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My name is Michael. I'm a 20 year old college student living at home. It's just my mother and I, my father passed away a few years ago but left a considerable sum of money for both my mother and I. Still I want to make a name for myself and that's why I'm in college studying business.
It was during spring break and I was supposed to go camping with some friends of mine but it rained the first day and wasn't going to let up so I decided to come home. I was in the basement cleaning the storage area, something my mother had been pestering me about for a while, and listening to music on my phone through my earbuds. I always crank the music up loud, so that's why I didn't initially hear my mother and her friends when they came down.
A burst of laughter caught me off guard and I was ready to let my mother know I was home when I decided it would be funny to try and scare her and her friends. Before I did anything though I wanted to see where they were, so I cracked open the door a little, then quickly shut it.
Not quite believing what I saw I opened the door again. Sure enough there was my mother and three of her friends stripped down to bra's and panties and they were trying on other bra's and panties. Soon all four women were topless at the same time. My cock grew instantly hard.
I pulled down my sweatpants sans underwear and started stroking my cock. I was really getting into when my hand slipped off the head, because of the precum and my fist hit the door. There was a loud bang and I froze for a moment.
I quickly shut the door, pulled up my pants and went back to cleaning.
Suddenly the door burst open and all four women were standing there staring at me.
"Michael! Why are you home and what are you doing down here?" My mother, Wendy demanded.
"We got rained out," I replied. "I thought I'd finally clean this up like you asked me too," I answered, trying to sound like a good son.
"And you just happened to be cleaning it while I'm hosting a bra and panty party?"
"How was I supposed to know what you had panned this weekend?" I asked defensively.
"Don't get smart with me young man," my mother said. Then grabbing me by the ear she marched me out of the room. "You want to see what we look like in bra's and panties? We'd like to see what you look like in them."
Before I knew it, my shirt was being pulled off and someone was tugging at my pants. I tried to hold up my pants but my mother grabbed my arms and pinned them behind my back. "Go ahead, Judy, pull off my son's pants," my mom instructed.
Judy soon had my pants pulled down and off quicker than I would have expected.
"Wow, Michael, you have a cute butt," my mom said giving it a pinch. "Doesn't my son have a cute butt?" Mom asked, turning me around and forcing me to bend at the waist. Soon I felt hands slapping, pinching and tickling my butt.
Then someone reached under and started tickling my balls. My face was pressed against my mothers still naked breasts and when I opened my mouth to laugh her nipple slipped in. She might not have noticed if I hadn't started licking it with my tongue. "Stop it!" she whispered angrily in my ear after pulling my head away from her. I noticed her nipple got instantly hard, so she must not have minded too much.
"Don't worry Judy I'm buying the whole lot today. Or rather my son is, so don't worry about anything getting ruined," Wendy said.
They decided it was time for me to do some panty modeling. They forgot about the bra's as I didn't have any breasts and just stuck to the panties. The first were a pair of blue silk panties with a French cut – whatever that is. They made me walk around the room like a runway model. Then I had to stand in front of each of them while they inspected them. They each said how good my ass looked in them and Cathy even took a picture with her phone and showed me. I had to admit my ass did look awfully good in those blue panties. All the women touched my ass and balls and cock through the panties. By the time I got to Erin, who was about seven months pregnant, my cock slipped out the bottom and was getting hard. She grabbed it and gave it a couple of quick strokes then tried to stuff it back inside the panties but wasn't having much luck. Cathy, the really pretty one, pulled down the panties while Erin held my cock to my stomach, then pulled the panties back up. By now I was pretty hard and the head of my cock was poking out the top of the panties.
They all thought this was funny and started tickling the head of my cock. All except my mom. "What I don't get a turn?" she asked.
Judy then walked me over to my mother and positioned me right in front of her. Never breaking eye contact, my mother started rubbing and tickling the head of my cock which was now growing. Judy then pulled down the panties and my cock sprang forward and hit my mother on the lips. I don't know who was more surprised her or me. The others thought this was funny and started laughing.
"Oh my God he's leaking precum Cathy said.
My mother looked down and said, "We can't have you getting cum all over the other panties now can we?" She then proceeded to stuck out her tongue and lick the head of my cock, much to the surprise of the others and myself.
Judy then pulled me away and traded that pair of panties for a black see though pair.
These were a little bit bigger and even though my cock was hard, it stayed inside the panties. Although all the women even my mother had a good time rubbing my cock through my panties.
"Uh oh," Erin said. "Looks like there's going to be a precum stain on this pair." She then turned me around so that all the others could see. They all reached out and touched the wet spot on the panties. "I guess I better wash them," she said and started licking the front of the panties where the stain and my cockhead met. Soon they all joined her in licking the front of the panties, not only the head but my balls and the shaft as well.
"Okay last pair," Judy said. Before I knew it I was wearing, a crotch-less pair of panties. My cock simply flopped out the hole and my balls were hardly contained by the two strips on the sides. They liked the way this looked too. My cock now flaccid, just laid there, 'Like a dead soldier,' someone said. This got a laugh. Soon I was being stroked and "brought to life".
