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I am aruna now I am going to tell you how my best friend rahul going to do something with his sister

“owwww….what was that for?” rahul turned around angrily looking at varun. He has just jabbed him with his elbow.

Varun just motioned in one direction with his eyes, a big grin pasted on his face. Rahul too looked in the direction to see what had made him so happy. The sight in front of made him go hard in his pants. There in front of them was ayesha, the sexiest girl in their college with the biggest bust. She had spilled her books and was busy picking them up, bending over them. Her 36 sized tits were almost spilling out of her salwaar kameej. Rahul rushed over to her.

“let me help you.” he said offering to pick up the books with her.

“thank you.” ayesha smiled as rahul began to pick up the books. As he picked up the books, he would shoot glances on her exposed cleavage. From his view, he could see quite deep into her dress. The sight of her awesome melons made his cock more hard. Rahul squirmed in his pants.

“thank you again!” ayesha said giving a smile as rahul handed her over the last book. And then she turned around and left. Rahul look mesmerized watching her swaying ass as she walked away.

“you bastard!” varun exclaimed as he caught up with his friend “that was quick”.

“just you wait and I am sure I will have her in bed with me!” rahul said winking to varun. Both the friends laughed and then set off for their homes.

Rahul was having a hard time riding his bike while his cock was tenting inside his jeans. He would need to jack off at his home pronto. Humming a tune and thinking about those breasts of ayesha, rahul was at his gate even before he knew. Just as he got off his bike, he saw a familiar car turn around the corner.

“it seems to be tara’s car!’ he wondered. Tara was rahul’s 24 year old sister. She had been recently married for an year and lived in the neighboring town.

“she must have just left…shit” he swore aloud.

Rahul absolutely adored her sister. She was only 2 years older to him. They were like best buddies since childhood. Rahul would do anything for his sister. It was very unusual of her to come by but not stay to meet him. He bounced up the stairs of his home. The door was unlocked. He got in looking for his mom Sheila to ask why Tara left so early.

“mom… where are you?”

Rahul quickly went around the house looking for his mom. An then he found her out in the small garden in the backyard, surrounded in all directions with trees. Rahul immediately sensed something was wrong mom would only come here when she was greatly worried about something. She would then brood here in silence, looking over at the small swimming pool, see the clear water ripple.

He quietly came and sat down besides his mom. Sheila was 45 years old but she was aging gracefully. Her beauty was still intact. After her husband’s death 10 years ago, she had handled the family responsibilities very well. Any other person would have weathered down under the weight of the responsibilities, but Sheila had actually blossomed. She looked more beautiful then ever. Her body made her desirable to all men and when they cam to know about how wonderful a person she was, they couldn’t help but falling in love with her.

“mom, what’s the matter, you looked very worried”. Rahul asked.

Sheila turned around, her lovely doe eyes now red and puffed with crying.

“wh…what’s the matter mom…you have been crying…why?” now rahul was very worried.

“its you sister rahul” she sobbed.

“what is the matter with her? I saw her leave without seeing me! Is everything all right mom?” rahul asked again.

Sheila turned around to face his young well built strapping man that he had grown up to be. She was very proud of him.

“its her in laws dear…they have been harassing her!”

“harra…harassing her? But why? But why? I…I mean what has she done wrong?” rahul blurted. Sheila burst out sobbing again.

‘Mom don’t cry please…tell me what has she done?”

“you remember when she get married?” mom asked still sniffing.

“yes. it was…uh…around one and a half year’s ago.” he replied, utterly confused.

“dear, that’s exactly the cause of trouble. She has been married for more then a year now and she hasn’t conceived yet. You very well know how desperately her family wants a heir to all the fortune they have built. And now with Tara not being able to give them a heir, they have resorted to harassing her.” mom explained in one breath. Obviously this was all quite painful for her.

“but haven’t they consulted a doctor or something?” rahul suggested still reeling from the scene that had sprung up.

“that’s what they did the first thing,” Sheila said.

“and what did he say?”

“well the problem lies with her husband…he has very low sperm count…that’s not enough to successfully conceive a child.”

“then why the hell are they harassing Tara…what’s her fault?”

“her family is not ready to accept the fact that their son is infertile…they blame it all on Tara” his mom was now speaking more coherently…like there was something that she desperately wanted to get off her chest.

“but there is surely a way out of this!” rahul banged his fist hard. Sheila was now looking directly at him.

“yes son, there is a way out.”

Rahul looked at his mom puzzled but was eager to know.

