Manasi neighbor’s pride

Isn’t true that one should be blessed to have sexy neighbors? I was one among those privileged lot while my family briefly settled in Pune when my Dad was transferred there. Manasi Sarkar, our immediate neighbor soon became a close friend of Veena, my mother. Manasi was almost 50, and had been divorced for almost a decade. In spite of the fact that she was more than twice my age, I began fantasizing about having sex with Manasi. Why not? She was a petite woman, standing 5’5″ looking in good shape showing no signs of her age and her disturbed married life. Her breasts were 36D which always conquered my imagination. She looked very much like a typical conservative Bengali woman although I somehow had the feeling that her eyes had a few sparks of lust whenever I was around.

On that eventful day, things unfolded on their own leading to one of the most exciting experiences I had ever had till date.

“Manasi shall be coming this noon,” My mother was telling me as she was about to leave for her monthly shopping. “I have kept an envelope on the TV with some money to be handed over to her.”

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“Ok,” I replied excitedly although I had plans to move out in the afternoon. Once my mother left, I began waiting for the noon impatiently thinking about Manasi all the time. Manasi had by now become a regular visitor to our house and I had managed to sneak peeks of her cleavage almost on every occasion. She often preferred light blouses disclosing her bra which seemed hardly sufficient to contain her over sized tits. I used to be amused of myself for being crazy about a woman who was as old as his own mother. I had taken extra care in dressing myself up after a nice clean shave.

Finally, Manasi did knock the doors around noon and as he opened the door, her fragrance struck him straight away.

“Mrs. Sarkar, Please get in,” I said while letting her in.

“Thank you, Did Veena leave any message?” Manasi said as she entered the house and looked around as if she was searching for my mother.

“She told me to hand over this envelope,” I quickly handed over the envelope with a smile while my mind kept wondering what to do next.

“Oh! Thanks,” she smiled. “Your mother has taken an insurance policy from me.”

I smiled again thinking if I would finally make it today. She kept reciprocating my smile all the while as moments ticked in silence as we were simply smiling at each other like idiots.

“You look handsome today,” She commented sending my adrenals pumping fast. I immediately noticed that her face had an expression which probably I have never seen before.

“Thank you,” I acknowledged. “You are looking gorgeous too!”

“That’s very kind of you,” Manasi smiled broader and winked at me.

“You seem to prefer chiffon sarees,” I spoke to slowly induce her into the subject I wanted her to speak.

Her eyes were lit with surprise as she replied, “That’s true; I look younger than I am.”

I winked at her and said, “I don’t think you are old enough!”

She lowered her head looking deeply into my eyes. I felt she has begun catching the clue from me.

“That’s a nice compliment to get from such a handsome guy like you,” she winked again.

“How would you compliment me?” I questioned. “Apart from just keep calling me handsome.”

The cat was out of the bag now. She stopped batting her eye lids after she heard what I said and began moving towards me. My heart was pounding fast as Manasi touched my shoulders with her hands. “What else do you think an old woman like me can do?” she queried while her lips sported a mischievous smile.

“I want you to see for yourself if I am handsome,” I said gathering the courage.

Manasi walked back, locked the door, closed the blinds in the drawing room and returned to me. My head spun as she took me by her hands leading to the sofa. She pushed me gently onto the sofa and took a step or two backwards. As I kept looking at her wondering what would happen next, she began unveiling her saree with amazing ease and through the heap on to the floor. She was wearing a long petticoat and a short blouse in sky blue color. The petticoat fabric looked like settled on her smooth thighs while I could see the outline of her nipples through her blouse.

“Shall we play?” Manasi asked and began unhooking her blouse as though she obviously knew my answer. I was already aroused the moment she got rid of her saree and seeing her removing her blouse was sending thunders on my dick. Manasi slipped out of her blouse and then unhooked her bra and let it fall by her side. Her beautifully full breasts and bright pink nipples were now in front of my eyes.

I stammered, “What a wonderful pair of tits!”

“You can feel them,” Manasi winked at me. “But I want you to be nice with them.”

