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After sneakily fucking Steve and his four friends, Steve kept texting me asking to catch up and saying how hot and slutty I was. I kept all the texts a secret and deleted them after I read them. He sent me a couple of pics he took when I was being fucked with my legs open and dripping cum. I got turned on by them as they looked hot. I felt like a porn star!
Dave was keeping me updated on the next gangbang at Grahams and told me that he asked Graham to either invite more guys, or just have me there. He kept telling me he wanted me to fuck more guys and wanted to see how many I could handle. When Dave told Graham, he wanted more guys to fuck me, Dave told me that Graham didn't want guys hanging around waiting for their turns, so he wanted at least one other chick there. That's when Dave told Graham to DP me and I was to have all my three holes filled.
This is something I had never done before but I was nervously keen to try it. I watched a lot of porn on it and there seems to be a lot of DP porn around. I figured if other chicks could do it, so can I! I told Dave I was ready to do it and he replied "of course you are. You're gonna take three cocks all night until they're all drained and you're full! You'll be so fucking filled with cum" he said roughly rubbing my clit through my dress. He was getting so turned on that he threw me on the bed and fucked me hard while whispering in my ear "you're a gangbang cum dump, aren't you?"
"Yes, I am" I replied. "I want more cocks and more cum and more fucking!" I replied staring into his eyes. Dave arched his back and came deep inside me. "Oh fuck!" he called out. "Oh, fuck you're fucking amazing. You're such a slut. I love it. You're gonna be my whore babe, forever? My cum dump?"
"Yes, babe I am." I replied. We then deep tongue kissed, and Dave asked me to suck him hard so we could fuck again, which I did.
We both laid on the bed in silence for a while afterwards. Dave then laid facing me, lifting his head off the pillow and smiling at me. "You know hun," He said smiling "I think I should marry you. What do you think?"
I was stunned. Was this a proposal? Was he just seeing my reaction? Was it because we just had sex? I wasn't sure and I was confused but kind of excited at the same time. "That would be amazing babe. Do you mean it?" I asked.
Dave rolled over and kissed me. "you know what? I do!" he said smiling. He then got off the bed and dropped to one knee. I was flustered. "Tara. Will you marry me?" He asked holding my hand.
I got off the bed and stood in front of Dave. "Yes. Yes, I will baby." I replied giggling. Dave threw me back onto the bed and we fucked again, but this time with so much passion.
Afterwards, Dave got up and rang Graham about the gangbang this coming weekend. Was he going to change his mind now I wondered? I had nothing to worry about as I clearly overheard his call to Graham.
"Hi Graham. Its Dave here. Yeah." He started off the call. "Look how many guys you got coming this time? Cool. That's great. Are there other chick's coz remember I said they can fuck all Tara's holes this time? Ok just the one? Ahh the older chick? Ok. So, they get 12 guys each hey? Haha. Reckon Tara could do the 24 on her own. Yep easy. Anyway, as she's only 20, I think the guys will want her more than the old chick. Yep see you at around 7 then. Cool." Dave came back into the bedroom after the call. "Hi babe. Did you hear that call?" He asked me. I nodded and smiled. "Reckon he's got 24 lined up that have already paid. How many could you do honey?" He asked kissing my face and hugging me.
"24 I think." I replied thinking that's what Dave wanted to hear.
"That's what I told Graham, but he's invited that older chick." Dave said shaking his head. "I think you'll get way more attention. Anyway. You pumped?" He asked.
"Yeah babe." I replied. "You know I love to fuck, and love being filled so yeah, should be great fun." I said thinking back to the gangbang with Steve and trying to work out how often I was fucked that day. Must have been close to 20-25 times before the five of them ran out of cum, so doing 24 over an entire night should be easy as.
It then came into my head if we would have an engagement party. Knowing Dave, it would turn into a gangbang, which isn't a bad thing. I went to ask Dave, but he started talking about the gangbang and how hot it would be to fuck me after 24 guys had. He then told me my arse would be stretched after this weekend, but he still wanted to fuck it. He's so romantic. Haha.
