his. When their lips touched, flames of desire leapt to life in his body and his embrace tightened.
When Steve kissed her, Betty felt as if she was going to explode. One of her hands tangled in the young man’s hair and she pressed her lips harder against his. Then her tongue slid tentatively across his lips.
Steve felt Mrs. Baker pressing tighter against him and her tongue stroking his lips! His penis swelled mightily in the confines of his jeans and his groin thrust forward against her as his tongue dueled with hers.
At last, because they had to breathe, the kiss ended. Betty again leaned back in Steve’s arms and looked up at him. Her heart was pounding. She felt his swollen penis pressing against her.
Steve wasn’t sure what Mrs. Baker was going to do. He half expected her to hit him or yell at him, or something. Instead, she kept pressing her body against his swollen groin. Then, without speaking, she backed out of his embrace, took his hand, and started for the doorway. He went with her.
Betty, astonished by how she was acting, guided the passion-numb young man into his bedroom. Once they were inside the room, she pulled him into her arms and again they kissed. The fires of lust burning in her flamed higher. As the kiss went on, Betty tugged off the boy’s T-shirt and began to move her hands over the smooth skin of the boy’s heaving, hairless chest.
“Ahhhhhh!!” Steve groaned when Mrs. Baker’s warm, smooth hands began to coast lightly over his bare skin. This was real! It really was happening! Wild thoughts raced through his over-heated mind as Betty continued to caress him.
Steve’s hands slid under Betty’s sweatshirt, blazing trails of heat on her silken skin. His hands slid over Mrs. Baker’s bra, squeezing her breasts. Reaching around her back, Steve undid the clasp of Betty’s bra, then slid around her chest under her bra and caressed her naked mounds, feeling Betty’s nipples becoming erect. Steve felt Mrs. Baker undoing the button on his jeans and unzip the fly. She pulled his jeans down his hips and his erection sprang free. As Steve wiggled his jeans of his feet, he felt Mrs. Baker rubbing his hard-on. Steve moved his hands down to Betty’s waist. Taking the waistband of her sweatpants, Steve pulled them down to her ankles. He looked at the dark shadow of Mrs. Baker’s pubic hair through her white nylon brief panties. Putting his arms around Betty Baker’s hips, Steve squeezed her nylon covered buttocks and buried his nose into her panty covered pubic mound, inhaling Mrs. Baker’s sex
Steve gently pushed Betty back onto the bed. She laid back on her back as he grasped her legs under her knees and lifted them up, spreading them. Mrs.Baker was spread eagle with Steve between her legs. Steve looked at Betty’s panty covered crotch, her brown pubic hair on both sides of her panty leg band. Mrs. Baker watched Steve as he tugged her panty crotch to the side, exposing her hairy labia lips. Steve buried his mouth onto Mrs. Baker’s pussy, his tongue delving deeply between her labia and into her vagina. Ohhh!! Ohh!! Yesssss!! Yesssss!! Ohhhhhhh!! Darling!! Oh, yessss!!” Betty cried, her body thrashing as Steve tongued her vaginal hole. He moved his tongue down between Mrs. Baker’s smooth buttocks. Spreading her ass cheeks apart, Steve began ‘rimming’ Mrs. Baker’s anus. Licking her asshole deeply and pushing his tongue up into her rectum. This was the first time Mrs. Baker had her asshole licked and she was enjoying what the young man was doing to her bottom. He moved up to her clitoris, gently sucking her little bud. Steve pulled Betty’s panties over her hips and down her legs, again spreading her legs and looking at Mrs. Baker’s naked hairy crotch. Steve needed to fuck Mrs. Baker before he came on the bed. He moved up the bed taking Betty Baker into his arms. Their lips came together, their tongues lashing.
Betty slid a hand between them, found Steve’s throbbing erection, grasped it and began to stroke it gently. Holding the young man’s swollen cock in her hand was a surprisingly wonderful experience. She was thrilled by how big and hard he was! He was much bigger than her husband was! Betty guided Steve’s erection to her vaginal opening and Steve pushed deeply into her hot wet canal with one stroke. He couldn’t believe he was inside Mrs. Baker, fucking his best friend’s mother
Steve continued to stroke Betty’s body without pattern. He was incredibly turned on! Even though he’d made love with a lot of women that summer, he found what he was doing with Mrs. Baker extremely exciting.
Betty, too turned on to wait any longer, pushed Steve onto his back, knelt astride his body, and guided his swollen, veined shaft to her wet vagina. Slowly she lowered herself, welcoming him into her body.
“I can’t believe I’m doing this!” she thought as the young man’s swollen organ slid into her and ecstasy inundated her. “I know this is wrong, but God, does it ever feel good!”
Steve felt as if the top of his head would come off when Mrs. Baker rolled onto him and engulfed his cock in her clutching, fiery cavern. He experienced an onslaught of fantastic sensations as his cock delved deeply into her vagina!
The intensity of the experience she was having made Betty marvel. Steve’s spearing cock was making her feel better than she’d ever felt! Steve’s cock was much bigger than her husband’s and it filled her up like she had never been filled before. She began to rock her hips and felt the young man’s thick, long shaft lashing the walls of her vagina. This felt far better than sex ever had felt before!
