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I married my wife after we finished university 2018, we were lover from the second year of university studies. We were given a house close to my in-laws, both started our careers in her family-owned company. She got pregnant late 2019 and everything was going fine, then in 2020 and my wife heavily pregnant, the pandemic started reaping havoc and it took my father-in-law fairly early. A lockdown in forced, luckily our house yard joined her parent’s house yard, and a gateway was already installed. With the passing of her father my wife was visiting her mother 48 regularly. My mother-in-law was 14 years younger than her late husband and didn’t have the lung problems from smoking heavily all adult life. My wife only had a sister and her and her mother and sister were always together at the mother’s house or ours. The lockdown dragged on and my wife had our son at home, with help of a mid-wife. Allow to come to us during the lockdown, our son was very healthy and was the main part distraction from the pandemic. After she had recovered my wife and I started having sex again and then one day her mother joined us. My wife was okay with having threesome and I just accepted the addition of her mother. But when her sister joined us as well, it was a little awkward at first. Not because I wasn’t willing, I thought it would complicate our future relationship after the lockdown. But it did a great deal more than I had first thought. As I got my sister-in-law pregnant before the end of the lockdown albeit we didn’t know right at the end of the lockdown found out 2 weeks after she might be pregnant. With it confirmed, it was just accepted as the price you pay having group sex in a family. We sold our houses and bought a larger house and all live together and still fuck regularly and I’ve 2 children with my wife and 1 and another on the way with her sister. My wife and I work together in the family company her sister dropped out of university to be a fulltime mother to the children with the help their mother. Nobody outside our little family group know of our sexual family relationship. If not for the pandemic, we would’ve never been together long enough to start our sexual relationship.

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