Married due to a mix up and a threat of a shotgun. | straight story from James happily Married

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Years ago, my next-door neighbor’s daughter got pregnant, the father wasn’t happy to say the least. When pressed she named “James” as the father, I’m James not the James responsible, but the only James the father knew. My parents were in the same church as our neighbor and believed I should take responsibility for my actions. Even with the daughter saying it was another James didn’t change their willingness for our marriage. So, I duly married my wife and probably due to the stress of everything that had happened she miscarried and lost the child. But we were married and living in our own home bought by the families next to the families. I decided no benefit in moaning over what had happened, I would try and make the best of the situation. Likewise, my wife and we had started having sex after the wedding and after she had recovered from the miscarriage, we resumed our sexual efforts. She got pregnant again and we were getting on very well, I suddenly realized I was quite happy being married to her. I had to go away for 3 days working and was so lonely being away from her and rang her each night and she expressed the same feelings of loneliness as me. Now some 45 years later our 5 children having started their own families, I firmly believe it was meant to happened. I’m so glad it did.

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