Steve could barely stand it. He was too turned on! He was living his fantasy. His erection was actually inside Mrs. Baker’s vagina. The pressures in his body soared to the bursting point and surged beyond.
“Aggggggghhhhhhhh!! Goddddddd!!” he groaned. “I’m… I’m gonna come!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!” His penis began to pulsate and jets of his molten sperm spewed into Mrs. Baker’s vagina.
The gush of Steve’s hot semen propelled Betty over the edge. “Steve!! Ohhh!! Ohh!! Yesssss!! Yesssss!! Ohhhhhhh!! Darling!! Oh, yessss!!” she cried, her body thrashing. It happened. Unbelievable sensations wracked her and her body began trembling uncontrollably. Never before had she experienced anything like this! Feeling Steve’s sperm deep inside her vagina sent Betty into the most intense orgasm of her life. She never imagined it was possible to feel this good! For the first time in her life, she discovered the total joy of sex!
The lovers strained against each other, bodies melded, passion arching between them like high-voltage electricity. At last their ecstasy dwindled to joy, then joy to satisfaction, their frantic motions slowed, then ceased. They lay wrapped in each other’s arms, their bodies still joined.
After a while, Betty rolled off and looked at Steve. “Wow!” she whispered. “ That was by far the best sex I’ve ever had!”
“Yeah,” Steve replied.
Betty kissed the young man again. When their lips touched she felt lightning bolts of passion arcing through her once again. She heard Steve groan and felt his body writhing against hers.
Betty’s hands slid down the young man’s hairless body, to his penis, which she was delighted to discover, was hard again. She grasped Steve’s swollen member she desperately wanted buried in her again.
“Make love to me again, Steve!” she murmured. She rolled onto her back, pulling the young man on top of her. Even though she’d just come, she was still more excited than she’d ever been in her life. She guided the young man’s erection to her vagina and shuddered with ecstasy as it slid deeply into her. She thought she was going to have another orgasm the minute he entered her, but she didn’t. Wave after glorious wave of passion crashed over her.
“Oh God!” Steve groaned. “being inside you feels so good!”
“So do you!” Betty replied. “You make me feel so good, too!”
Quaking with excitement, Steve held himself still, buried inside Mrs. Baker’s hot vagina, savoring the sensations flooding him. When, after a few minutes, he felt calmer, he began to slide his engorged penis in and out of Betty’s hot hairy hole.
The delicious friction of the young man’s pistoning cock, combined with the wrongness of what she was doing, drove Betty to heights of rapture she’d never experienced before. Her body felt as if it were on fire.
Then another orgasm tore through Betty, it was like a thousand skyrockets exploding at once. She began to writhe and buck, cries of joy flowing from her lips. She no longer knew where she was and didn’t care. All she knew was she felt better than she’d ever felt in her life!
“Ohhhh!! Mrs. Baker!!” Steve cried, his hips going wild. “I… I can’t wait. Oh, God!! Oh, God!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!”
When Steve’s heated fluids gushed into her, Betty once again plunged headlong into a whirlpool of ecstasy. She knew now she hadn’t experienced any orgasms in twenty-seven years of marriage but now, in a period of a few minutes, she was experiencing her third! She couldn’t talk, couldn’t think, all she could do was thrust her pelvis against Steve, seeking every wonderful sensation he could give her.
“Gahhhhhhhhh!! Gahhhhhhhhh!! Oh, God!! Oh, God!! Yessssssssss!! Yessssssssss!! Yessssssss!!” Betty screamed. She felt as if she were turning inside out! Wildly she strained against Steve, trying to get more of his hard spasming penis inside her, until there was no more for them to share.
Filled with contentment, Steve lay atop Mrs. Baker, too weak to move.
Betty felt the Steve’s marvelous erection shrink, then slither out of her. She could feel his semen flowing out of her sheath. Even that felt wonderful.
Steve finally rolled off and lay on his side, looking at Mrs. Baker with adoration in his eyes.
Betty kissed him. “You are really a fantastic lover, Steve!” she exclaimed. “You made me feel better than I ever believed it was possible to feel!”
Steve smiled. “You are pretty fantastic, too!” he told her. He covered her mouth with his and kissed her hard.
“This will have to stay our secret,” Betty cautioned him once the kiss ended.
“I won’t tell a soul.” Steve replied earnestly. He had no intention of telling anyone what he was doing with his older lover. He had a feeling that might spoil things.
Betty rolled atop him, covered his mouth with hers and thrust her tongue deep in his mouth.
Mrs. Baker’s sudden movement caught Steve off guard, but he recovered quickly. His hands began roaming her body, he grabbed Mrs. Baker’s naked buttocks with both hands and squeezed them. his tongue dueling sweetly with hers.
When she felt Steve’s penis begin to stiffen against her leg, Betty forgot everything else. Then his lips closed over one swollen nipple and burgeoning ecstasy f***ed reason from her mind once more as she felt Steve’s sperm dribbling out of her vagina. A moment later she felt Steve’s erection sliding into her cum filled vagina…..

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