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So here's the final chapter, sorry for it being so late. Work has been hectic around the holidays and haven't found much time to write. Hope everyone had a good Christmas, or a happy December 25th if you don't celebrate, and a happy New Year.
Hope you enjoy the final chapter, as always, let me know how I've done!
Chapter 3: It was always going to be us.
It all changed for them in the coming days. The dynamic of their relationship shifted from close siblings to inseparable lovers. Often, they would lie together, content to stare into the mysterious stars of each other's eyes. Several days passed since their initial incursion on the couch, a time spent relaxing indoors while the storm raged around them.
The ever present crackle and boom of thunder like a natural clock marking the hours. Mara spent her time reading, a mixture of work related engineering texts and her usual sci-fi fantasy epics. A plethora of dusty leather-backed tomes lay scattered around the living room.
Her work kept her constant, always in motion with little time to think. From what little Ezra could discern, she was designing a pentagonal shaped capsule. Her headquarters back in Switzerland routinely sent her updates on her project, obviously important, to her and everyone that worked on it, Ezra was left wondering why she had left in the first place.
The one question that had nagged him since she had arrived all flustered. Why?
Mara had loved engineering, space and the uncertainty that inhabited the vast unknown since she was young. She lived and breathed it. She used to lay in the garden, surrounded by books, gazing at the stars until the grass frosted over. Her decision to leave, although it had hurt, came as little surprise.
So why had she come back? And why did it feel more like a goodbye?
Ezra attempted to distract himself through his work. Completing several commissioned pieces of work, a sculpture of a dog from silver painted cast iron, a human sized wicker man and even a commercial businesses sign. It was good money, something that he used to buy more art supplies. He had never wanted for anything. His parents had seen to that.
Even before they had died, they had showered both Mara and himself in money. He felt guilty growing up, having so much money it didn't even register as an object. He had moved away, much to Mara's discontent, in a vain attempt to escape his parent's wealth.
Selling what little he made during his university course to pay for food and heating in his new cottage. He had wanted independence. They died shortly after, barely 2 months after he'd moved away. Leaving him distraught, caring for his younger sister and now wealthier than he could ever need.
Mara had used the money to fund her education abroad, burying herself in her work while Ezra did likewise. Sculpting his mind numb in a cottage that reminded him of his selfishness.
Ezra sat back on his stool, staring at the blue figure he'd just finished painting. The wet brush tumbled from his fingers onto the flags as he loosed a raspy breath. His closed his eyes, replacing the vintage arcade machine and encompassing white cloth with serene black. He rubbed a growing headache from his temples.
"Ezra!" Mara called, her voice sad. Ezra opened his eyes. Mara. What he wouldn't do for her. If only she knew.
"Mara?" He asked curiously, pushing the curtain aside to find her leaning against the living room couch. His sliding door locked into place on the far side of the room. She was dressed for winter, the bitter chill making her thick woolly coat, gloves, scarf and wellies a necessity. She wore a knitted beanie on her head, her hair hanging messily in front of her eyes.
She looked sad, vulnerable. It tugged at Ezra's heart to see her this way. Unsure of how to proceed he quickly closed the distance and pulled her into a deep hug. Despite his paint stained overalls, she melted into him. Burying her face in the crook of his neck. He gently stroked the strands of hair that poked out from her beanie.
She was trembling, he realised.
"Let's go for a walk." She murmured quietly. The storm had briefly abated to reveal a light dusting if snow. The temperature had dropped overnight, replacing rain with sleet and eventually puffy snow. Although most didn't stick, enough landed on the surrounding hills to create a serene picture of winter.
Ezra nodded, not willing to leave her warmth, but managing to pull on his boots, wool jumper and trench coat before she wrapped herself around his arm as if he was a life preserver out at sea.
Locking up, they stepped into a veritable wonderland. Light flakes of snow drifted lazily in a windless sky, catching in a weak orange sun that revealed a light dusting over the hills. Their breath steamed.
Mara pressed herself more firmly into him. He welcomed her heat. Ever since that night, he had craved her proximity. Although they had managed to behave themselves, they had routinely ended up naked, or near to, cuddled up beneath a blanket of covers.
They walked for several minutes, savouring the peaceful quiet and gentle atmosphere. Mara held out her hand, catching snowflakes between her fingers. The faint light caught her face, accentuating the curve of her face, the rosy freckled cheeks, small bushy eyebrows and pursed lips. She was beautiful. She caught him staring and smiled.
"What?" She asked, blushing deeply. Walking several steps ahead he savoured her beauty before answering.
"Just relishing the time I have with you before it's over. I can't get enough of you lately, Mara." She smiled, tucking a strand of hair beneath her beanie and ear.
"You shouldn't be saying stuff like that. Its not right. I'm your sister, we shouldn't feel like this." The words escaped her mouth before she could stop them; she didn't mean it, he knew. Ezra chuckled, pulling her closer until their noses touched. Planting a faint kiss on her lips, he smiled weakly.