I put a skirt on and checked my phone. Steve had sent me 3 messages. I took the phone into the toilet to read them. He kept saying how hot I was and that he's asking more guys to show up next time. I text him "how many more?" There was a minute delay and he text back "The others have asked around too. Is 12 too many?" I text back "will you play the see how often we can fuck game again?" He text back a laughing emoji and prayer hands and text "if that's ok?" I text back a 'thumbs up' emoji and a kiss emoji and text "have to go. Don't text."
Dave and I got to Grahams house around 6:30pm Saturday night. There were already a lot of cars parked down the street. Dave told me they're here for me as he helped me out of the car. I was wearing a short tartan mini skirt that barely covered my arse and a see-through top with 'cum slut' written on it. Dave bought them both for me. Wearing them I felt a combination of being sexy and slutty which was fine with me.
As soon as we got into Grahams house, the guys all started groping me. There were maybe 8 guys and the older chick hadn't shown up yet. Straight away they had their pants off and were wanking themselves. They all got hard in an instant and I was on my knees on the mattress in the lounge sucking cocks. One guy laid me on my back and went down on me as he fingered me. It was heaven! Mean time other guys were shoving cocks into my mouth.
Dave laid next to me with a hard on and told me to "get on" so I sat on top of him riding his cock. It felt amazing and I was so wet. Dave pulled me down on top of him and said to everyone, "fuck her arse but use lube." I could feel the cold lube being pushed into my arse from someone's finger. Next minute the warmth of a hard cock. I shivered. It felt great but he lasted maybe two minutes. Straight away another cock was in there. Dave tried to get into a rhythm with the second guy in my arse. I was loving it and after about 5 minutes I squirted, much to the amazement of everyone in the room.
Dave slid out from under me and was replaced by someone else. Dave told me to suck his cock clean and wanted to watch for a while. He hadn't cum yet.
Not sure how many cum loads were in my arse, but I could feel it dripping out and every time a cock slammed me, I could hear a squelching noise. I was laid on my back and the fucking continued. I had a quick look around and the room. There was closer to 20 guys in here now. I didn't hear them arrive, but they were all watching, and all had hardon's. I couldn't see the other lady. Dave suggested I got in the doggy position and the guys could take their pick between my arse or cunt to fuck. My arse was the main choice.
We went back into doing DP with guys trying to get into a rhythm when fucking my arse and cunt. Once it was working, it felt amazing. Pretty much the entire night we were doing DP's and the older woman failed to show up, much to Dave's delight.
I had to go to the toilet a few times to 'empty out' and I had a 'half time shower' but pretty much all night I was getting fucked. I was enjoying every minute, but I did start to get a bit sore as we were getting close to finishing.
At the end, 28 guys showed up and they all fucked me at least once. Quite a few fucked me twice and a couple three times! Dave told me I was like a machine and he guessed I took close to 60 loads and was proud of me. As I fucked with my dress on and top rolled up, there was quite a bit of cum on my clothes. Graham gave me a short red latex dress that was 'a gift for being a legend' that I could wear home.
All the way home Dave was buzzing about the night and asked how I felt, if I could have done more guys, did I enjoy it, was it fun and when could I do the next one? I was feeling tired and just wanted to sleep but I really enjoyed the night and had quite a few laughs with the guys. I told Dave I was very happy, and he told me to close my eyes. Soon afterwards we were home and I struggled out of the car with the latex dress on.
As I'm small, Dave carried me inside and onto the bed. I started to take the dress off, but it was tight. Dave told me to keep it on as he wanted to fuck my arse before we went to sleep. He slid straight into my arse and said it felt "so great" and "totally amazing" and fucked me hard and came deep inside of me. He then asked me to suck him clean before I fell asleep.
I woke up, still in my latex dress about four hours later. I had a quick shower and called out to Dave. I looked outside and his car was gone. I checked my mobile and had two text from Dave and one from Steve.
Dave said he had gone out to grab some takeaway and wanted to let me sleep a while. His second text was "you're amazing and I love you." Steve's text asked, "can we text?"
I text Steve "sup?" After about five minutes he text me "can we talk now?" I replied "Yep".
He rang me and said "hi gorgeous. How's things? What's you been up to?"
I replied "not much. Was fucked about 60 times last night by about 30 guys. What about you?"
