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I was sitting at a red light when the text came thru.
Her: Where are you. I'm here and alone.
Me: On my way, maybe 10 minutes. Heavy traffic.
Her: Ok, I get a drink at the bar.
Me: Ok sexy, see you soon.
I wish that I could have left work early like she did, gotten to the restaurant first so I could have watched her enter the room. Watching her stride in, check out the bar, before deciding on where to sit, who to sit next to is always fun. She has a way of
Her: Hehe
Me: What?
Her: Someone bought me a drink.
Me: Do you know who?
Her: Yes, he's been checking me out since I git here. Not subtle at all.
Her: *got
Me: And?
Her: not bad looking, 40's maybe. Looks like he might.
The front of my pants beginning to tent at the thoughts her comments bring to mind. I reach down and shift things around to make room for what will continue to happen. My foot pushing down a little harder on the gas pedal. I want to be there to watch her, be a part of what she will do next. See if I agree with her assessment of the man at the bar. The last 3 minutes feel like an hour before I pull into the parking lot. I see her car and park near it, step out of my car, and make adjustments so my excitement isn't so obvious.
As I walk into the bar, I see her sitting at the far end by herself with two drinks in front of her, one near empty. I walk over, take the empty seat next to her and give her a peck on the cheek. She turns her head and kisses my lips, holding that for a long second or two.
"Is one of those drinks for me?" I ask. "No, the gentleman in the dark blue shirt bought both for me…and one other that I already finished." I scan the bar in search of this kind soul and see two wearing a shirt of a color that I would call dark blue. I look back at her with a quizzical look and she stares straight at him and nods in his direction with a smile. I follow her gaze and see the man whose eyes drop to the drink in his hand as I make eye contact.
"Embarrassed. Not overly self-confident. Maybe even regretting his actions. If we are thinking the same, I like him too" I say as I turn back to her. "Oh, I think that we are and it's evident that you like where this might go." she comments as she stares at the front of my pants. "I've been like that since I got your second group of texts. I'm surprised that there isn't a wet spot by now." "There is dear, that's what I'm staring at." she says with a giggle.
"I'm going to need a drink before we get started. Calm my nerves, settle me down a bit." "Awww, I like when you aren't calm. When I can tease you, get you all excited to the point where you stop thinking, and just let things happen." "Then I may need two drinks for that to happen." I counter. "Can we please have a couple of shots over here?" she asked the bartender. "Oh, I'm sorry, tequila please." Looking at me in a low voice she says "You know how I can get when I have tequila. And how you can get."
We finish a shot, talk and smile for a few minutes. As we are talking it look over at The Man and find him stealing glances at us, well at her. Trying not to be too obvious, but I can see him looking since he has to look right past me to see her. I look back at her and find her looking past me making eye contact with him while casting a smile his way. And the smile she gave him conveyed such promise that my cock jumped in my pants.
I ask the bartender for three shots of tequila. She looks at me with wrinkled brow, questioning my order. I take the three shots in one hand, her hand in the other and say "Come" as I lead her across the bar to where The Man is seated. There are empty seats and I stop next to him and seat her to his right leaving a shot in front of her, then I cross behind him and take the seat to his left placing a shot in front of him and the third in front of me. He looks a little nervous, looking first at her, then at me, then at the shot in front of him.
"I thought it only right to buy you a drink since you have been so kind to my lady. You do drink tequila, don't you?" "Sure. I won't turn down a free drink." The Man said, still a bit of nervousness in his voice. "Cheers!" I say as we lift our glasses and throw them back.