“what is it mom?”

“but for that you will have to help her in any way you can…are you ready to do that for your dear sister?” she asked.

“anything for my sister mom… You know that very well.” rahul said determined to help her sister out.

“you will have to impregnate her”

Rahul sat on the banks of the nearby river. His mom’s last words were still ringing out clear in his head. Had he heard her correct? He has just bolted out of the house after that. Now that he had calmed down, he was thinking that if all that he heard was true. Sex with his own sister? How could he? He couldn’t imagine it! But he had said he would help her out. Was he ready to do it? He thought about ayesha, lying naked on his bed, as he made love to her, her breasts swaying. Suddenly instead of ayesha, he could see tara’s face, her big breasts swaying and jiggling.

“what the fuck am I thinking” he shouted snapping out of his reverie. But again his mind went out the jiggling breasts. Wasn’t her breast almost the same size as that of ayesha? Surely they were way beautiful then ayesha’s. What would it be like to have them naked for you, ready to be squeezed? And tara’s pussy? What would it be like? Rahul couldn’t control himself. His thoughts were now firmly in tara’s direction. He couldn’t help but pictures himself making love to his dearest beautiful sis…making her moan with pleasure a he shot wad after wads of semen in her deep warm pussy, impregnating her, making her mother his child, his sister bearing him a child. Even before he could realize it rahul had began to jerk of as he fantasies about his sister. With a big jerk, his semen flew high into the air. His excited cock was spewing jets of thick cum. Finally the last drop had subsidized. But his cock stayed aloft. Rahul sighed, giving into lust and his desire for helping his sister and began walking back home, his cock still straining in his pants, anticipating the pleasures that lay ahead for it.

Rahul quietly pushed open the door and stepped into the house. In the driveway, mom’s car was missing.

“she must have deliberately gone outside to leave us alone.” rahul thought. He was glad mom wasn’t home or he would have gain felt embarrassed at making love to her sister while his mom was in the next room.

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He slowly moved through the corridor towards the living room. He could hear the soft sound of TV playing. Quietly he walked towards the couch. Tara was sitting on the sofa, her back turned to him, watching a movie on TV. Rahul stood behind Tara for a moment looking at his dear sister. He couldn’t help but notice tara’s breast as they rose and fall with her breath. Rahul was having a great view of tara’s breasts down her top. She was wearing a pink top and a black skirt that reached till her knees. Yet she looked incredibly hot in that dress. She had tied her long black hair in a bun. A little sindoor adorned her forehead. In her wrists were a lot of colorful bangles, a look of a married Indian lady. She wore high heels as she had done since teenage. Rahul placed his hand on her shoulder.

“what…!” Tara whirled around, jumping out of her skin. “oh… shit… its you! You nearly scared me to death.”

Rahul walked around smiling at her sister and sat down besides her.

“why? Were you expecting someone else?” he grinned and then suddenly realized it was not the best question.

Tara smiled weakly. “at this moment brother, I would be happy with any one else.”

“why sis? Don’t I mean anything to you?” rahul asked holding her hands. They were so soft and smooth.

“don’t get me wrong rahul…its. its just that I feel so guilty about having put you in such a situation.” Tara said and started sobbing. Rahul drew her into his arms.

“don’t cry sis, I am willing to do anything to make you happy.” he said softly into her ear. Tara kept sobbing softly, clutching her brother harder, and pressing her breasts into rahuls firm chest.

“please sis, don’t cry please! At least for my sake!” rahul implored again. Tara stopped sobbing. She took rahuls face in her small delicate hands and looked into his eyes.

“rahul…you are the best brother any sister can have.” she said as a drop of tear rolled down her cheek.

“anything for you sis….anything for you.” rahul said sincerely. They were looking into each others eyes, filled with love for each other.

Then Tara slowly closed the gap between them. Their lips met in a kiss. The sister’s lips touched her brothers for the first time. Tara closed her eyes as she felt her lips touch rahuls. Rahul, for a second couldn’t believe if it indeed was happening, that he really was kissing his own sis. And then as he felt tara’s wet lips locked to his own he too closed his eyes giving into the pleasure of it all. Tara’s lips parted and her tongue came out looking for rahuls. Rahul let Tara, tongue into his mouth as they locked together in a passionate kiss. Their embrace had tightened around each other as they kissed, grinding each other into them. Tara was on her back now as rahul lay upon her. As he kissed, his hand sought out her breast and cupped it. Tara’s eyes flew open for a second and her mouth opened to a silent groan as rahul gave her breast a squeeze. Then she let her eyes droop again as rahuls tongue dwelled deeper into her mouth exploring every corner. Rahul sought out her top and pushed it up revealing a black bra encased breast. His fingers hooked around the cup and drew it down. Tara’s soft milky breast plopped out from its encasing. Tara moaned again, this time loudly as rahuls lips left her lips and locked around her taut brown nipple, hungrily suckling at it. Tara was moaning with pleasure now as rahul kept flicking his tongue over her nipples, feeling the rough texture of her nipples. Again then he will clamp down on them like a suckling baby drinking its fill of milk. Tara was now shuddering with delight and throwing her head around as waves after waves of pleasure hit her.

