Mama’s boy – part 2

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By BillyTheClipp Hi! It’s me again, Billy. Sorry for such a long break between the first and second parts, but here I am!

Some time has passed since the incident with mom. My life flows normally during the day; school and other responsibilities take up my time. From time to time I meet friends or play on the console, provided I do my homework, of course… . However, as evening approaches, my life changes dramatically. Since my mother noticed that I was starting to puberty, she decided to participate in this process and every evening she checks my development and takes care of my… member… or penis, although my mother still likes to call it my pee-pee, which doesn’t bother me at all, because I don’t consider myself particularly adult.
Every night, when my younger sister Ava goes to bed, I show up in my mother’s bedroom, undress in front of her, and she gives me a thorough inspection. He examines my body very carefully, but pays special attention to my peepee and balls, or testicles as he sometimes likes to call them professionally. The inspection does not last long, but it is so pleasant that even if I deny myself, my peepee becomes as hard as a rock. Sometimes I think that if someone attacked us during such an inspection, I would be able to put down the attackers myself, and only using my penis.
Each time our joint sessions with my mother look the same, after a standing inspection, my mother tells me to lie down and spread my legs, and she puts gel on her hands and starts massaging my testicles, gradually moving on to my pee-hole, which she massages from the base to the very tip, to which she devotes a lot of attention. Mom repeats that stimulation of the glans, i.e. the tip, is very important and should be done, and when the gentle massage is over, she grabs my peepee in her hand, which is dripping with gel, and starts moving intensively up and down, kneading my testicles. , which causes it to shoot out a lot of fluid after a short while, which my mother likes to call boys milk.
Our sessions together don’t last long, but I like them very much. However, my mother reminds me every time that it is our secret and I can’t tell anyone about it because we won’t be able to do it anymore, and she knows perfectly well how much I like it.
Unfortunately, as it turned out, not everything is such a big secret, especially when the apartment you live in has thin walls. One day, due to some event at school, classes were canceled, so both me and my younger sister Ava stayed at home, and my mother thought that I was old enough and mature enough that we could stay without a babysitter and I would be perfectly capable of taking care of the house and my sister. Unfortunately, Ava had other plans for this.
We were both sitting in our room, busy with each other, when Ava turned to me and started talking
– Billy, can I ask you something?
I looked up from the Gameboy to her
– You can. What is it about?
Ava seemed to suddenly subdue, as if she was slightly self-conscious, but she took a deep breath and finally asked
– Why do you go to Mom’s bedroom every night? And what are you doing there? Sometimes I hear some moaning, I thought it was yours, but I can’t imagine what could be happening there, and I’m afraid to ask my mother…
Oh shit! I didn’t expect this, on the one hand I was a bit paralyzed with fear, and on the other I felt a sudden surge of heat in my stomach, which quickly moved towards my crotch, making me stiffen. My breathing quickened and the nervousness was definitely visible on my face, but I decided to answer her question, evasively for now
– You know… stuff, but I can’t tell you because it’s a secret.
Unfortunately, Ava didn’t like the answer and continued digging into the topic
– Mystery? That means it must be something really interesting! Come on, tell me, you know you can trust me! Please…
When she asked, she made those big eyes like a puppy’s and even though I wanted to cut the topic short, I couldn’t, I felt that if I didn’t take advantage of this opportunity, something would pass me by and it wouldn’t happen again. So I decided to take the risk
– Eh…Okay, I’ll tell you, but on condition that you promise not to tell anyone. I’m serious Ava! Nobody. Mom, friends, no one! Do you understand!?
Ava looked at me with a serious face now, she probably understood that this was not just some pipe dream, but something really serious, so without hesitation she shouted back that she promised to keep everything I told her a secret until my grave and one a day longer. I was a little amused by her promise, but if she took it this seriously, there was no going back.
I invited Ava to my bed. She sat cross-legged. As bad luck would have it, or maybe it was luck, she was still wearing her nightgown, and when she sat there with her legs crossed, I could clearly see her panties from my perspective. I haven’t seen her in panties for a long time, I haven’t seen her naked for even longer, and this whole situation and the fact that I’m about to reveal her secret meant that there was no more room in my panties, I felt the tip of my steel-hard pee starting to leak. , but I couldn’t back out, not in this situation
– Okay, listen carefully. Every evening I go to my mother’s bedroom for inspection, because my mother wants to see if I’m maturing properly, so she checks my body, my reactions, and at the end, to make me sleep better, she… milks me…
Ava looked at me with slight consternation. , she hesitated and asked
– Milking You? Like a cow?
I stared at her eyes for a moment, and they stared into mine. This allegory to the cow never crossed my mind, but yes, she was right, like a cow, which I confirmed with a nod of my head
