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I was married 12 years and my wife divorced me for working too much and neglecting her, she got the children, the house and support. But I wasn’t left too bad off, as it was based on my salary. Not including any extra work outside my job, I did. But she did try to get it included and I just said I won’t do any extra work and seeing no future in pushing it she dropped her claim and took a larger slice of my salary. I had no choice but to do extra work to get by, with my wife continuing to push for extra support. I said I might as well resign and live on the streets as that was where I would be soon anyway. That stopped her pushing for a short time, but she got busted for drugs and driving while drugged up and the children were removed and given to me. Till she could prove she was clean; the pandemic came, and she got Covid, and she died. Thus, I had my children without her being around. My parents were deceased for years before all of this happened and I had no siblings. My ex-wife mother 52 was all there was as her father departed years before and vanished. She and her daughter didn’t get on very well, I got the house back as my wife had no will and the children were the heirs closest to her. My ex-mother-in-law (mil)came to care for the children. While worked and as we had always got on very well there was no problems. Over time we were like a family, no troubles and the children had gotten over their mother’s death. It was 2 years since my divorce, and I was 39 almost 40 in no relationship. The only woman I was seeing was my former mil and we went shopping together with the children and were together most of the time. Then one night the children in their beds, I walked into shower and my mil was already showering, she asked me to join her, and I did. Since then, we’ve shared the same bed and she is happy to provide me with sex anytime I want. I’ve no desire to find another woman. I’m quite happy fucking my ex-mother-in-law. She the complete opposite to my ex-wife and the children as happy, that’s my main concern.

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