Mallu Housewives Enjoying Cheating

Cheating Housewife Stories – Arifa and Chanda were childhood friends. After their college education they got married and by coincidence their husbands worked in gulf countries. Their husbands Rafiq and Rahul became friends due to the initiative of thier wives. When a residential project came up, they both bought flats so that their wives can be together to keep company to each other.

Arifa had a son aged 4 years and Chanda a daughter aged 3. They got both of them admitted in a primary school and they were in the KG class. Arifa to kill her spare time wanted to take up a job, but Chanda wanted to stay at home watching TV and browsing laptop. Both were sex starved and hence their topic of discussion used to be matters relating to sex.

Always they thought of sex and cock. Their husbands who come on leave once in a year on one month’s leave give them maximum sex enough to last one year. Their only pastime to stand on their third floor veranda and watch the busy crowd passing in the road.

Their children return from their school by about 1.30 and after giving them food and putting to sleep, again they come to the veranda. Suddenly Chanda remembered that her electricity bill is due for payment on the next day and she asked Arifa how she manages to pay the electricity bill.

Arifa said her cousin told her that there was a man who does this as a service, and you have to pay him a small fee. Arifa said she had asked her cousin to send him to her so that she can engage him for the payment of various bills. Chanda said thank God, otherwise I may have to walk in the sun and stand in the queue. Please send him to me also Arifa. Arifa agree.

Next day a middle aged man, around 45 year old, clad in a lungi and came and told Chanda that Arifa madam and sent him. He was one Ali and did this kind of odd services to known people. He was trust worthy so most of the ladies liked him to make payment of their bills and for making small purchases, like vegetables, meat, fish, beef etc. After the days work, they fed him.

Chanda gave him enough money and asked him to pay her electricity bills, phone bills, mobile bill and on the way back to buy some fish. Ali without uttering a word, took the money and the bag for buying fish etc. Finishing all the work, Ali retrned within one hour and Chanda was anxious whether this fellow is decent and honest and wether he will pay the bills and come.

When Ali came in a short time, Chanda was happy and checked the cash and found it was all perfect. She told Ali to stay for some time for her cooking to be over and that she will give him good lunch with fish curry. Ali said he will just lie down for some time. since it was noon and the walking in the hot sun has made him tired.

He went inside and found the pantry very convenient and spread the mat and slept. After some time Chanda went in search of him and found him lying the pantry on a mat, in deep sleep, with him lungi in total disarray, and his 7 inch cock in semi erect condition.

It is more than three months that her husband fucked her and she had terrible itching in her cunt and wanted only a good cock to satisfy her. But how to ask him to fuck her. She standing by the door, called him to wake him up and to come and take his food. But he was not moving. She went near him and had a close up view of his cock.

If it was 7″ when in limp condition, it certainly would be bigger than this when it is erect. Chanda thought about the cock of her husband. It was just half of this. In the first night when he wanted to fuck her, she thought it was big and gave her pain when her seal was broken.

Though he fucked her three or four times for the next two days, she was not bold enough to take his cock in her hand. He persuaded her to take it in her mouth, which she did not like, and when it was limp, she took it in her mouth and soon it grew bigger and bigger and filled her mouth and she had to spit out.

Her husband’s cock grew big in no time and was ready for fuck if she happened to even touch it. Chanda was enjoying the very look of the cock of Ali. When she looked closely she could see it was pulsating. She called the name Ali twice loudly, but he was not responding. She just wanted to take this in her hands and fondle it just for knowing the feel of it.

Ali was in deep sleep and was not even hearing her or responding. Perhaps he was too tired. Chanda squatting near him, took his cock and fondled it with both of her hands. When pressed it was soft to feel. She was afraid if he wakes up and finds her fondling his cock how embarrassing it would be. Why not place a kiss on the tip of the cock, Chanda thought.

She was so much fascinated by it. She just looked around and looked at the clock, the time was 1.30 pm. She went and checked the front door, it was bolted. She felt moisture in her panty and it was damp already. She was wearing churidar kurtha, and thought of changing into a saree. Ali did not seem to have bathed for the day. There was a smell coming when she went near him.

How can she ask him to go and take bath. After all he is just a messenger to do odd jobs for her and she gives him food for what favours he has done. She cannot ask him to take bath. Even if he takes bath, his cloths are dirty. If while she fondling his cock, he gets us and questions her, what she will reply. No, No, no more fondling. He is so dirty and not to do any sex with him.

But a lovely long stout cock was just readily available for Chanda in her panty. She fondled it to her heart’s content. The fellow was not getting up. She wanted to try kissing, licking and sucking it. That will be too much. She just went away and thought she will ask Arifa whether Ali would give sex service also.

She took her lunch, went to the bathroom and changed her panty and put on a fresh panty. In the meatime her child came from the school and after some time Ali woke and came, She gave him food and he sat at the end of the table. She asked him so many questions, but he replied only in mono syllables. After finishing his food he asked whether he has any other work.

She asked him to come the next day. In the evening She met Arifa in the veranda. Arifa asked her whether Ali came did all the work she wanted him to do. Chanda thought should she tell Arifa that she saw his 7″ cock and she took it in her hand and fondled it.

Then she thought against it. Again their talk turned to sex. Arifa said in her new office there was a handsome young man who wants to take her for lunch. Arifa was seemingly happy to tell this. I do not know whether he is trustworthy, let me see.

Chanda envied Arifa she gets new colleagues who will fuck her and give her sexual pleasure. I dont have a person whom you can trust. Going to Ali seeking for sex is demeaning. Let me see thought Chanda and her sexless days went on