"So tell me, why did you buy my lady a drink? Actually, three drinks?" "Well, she caught my eye when she came into the bar. She wasn't with anyone, so I thought that it was the appropriate…friendly thing to do. I didn't realize that she was waiting for someone. I hope that my gesture of friendship hasn't upset anyone." "No, it didn't upset me and I don't think that it upset her either. Matter of fact she texted me telling me you bought her a drink, were checking her out since walked in, not too subtly, and he 'might be' she added." "I'm sorry if me looking at you like I did made you feel uncomfortable. I didn't mean to." he said as he turned to her. "No, it didn't upset me either. To the contrary, I thought it was flattering and coupled with the drinks you bought me had me wondering. I mean you did buy me three drinks in a row. What were you hoping would happen?" she asked with a smile, a very sly, sexy smile at that. His face turned a little red as he blushed, I could see his hands shake a little as he fidgeted with his drink glass. "Well?" I asked "What were you hoping would happen?" He looked at her, then me, and then back at her and said "I guess I was hoping that we would get to know each other, talk, see where it would go from there. But I didn't know that you had someone, especially someone that was coming to meet you." "See" she said, "I told you he might be." A broad smile causing me to shift a little in my seat. "Might be? Might be what? " he asked, looking from one of us to the other. "I heard you say that before, but I don't know what you meant. Might be what?"
"Well, we like to make friends with people. People that we think we might like to have fun with. People that we feel are…" "Submissive" she said finishing my sentence for me. "People that take direction well. People who are adventurous. People who are open minded. And we think that you might be that way." We gave him a minute to soak in what was said before she added "Our sex toy, do with as we please, be open to anything. Is that you? Are you open to direction?"
"I've never done anything like that before. I've been with women, but never with a woman and a man at the same time…" "Oh honey, it won't be with just a woman, or a woman and a man at the same time, it will be with just a man too. I would like to see the two of you together, doing what I want you to do, can you handle that? How open minded can you be?" she said almost challenging him. I watched her hand drop onto his thigh and slide up toward his crotch in the dark bar. "I knew we found our guy. He is so hard right now, I wish I knew what part of what we are talking about got him this hard." "All of it" he choked out as her hand squeezed him hard. "So, you're open for a little adventure with us? Be our toy, to be used as we want?" I asked, smiling as he gazed across the bar. I could see his mind churning, his eyes unfocused, thoughts running thru his head. "No second thoughts?" I ask. "No. The more I think about it, the more I am looking forward to what could happen. I'm ready if the two of you are." he said before downing the last of his drink.
As I got into the driver's seat of my car, she got in the front with me and our invited guest slid into the back seat. A few minutes down the road, still no one had made a sound when she reached across the console and unbuckled my belt. Pulling down my zipper she said "Up" and when I lifted off the seat, she pulled my pants down to mid-thigh freeing my semi-hard cock. She stroked it to firmness before laying across the seat to take it in her mouth. I heard a sharp intake of air from the back seat just as I did the same. Her warm mouth taking me inside. I looked down and saw her head bobbing up and down, taking me deeper and deeper into her mouth until the head found the back of her throat. She hesitated before taking me in until her lips reached bottom. I let out a satisfied groan when she did that. I am still amazed at what it feels like when the head is squeezed into a smaller passage at the back of her throat.
Out of the corner on my eye I saw a hand come over the back of the seat, land on her back, and slide over her ass. "Stop!" she said as her mouth left my cock dripping saliva and swaying back and forth with the movements of the car. "First I didn't give you permission to touch my ass and second this is a teaching moment. You need to know how he likes his cock sucked, so pay attention. I don't want you to be distracted. Not only will he want to fuck the back of your throat, he likes his balls played with…and a few other thigs that I'll let you figure out on your own. Now, hands to yourself and just watch" she instructed.
She went back to my cock, her movements exaggerated to make sure that he knew exactly what she was doing to my cock. I didn't have a chance to cum and I don't think that anyone wanted me to before we reached the motel. I went in to get a room with a king bed and by the time I came out she had moved to the back seat. As I opened the door and the inside of the car was lit up, I saw that he was laying back stroking his cock while she leaned against the opposite side — watching. "He's got a nice one, stiff and veiny with a nice head on it." she said as I got into the car. "The room is at the end of the building, hold onto something, here we go." I said with a smile.
"Nope, keep it out, don't put it away. I want to see it bobbing in front of you as we go to the room." It was his first test. Would he balk or follow direction? Without hesitation, he opened the door and stepped out, but looked around nervously at first. "Let's go, lead us to our room." I went to the trunk, removed our travel case of goodies and then lead the way, feeling a little odd to be escorting a man with his hard cock fully exposed down a lit hall to the room, but he was following direction without reservation.