"I'm head over heels for you Mara, and I don't care anymore." Ezra's heart hammered as the words left his frosted lips. "To hell with everyone else, come live with…"
"I'm leaving," She interrupted, lips trembling as she uttered the words that had been gnawing at her since she returned. She pulled away from Ezra, turning away to hide the tears streaming down her face.
"I don't…" Ezra stopped, firmly rooted where he stood unable to move as a fear stronger than any cold froze him in place. Mara turned to him, the pain eating at her heart that she'd have to hurt him after everything they'd been through was unbearable.
"The company I'm working for was awarded a breakthrough contract for the European Space Agency. They want us to design a self propelled crew capsule capable of surviving a journey to Mars in record time." Ezra was puzzled as to why this meant she was leaving differently than before. As it slowly dawned on him, his stomach knotted.
"They also want us to provide two crew to maintain the shuttle and supervise the construction of the first self-sufficient Martian habitat."
Ezra was dumbfounded. Caught between pride, nervousness, fear, and a deep longing.
"I…I don't…" He mumbled incoherently. His body went cold, as if all the warmth had been leached from his body in an instant.
"I'm going to Mars, Ezra." Tears were streaming down Mara's face now, her voice shaky. She fought to control her trembling. Not from any sense of the cold but a palpable fear of rejection.
"I didn't want to leave without saying how I felt, how I've always felt. We've got closer than I ever dreamed possible but I didn't want it to be built on a lie if I was leaving." She continued with difficulty. Her voice was quiet and strained.
Ezra's face was blank. Unable to process anything. After all, everything she was saying was a mirror of his own feelings. It was a dream come true. But the thought of losing her…
Mara ignored his vacant stare and padded over the light snow and buried herself in his arms. Reluctantly he returned the hug, pressing Mara further into him he sighed heavily. The misty hills were silent except for her soft crying. Ezra remained silent. After all, what could he say?
Mara allowed herself to be led back to the cottage, her numb limbs craving the comforting warmth within.
Ezra woke suddenly, the fierce wind howling against the windows causing him to jump. He scanned the living room with sleep filled eyes. The soft golden glow of the candles and lazily flickering fire cast a comforting haze. Mara stirred, rustling the blankets. She lay stretched along him, head resting on his chest while her arms held him tightly, as if not wanting to ever let him go.
They lay on the couch, wrapped in several blankets and using each other's body heat to stay warm. They had discarded their cold and snow damp clothes on the floor. Saving only their underwear, they had wordlessly cuddled on the couch until sleep dragged them down.
Ezra twirled a loose strand of Mara's hair with his right hand while stroking her cheek with the other. He could remain in peaceful ignorance with her for ever, and never want for anything. Mara opened her eyes, yawned and stretched against him. He was treated to a glimpse at her slender body. The light catching her navy blue sports bra, the gentle curve of her soft bottom and the elegant shapes of her legs.
She stared at him for several minutes. Chin planted on his chest, eyebrows raised and boobs pressing into him.
"Are you mad at me?" She asked quietly, stretching forward to kiss him lightly on the lips and nose. He wrapped his arm around her back, tracing his fingers up her shoulder-blades and back along the hem of the bra. He remained quiet a moment before replying.
"No," Ezra's voice was quiet but hoarse. He gazes deeply into her eyes, seeing nothing but adoration. A life long love.
"Are you sure? You don't sound it." Mara frowned slightly before Ezra returned the kiss. Mara eagerly tried to continue the kiss but Ezra pushed himself free of the enveloped warmth of the blankets, shivering at the shocking kiss of the cold.
"Come on, I need to show you something." Ezra padded into his workshop, leaving Mara wrapped up warm and reluctant to follow. Slowly she pushed herself to her feet, gathered a blanket so that it hung loosely around her shoulders and trudged after her brother. He was grinning manically, which in turn made Mara giggle.
"It was originally supposed to be a belated birthday present, and it's not entirely finished, but I want you to have it now." With a rapidly beating heart, Ezra gripped the sheet dangling from the ceiling and pulled. With decidedly less grace than intended, it fell away.
Mara stood dumbfounded, mouth open in shock. The woolly blanket slipped through her fingers and pooled at her ankles. She stood shivering for several minutes in nothing but her underwear; completely oblivious to the rest of the world.
"Oh, Ezra…" Before her was the arcade machine. Fully restored: it had an upgraded, more high definition screen, a keyboard and mouse replacing the traditional joystick and buttons, instead of a stool, a gaming chair had been raised up on a plinth connected by several metal beams. The machine itself was painted a sombre black, a tall warrior in cobalt blue armour, flowing blonde hair and a battle cry on his lips dominated the display.
Mara recognised it instantly, a constant obsession from her childhood and a game she had always nagged her brother to play with her. She had brought him in on her wish to one day own a high tech gaming rig, never expecting her brother would be the one to make it a reality.
"Ezra…" Mara found that she didn't have the words. Instead she ran up to him and threw her arms around him, forcing him down into a passionate kiss. As his hands began to wander her body, one resting firmly on her bottom pressing her firmly into him, while the other traced light finger tips across her spine, she pulled away to look deep in his eyes.