Steve was quiet for a while then replied "say what? Like you fucked 60 times last night? Like 60 loads as well?"
"Maybe more than 60" I replied. "no one counted but yeah I'm still leaking!" I said laughing.
"That's like fucking amazing Tara. Like umm so how are you feeling? Was it fun or?" Steve asked.
"Oh yeah, heaps of fun." I replied. "Guys were great and very nice, and I was given a sexy hot latex dress and paid $200. So, a good night."
"Just getting my head around 60 loads. Geez that's like, wow, awesome hot hey?" Steve said. "K so you gonna wear the latex dress. What is latex anyway? Doesn't matter is it, like slutty?"
"Oh yeah. I look like a whore in it, haha." I replied laughing. "You will love it. So, what do you think about me like being fucked 60 times? Does it bother you or anything?" I asked Steve.
"What? Bother me? Haha." Steve replied. Hell no! I think it's hot as. Like wow that's great. Would have been awesome to have been there. So, are you sore or anything?"
"Just a bit but like not overly. Guess a bit puffy down there but narr not sore." I replied
"So. Ready to go again? Haha." Steve joked.
"Yeah." I replied. "I reckon I could easy go another round. Hehe. Hey, must go my boyfriend just got home. Chat soon. Bye."
"Hi baby." Dave said as he walked in. "How's my beautiful girl? Got you some Chinese and a new outfit. What do you think?" Dave said and threw a plastic bag on the kitchen table and put down the Chinese. "Have a look." He instructed.
I opened the bag up and it had a white short dress with a plunging neckline, split up both side to the hip. It felt really sexy and looked super slutty. "I don't really have the boobs for this dress baby."
"Crap." Steve replied kissing me. "Your tits are amazing. I love them. Anyways I bought the dress for you so you can wear it dogging. Be fucking hot."
"Dogging?" I asked. "What like fucking dogs?"
"Hahahahaha. No babe" Dave replied wiping tears from his eyes, "but I like where you're coming from. No dogging is public sex. Like there's dogging locations all around and you just turn up, randoms fuck you and we leave. Either in the back of the car or you lay over the bonnet of the car."
"Sounds exciting." I replied. "So, when can we do it? I asked.
Dave said "whenever you're ready babe. Up to you."
"Wanna go tonight?" I suggested smiling at Dave who smiled back. "I reckon it would be a bit of fun and sort of dangerous yeah? Plus, I'm feeling horny hun thinking about it. Where do we go, and will there be guys there?" I asked.
Dave went straight onto the internet to find locations and started texting people. He then told me the location and the name of the park. I told Dave its sounds perfect and went to the toilet to text Steve. He said it was short notice but said he would definitely show up and also thought he might get a couple of guys to turn up. He asked what time, so I called out to Dave. "Babe, how much time will I have to get ready? What time we getting there?" Dave said, "Just as it gets dark so we will be there around 730." I text Steve and told him to pretend he didn't know me.
I put on my new slutty dress and it was silky and felt nice on my skin. Dave said, "no underwear as we want easy access" So I took off my 'G' string. It felt nice and sexy. Dave bent me over and fucked my arse. "Oh babe" he sighed "it's still loose and wet. It feels amazing. Reckon you can take some cock up there tonight?"
"Of course," I replied with a smile and wink. "The more cock I get, the more I like it haha."
After I said that, I realised how addicted I was becoming to all the attention and to just being fucked. I mean I can't deny I have been a slut for a while but that joking comment to Dave really made it sink into me. And I'm loving it! Dave came over and gave me a deep tongue kiss and said he wanted to be the first to dump a load in me "in that dress". As we still had a couple of hours, we fucked with Dave changing between my pussy and arse. Eventually he came in my mouth, so I was 'fresh and ready' for tonight.
We got to the park around 745pm, 15 minutes late. There was lake in the middle and a couple of undercover areas between the trees and bushes. We walked towards the cover as we saw about 5 guys standing around.
As we got there, one guy asked, "so can we get straight to it?" Dave said "yeah."