She returned to the sofa and sat besides me. I started alternating between her breasts kissing, licking and sucking. Manasi cradled my head in her hands and began moaning softly. As I kept playing with her majestic globes, she managed to get rid of her petticoat through her legs. I slid my hand along her thigh without taking off my mouth from her breasts. She hissed and opened her legs slightly. Manasi pulled my face away from her breasts once in a while as she kissed me deeply. Our tongues met each other’s and began teasing each other before Manasi pulled away for a second.

“I guess your meat is upright and raring to go,” Manasi said sliding her hands inside the waist band of my shorts. I was equal to the task as I took it off in a flash to release my hard long dick.

“Oh!” She exclaimed. “It is too long and big.”

She reached further down, gently cupped my balls in her right hand and lowered her lips to my shaft.


She looked up at me and placed a finger on my lips telling me to keep silent.

The feeling of Manasi’s moist lips and tongue on my cock sent shock waves in my nervous system. She continued her oral adventures as my big meat was completely devoured by her hungry mouth.

“Stop it now!” I began pleading with her. “I may cum.”

Manasi gently slapped me on my cheeks and assured, “You are going to enjoy this.”

She was right! What followed was a series of erotic sensations as I began feeling the stiffness in my balls. As Manasi enjoyed licking and sucking every bit of my ever lengthening dick, I was groaning while my grip on her tits was getting firmer and harder. My dick was getting the treat of my life for sometime before my hot cum started releasing spurt after spurt. Manasi kept gulping most of the thick loads as I watched in utter dismay.

“Listen! Young man,” Manasi stood up with her hands on her waists. “Now let me see what you are going to do with this old woman.”

My eyes widened as I watched the naked woman standing like a sex demon. Her dark panties flew to nowhere as she stood revealing a perfectly maintained hairy pussy. She wasted no time in returning to the bed and spread her legs wide apart. I went on my knees, held her waist and reached her clit. The feminine aroma emanating from her clitoris stimulated my cock to regain its vigor and length. My hands began moving as my fingers started opening her lips gently before I started licking her slogged womanhood. I kept motioning my tongue brush slowly up and down her pussy while she swirled.

“Yes,” she screamed. “You are doing alright!”

As my lips and tongue enjoyed her clit she soon convulsed with her first orgasm as her hands held my head firmly while her pussy was grinding against my face. My face was full of her fluids as I finally lifted my mouth from her pussy. It was an amazing sight to see her sitting with legs spread wide apart, gasping for breath while her breasts swelled up and down in the process.

It did not take much time for me to get hardened again.

“Aunty,” I said as I got up. “Now I am going to fuck your pussy.”

I positioned myself above her on the sofa while Manasi looked as though she was waiting for years to hear what I said. Her hands eagerly grabbed my dick, stroked it a few times before eventually guiding my huge meat inside her opening. No sooner the head of my cock made its entry into her, she gasped loudly. I was convinced that Manasi needed my young dick to pound her like a piling rig.

“I need you deep inside me,” She yelled in joy.” Fuck me till I faint.”

She surged closer to me and pulled me forward letting my pelvis burying into her completely. Her pussy felt warm, wet, and gripping. I reached under her and squeezed her ass as he pumped in and out of her.

“Baapre Baap,” Manasi panted as my dick gathered momentum. “I love it!” she said between thrusts. I soon started feeling the pressure in my balls as moments ticked while my dick kept pounding her pussy with enormous power. Manasi approached her second orgasm. I felt being at the top of the world as we both fucked like animals as if that was the last day of our life. I was inside her grip as her legs had locked me around. A few more of my long, rapid thrusts were followed with my cock getting to the farthest of her pussy. Manasi screamed as she had my cock almost at the top of her womb. She swirled, swayed and screamed out her joy, as every time my dick went in and out of her moist clit, she was experiencing mild tremors in her body. I felt her pussy oozing as we reached the climax and soon released a series of thick loads inside her.

Finally, my fantasy had become true!

As Manasi retrieved her clothes from all over the drawing room, I smiled and said, “Thank you Aunty!”

She looked up and replied, “You are most welcome! You made me feel a lot younger today.”