I felt his cock brush my leg as I stopped in front of the door to our room and inserted the key. I pushed the door open and hesitated "Last chance to turn back…" she said to him. He didn't hesitate, instead stepping forward and walking into the room ahead of both of us. We smiled at each other and I squeezed her ass as she moved in front of me and followed The Man into the room. I put out the Do Not Disturb placard and closed and locked the door behind me.
"Go into the bathroom, shower, use it if needed, but leave your clothes behind when you come back out. And don't be too long. It's been a while since we've had a toy to play with and we have a lot of ways we want to use you." she told him taking charge.
While waiting we laid on the bed and held each other. She could feel my excitement and I could feel her heart beating fast and strong within her chest. "I want to see him suck your cock. I want to watch you hold the back of his head and drive your cock in and out of his sweet mouth. I want to watch your juices run out of his mouth as he takes you in and out, but I don't know if I want you to cum in his mouth. I want you to contain yourself, edge yourself for later tonight. I want to see the cum build up inside you until you cannot hold back anymore and then flood into him, filling him much later tonight. Can you do that for me?" "Anything for you babe, anything." She smiled, took note of the tone of my statement as her eyebrow raised.
"Good, go take your shower now, with him. I want him to soap you up. Get you nice and clean and get to know each other without me being in the room. Go ahead."
I felt my cock begin to swell as I came up off the bed and removed my clothes. "Nice butt you got there." she says, swatting my butt as I bend to remove my pants. "Make sure he cleans you well, cleans ALL of you well…and don't be too long in there."
As I pull the shower curtain back, he is soaped and in the process of rinsing. I startle him as he notices the curtain moving "I'll be out in a second." "Nope, you're staying in to clean me up and it will give us some time to get to know each other" I offer as I step into the shower. I can see him checking me out, from my semi-erect cock to my chest and back to my cock. I like the way he is looking at me. He's probably wondering how much longer and fatter it will get. If he will be able to take me however we decide to use him. I can see his cock swelling too.
"Okay, what would you like me to do first?" "My back would be a good place to start" I say as I turn away from him. After a few seconds I feel his hands tentatively touch my back. He spreads the soap across my back, working up to my shoulders before moving down to my waist, hips, and butt. He spends more time than necessary to clean the area between my legs and ass cheeks, but I'm not complaining because it is a welcomed touch. His hands move down the back of my legs to my feet before moving back up to my butt to clean that area again. I turn around while he is still crouched, and my cock nearly slaps his cheek. He looks up at me from that position and opens his mouth. I'm tempted to slip into his mouth, but I want her to be there when that happens. "Nope, not yet. Let's finish with the shower. We have to save some hot water for her shower."
As he stands, he continues to run his soapy hands across my stomach, chest, arms, and then back down to my cock. "Mmmmm" I moan as his soapy hand wraps around cock and pumps back and forth. "That feels really good, you should stop. Now." He reluctantly releases my cock and I turn to rinse the rest of the soap from my body. While I am doing that he steps out of the shower, dries himself and grabs a towel for me. As I step out, he reaches to hand me the towel "No, you can dry me." He smiles and begins to rub and pat my body to dry me off.
As we exit the bathroom together, she gets up off the bed "It's about time. I thought I was going to come in and find you two engaged in…something I had been fantasizing about. Which could be some pretty amazing things. I won't be long…don't start without me."
As we lay down on the bed together, I can tell that he is a bit nervous. I look at the night tables on either side of the bed and see that she has unpacked some of the goodies from our travel bag. Dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, a harness, lube and other toys that we are quite fond of. We do travel well. It's about to get real, real soon. "Why don't you give me a massage while we wait. You can massage my back, just keep your hands above my butt" I say as a roll over onto my stomach.
His hands begin to massage my shoulders and then work their way across my back, relaxing me and from what I can tell, not relaxing him at all. He shifts on the bed to move closer and I can feel a very hard cock pressed against my side. I'm flattered that massaging my body excites him that much. Just imagine how excited he is going to be when I fuck his mouth or hold his hips and bury myself deep inside him. Those thoughts and his hands on my body have my cock aching beneath me. I want to raise my hips and have him play with my ass, but I must hold off until she rejoins us.