That guy bends me over and shoved his hard cock in his mouth. He tasted a bit funky, so I asked him what was on his cock. "Sorry love," he replied "fucked my missus bout an hour ago. Is it still ok?" I shoved his cock back in my mouth and continued to suck. While this was happening, I felt a cock slide into my pussy. It was fast and furious, and the guy came quickly into a condom. He then asked the guy I was sucking to move so I could suck him clean as he had to go home. So, I sucked him clean.
I think I fucked three guys when I heard Steve's voice. "So, can I have a go?" He asked Dave.
"Yeah mate, go for it." Dave replied, "You can fuck her arse too if you want."
"Really?" Steve asked in a shocked high voice. "That's awesome. I think I will. Are no condoms ok?"
"Are you clean mate?" Dave asked. "If not, you'll fuck it up for everyone." Steve assured Dave he was clean.
After almost two hours I think I fucked maybe 10 guys. Some were quick and others lasted a long time with some recovering enough to fuck me twice. Including Steve's load, I had three cum loads in my arse and four in my pussy. Just about every guy, including Steve, asked me to suck them clean.
On the way home my pussy was tingling. That was fun and I wanted to go again! I told Dave and he said being a Tuesday, we were lucky guys were out and about, but we would cruise through the city. Cum had leaked out onto the back of my dress so I wasn't sure. Dave pulled over and text someone.
"Were in luck baby. Graham has a couple of guys over." Dave said. "What do you think?"
"Oh, hell yeah!" I replied, "Let's go!"
Dave laughed and called Graham on the hands free. "Hey Graham. Dave here on the hands free. Got Tara in the car. Say hi." Graham called out "hi."
I asked "so you got some cock for me? I'm warmed up and ready to go."
Graham laughed and said he's got a couple but might ring around and asked how far away we were.
"30 minutes mate" Dave replied. "just getting some fuel and see you then."
At the servo, I asked Dave to get the toilet keys as I was leaking and wanted to see the wet patch on my dress. I got some toilet paper and wiped off the cum that was still running from my arse and pussy. As I got out of the toilet two guys were leaning against the wall.
"Good night love?" One asked. "Nice dress" said the other. "Did you sit in something or what?"
Just then Dave walked up. "Problem hun?"
"No." I replied. "They were asking me about the cum stain on my dress."
Both guys looked shocked. "Narr man. We didn't know what it was. Just asking that's all."
I smiled and winked at Dave. "Wanna add to it?" I asked in a slutty voice.
They looked even more shocked and looked at Dave. "Like. Is that ok? Not gonna call rape or bash us?"
"The lady wants cock, so go for it." Dave said smirking as he grabbed my hair, pushed me down and bent me over. Straight away I had a cock in my mouth and one up my pussy. Dave said he had to move the car from the driveway and walked away. The guy I was sucking was huge, so I suggested they swap around. He felt so nice sliding into my dripping cunt. Mmmmmm. He called out "I must be dreaming" as he slowly forced his cock in. I squirted straight away.
After they had both cum in my mouth, we got back in the car and Dave was happy, excited and laughing. "Well." I said. "That was fun!"
When we arrived at Grahams I was as horny as fuck. The servo guy that fucked me got my juices flowing and I was craving cocks. There were five guys plus Graham. I asked Graham to start by fucking my arse straight away. The guys were stunned and were excited. Dave suggested one guy laid down and I slide on him while Graham fucked my arse. As Graham was too big, that plan didn't work out, so he laid down and I slowly slid his cock into my hungry cunt.
We fucked very late into the night and the guys were starting to get worried that they wouldn't have the energy to be able to get to work tomorrow. I was very satisfied and very stretched as they all managed to fuck me more than once. Dave was surprised at my recovery and that I wasn't sore. I told him I was a bit, but the pain felt strangely nice and was ready for my next cock supply. Dave laughed and told me "I'll give you some when we get home and arrange a few more surprises."
I have a gangbang this coming Friday during the day at Steve's with possibly 12 guys plus I might go looking for a few random cocks when I'm not at work I thought. "Oh crap!" I called out to Dave. "I have work tomorrow. Damn. If only I didn't have to work Tuesdays and Thursday, I could fuck all week."
"Hmm" Dave said looking at me out the corner of his eye. "Maybe we could work on something."
That's something for next time.

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