– I didn’t know boys could be milked… . Do you…do you give milk?
Her question surprised me because I wasn’t expecting it at all
– Umm…yes, sort of. Mom calls it baby milk and milks me from it every day. It is said to help with sleep, concentration and overall health in adolescent boys
– Yhmm…
That’s all that came out of my sister’s mouth, but I knew it wasn’t the end, I didn’t want it to be the end, luckily her innate curiosity didn’t bother me she failed
– Umm…if boys can be milked, would you show me how to do it?
Her question hit me like I had been punched in the face, but I wanted to do nothing more than show her what, where and how
– I think so…
I just replied and got out of bed, standing in front of her so that my crotch was about the height of her face. Ava looked at the bulge in my panties, giggled and said that I must have something there, but I didn’t react, I just grabbed the elastic band of the panties with a quick movement and pulled them down so hard that the peepee caught on them and bounced up with a slap. hitting my stomach. Ava reacted by widening her eyes and opening her mouth in surprise, and I silently stared at her staring at my peepee. A big swollen peepee that was throbbing on its own and that she hadn’t seen in a while.
– Woooooooow! But he has grown! Doesn’t it hurt when it’s so… swollen?
– Nooooo, it doesn’t hurt, it’s even pleasant, you know?
– Really? How can something that’s so swollen feel good?
– I don’t know, but he’s just
– Yhmm…
– When he’s like this, mom takes him in her hand and starts moving him, we call it milking
– And can I too…can I also…touch him ?
– If you want…
That’s all that came out of my mouth, but my brain was racing and I wanted nothing more than for Ava to touch my swollen member. Ava shyly reached out her hand towards me and with a slight hesitation grabbed my pee-pee, and I sighed loudly at her touch, and Ava moved her hand away
– Did I hurt you? –
Nooo… it was nice and that’s where the reaction came from
I smiled at her and offered to explain the anatomy of boys to her, to which Ava eagerly agreed. I sat down on the bed again and spread my legs so that she could see clearly, and I started showing her everything and explaining it step by step.
I grabbed my swollen member and, lifting it up, I started telling the story
– This is my peepee, or penis as mom sometimes says, it’s by moving it up and down that mom milks me
Ava looked attentively and nodded her head affirmatively, showing that she understood what I said. . I moved my hand lower
– These are my balls, or testicles as my mother sometimes calls them, they contain milk that mother has to milk every evening. If I don’t do this, I will have problems concentrating, sleeping and may start to hurt.
Ava nodded again, and I returned to my penis for a moment and with a gentle but decisive movement, I pulled back the foreskin, showing her my tip in all its glory. A large, purple, slimy tip. Ava’s eyes lit up when she saw him
– You can grab it now if you want, just be gentle, because this part is very sensitive to touch
– Okay, I’ll be gentle…
Ava replied and gently grabbed my penis with one hand, stabilizing it, and with the other she grabbed my glans, which almost made me tremble. ecstasy
– So how does mom milk you, Billy?
– You have to hold it with one hand, about halfway down, and move it up and down until I squirt milk – Can I try?
I was counting on these words! I took a deep breath and looked her straight in the eye and nodded my head, and Ava got to work without hesitation. Her gentle hands and rhythmic movements were so pleasant that I felt like I was about to fly into orbit. I watched her closely during this process and saw the concentration on her face. I guess she really wanted to do what her mother did
– You can do it a little faster
Ava accepted the information and sped up her movements, and I felt that my testicles were on the verge and that I was about to fire a salvo
– Ava! I’ll finish soon!
– Yhmm…
That’s all my sister came out as she continued to play with my peepee with full concentration. I was at the limit and didn’t want to wait any longer, so without warning I fired everything I had. A huge white streak shot from the tip of my penis, flew up and landed on my stomach, penis and Ava’s hand, who reacted with a few seconds of paralysis and then replied
– Wooow! That was amazing Billy! I never thought that I would see something like that in my life and that I would do something like that with you! But it was weird and amazing. And this milk… it’s so warm…
– Yes… you can try and taste it if you want. Mom sometimes licks her fingers and says she likes it, maybe you will like it too?
– Really? Well, maybe…
Ava reluctantly brought her hand to her face, smelled it and said it smelled strange, but that didn’t stop her and she finally licked her fingers clean of my milk
– It tastes weird and salty
– Mom likes it, so maybe you need to grow up to… like it, I don’t know…
– Maybe… . And how are you feeling? Because you look tired haha
– Well, maybe a little, but I feel great, it was a good milking, maybe even better than what mom gave me
– Do you really think so? I’ve never done this before…
– Seriously, seriously haha. Just remember, don’t say a word to anyone, and now at least go to the bathroom to wash yourself
– Okay!
We went to the bathroom together, Ava washed her hands, and I took a quick shower, with my sister keeping me company. She watched the boys wash themselves and mentioned that she liked looking at me, especially without clothes, which was a big compliment to me. I hope that this day will remain our secret and that it will happen again, but this time I will undress Ave and play with her slit…

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By BillyTheClipp #Incest #PreTeen #Virgin