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I was single and in no relationship at the time and my career was standing still or not advancing as I’ve wanted. But it didn’t really matter as I was off financially anyway, but I wanted to do well. I worked in the family business, and it wasn’t from lack of ability I wasn’t advancing, it was the lack of positions to advance too. But then my grandfather who was the head of the business came to me with a idea of his to expand the business. I was the only person who could help with his idea, I was single, and he wanted to join our family business with another family business. But the other business was more a family business than ours was. Meaning they only joined with related family businesses, meaning you had to be related by blood or marriage. Both my grandfather and the soon to grandfather-in-law like the idea of getting the businesses closer together. But the family rule was the only holdup, they could wait and try to see it overturned. But it had be tried before and failed. But they both had grandchildren me and the 25-year-old granddaughter and my future wife. The granddaughter was described as a bookish/librarian woman and plain looking. I could’ve said No and almost did straight away but decided to at least see the granddaughter. I met her and she dressed like a librarian in movies and didn’t wear makeup. But as I talked with her, I discovered we had similar interests and that was enough to proceed with further meetings and then some dates. I found I liked being with her and we had the same interests and couldn’t see any reason we couldn’t get on well together. Marriage wasn’t high on my list, but it was on the list and the more I was with her the higher it got. Finally, my grandfather asked me if I would consider marrying her and I said Yes, I was always happy to see her and would use any reason to see her. So, finally the grandfathers asked us both if we would marry and we both said Yes. A wedding later and my first night in bed with my now wife, we hadn’t even kissed before our marriage. She got pregnant quickly and had twin boys first and over the following 5 years 3 more children 2 girls then a boy. I got promoted because of the increase business from the businesses working together. But I wasn’t so eager to advance anymore, preferring to be with my wife more and more. I class my marriage as the best thing I’ve ever done, I unlike other married men I know prefer to be with my wife. She isn’t just my wife/lover she is my perfect soulmate.

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