“ohhhhhhhhhsssssssssssssss…….” she moaned aloud as rahul’s teeth caught her nipple and pulled at them.

“oh…ra…rahul…you ….ar…are soooooo….wonderful” Tara panted as again rahul took in her soft breasts in his mouth. Rahul couldn’t believe he was doing all this to his very own sister. But no matter what, he had never before experienced such a thrill as what he was getting now making love to her sister. He couldn’t stop himself from doing all these things to his very own sister.

Even before he could realize, his lips began moving down, leaving a wet trail of saliva as the glided down to her navel. Rahul stopped at tara’s navel. He always found a navel to be too dammed sexy. And now looking at his sister’s navel he had the urge to lick her there. Tara watched as rahuls tongue came out and slid around her navel, leaving wet trails. She moaned again, her arms and legs getting stiff at the touch of her brothers wet tongue feeling her navel. And then she saw his head move again.

“oh no..!” she thought with shivers of pleasure as she realized what rahul was going to do.

Rahuls head stopped between her legs. Rahul could sense that Tara was wet. In fact Tara was dripping wet with this foreplay. Rahul slowly picked up the hem of her skirt and pulled it up, exposing her well toned calves and her black panty. He held her calves and gently spread her legs wider. Tara spread them as wide as she could to let her wonderful brother have the best view of her wet pussy. Rahul looked at the panty covered mound. He could make out her puffed up sex-lips. She was dripping wet with her love juices. Rahul placed his two fingers over her mound. Tara moaned loudly arching her back. Rahul had touched her exactly on her swollen clit.

“rahul….rip it off rahul” Tara moaned again.

She was shivering. Her clit was throbbing. The next second her panty was gone, gathered around her ankles. Now her pussy lay bare to rahuls hungry eyes. Rahul moved his face closer to her pussy. Tara squirmed around as his hot breath blew over her sensitive clit now. And the very next second she felt his wet tongue flick over it.

“ohhhhhhh…myyyyyyyyy…gooooooodssssssssss” she again arched her back as his tongue sought her pussy.

Rahuls lips locked down on her pussy like her lips, sucking her wet juices.

“ahhhhhhhhhsssssssssssssss…..” Tara moaned as his tongue sought deeper into her wet slippery hole.

“ohhhhh rahul….ohhhsssssss…rahul……”she kept repeating as he continued to suck her, thrusting down his tongue into her wet snatch.

Rahul placed his hand behind her ass and buried his face deep inside her pussy sucking her deep. Tara was on the verge of climax. Her toes were curled with pleasure as her hands pushed rahul deeper into her. His tongue continued to wreak havoc on her poor clit. With each flick of his tongue Tara would reach new heights of pleasure. Finally she was no longer able to hold herself.

“I…….ammm ……cummmminnnggggg” she shouted out.

And then her body went limp for a second. And the next second she was shuddering as waves after waves of pleasure shot through her. Her pussy began squirting her juice all around as Tara came in a hard climax. For what seemed like ages, Tara kept on shuddering as she experienced continuous orgasms, squirting her sticky juice all over rahul’s face. Finally her body went limp again as she fell back on the couch.

Tara opened her eyes slowly, for a second not aware where she was. Then she saw her brother kneeling between her legs, his face covered with her juices. She smiled weakly at him.


“yes sister?” rahul looked up to his smiling sister.

“come….come here and kiss me”

Rahul got up and then sat down besides her worn out sister. They embraced again, Tara grateful to be in his arms. Their lips met again for a soft kiss. They kissed for minutes, just enjoying each others body close. Then Tara broke off the kiss. Rahul looked at her with questioning eyes. Tara smiled.

“rahul….take me to the bedroom. Make me you wife.” she managed to say.

Rahul smiled and picked her sister up and moved towards the bedroom.

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