"Do you like it?" He asked, his eyes wide in hope. Mara screwed her eyes shut, attempting to stall the tears welling up in their corners.
"I love it… I cant believe you remembered… I love you, Ezra." Ezra opened his mouth to reply but Mara silenced him. "No, I love you, Ezra." He froze for a minute, unsure what she meant until she pulled him into another passionate kiss. Her tongue snaked into his mouth, dancing with his own as they fought to taste each other.
"I need you…" She whispered gently in his ear, nibbling on it for good measure. Ezra looked into her eyes again, eyebrow raised before smiling. Wrapping his arms under her bottom, while she clamped onto his waist with her legs, he slowly carried her back into the house. As Mara pulled herself closer, she inadvertently ground her crotch against his. They kissed furiously, barely giving each other enough room to breathe.
Gasping for breath, Ezra lowered her down onto the back of the couch, instinctively she spread her legs for him. Mara pulled her bra forcefully over her head, relishing Ezra's wide eyes and hungry hands as he explored ever inch of her skin. Unable to wait any longer, she shimmied her panties off, flicking them away like her bra. Ezra, equally as hurried, pushed his boxers down to his ankles stepping out of them.
They gasped simultaneously as they pressed back, stark naked for the first time together, their skin was electric as Ezra's increasingly hard erection slid along Mara's waiting pussy. Already the heat and growing wetness made him ache as they ground against each other. Mara hissed at the feeling of her brother's cock sliding between her folds.
Ezra pulled back slightly, resting the head of his cock against her clit. Looking into her eyes he saw nothing but love.
"Not here," Mara whispered, stalling him just before he was about to enter her. "I don't want our first time to be on the back of the couch." She smiled mischievously, hopping off the rim and guiding him, virtually by the cock as she never let it leave her hand, towards Ezra's bedroom.
Mara settled on the edge of the bed, eyes closed and legs spread, waiting for what was to come. She yelped as she felt something warm and wet enter touch her pussy. Too horny to initially rebuke Ezra, she prepared to rebuke him for not waiting when she realised it wasn't his cock but his tongue. Her back arched as spasm of bliss coursed through her.
Although largely inexperienced, the beautiful moans coming from Mara spurred him on. Her hands found his hair, absently curling it in her fingers as Ezra inserted a finger, and then satisfied she was comfortable enough, inserted a second. Mara was convulsing not longer after, her hips bucking wildly as Ezra continued to finger her through the orgasm.
She collapsed back on the bed moments later, chest heaving as Ezra slumped next to her. Cock standing at attention he simply stared at her with a incredulous grin and a raised eyebrow.
"Don't think you're getting off that easily!" She smirked, pushing him onto his back and crawling down to sit lightly on his thighs. She stroked him gingerly, feeling the pulsing veins and savouring how he twitched every time she circled his head. Several times she lifted herself up, running the head through her folds and stimulating her clit again.
"Mara…" Ezra breathed heavily, playing with her hard nipples. Mara bit her bottom lip, pushed her hair from her eyes and grinned.
"Someone's impatient." She smiled once, leant forward to plant a heavy kiss on his lips as her hand wrapped around his cock, pointing it directly upwards. Ezra's eyes went wide as Mara raised herself up, holding his cock firmly at her entrance.
Slowly, Mara sunk down. They moaned in unison as the tip pushed inside, slowly burying his entire length within her as she bottomed out. Mara sat there momentarily, mouth open and eyes closed. Gently she began to rock, grinding like they had before only this time with his entire shaft buried in her.
"Shouldn't we wear protection?" Ezra asked through panted grunts as Mara began to pick up the pace and found he was instinctively thrusting back. She shook her head. Mouth hanging open.
"No, I need to feel you. I'm on the pill. Oh, and don't worry about going slowly, I broke that barrier a long time ago." Ezra moaned as she spoke, thrusting back with earnest as she rode him. He felt like heaven.
Minutes later, through panted breaths Mara came suddenly. Her body tensing, her walls gripping his cock as he fought to explode right then and there. He played with her clit and she slowly recovered, leaning down to kiss him deeply. Using the opportunity, he rolled her onto her back and leant over her. Her eyes widened as he thrust into her again, abandoning the pretence of going slow as she rapidly grew accustomed to his hard member.
Ezra grew near to his own orgasm. Feeling it build within him, and Mara feeling his cock swell within her, they both reached a frenzied pace. Mouths locked together, Ezra grunted as he felt his orgasm approach. Mara moaned as soon as she felt her brother cum deep inside of her. He continued thrusting before pulling out and collapsing beside her.
They lay in a tangled heap, chests heaving and sweat rolling off their bodies. Ezra clasped Mara's hand in his, pulling her against him. She lay snuggled up against his side, oblivious to the cum leaking from her. As he delicately stroked her hair and cheek Mara sighed contentedly.
"I can't believe this actually happened," Ezra breathed, eyes closed, savouring the close proximity of Mara. Her finger's drawing lazy circles on his chest. After several minutes she replied, turning to look into his eyes with a new found confidence.
"I did," she said simply, eyes alight with passion.
"After all, it was always going to be us."
The End.

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