I'm relaxing more and more and from what I can tell by the pre-cum I can feel on my side he is getting more and more excited.
"That is hot. Watching you massage him is making me wet. I'll bet you've made his cock so hard. You should roll him over and massage his cock before we make you suck it."
I roll over without any more encouragement and all eyes are on my turgid cock as it bounces off my stomach and them stands erect, pulsing with each beat of my heart. I feel his hand encircle my cock for the second time tonight and close my eyes so that I can just enjoy what he is doing. I feel the bed shift as she sits down beside me, opposite him. "Now. I want you to take him into your mouth. There will be a lot of sucking cock tonight and my mouth is not the only one that will be full." He stops stroking me and within a few seconds I can feel his breath on me just before I feel his tongue swipe pre-cum from the tip. I moan and then let out a groan as I feel him take me into his warm, wet mouth. His lips begin to slide up and down, taking a little more cock each time. I can feel his tongue on the underside and swirling around the head. If he hasn't done this before, he knows what feels good. I reach down to grab his head to fuck his mouth and find her hands already there pumping his head up and down. I put my hands on hers and begin to lift my hips to pump deeper and deeper into his mouth. I feel him gag as the head hits the back of his throat. "Don't stop now, cocksucker. I want to see if you can take it all, cock, cum, all of it."
I can feel my balls churning, that familiar tingling feeling deep within as he tries to suck it out of me. He may not know it, but if he keeps doing what he is doing I am going to fill his mouth soon. My hand squeezes her hand tighter as my hip thrust up on their own, twitching uncontrollably. I can hear the slurping noises he is making as I thrust in and out, bringing me closer and closer.
"Not yet" she says as I feel his lips slide off my cock. I open my eyes, looking down and see my cock glistening with pre-cum and his saliva. I let out a disappointing groan which causes her to smile and let out a little laugh. "I can't have you cumming that soon, we have all night to play with our toy. Now let's have some fun double teaming him."
She slides off the bed and reaches for her harness, then gives me a side eye glance "You pick the toy while I put this on." We had a good assortment in the travel case, soft rubber, glass, flesh colored, black, small, medium, large. I reach for the large, flesh colored with a huge set of balls and hear a sharp intake of breath from our toy. I smile "Nah, you're not ready for that, but you will take that before the night is over. Matter of fact you'll beg her for it, just like I do." I hand her the medium sized realistic looking cock and see the relieved look on his face. I help her fit the dildo to the harness as she tightened the straps taking the cock into my mouth to wet it for her.
"On your knees toy, head down, ass up while we prepare you." I pop open the tube of lube we had brought with us and squeeze some onto my fingertips. It glistens in the light of the room and makes his asshole shine as the tip of my middle finger applies some of the lube in a circular motion. He moaned as I spread the lube, pressing slightly as at the center of the opening. More lube and a little more pressure and I was a knuckle deep, then two before he relaxed on the inside and my finger slid all the way in. I felt his body shudder as my lubed finger circled inside him and rubbed his prostate. I saw his cock pulse as a stream of pre-cum wept from the tip and fell to the bed beneath, still connected to the tip by a long thread of pre-cum.
I added a second finger to his stretched hole and felt him push back. "He has a hungry hole, I think that we are going to enjoy fucking his ass." "Then where do you want to start, his mouth or his ass?" she asked.
That was the beginning of more than two hours of fucking and sucking. We violated and used him in every way imaginable. There were times when she was holding his hips while I held his head as we spit roasted him. At one point he was bent over the back of a chair while I pounded his ass and she sucked and stroked his engorged cock. We placed a cock ring on him to keep him hard and to keep him from cumming. He was constantly dripping pre-cum but was unable to reach the point of no return. What fun. When he would get close we would slow or stop what we were doing and one of us would squeeze his cock hard or swat his balls to help him regain control. We wouldn't allow him the pleasure of release, yet I had filled his mouth to overflow once and she had cum twice, once by my cock while he tongued her asshole and once by his mouth on her pussy as I fucked his ass long and deep.

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