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I married young and we had 3 children and then we drifted apart, as the saying goes. I took a transfer and started again in another state, then promoted and then starting to socialize again. Not interested in marrying or having more children. I was 37 when I had to get a new personal assistant, my previous one had moved away with her husband. Get a new PA coincided with my renewed interest in socializing. My new PA was 47 divorced only children was out on his own, which meant she was able to travel at short notice. She was the best applicant, and the short notice travel ability was the prime condition for choosing the PA as my new job required quick actions on anything I was to oversee. As the company I worked for had many interests across the country and relied on computers and less people. My job was more of a fast trouble shooter than anything else, trouble was always happening somewhere. Most could be fixed with a phone call, some needed on site investigation. My new PA is a very attractive woman and I myself thought she was hot. But i didn’t try anything at first, we were all business. That changed last January as we were delayed by a weather front that dumped plenty of snow and closed the airport for some days. We were on our way to the airport when advised of it closer. Not wanting to travel all the way back to hotel we had left we decided to book to a motel closer to the airport and we got a room together the last one available. It only had a double bed, but we were adults and thought it no problem. We wanted to catch the first plane out and being closer to the airport was the best way to do that. The motel was next to a diner and that was where we had our meals, no bars really close by and so we got a couple of bottles to have in our room so not having make long walks in the weather was one enough. The boredom was the worst nothing really to watch on the TV or the cable channels. We played cards to pass the time but being used to travelling and being very busy doing something, just sitting was hard. My PA said she was going to shower before bed, and I made a smartass remark. Asking if she wanted company, she knew I was joking and replied if you want, I’m willing. A bit shocked at first, I recovered answered okay so am I, fully expecting her to back down but she replied come on then join me. I got up and went into the bathroom with her and she started undressing and so I did as well. Well, we showered together, and we got a little aroused and on finishing the shower we dried each and went to bed naked and became lovers, after 2 more days we got a plane out and have kept up our sexual relationship. With her moving in with me last April when her lease was up. We don’t expect our sexual relationship to stop either of us finding a partner. But we enjoy our sexual relationship and are quite willing to continue. Maybe we will become more attached to each other, maybe not but that’s in the future. Now we just love having sex together.

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