"I wonder what this tastes like without the panties," Judy said and started licking and sucking my cock. She was rather plain looking, but she had big tits and was doing a great job on my cock. Her technique was simple basically up and down sort of like giving me a hand job with her mouth. She let Cathy have a go next and when she let go of my cock there was a popping sound. Cathy paid more attention to the head. Swirling her tongue around it and flicking her tongue under the head. I almost lost it a couple times with her but she sensed it and backed off. Erin was next. As I mentioned she was about seven months pregnant and had really huge breasts. With big areola's and fat nipples. She was pretty also, though not as pretty as Cathy. It must have been awhile since she had gotten any because she sucked my cock with enthusiasm. She did a combination of stroking and sucking. Watching her huge tits bounce all over the place I almost came with her too. Wendy, a/k/a/ Mom, was last. Her boobs were saggy but still kind of big. She had medium areola's and small nipples. She had short auburn hair, green eyes and freckles. She grabbed my cock and licked up and down the shaft. Then she put it in her mouth and gently bit the end, while running her tongue over the head. She deep throated me and moved her tongue back and forth under the bottom of my cock. She then pulled her mouth off my cock scraping it with her teeth very gently. She did the same thing again only using her lips only. "Come on, help a girl out," Mom said. Soon I felt two tongues on my balls and another on my shaft while Mom concentrated on the head.
"I'm gonna…" I said and started shooting cum inside my mothers mouth. She took a shot, then passed my cock to Erin who took a shot and so on down the line until they all had some of my cum in their mouths.
"I can't believe that just happened," I said.
"Well, you ain't seen nothing yet," Mom said and took off the panties I was wearing and proceeded to remover her own panties then put on the pair I had just been wearing. "I think it's only fair that you give me an orgasm wearing these same panties," she said.
I was pushed to the ground and soon had my mother's pussy on my face. She was shaved and I just went to town licking her pussy and sucking on her clit every now and then.
I felt someone sucking me hard again then felt a pussy being stretched out on my cock. My cock is about average but kind of thick. I didn't know who was on me but it really didn't matter because their pussy was tight and soon they came and squeezed my cock. Whoever it was got off and someone new got on. This time I guessed it had to be Erin. I could feel her weight and although her pussy wasn't as tight she still moaned and sighed and she too came pretty quickly. Mom came just as Erin was getting off me. She screamed in orgasm and sat there shaking for a couple of minutes. When was done she climbed off me and I looked down to see Cathy climbing on me. She leaned forward so I could suck on her small tits. When she sat back up the other three had me suck on their tits too. Mom was first and once I got her nipples hard I had fun flicking them with my tongue, while pinching the other one. Judy was next. She had big boobs, big areola's and average nipples. I ran my tongue around her areola's and gently blew on her nipples, causing her to shiver. Erin was last and had the biggest breasts of all. Her areola's were big and her nipples were fat. I really wanted to bit on her nipples but didn't want to hurt her as they might be extra sensitive. So I gently rolled them around in my mouth like tiny marbles. At some point when I was sucking on Erin's boobs Cathy came, her pussy squeezing on my cock like a vice.
My punishment for spying wasn't over apparently. I was told to get on my knees with my head down and my butt in the air. After I did I felt something tickling my ass and looked to see my mom painting colored circles on my butt.
"What are you doing?" I asked. Mom ignored me and finished her painting on my asshole.
"Ladies, you all get three chances to try and hit the bullseye."
Of course my asshole was the bullseye.
Then next thing I knew I felt a glob of spit hit my right butt cheek. I thought my mom blowing me was weird. Now her and her friends were spitting at my ass and hitting it. Another glob of spit hit my tailbone and then I felt it slid down to my asshole, then to my balls before landing on the floor.
This was very amusing to them as they were all laughing and spitting. They were moving in closer and closer. Apparently the three chance rule was out as they were all just basically spitting on me. Suddenly I felt one hit right on my asshole. A big cheer went up. Then I felt a tongue on my asshole. "My husband likes that," Judy said. Soon I felt tongues licking my ass cheeks and fighting for my asshole. After awhile I guess all the women, including my mom, had licked my asshole.
"Okay our turn," Mom said. I got up from the floor and looked to see all the women on the couch bent over with their ass's in the air. I started down the line and licked all their assholes. When I got to my mom I licked her pussy too, then I slid my cock inside.
She gasped with surprise, then moaned. Soon we moved to the floor with Mom on top. The other women took turns sitting on my face and I gave them all another orgasm. Whoever wasn't sitting on my face was licking Mom's asshole and pulling my cock out of her tight pussy and giving it a couple licks before sticking it back inside her. Then I reached back and slipped my middle finger inside Mom's asshole and started fingering her ass. It didn't take long for her to clamp down on my cock with a huge orgasm, causing me to shoot my load inside her.
When they were all getting dressed I said, "So, when's the next bra and panty party?" They chased me upstairs, hitting my butt with bra's and panties, all of us laughing.

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